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Hello lovelies! You may have seen me around,...

Hello lovelies! You may have seen me around, commenting on all your immensely helpful reviews and gorgeous photos. You can call me Ginger. :) I'm 5'5", 160lbs, and 32G. I'll be happy to post my doctor after the procedure. All I'll say for now is he seems fabulous! Here's my story!

I was super athletic and tomboyish growing up. Then suddenly, BOOM... C at 12 years old, D at 14, DD at 16, and G at 18. I tried out for my favorite sports in high school, and didn't make any teams. I couldn't run and jump like I used to. Exercise, which used to make me so happy, made everything hurt! Needless to say, I started to gain weight, and in true teenage-girl-style, began to hate my body.

Fast forward to college, I had my first professional bra fitting, and found out I was a 32G. Ouch! No wonder I was having issues. They're pendulous, too (as you can see). When I was 12, I was diagnosed with scoliosis (53 degree thoracic curve, in case anyone is curious), and my mom has always been worried about how my breasts might affect my spinal health. She actually suggested a BR when I was in high school, but I wasn't interested yet LOL. When I had that professional fitting, and realized that maybe I was being too down on myself. I'm not really as fat as I think I am, I just have really big boobs!

Fast forward to TODAY... I'm a young professional, living with my boyfriend, with a fabulous job in the technology industry. Still 32G. I've gained and lost the same 15 pounds on and off, with no change to my breasts. They're very dense and fibrocystic, not fatty. I probably can't lose them by losing weight, which makes me a great candidate for a BR. I found this site a few months ago... and got really emotional. The before and after pictures brought me to tears. Everyone is so beautiful, and I thought, why not me? I scheduled this procedure a few weeks ago, and I've had 100% excitement and 0% anxiety so far. But I know that will come later. ;)

Long story short... my back and neck hurt, I look larger and heavier than I am which does a number on my confidence, and I can't exercise as well as I'd like. I pretty much walk everywhere, and do pilates. Forget about running. I'd love to take up volleyball again, and dress my age. I'll be blogging between now and my surgery about my emotions, hopefully getting helpful tips from you ladies.

I'm so enjoying following all your stories, and I hope you enjoy following mine!

Sending love!

Oh, I just can't WAIT to be C~

I dreamed I had the procedure and everything went exactly as I had hoped. My results were beautiful, and it felt so real. I was so disappointed when I woke up with Everest and K2 back on my chest...

I realized I didn't express my desired outcome last time! I'd love to be a full C/small D. I plan to lose 15-20 lbs after surgery from lifestyle changes, so I don't want them to "pancake"... But I'm way more worried about waking up and still being huge though!

I'm trying to lose a bit of weight before the surgery (yeesh, posting those awful nude selfies here was a tear-trigger), but it's hard because I'm already happy with my diet. I drink tons of water, love fruits and veggies, and have cut out pasta this year. I'm never gonna be able to cut bread or dessert 100%, so there's no reason for me to pretend for 2 months like I'll keep that weight off. It'll just come back. So the only way I'm going to lose weight and keep it off is... Exercise! Cardio! W!o!rk!i!n!g! O!u!t!!! o__o; I would love to, sounds like fun to get back in shape. Which I can't do so well at the moment. Catch 22, much? Sigh.

Anyway, I've been toying with how to tell my coworkers. I'm usually a very private person, but I feel like I should be honest with my boss so he doesn't think I ran off from work for a week to "get a boob job". I work with 90% men, in the computer and internet biz. I might feel more comfortable if there were more women around. What did you all tell your male friends and colleagues?

Difficulty with my confidence lately.

I'm going to sound so impatient writing this, lol! But here goes. I don't know how to feel like myself for the next ~2 months. All of my mirror time is spent thinking about how much better things are going to be post-op. In this meantime, I have absolutely no confidence. I don't bother dressing cute anymore, because why bother. Fashion is normally one of my passions, but the realization that I've never gotten to wear what I REALLY want has turned me sour. I won't buy any new clothes, because it'll be a waste of money. I feel embarrassed to go out in my gigantic clothes, and more than ever I feel like people are judging me. I've had more "I hate my body" crying meltdowns in the last few weeks than ever before. Did anyone else go through this pre-op depression? How did you cope? I wish my surgery was tomorrow.

