5'7" 115 Lbs 35 Years Old 375cc / 400cc Mentor Silicone Under Muscle Inflammatory Finally Getting New Teets!!

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Hello Ladies, so I have been contemplating for so...

Hello Ladies, so I have been contemplating for so many years to get breast implants. I have had little to no boob all my life. I have two children but never breastfed. My children are now grown and I'm at a financial point and comfort level in my life where I am finally ready to take this step. I want to do it for me and no one else. I am tired of wearing padded bras, push bras, putting inserts into my swimsuits to look like a lady. I work out 5-6 days a week and have been doing so for the last several years. I take good care of my body and I am finally ready for the one thing I can't fix myself to be changed. We all do this for many reasons but the most important is for yourself and no one else. After all, we are the ones who will go through the pain and we are the ones who will be the most appreciative! So I met with Dr after reading all the amazing reviews from google and researching his credentials. I had my first consolation appointment and it happened quickly. The day I sent them an email, the office called me and I was meeting the dr within 24 hours. They were so friendly and so casual. Made me feel very comfortable considering this is such a private matter. Dr answered all of my questions professionally but friendly. I tried on a several sizers and liked the 350cc silicone the best. He wants to do under the muscle and I agree this is best. I paid a $1000 deposit to set a surgery date (1 month from this consulation) and then they set made an appointment for my pre-op. Prior to my pre-opp I was on this site so much that I figured maybe I need to change my size, maybe I am going too small. I tried on the 375 (left and 400 in right since i'm asymmetrical - which means my left is bigger than my right) . These seemed to be a good fit and the nurse explained she had 500s that I wasn't going too big and this would be a good size for me to remain active lifestyle and I could always use a pushup bra if I wanted. I agreed and we went thru all the next paperwork and do and don'ts for surgery and after. I paid my balance with care credit (4499) with 12 months no interest. My surgery date is set for April 7th. I am 5'7" tall 115 lbs 35 years old and decided on 375cc on the left and 400 cc on the right of Mentor Silicone, not sure yet about profile, probably high profile. It is not April 3rd,I have four days and I am so super excited! So my surgery isn't set until after 12:30pm on 4/7 and I'm a little disappointed because I took the entire day off and I'll have to fast all day. I am thinking about changing my time off work to half a day and working from home. I hate to know that I'll be sitting around hungry and thirsty and nervous at least if I work, I'll keep busy. So I did panic the day after my pre-op and contacted Dr about my size. I was worried I went too big and he responded within minutes assuring me it wouldn't be too big that and would fit my frame perfectly and not interfere with my workouts. It made me feel so much better. So I have not told anyone about my BA except my fiancee and my daughter. My parents and family are out of state and I just feel this is a personal decision. I haven't told anyone at work and I'm hoping they won't notice since I wore so much padding and push up before. I think this is a personal matter and I don't want to be judged as being egotistical or plastic because I feel this surgery is to better my body for me and no one else. I only took the day of surgery off and I plan to work from home the next day which is Friday. I will be off Sat and Sun and then Monday I drive in and work from home Tuesday. Hoping by Monday I'll be good enough to drive in. I have a high tolerance for pain and like to consider myself extremely healthy. I am all prepared for my surgery. I have my VS sweats and zip up hoodie laid out for day of surgery. I have several bras I purchased from coobie.com and I ordered a surgical bra from amazon Carole Martin Full-freedom Cotton Bra for $12.99. I picked up my 4 prescriptions already but I am hoping I won't need the pain medicine, if only a few days. That stuff always makes my stomach upset and moody. I like to have control over my mind too. I purchased scar away cream, Scar Away strips, Coco butter, and Arnica pills and cream to help with bruising, swelling and healing I did pick up some stuff at store: Frozen Peas (2 Bags) for swelling, Bendy Straws, soup, crackers, ginger ale I planned our dinner menu so my fiancee can make dinner after my surgery. I am cutting all salt and eating lots of fruits and veggies and very healthy to help healing. I have been working out so much lately (thank you fitnessblender for all your at home workouts) because it will be atleawst 4 wks before I can start back into it. My fiancee is supportive but at first he said no but I moved forward regardless because i was doing it for me, to feel more like a woman to not be embarrassed by my no boobies. I work hard to have a nice body and I'm still ashamed of my small boobs. He is now supportive and lately seems to actually be feeling my small boobies for the first time. Not sure if he is trying to remember or getting excited himself? Our big wedding day is in July and I am hoping to be near healed by then. Hopefully this is realistic? My dress is set to come in next week so I am hoping it will fit. Ok so I got some pictures this morning of my before. Please if any one has any tips before surgery or after, please share. I will continue to update my experience with you!

