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A friend told me about this site and i absolutely...

A friend told me about this site and i absolutely love, love, love it. I am trying really hard to lose 20-25 pounds before scheduling. It's harddddd work ladies. But just in case I don't succeed I'm just curios as to what my results MAY look like. I carry most of my weight in the middle. Thanks in advance!!!

OK..... This is it!!! The time of my life for ME....

OK..... This is it!!! The time of my life for ME. I have been taking care of everybody else and their business all my life. It's time to give back to myself. I have always been a big girl. I tipped the scale at 220 a few years ago and since then I have tried every powder, pill, patch, and paste known to lose weight. Currently im 188 with about 40 pounds to lose before my surgery. The one thing that has been consistent forever is the flat back, pancake butt, deflated AZZZZZ that my momma gave me. Yes, she did that because hers is flat too, LOL!!! I have read review after review and did my own independent research and have decided to go with Dr. Salama. It is my prayer that he and his team are the answer to my prayer. Deep down I feel he's the one. I'm going to try to post some pre-op/pre-weight loss pics. I will update them along the way. This site has been a tremendous help to me and I hope my experience will help others.

As you can see, your girl is in desperate NEeD of...

As you can see, your girl is in desperate NEeD of some ass magic. I'm taking donations from everywhere, LOL

Im getting everything in order and im seeking...

Im getting everything in order and im seeking advice on lodging close by and also an itemized supply list. If anyone can help a fellow BBL sister out, i'd appreciate it to the fullest. Thanks in advance!!!

I know it's crazy early to be thinking about his,...

I know it's crazy early to be thinking about his, but I am trying so hard to plan, plan, plan. I really need the packet that Dr. S sends out 45 before surgery. I read a few reviews and some mentioned having it available in PDF or in a file that can be emailed. If any of you have that available I would be delighted and thank you forever... XOXO Hugs and Booty

I have got to lose 30 pounds. Any ideas on what...

I have got to lose 30 pounds. Any ideas on what some of you did to achieve your pre op weight goals???

Decided to have breast aug. with implants before...

Decided to have breast aug. with implants before BBL. Dr. Salama is booked beyond booked so he recommended Ghurani. I'm excited yet nervous at the same damn time!!!

I have taken the drops before and did very well....

I have taken the drops before and did very well. The last company I used is no longer in business. Some companies are selling an amino acid compound that "mimics" HCG and I DO NOT want that crap. I want the actual hormone and I know it's out there....I just can't find it.

I really need a week earlier on April 1, 2, or 3rd...

I really need a week earlier on April 1, 2, or 3rd if anybody has it and doesn't plan on having surgery!!!!

Cynthia called to day with great news!!! Dr. S can...

Cynthia called to day with great news!!! Dr. S can perform breast lift with implant for me in April 3 versus Dr. G in April 9... I think since Dr. A is doing my BBL in July it's best he perform the breast Job as well...continuity of care!!!

I'm willing to provide day of surgery and day...

I'm willing to provide day of surgery and day after care for anyone having surgery on April 1 in Miami in exchange for a few days stay. I'm having a breast lift with implants with Dr. Salama on April 3. I can possibly provide more but not sure how my own personal recovery will be. I'm told it should be easy but I don't know. I have 15 years critical care experience with several credentials. If anyone is interested please inbox me.

Pre-op lab normal and clearance granted. Flight...

Pre-op lab normal and clearance granted. Flight booked and RX filled. Andddddd my friend is going to be in town after all and will be taking care of me. I just love it when a plan comes together!!! 2 weeks and counting down until the TWINS are born. Their daddy is so proud and can hardly wait, LOL!!!

God's willing I'll be flying out in 1 week and in...

God's willing I'll be flying out in 1 week and in 9 days the twins will be born!!! I'm a full D cup right now and haven't really thought about what size I want to be. Already it's a challenge finding cute tops to fit so its not likely ill go over a DD but I'll let Dr. Salama decide on the best fit for my frame. I'll keep everyone posted with pictures to come.

Sitting in the Orlando Airport waiting to depart....

Sitting in the Orlando Airport waiting to depart. My nerves are BAD!!! The anticipation of tomorrow's pre-op appointment and Wednesday's surgery is killing me, LOL!! Need less to say, I can hardly wait to birth these BEAUTIFUL TWIN GIRLS!!!

I'm nervous, excited and got knots in my belly,...

I'm nervous, excited and got knots in my belly, but in ready!!! I know that I'm covered with the blood of the lamb and the procedure and final results will be beautiful!!! Pray for me and I'll keep posting as I progress.

First and foremost, ONE WORD to describe TEAM...