...Here, have some bra pictures. :(

Only 1 month to go!

Sorry I haven't been posting as much, been busy at work. I promise I'm still stalking all of your updates. ;)

I keep waiting for the anxiety to kick in, and instead my excitement only grows! My pre-op appointment is October 6, and I can't wait to meet my surgeon face-to-face (we had a phone consultation).

I've been telling a small handful of close friends and family about my decision, and I've been very fortunate that they're all supportive and "you go girl!" about it. Many of you experienced the "really? why?" reaction (so sorry about that, y'all don't deserve it!), and I was afraid people would give me that crap as well... But I guess I'm so big that everyone just gets it. Lol.

I don't own a scale, so I don't know if I've lost any weight. I don't look or feel any different, and that's kind of discouraging. I've been conscious about my snacking and replacing almost all my soda with water. I've been wearing my Fitbit everyday and walking more. I tried to do a barre video and I literally felt like an elephant trying to walk on water. It's so hard to work out and enjoy it when you don't enjoy being in your body. All I do the whole time is make fun of myself. I promise I'm not a negative person... but I can't fake confidence that isn't there. I gave it a good college try. Maybe it's working, who knows. I'm not gonna beat myself up over the pounds I can't lose without going insane. It is what it is, and it's gonna be what it's gonna be.

Been crossing things off my pre-op shopping list, like extra strength Tylenol, a thermometer, etc. I've assembled a list of questions to ask my doctor at my pre-op, and I'll share them with answers once I get them!

I love my surgeon!

Hello ladies!

I had my pre op on Tuesday!!! I love the surgery center I'm going to. Nice and clean, contemporarily decorated, lovely receptionists and patient coordinators. I promise, when this is all over and I am satisfied with my care, I will post the name and location of this doctor. His patient gallery is jaw dropping. He is also very personable and interested in my specific goals as a patient and I'm not just "another rack" lol. He is confident that by a combination of my anatomy and his skill and experience, I can achieve the "high and tight" results I'm aiming for! Needless to say, my first impression was great, and I have a nice gut feeling about how my results will turn out! More excited than ever to get these things outta here...

For the next couple weeks I'm focusing on following all these pre-op dietary rules (NO garlic and onion if possible, and "moderation" of many other common ingredients) to prevent blood clotting. I'm already very low risk, and I also went off my birth control pill for this, but I want it to go as smoothly as possible. Besides, it gives me something to focus on to pass these last couple weeks. Also crossing those last items off my shopping list. Woohoo!

Have a nice weekend, ladies. ;) Hope y'all are doing well~

Tomorrow is my day, here I go!!!

My mom is here, we've cleaned one bathroom to hospital quality sanitation, picked up some last minute light snacks I might like, got all my prescriptions (Percocet? Wow, we get the GOOD stuff!) and made up my sectional couch chaise for comfy 45 degree sleeping. Anxiety STILL hasn't kicked in, still unbridled excitement. My boyfriend is starting to get a bit lovey dovey lately... he's the strong stoic type, but this must be how he worries. So cute.

Last week, a coworker suspected that I might be having a breast reduction (I'm an otherwise very healthy youngster... with this overwhelming rack) and revealed to me that she had one earlier this year. That was nice to hear, and she offered me some more tips. She said it wasn't so bad, and she ended up taking very few of her prescription meds, and extra strength Tylenol was enough for her. We'll see!

I think I might start my period on the table tomorrow LOL. That'll be interesting. I'm off the pill for surgery, and haven't been off it for 5 years, so it's Russian roulette when I start. It has been exactly one month since my last period, and I've always been like clockwork. It's difficult to separate hormonal emotions with pre-op emotions, so I can't tell if I'm due. Any of you on your period during recovery? How awful is this gonna be? Hahahah.

