Rhinoplasty ! HELP ! My nose got bigger After Rhinoplasty ! :-(

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It's 27 days since my rhinoplasty and my nose got...

It's 27 days since my rhinoplasty and my nose got widder and it looks so upturned that I almost look like a pig. I was a very attractive girl before, but I wasnt even happy for that because I wanted to look more beautiful by doing my nose :-( And now I don't even want to go out because of my piggy nose.. I said to my doctor that I thought my nose was too wide and my tip to big and that I had a bump on my nose. He told me that he removed the bump and made the tip smaller and maked the widness thinner. So why do I see a nose bigger than before :-( and I still wear tape because I dont want to look at it I get depressed :-( help me please... My doctor says that my nose will fall down after the swollen and that I will wish it was more up-turned after. But I am so nervous that I will look like a pig for the rest of my life :'-(

I am so sad :-(

Thank you for commenting. But I have always wished to have a little nose that will fit my face. But now I wish I never made that surgery I feel it ruined my face and that I look like a animal figur from cartoon or something :-( This picture is from my nose before. I had only a bump from one side wich you can't see on the picture.


When I smile before. This is what I wanted to change. The widness the size of tip and the bump from one side.

now from the side

27 days after rhinoplasty

Todays nose :-( help is it only because it's swollen it look upturned or will it be like this forever :-(

My nose after rhinoplasty

My piggy upturned nose

I feel my upturned nose is falling Down slowly and it's still Big and from the side you can see the tip is very Big is't only because it's swollen or will it be like this forever my doctor Said he made my tip smaller but it's ekstra Big now. The two up pictures is from today and the two Down is from 3 days ago .

Can't breathe clearly from my nose.

Is't normal it's a month ago I had rhinoplasty done and I can't breathe clearly from my nose and when I talk I sound like a person who is sick and at night I sleep with open mouth so I can breath from my mouth ? Is it normal I thought it was normal only the first week?

I am so unhappy :-(

My doctor Said he made a small nose for me but the only thing I can see is a huge nose. I thought my old nose was Big but it was 100 % for sure smaller than this. I feel I am losing hope I am waiting for a miracle I have ruined my face :'-( can any doctor help me here . This is a photo from today


HELP! My nose gets very big and upturned when I get tired/angry or when I cry is it normal?

I had rhinoplasty 13 or 14 July in the summer vacation when I was in Iran. I told my doctor that I wanted a smaller nose and wanted to remove the bump I got when I was 18, two years ago without falling or something without any reason, the doctor said he didnt wanted to do a very big change because he thought i was already a very beautiful girl naturaly so I didn't need that but I told him that I wanted it to be smaller because when I smile on picture it looks too wide, he told me that he will remove my bump, make the widness smaller and make my tip smaller. But what I see now is still a big nose even without smiling, is it because he have made my bump removed and my tip smaller that it will be even more swollen ? Please help' also when I cry or get tired og mad' automatically big and upturned please I need help :-(

How my nose looks now! :-(

How my nose looked before !

Bumps after rhinoplasty

Is't normal that now after 5 months my nose is still big and swollen tip and I got two bumps one near the tip and another in the midle of my eyebrows on my nose.


I had a nosejob / rhinolplasty last summer 3 July 2013. 9/10 months ago I am not happy at all, I am very sad and depressed I had rhinoplasty because I got a bump on one side of my nose when I was 18 and thought I would make a rhinoplasty when I got 20 but now I regret it so much, because I said to my doctor that I wanted the bump to get removed and to make my nose smaller because I think sometime when i smile it gets wide, I have always been the kind of girl who get told I am beautiful but everyone who saw me after rhinoplasty said to me that my doctor have ruin my nose because I also think it looks shoter and wider' I didnt tell him to cut my nose to make it shorter I told him to get it smaller because I thought it gets wide everytime I smile, My doctor siad to me its only in the start but I think now my nose looks so pigge big wide and upturned' can any doctor see what exactly my doctor have done with my nose on the pictures? because he says that he havent touched the lenght of my nose -.-
Doctor Kamal

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