One more day....eeek!

So tomorrow is my big day! I'm so excited and nervous! My surgery isn't until 12:30 so it'll be a long morning! I've been working out like a mad woman knowing I'll have to refrain the next 4 weeks. So I took more pics this morning as a last reminder before my surgery! You can see how I barely fill my 32A push up bra

Less than 24 hours and I get a surprise visit

So it must be the stress but period started today at work when it was crazy busy and I was unprepared..... go figure! Im thankful I had a care package of accessories in my laptop bag to help. Has anyone out there went through the BA during your menstrual cycle? I don't think it will be big deal but I've been reading and I shouldn't wear any tampons just a pad. Ive been having terrible cramps sorry for the tmi all day and Im fighting it off trying to avoid taking anything. I called the surgeon and they said it was ok to proceed with surgery and i could take tylenol if needed. Atleast I'll be getting it all out of the way at once I guess.

Yay, success!! Surgery Complete....that was EASY breezy!

Ok so yesterday was a pretty long day. I woke up at 5 am excited and nervous but my surgery wasn't set until 12:30 pm, whats a girl to do for 7.5 hours?? So I got my daughter ready for school, got in a good abs and good cardio work out (ty fitnessblender). I walked 3 miles around the neighborhood. Then I was so super thirsty.....not a good idea I thought. So I took a nice warm shower and got all cleaned up without using any lotion, deodorant, ect. That was hard! Afterwards it was 11. I was really hoping they would call me in sooner, but nope :(. My fiancee and I drove to the surgery center at 12:00. We arrived early around 12:20 and was greeted. They took a copy of my drivers license and asked me to have a seat. I was super hungry and so thirsty. It wasn't until nearly 1 when they told me my room ready. I got weighed and had to give a urine sample. Quite difficult considering how thirsty I was but I managed. I was embarrassed too because of my period and the lady told me no worries just to wear a pad and it was quite common. The nurse was so sweet. She took my blood pressure, temp, urine test and weight. She asked me to sign a lot of papers and went through each one. She was so kind and we were chatting about getting married and cabo and hawaii. Then she put in an IV in my arm because my hand was too hard. About 20 min later the surgeon came in and greeted me. We chatted awhile about the surgery and I asked about sleeping on my side. He said about 3 days - so Sunday I can start sleeping on my side with lots of pillows, for this I was grateful since I am a big side sleeper! He told me I could start to shower on Saturday ( day 3). When he started to draw the lines on me he had put the wrong size (first choice size) and I'm grateful we reviewed this. I originally was going for 350 left and 375 right but decided bigger 375 left and 400 right to even out. So you can see on my pics he crossed out the sizes lol, which is why he said we do this so I was grateful for the catch, want them things just a bit bigger. Afterwards the anastegeolagist came in and I met both her and her assistant. They were kind and joking and making me feel at ease. We went thru what would happen, they would put propalin in my iv ( i think that was the name?) and Id be asleep with no remembrance of the surgery. THANK GOD! Then I put my blue hair net on and footies and we walked down to the surgery room. I kissed my fiancee and was ready. The surgery room was cold! brr but i was in a gown and they quickly covered me. They strapped down my hands and put something between my feet. Then they injected the med into my IV to make me go to sleep and said it may take up to a minute. I watched the clock with anticipation. I met the assistant for the surgeon as he strapped my hands then the breathing mask went on my face. I started to panic it was over minute and I was still awake...OMG this isn't working is what I thought. then my chest got heavy and out i went!

I awoke later in the recovery room and felt great. I immediately felt my chest was heavier and I was delighted. My fiancee said all went well but the surgeon said I did bleed alot. They kept me in there for about 30 min and then I got dressed and headed home. No nausea, they did give me a prevlacid before surgery because the anestegolist thought it would help with nausea. Which it seemed to.
We stopped on the way home to get me sandwich and pick up my daughter from school. We at dinner at 5 as soon as we got home and I was still a little loopy. I was falling asleep eating lol! I had only eaten half the sandwich and crawled into bed. I put two pillows behind me and propped up my bed (I'm lucky it is adjustable - thank you Serta!). I soon feel asleep and then woke at 8:30 pm. My daughter showed me her report card and crawled in bed next me. She was so sweet. She got me my antibiotic (fiancee was working and on phone). I wasn't in pain at all just sore and tight. So we chatted awhile and I wanted to see my new boobs so bad but they are all wrapped up. About 9:00pm my fiancee came in and he had his side of the bed down and my side was upright. I slept almost all night. I woke maybe 1-3 times but went right back asleep. Sleeping on my back was hard but not unbearable. I awoke at 3:30am and knew I was up for good. I had difficulty getting out of bed but I have a strong core and it helps to use this instead of my arms. I ate a greek yogurt with granola. It was so good. Then i took my antibiotic and 800mg of ibuprofen, vitamin, and arnica pills.
I feel great, my chest is tight, heavy and sore but pain is minimal. If i turn my arms a certain way, i do feel some slight pain but not unbearable. So as of now I'm good!
I have me pre-op appt at 9:30am today and they will put me in my bra. I can't wait to see these boobies, my boobies. Will post more pic tonight!!

