Round Two BBL with More to Add

Hey everyone so as many of you are aware I had...

Hey everyone so as many of you are aware I had many complications with my tummy tuck. I also had a bbl that took me from a flat board to having a minature apple butt. Anywho I need to have a procedure done due to my belly button not being visible and I just thought i would go for another BBL to enlarge my booty to my dream size and to have a breast reduction and lift so I am hoping to get this done next year and am open to any opinions of who should I go to it should I just go back to Yily who is willing to fix my belly button issue and go from there. So I would Luv to here what your thoughts are and feel free to view the pics and voice your opinions from them.

You can read the first part of my BBL journey, here.

So Its that time around again

I know it's been awhile so just a brief update I have been quoted from Yily all over again to redo my surgery and more I am looking to go on June 26 and have surgery the next day. I hope and pray this time everything goes well and that I don't have any complications in the end.

As of now I weigh 190 I am hoping to loose more weight before June so that my bmi is better. If anyone has any good tips I am all ears. Problem is I work two jobs and am un able to work out but I am active at work so I consider myself to get moderate exercise in.

I will be posting a current pic of me just to show a pre/post pic of me
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