First and foremost, ONE WORD to describe TEAM SALAMA.... "Magnificent"!!!!!!
I was scheduled for 2:00 today. Monica called around 11:00 to see how I was feeling and if everything was on track. I told her I was starving and becoming an angry beast, LOL!!! She apologized and we laughed. She called me back to see if I could come in earlier to help get things going and so I could eat earlier, LOL!! And of course I went in early. Man.....I don't even know where to begin. Dr. Salama has himself an "A-Team". Everybody I have encountered has been very sincere and forth coming. I meet my coordinator Cynthia on yesterday (absolute sweetheart), Nancy was busy taking care if her patients but still made time to speak and wish me well, Ruben is so involved that he knew my last name (WOW)!!!, Larry, who has the softest hands next to Dr. S was there too. Nomi who was the first person I encountered was a blessing in getting my mammogram done and a sweetheart as well. This team is the ish, and you can not go wrong.

I arrived and meet Monica who assisted me with getting dressed.
Dr. S came in and welcomed me and thanked me for being there. He explained the procedures in detail and answered all my questions. He took photos and marked me up.
Next there was the ever so handsome Sergio, the anesthesist who discuss the anesthesia and assured me he'd take great care of me and indeed he did. It was lights out and I honestly don't remember a thing pass, "I'm giving you some medicine to help you relax".
And last but certainly not least was Yaneicy the recovery nurse that literally dressed me and helped me to my ride.
Everyone did a fantastic job. As a RN with lots of experience in healthcare I can say this!!!! Very professional, very detailed team. And my mother questioned why was in traveling so far. My initial response was RESULTS. Now I can tell her it was the superb treatment that I received!!!

Sooooooo. As y'all can see from my pictures my left breast is larger than my right. I didn't think it was that big of a difference but with 390cc in the left and 500cc in the right, I guess it's a rather big difference, LOL. Not only did I get implants I also got a lift. And MY Doctor is proud of his work and his patient results so I also got some lipo suctioning of that ugly under arm, breast roll extension thingy. You know the one I'm talking bout, LOL!!!

As I was getting ready for bed I noticed my left breast had been bleeding, a rather significant amount in my opinion. It was fresh and still wet and my friend that was helping my freaked out and was screaming, "call the doctor", lol!!! And so I did. Let me tell y'all. Ain't nobody got ish on Dr. Salama!!!!! I mean nobody. Once again, I can say this because I have experience with a lot of doctors. He asked me to send him pictures and i did. he called me back immediately and asked if I could meet him at the office in 20 minutes. So me and my friend hit the road. We arrived at the same time and he helped me out the car y'all!! Not only a doctor, but a true gentleman : ) Turns out it wasn't anything major, just some oozing from around my nipple. He cleaned it up, placed fresh gauze, gave me gauze to go and sent me on my way. Told me not to hesitate to call him again if I needed to. Man o' man, God truly blessed me with the foresight to choose the best for the job and I thank HIM for that. I can honestly say being over 1200 miles away from my family is hard but the care I am receiving makes it all worth the distance. And I'll be back in July for a rear tune up, LOL!!!

First post-op visit tomorrow and I'll keep you ladies posted. Pictures to come soon. Until then Love, Peace, and Titts....

4 days post op, still swollen and riding high.

4 days post op, still swollen and riding high.

Here are the 1 day, 1 week and 2 week pictures. I...

Here are the 1 day, 1 week and 2 week pictures. I am noticing changes in each one almost daily. I'm very happy with how they are progressing. I'm not happy with the internal scar tissue that is forming under my left breast. It is running vertically into my abdominal muscle. Very painful and tender. I'm following the doctors orders and massaging and stretching daily. I have noticed 3 new areas over the past 2 days. It's very frustrating because not only does it hurt but it is limiting my range of motion. It hurts to stretch, fully raise my left arm or twist. But it's part of the process. Anybody else have this issue, and if so how did you treat it and how long did it take to notice change? Thanks Ladies!!! Have a great weekend an be blessed!!!

1 month post op BA with BL. Cleavage gap getting...

1 month post op BA with BL. Cleavage gap getting better. More dropping noticed and still fighting scar bands into my abdomen.

"SALAMA BEAUTY".... 2 month count down!!!

2 months to getting my BooTAy!!!
In trying to get everything together (supplies, packing, etc). My procedure is paid for, flight and condo booked, now I'm just waiting for the days to go by.

Almost time!!!!

Under the 2 month range and I'm excited!!!

Happy 2 Month Boobiversary To Me!!

Useful Wal-Mart Products to review.

