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So, as many of the others have stated, I've hated...

So, as many of the others have stated, I've hated my nose since I was about 10 years old and it started to define itself. I am incredibly self conscious while talking face to face with people, and hate having people to my side where they can see my profile. I have never been comfortable with people taking photos of me because my nose photographs so so horribly. I've got a very defined and angular face already, and my nose (which I inherited from my dad) is large and has a very bulbous tip.
Rhinoplasty is something I've honestly been thinking about since middle school, and I've begun to think more seriously about it in the past few months (I'm 21 now). I think what has kept me from going for it is being afraid of the stigma of "oh she got a nose job" kinda thing. But that shouldn't matter, I want to do this so that I can for once in my life feel at ease about my appearance and feel more confident when meeting people.
I haven't started the process really, I'm going to call and schedule a consultation tomorrow. I'm going to go with Dr. Balikian in Temecula, CA. He removed a lypoma lump from my temple a few years ago, did a lip injection for my stepmom and I've only heard good things about him for the more invasive surgeries.
Lurking through this website has really made me feel better about going through with the operation, so thank you to everyone who has shared their experience! I feel very certain that this is something I want to do for myself at this point. I will update when things are more set in motion.
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