After pics

Went to dr today and the took off the bandages and wrap. Here a resume after pics. I still feel great got a mile walk in today and haven't taken anything since ibprofin at 3:30 am, beside my antibiotic and arnica pills. Whatta think??

More after pics

I'm still pretty high and swollen as its only been less than 24 hours but I feel good happy with the results!

Day 3 just took my first shower.....ahhh

So I'm still feeling pretty good. I slept on my back in bed with tons of pillows last night. I had taken a muscle relaxer last night and it helped me sleep from 10-7 am. I woke feeling tight but ok. It was a little difficult getting out of bed but no pain just sore and tight. They feel more swollen today then yesterday. I can feel them right under my arm pits. So I had a cup of coffee then walked a mile with my Fiancee. Then we went grocery shopping while I carried nothing, just put groceries away. We rested took a nap for an hour then walked 3 miles. I feel great. So I took my first shower and I needed help reaching up to get my shampoo and conditioner. I was able to wash and brush my hair no issues. I weighed myself on the scale and I gained 5 lbs. I look about 4 months pregnant with all this bloating but I've been eating salads and lots of fruit no salt. Just understanding it takes time and having patience! So here are some pics, I changed my surgery bra to wash it and put on a Coobie sports bra and it's much more comfy!

Day 4......feeling great!

I slept on my back again last night. I didn't take anything for pain yesterday, yahoo! I did take a muscle relaxer around 8 pm and slept from 10-2. Peed at 2 then slept till 5:30. I can't wait to sleep on my side tonight. I was able to fold laundry yesterday. I'm feeling good just bloated severely and my chest feels tight and as you can see I'm still pretty swollen but all in I'm doing good.

1 week update

It's been one week today. I've been able to do everything except exercise. Walking is a great help! I still think they are too big but I'm getting used to them. My wedding dress came and it fits perfectly.

10 days....feeling softer!

So it's been 10 days and they are slowly getting softer. Still high and hard but better each day by just a little. I had to take off my stitch tape today because I was starting to get a rash from it. I emailed my PS this morning to ask if it was ok to remove and put on benderyl cream and he said yes and to let him know if it doesn't work. I hunk it helped a lot I'm not as itchy. Still walking since it's the only thing I'm cleared to do.
Bought done swim suits yesterday from VS and could only fit 34D wow! I sure hope these shrink just a bit. Here's some pics of s new bralette from target size M. So nice to not need padding anymore!

2 weeks post op Appt today

So it's been over two weeks and I'm getting more used to them. They are getting softer! I still have a hard time when I stretch or try to mop, clean mirrors or open wine bottles lol, but all else good!

Better and better......

So I think I forgot to mention that I had a severe allergic reaction to the surgical tape they used over top the incisions. I contacted my PS about the itching about 10 days post op and he said it was ok to remove tape and put on Benadryl cream. So I've been doing so and its healing nicely. Sunday was the first day I didn't feel my boobs constantly. I am still getting tingles (nerves) here and there and my nipples are sensitive but not constantly hard. I started lightly jogging and it feels good with support.

I think I'm getting used to the size but I do still think they are big when I'm naked or in bikini. But my soon to be hubby loves them and I'm adapting! Here are some pics in clothes and bikini. I'm 34d in VS and Aerie. I was 32-34a barely so it's a big difference. But clothes hide it well. They are dropping nicely and getting softer. It doesn't hurt to squish them together but I still have issues sleeping on my side long periods.

Bikini pics

So I went from 34a to 34d. I can't wait for next week to be able to start working out again!

Wedding dress cleavage

Never dreamed this would be possible! So happy with my new girls, they are perfect size and I've got wedding dress cleavage!!

Amazing experience, great doctor who actually listens, cares and has perfect results! Thank you and your staff for everything! Any questions and concerns were answered immediately and they were sincere! You seem like family and made my dreams come true! Thank you!

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