I was in Walmart looking for the B-Fit wrap by Bally that bigbootytinywaist recommended when I found some other products that maybe helpful to some of you. They are thigh and arm wraps that can be used after lipo of these areas. The pictures will have the product name and price. If anybody use them or have used them let us know how effective they are. Thanks..

"SALAMA BEAUTY"... 19 days and counting!!!


14 days to go Ladies!!!

This time in 2 weeks me or my friend will be under the blade!!!! We are too excited...

Pre Op measurements....YIKeS!!!

Ok so I decided to take measurements today just to have a baseline and they are as follows:

Bust: 36 (down from 40 pre BA)
Natural waist: 37 (above navel)
Hips: 42 (fullest part of hips/butt)

36-37-42 so saddddddd : (
I'm a square, LOL ????????????????????
But Dr. Salama will fix that in 12 days

I would love to be 34-28-48. Guess we will just have to wait this thang out! Y'all be blessed ladies. I plan to update daily now until recovery.

Monster of a 2nd CHIN added!!! It has TO GO!!

This hungry ass second chin has to go too!! LOL!! I had it added as an extra area of loop. It will be well worth the extra $$$.


Wish I could just snap my fingers and all would be packed. Such a necessary drag. A week and a day to go ladies!!!!! I'm so excited...

3 months Post Op BA with Lift

A little over 3 months and things are looking great!!!

6 Days To Go!!!

2 more work nights and I'll be on my way to MIA!!!!

Where did the time go????

5 days and seem like it was yesterday that this whole process started. Time really does fly by.

4 Days To Go.....The Ish Getting Real

It's Thursday and tomorrow I left for Dallas to catch an eay morning flight to Ft. Lauderdale. The anxiety is real high. I have been anxious and having palpitations. I have however been doing Max Insanity workouts and I hope that's the reason for the palpitations. I'm just so ready to get the show on the road and on to the recovery phase. I'm all packed up and ready for take off. I see a few of you ladies scheduled around the same time as I are just as ready. We must keep each other posted on our journey and especially keep each other in our prayers. Until next time...Love, Peace, and Bootyfulness!!!

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Bound

I'm sitting in the Dallas TX airport awaiting flight to Ft. Lauderdale. The nervousness and excitement is intense ladies. I can literally hear my heart beat!!! Funny thing is this will be my 3rd elective surgery, 2nd in the past 3 months and you'd think this would be a breeze. I am however, confident with my selection of Dr. Salama and I know that the God that I serve will be right there every step if the way. Either later today or tomorrow I will post a list of supplies that I have purchased. This may seem redundant to some but a lot ladies here are new and may not have accessed older blogs. Alright ladies y'all be blessed!

WHaT A NiGht!!!

OK, so me and newbooty9901 an our men went to King of Diamonds last night and let me tell y'all!!! It was OFF DA CHAIN!!! The look on their faces with all those asses literally in their faces was priceless!!! Need less to say the quest for booty is on and popping. Ewwww weeeeee it's so on, LOL!!!

CAN'T SLEEP any longer

It's 0630 am and my surgery is scheduled for 10:00. I laid down at 0330 and I can't sleep any longer. I'm filled with so many feelings and emotions that it crazy. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and I know God hears me and I accept His Promises to never leave me nor forsake me.. I'm covered by the blood and everything is going work in accord. You ladies be blessed and have a SUPER day. Say a prayer for my friend and BBL sister newbooty9901, she goes after me.

Post Op Day 1 Pictures

I had surgery yesterday. I'm still weak and drugged so I'm only posting pictures. I will post a blow by blow if the days events later. I'm not sure how many cc's I got but he did say my skin was tight and he would put as much as it would accommodate. Thanks to all you ladies for your prayers and continued support.

In garment

Pictures in garment. First massage is Friday and I know that is key to optimum results. It's only gonna get better.

Day of Surgery

I arrived at the surgery center at 0915. Yaneisy the nurse called me back to change into a paper gown and give urine for the pregnancy test. Once done with her, Alex the nurse anesthetist came in and did the anesthesia interview. He was very, very through!!! After a few minutes my fiancé came in to wait with me for Dr. Salama. Once he stepped in he said, "WOW, Ruben said you guys were big, LOL"!!! Speaking of my fiancé and newbooty9910 husband (they are some big, fine men we have) : )
So he went on to ask how the breast were doing and I dropped my gown and he was amazed. We took some after shots and compared them with the before shots. And let me tell amazing transformation! He asked me if he could use them on the website and I signed consent for him to use them however he choose to. So he then proceeded to take more booty pictures and mark me up. During this time he is talking about the procedure details, my wants and want nots as well as what he could do considering this horrible foundation I have given him to work with. He said my butt is square and the skin is tight so he would be limited as to how much he could get in. This was a bomber because I was hoping for a full lil bubble booty. He answer all of our questions and then I was off to the OR.
Alex attempted to place an IV in my left arm which was a really large vein however it also has a large valve there so it didn't work fully. But he said no worries, no more sticks while you're awake and I said great. That literally was the last thing I remember then I woke up in the recovery room thinking you can't be serious!!! We're done already? Yaneisy said yes sweetie it's time to go home. I was already in garment and everything.
The ride home I don't remember. My fiancé made me get up every hour and walk and drink. I did experience a lil nausea but no vomiting. The Zofran helped a lot. The pain wasn't too bad, more soreness than anything. I may have taken 4 percocets. Well that's day if surgery in a nutshell. I'll update on days 1 & 2 a lil later. Peace out...