Will DEFINITELY post pics, if not tomorrow the next day! Stay well~


Sneak peak-- I feel like a million bucks!

No nausea, no discomfort, relaxing, this rocks. Worst part was the sore throat because I had a tube down there. Literally the only pain I've had all day. My surgeon came out to my mom with a gigantic smile and he is extremely pleased with the results. My anesthesiologist and nurses were fantastic angels. Look how cute these babies are so far!!! I'm so very happy. Even if it is day 1 and I'm drugged up. ;) Lots more updates to come!!!!

More detailed surgery day

So I must take it back, I vomited once yesterday. ;) Not surprising given my family's sensitivity to anasthesia in the past that I would get a little sick too. My drip probably hadn't worn off yet which was why I was feeling so good. Now it just feels like someone punched me in the boobs. TOTALLY manageable though, you will be surprised at how good you feel pretty immediately! I am off to my 24-hour check in later this morning, I'll let you know if there are any issues. One side feels more swollen than the other (the one that was reduced more hurts more-- he removed over 1 pound from each, can you believe that?!) but I don't seem to have much oozing or bleeding or sharp pain.

I'm obsessed with looking at my silhouette when I pass a mirror. They're so high and tight and little, just like my surgeon and I discussed. I can't wait to recommend this amazing artist to any of you who can afford to come to AZ for your surgery.

Here's what I remember from surgery day! I do remember everything through being given the sleepy gas.
1. Arrive, meet my lovely nurse, go over the procedure safety and post op care with her and my mom. Signed some forms. Gave a urine sample. Took my vitals.
2. Meet the surgeon and confirm final size goals as he marked me up. Fun part!
3. Awesome anesthesiologist comes in and gives me a sugar water drop. She eased a lot of my nerves about the needle, since that for some reason was the scariest part for me.
4. Meet a second nurse who takes me to the bathroom to empty my bladder, and tells me they will wheel me in shortly!
5. Bye mom! Nurses and anesthesiologist wheel me in to the very impressive looking operating room, strap me to the table, ease me in with some oxygen, and then I start to smell gas and feel very sleepy...
6. Oh, it's over? That wasn't bad! My surgery was 4 hours and they told me the doctor was VERY pleased with his work! Always good to hear! Nurse gave me some ice chips (you'd swear she was giving me diamonds by the way I thanked her-- my fricking throat hurt so bad!) and I surprisingly didn't throw up at the clinic.
7. About an hour later she and my mom wheeled me out into the car and I dozed off most of the ride home. We had a pillow in case I needed to hug it but I was still high as a kite, so I wasn't in any pain.
8. Dozed in an out most of the afternoon and evening, watched some tv with my mom, and been enjoying my cozy spot on my sectional couch. Threw up at some point last night but wasn't so bad, and I felt a lot better after.
9. Got a surprisingly good night sleep, with my mom waking me up for little walks to keep my blood moving and for medicine. Still loving my reflection, I can't wait to upload some better pictures for you as I regain my range of motion.

Take care!

Doc says I'm healing beautifully

I got a sneak peak at the naked bosom today and they already look amazing! I'll have my mom take a pic for you when she changes my gauze later. They're exactly what I've always dreamed of. Here's a few more angles in the mean time!

Surprise nudes!

I'm so obsessed with my results so far I have to share! Been dozing off constantly and sleeping it off. Not in much pain, just had a bad headache this morning so I threw up one more time. Might be the Percocet. Taking it with crackers might not be enough. Thinking about switching to extra strength Tylenol tonight. Had my first shower this morning and oh boy was that amazing. I am so glad my mommy is here! Still swollen but feeling and looking great in my opinion for as soon as I am post op!

Steri strips be gone!

