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Hi! This site has really helped me so decided I...

Hi! This site has really helped me so decided I better write my own. My whole life I have been a small b. My weight fluctuated lots through college, and I weigh about 20 lbs less now than I did in my twenties. I have 2 beautiful babies who I breastfed, both are toddlers now. My poor girls are left deflated & empty. When I lift up my arms there is loose skin rippling. I do not feel comfortable and have been planning to do this for myself when the time was right. Well, I found a great ps I love, and she had an opening within 2 weeks. So here I am today, its THE DAY. I go in later today. So excited but nervous. Marisa Miller is my boobie idol and my goal is for a full C small D. I ended up choosing the 445cc inspira implant for fullness, and under muscle placement bc Im thin and dont have much left there. I will post more updates later! My stats are 5'7, 120 lbs, curvy shape but athletic.

goal pics

Here are my goal pics....love the full but natural looking shape. Want to be a smal d. My ribcage measures 32/34. My ps suggested the inspira for the fullness and 445cc. I intially was leaning towarss 400cc but bc we chosw under muscle she suggested 445 for the look I want. So excited!!

Before pics...

all done!!!! yaaaay!

Surgery went great. I was so nervous and excited. It took about an hour to get me all prepped, IV, etc. My wonderful ps came in and drew on me. She was so calm, fun, and excited for me, I just love her. Felt very confident in her hands. The Anesthesiologist was super nice and explained everything to me. I gave my hubby a kiss and they said, ok were giving you the medicine to relax and thats the last I remember! Woke up in what seemes like 5 mins in recovery. The nurses were very nice and monitored me for about an hour. I did feel a lot of pain pressure but nothing too bad, she gave me some morphine to help. Hubby helped me get dressed and we were on our way. Took meds, muscle relaxer and vicodin once home. Have been drinking gatorade with ice chips and had a few saltines. I tend to get nauseous(I remember from my c section) so the anasthesiologist gave me exta meds for that. Ive held everything down so far. Walking around every hour or so. My girls are all bandaged up so hard to tell but think I will be happy with size for sure. They are swollen and high for sure.
Ive heard since I breastfed and my boobs were so deflated/loose that I should drop fairly quickly. We shall see. Another note, my ps said the inspira is a great choice for women like me who are thin, barely have any breast tissue to get that full soft Marisa miller look. She said that also I had a bit of sag but not too much, not enough to need a lift, and this particular implant can give a slight lift because of the shape. So excited to see how they turned out!!!! Cant believe it!

Post op day 2

Hi! Well my surgery was early yesterday so Ive had all day yesterday and an overnight. I was very nauseous yesterday and stuck to ginger ale, water, and a few saltines. I tried to eat a few berries in the afternoon and threw up. Pain was not bad at all, taking pain pills every 5 hours. I forgot to take one when I went to bed and woke up in lots of pain. Took it and felt better within a half hour. I slept on a reclining couch with foot rest we have, and pretty much sat there most of the day besides walking around for 10 mins here and there. I feel swollen and huge, so have been icing with pea packs 10 mins at a time. Today is my post op so will post some pics of the new girls!!! Cant wait to see, its hard to tell through this bandage. My ps called twice yesterday to check on me. She said the 445cc was a great choice & looked really good. Anyhow I see another day of bad reality tv, and rest in my future today! :) Ive also been loving the cute gym sweats and zip up hoodies I ordered from VS pink, will be wearing those lots the next few weeks I can tell, especially once I need to head out with my kiddos next week.

Got a first look!

Just went in for first post op. Took off the bandage wraps and got to see.. Love my new boobs!!! Now they seem hard and high though. The left seems to sit higher than the right/look square. This is normal right??? Im assuming its going to to drop and settle and soften over the next few weeks, but they look awesome even now! So happy with the size, not to big, not to small. Also, my ps said to wear the wraps for the next week still. I was hoping to get to change into a soft sports bra :(. Oh well following orders! I will post some pics in a bit.

before & afters....Post op day 3

Hi! Feeling a little better today, but still sore so kept up pain meds and valium. Rested lots but made sure to walk around and started eating a bit more...smoothies, protein, rice, veggies. My ps wants me to wear the ace bandages and white compression one till my visit next week, an no shower just bird bath :/ Really wishing I could put on a soft sports bra and take a shower :(. Ive let the girls out for a bit here and there just to breath & admire them!!!! OMG I am so happy so far! For day 3 I think they look awesome! They are definitely swollen and hard, and a bit high, but I know it will take weeks for them to settle. I dont have much bruising and my incisions look tiny(under crease) So happy with my ps so far. Final choice was the 445cc inspira srx full profile under the muscle. I was a deflated post partum a cup prior. I am so happy I did this and very happy with the results so far. Will post more pics as the weeks go on :)

Post op day 4

Owwwwie!!! Woke up this morn without having taken any pain meds all night and they are super sore. Just took a vicodin. I was hoping to get off the pain meds and switch to tylenol....when did ya'll normally do that? Ive been sleeping in our lazy boy recliner couch super comfy to be upright. My doc has me wearing the tight ace bandages and the compression strap till tuesday, I just took off the bandages for a bit and put on the soft walmart sports bras I got....the girls need a breather feel so much better in this bra! I will put on the aces later again I guess. My ps also said no shower yet and I really want too. Bummer. I will wash hair in sink I guess with hubbys help that should be interesting haha. Is pain worse in the morning?? Also, did anyone else wear the ace bandages for week??
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