Double Chin No More

Dr. Salama sucked all the life out of my hungry second chin!!!! I'm happy about it.

Post Op Day 1 & 2

Day 1 was a blur, it went by pretty fast. Had my first post op appt with Yaneicy to remove the packing and put my t-shirt on. It wasn't to bad. The daily routine is walk every 2 hours and eat every time Mr. thinks of food which is every time we walk. Lol...I'm tired of eating. I got so nauseated leaving my appointment and threw up everywhere. We got lost looking for a post office and I'm sure the riding around in circles didn't help any. Took my first shower on day 1 and it felt great. I didn't like being out of the garment because it made me feel to loose or relaxed. My skin is super sensitive to touch and itchy. Benadryl itch cream seems to help.
Day 2: worst day so far. I had a headache most if the day. Although I was eating and drinking, my head still hurt like crazy. I thought maybe it was the chin strap so I took it off for awhile. Headache continued. My sister newbooty9901 gave me Advil but this nagging headache persisted. Then somebody mentioned coffee and a light bulb went off!!! I drink 2-4 cups if coffee a day and I haven't had any in 4 days. So my sweetie and his new friend went out and got me some Starbucks at 10:00pm. These guys have been great!!! I can't imagine this experience without them by our sides. We have all been a blessing to each other. And the headache is just about gone. You ladies be sure to eat well and drink plentiful for an uneventful recovery. New update later today.

Repost from SXWallex

Funny Booty Video

Post Op Day 3 out of CG

Fooling around with picstick while waiting for my CG to dry. I didn't get the Arnica preop and the bruising is a definite tale tale.

Post Op Day 5 Measurements

Measured today while out of CG
Bust: 36 (stayed the same)
Waist: 34 (lost 3 inches)
Hips/butt: 47 1/2 (gained 5 1/2 inchs)

Compression Garment!!!

Any local shops around Avetura, Miami etc that sell garments???

First Week Review

First massage was on Friday (post op day 4). It felt really good but the next day I was sore as ever. I was given a stage 2 XL garment, down from a stage 1 XL. I say down because the material is designed to fit tighter. Needless to say it was too tight for me. Cecilia and my fiancé stuffed me in it with foam and I lasted maybe 5 hours. I could barely breath, my heart was beating fast and i felt a panic attack coming on. So I switched back into the stage 1 garment.
Monday was a week post op and the second massage. I had a lot of fluid build up because of the lack of compression. I went to Miami aNd found a lingere shop that specialize in compression garments. I bought 2. One by vedette for later use and one by Slender Bodies to use now. The slender bodies garment is crap and I wouldn't recommend it at all. The material feels thick and strong but It was tearing my butt crack up and I was able to literally rip it with my hands.

Pain and stiffness:
It's real ladies!!!! I haven't felt so much discomfort in my life and I think I have a pretty good pain tolerance. I have taken so many percocets. Had to get another prescription before leaving Aventura. My skin feels paper thin and brittle.
Usually a hot shower and heating pad makes it all better.

The one thing I haven't read a lot about was the emotional changes that comes along with this surgery. I have had good days, great days and day where I'm down and out thinking WTF have I done. I have been a royal bitch to my baby on days an I feel terrible because of it. I have been very sensitive and lack a sense of humor and he has reaped the consequences. I have apologized time after time because I feel so bad about it. He has been very supportive an I thank God for him....I couldn't have done this without him.
For y'all ladies that haven't had surgery yet....please don't take it lightly because it will/can break you an your relationship. I'm so thankful that my other half is easy going and realized my behavior was drug/procedural induced.

Last visit with Dr. Salama:
He looked at everything an said all looked great. I did have to come home with both drains however. He stressed compression compression compression. Without it scar tissue builds up and it's like you never had lipo done. So we have for to wear these super tight garments ladies. They hurt like hell but on the bright side...if this was easy everybody would be doing it. He helped me back in my garment, told me to keep in touch and call with any needs or questions. I gave him a hug and we were on our way.