My steri strips were getting a little nasty, and started to irritate my skin. I called my doctor and he walked me through removing them all! I feel a lot better now. He told me to start putting aquaphor on my stitches (and a little wound underneath lefty) and come in for a checkup with his nurse tomorrow. Dr. Cohen and his staff have been so attentive and caring to me throughout this whole process. I'm so happy with my decision. Here are the gals in all their uncovered glory! Ta~

Houston, we have a nipple!

I think I'm going to have full nipple sensitivity! Yay! My nipples went into hiding after surgery, and Dr Cohen said they will probably pop back out on their own. Lefty has started to pop out, and righty is still thinking about it, lol. I can feel my nerves reattaching, and I'm definitely starting to feel that area like normal. My swelling is going down, stitches are dissolving, and aquaphor is helping my wounds heal. Overall, pretty uneventful healing process so far. Hope all is well with y'all!

And here's the picture I meant to attach.

4 months out and lovin' it!

I spent about $200 on new clothes yesterday... It felt amazing. I went from a size XL t-shirt size to a M/L. Got some cute new fall clothes!

No more dissolvable stitches are visible, no more discoloration or bruising, and I have almost all my feeling back. They really feel like mine! They're also dropping and fluffing nicely-- the shape is getting more natural, but still definitely passing the "pencil test"!

Hope everyone is well!

5 weeks, yo!

Still feeling awesome! Nothing to update. Lookit 'em! I even went to the park this weekend to play with some friends. My first real "running" experience in... oh, a decade??? I think I'm gonna like this new life.

Fun with my old G cup granny bra!

Several ladies have been asking what size I am. And the answer is still "I don't know," but also "a far cry from G, that's for dang sure!"

3 month pictures!

Still thoroughly enjoying my beautiful results! Thought you all might like to see how my scars are healing, and the types of things I've never been able to wear until now! Hope all is well!

Almost forgot, my black lacy number!

Juicy details: bra sizes, boyfriends, and CCs, oh my!

Hello! Several people have asked me some very good questions that I think might be helpful for everyone to hear. Always happy to share-- if there's anything more private you'd like to know, please PM me, I'll do my best to help.

One question I hear a lot is: what size are you now? And the answer is still "I don't know for sure, but I also don't particularly care because I look and feel exactly how I wanted to." I'm so happy that I can wear these comfy and flimsy cotton bras now (no sag = no scaffolding necessary!), that I think they will be my staple. I've worn underwire against my will for so many years, I'd be glad to never look back. My most educated guess, visually based on bras in the stores, my measurements, and photos of similar women, would lead me to guess 34D or DD. So many people think this is still a "very large" cup size, but in actuality, it isn't. "G" on the other had totally is, lol. People think of D/DD as porn star/VS model size, but especially for someone with a ribcage size and hourglass frame like mine, it's quite modest. I can't emphasize enough the importance of using PHOTOS to communicate with your surgeon about your goals and expectations. You already know so many women are wearing the wrong size bras, so "I want to be a C cup" could visually mean something totally different from one person (even a surgeon) to another. Photos are universal-- "I want to look like this girl" can't really be misconstrued. If they're a good surgeon, they'll do their best to get you as close as possible. I also want to emphasize how much better I feel, without any sag and passing the "pencil test." This is the true test of a successful breast reduction in my book-- the relief of back and neck pain, and the lack of sag. Not only do they look amazing, but also because they were fully lifted, they bear no weight. I don't have to lift them up to shower. I don't have to stuff them into uncomfortable bras. They don't pull on my neck and shoulders. I don't have to buy XL/1X sized clothes that drown my 33 inch waist and make me look frumpy. I can wear empire waist and cinched dresses because my boobs don't hang down to my belly button. It's a whole new world. Cup size? Who cares! Show 'em what you want to look like, tell 'em how you want to feel, and don't let 'em NEAR you with a knife until you're confident that they'll do right by you! If you're ever in Arizona, Dr. Cohen is the best. ;)

The other question is: how did my boyfriend react to my new breasts? He loves them, he loves how they look, and he loves how happy they make me. He's still been hesitant to touch them, only for fear of hurting me, NOT for lack of visual attraction. (TMI: He's told me that he can't wait to get his hands on them, lmao.) I insist that I feel great now and in no pain, but I'm waiting for him to come around on his own. :) He did love my big breasts, but let's face it-- my grandma sag wasn't pretty... no way around that. If your partner is truly supportive, I trust that they will love your new body if you decide to go through with it. They might be scared of the incisions at first. It will be weird for them to see you for a while. But they will get over it. And they will see you, finally happy.

