60th Birthday Present to Me! Vaser Lipo of Abdominals and Hip area - Tampa, FL

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Well tomorrow is the day. I have always wanted...

Well tomorrow is the day. I have always wanted this procedure but for some reason or another I just put it off. As the years went by I have maintained my weight and figure. Then menopause set in and each year that went buy my body did a major change. From a curvy figure to a square figure. I have read each journey of Vaser lipo by everyone on this site from young to old. At my age I do not need to,have the body of a 24 year old but want to at least look good in my clothes again.
I have decided to go with Dr. Stanley Castor in Tampa. He was professional and informative and honest. There was no sales pitch only his professional opinion of the outcome. I do expect pain and some discomfort. As my husband said, no pain no gain.
Wish me luck!

Need to see me again

1day post op

Well it's over. I can't say that I have a lot of pain. It's very sore and tender. Yesterday my abs were very painful just as bad as my c section . Today I only took Tylenol no pain medicine. I can move but tired from the anesthesia. My husband said he can tell the difference even with the padding on. I can move and walk and drink a lot of water . I would take a pic but my garment is still stained and I cannot remove until 24 to 48 hours. So far I do believe this was the best choice I made. I have a curvature of the spine which makes my hips 2 inches uneven. Dr castor reviewed before I went in before the proedure and was going to work on making me even on both sides. I can see the results already. Can't wait to take everything off to see.

Day 6 post op

Getting better but there is a lot of swelling in my thigh area. I bruise very easy and I look like an auto accident. I am only taking Tylenol extra strength for discomfort which comes and goes. Night is unconfortable and I usually have to take something to sleep. But each day holds a different feeling. Pinching, burning pulling itching these are all good signs that healing is working. I see the ps next week and hoping to have the second stage garment then. The compression garment feels great at sometimes and at others you just want to rip it off.
So far I still donot really take anything off because of the sever bruising I have, but just by the looks of things I am pleased. I do not have to have
Be a wash board ab or have that perfect figure. I feel confident in my change that is great for me.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Professional, informative and he advised me of the realistic expectations.

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