Airplane ride home:
The ride home wasn't bad at all. We sat in first class on the front row so I could kneel whenever the seatbelt light went off. My flight was 2 1/2 hours and I may have sat on my booby pillow for a total of 45 minutes. The flight attendant was easy and understanding. The walk in the airport was that long but you can always request wheelchair services which will get you and your companions to the front of the line. I highly recommend this in bigger cities.

1350cc per cheek!!!!

Whoop whoop.... So much for having tight skin. Dr. Salama got 1350cc in each cheek.

Itching burning and stinging!!!!

Surely seine here has come up with a remedy!!! The arnica gel, Benadryl and hydrocortisone creams are not doing the trick... What are some things you gals have done to help???

2 week post op pic

It's a major improvement and based on my before picture I should have no complaints, however I wish there was more projection. Hopefully it will drop and fluff and at least give the illusion that there is more. I'm working real hard on the back fat and rolls, ie massages, lipo foam and tight compression. Hopefully it will all pay off.

Different angles

These angles can be deceiving as heck!!!!

Salama is Da Truth!!!!

Pictures DO NOT lie....

Vedette sale!'n

I wanted to share with you ladies that Orchard Corset is having a clearance sale on Vetted Shapeware. Prices range from $18 to $22. I was able to swip 3 for myself. Y'all go check it out!!! Various styles and sizes to choose from.

3 Weeks Post Op

These past 3 weeks have been very challenging to say the least. Not being able to sit has been one of the biggest obstacles. The itching, burning and stinging in my lower back has subsided somewhat but still there. Scar bands in the back side bend of both arms as well as from my scapula to lower back is the devil. I had the same issue when I had my BA with BL in April. The only treatment is heat and massages which I perform daily. This makes stiffness especially during the morning upon rising. I strongly advice everyone to work their upper body pre op for strength to push up out of bed.

Massages: since coming home I have had 4 very good massages bringing my total to 6. Today I signed up with Massage Envy and I will continue to get twice weekly massages. They are especially important for me because of the scar bands in my back and arms.

Pain medication: I'm only taking 2 percocets before massages. Tylenol PM x2 some nights for rest.

Activity: for the most part all I do is lay around like a bomb, LOL!!! My energy level has been low low. This surgery diminishes your hemoglobin drastically and it takes time for it to replenish. I'm still taking the iron as recommended for the first month post op as well as a MVI and vitamin B12. Once again pre op wellness is important.

Garments: I hate all of them!!!!!!!!
I'm so ready to ditch the garments. Currently I am still wearing my stage 1 loaded with padding and a waist cincher. The stage 2 is too darn tight and I don't like the way it fit around my butt, seems as if its shaping it irregular. I have purchased 2 garments to wear after 6 weeks. One is a Vedette 303 boy short style that I plan to wear to bed. The other is a Vedette 323 with a soft, cotton bottom that I will wear to work because its more comfortable. (Pictures posted of each).

My plan is to return to work next week but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to. I'll only be 4 weeks and I really don't wanna sit at all just yet. Playing it by ear based on bills, LOL!!!

That's it for now ladies. I'll update next week. Happy Healing to all.

6 weeks and dropping but this Butt is sore!'n

I Noticed my butt has dropped some and I made 6 weeks Monday. For some reason my butt is sore as heck and tender to touch especially in the crease and around the bottom. Could it be from the dropping and settling???


I haven't been in Realself in a longggg time!!!! I discussed my results with my doctor back in January and we both decided that I would benefit from a revision. With that being said I'm scheduled for August 5 and I'm super excited about it.... I'm going to try to be more active here on Realself during yhe next 2 months and throughout my recovery.

Recovery Houses or Attendants in Miami/Aventura ???

Does anyone know ow of a Recovery House in Miami or Aventura? I've looked
Also heard of Miariam?? Please advise. .

Revision Pre Op Pictures

I had my first BBL July 22, 2013. After 3 months I realized I would need a revision. On both cheeks there is bilateral flatness and what I call "horns" that stick put lie a sore thumb. My hips are uneven with the right stick out and more pointed than round like the left. My butt has several dimples and areas of uneveness. I'm praying to God in heaven that this is it!!!!! This will be my third surgery in a year and a half. I'm planning my wedding which I put off previously because I wanted the revision first. Yall chunk some prayers up for me. All is appreciated!!!! I'll keep you guys posted on my recovery.

comparison pictures

Pre op revision and post op comparison
Miami Plastic Surgeon


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