Here's some more background... I've lived with my boyfriend for about a year and a half, and we've been together for A LOT longer than that. He knew me in high school when I didn't make any sports teams because I couldn't run and jump well anymore. He's seen me frustrated in fitting rooms where nothing cute fits me. He's seen me cry in the pool trying to swim laps, and popping out of my suit. He's seen my weight fluctuate because exercise hurt. He's watched me hate my body for years. He, more than anyone, knew how much I needed help. When I told him I was considering the procedure, that was his opportunity to say "ugh, why ruin such a good thing?," like I've heard the media say EVERY TIME about busty celebrities' reductions. But he didn't say anything like that. His face lit up, and what he said was, "oh yeah, do it!"... And I cried.

Something else I thought might be interesting for people to know is how many grams were removed from my breasts. My understanding is that grams and CCs are relatively interchangeable, but the units used in my pathology report specify "grams," so that's what I'll use. Lefty was bigger, so he removed more from that one to make me symmetrical. He took 743g from lefty, and 675g from righty. As you can see, keeping in mind I was a G cup before, I'm still left with plenty of nice breast tissue. I know CC limitations are a common concern for ladies paying for surgery with insurance, so I thought some numbers might be helpful to go with my photos!

Hope I've helped! I check this daily, so feel free to leave questions and comments. Love, Ginger.

I think I owe y'all a photo update!

8 months post-op, I can honestly say that my breast reduction has changed my life for the better, and has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

I haven't lost any weight (aside from the ~2-3 pounds that were Everest and K2 before), but I do look and feel more fit, which is what matters. I've always been a bigger girl and weight is just a number. I walk a lot more, I do a lot more yoga, and I even go rock climbing twice a week now! Imagine me doing that with those saggy G cups before and falling onto the mat-- can you say OUCH??? And my back pain is pretty much GONE! I kinda want to write a book on the effects of breast reduction on scoliosis.

I do still have some redness in my scars (probably because I'm so fair-skinned) but they continue to fade every month. And they don't bother me (or my boyfriend) at all! Everything healed super well, especially around the nipple. I have almost all my sensation back. I'm thinking about stopping by to visit Dr. Cohen soon because he might have some good suggestions to help my scarring fade even more quickly.


This is what 15 months looks like for me!

Hello ladies! I know I haven't been very good about updating you, but I've been busy enjoying my new life, NOT having to think about my breasts at all. It's been a very smooth and uneventful healing year, but I'm proud to share with you the "final" product. :) My scars are small, white, barely there, and still fading with every passing month. I can't emphasize enough the importance of your choice of surgeon with this surgery. Don't let anyone cut you open until you're 100% confident they will do you good, like Dr. Cohen did for me. If you're reading this, thank you to you and your team for changing my life.

This may be my last post on this review (unless, of course, anyone has any questions). Thank you all for your support and kind words over these 15 months, and best of luck to all of you considering this surgery.

I lied about that being my last update.

...Because I HAVE to show you these before/afters I made. I can't even believe that was me.
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cohen is a true artist. My shape and size is exactly as we discussed pre-op, my surgery experience was very predictable, and his wonderful office staff, anesthesiologist, and nurses always made me very comfortable. He even took my scoliotic asymmetry into account in my results to give me better symmetry post-op than I have ever had. His office is clean and pleasant, and he is a real perfectionist. He made revisions during my surgery to make sure everything was as perfect as possible. I couldn't be happier with how my incisions and shape have healed, and the attentive aftercare I've received from him and his team. I would recommend him enthusiastically to anyone considering any breast surgery!

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