Frustrated About Outcome of Revisionary Rhinoplasty

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Two years and 6 months ago i went in for a...

Two years and 6 months ago i went in for a septoplasty and to remove a bump from my nose.

The surgery itself went perfectly. However when my cast came off there was a bump on the side of my nose. I was instructed to massage my cartilage back into place. Within 2 days my entire graft/implant slipped and moved to the left side of my nose. It was hideous. My doctor insisted on doing revisionary surgery 2 months after my initial surgeory. The surgery went well...but the amount of swelling was tremendous.

When the 2nd cast came off my nose was a huge improvement. He told me that he only had to file my cartilage graft down. He said this problem "could have been" from the nurse putting my cast on crooked. When I got home I looked closely at pictures I had taken. Sure enough, that cast was crooked. I was so disturbed by my experience that I was too scared to return. The last thing I remember the office telling me was that it would be way over a year to determine what was really scar tissue and what was just normal swelling. I at this point just wanted to leave well enough alone.

It's been 2 years and 2 months since my second surgery and I have a small lump of scar tissue that will not go away on my left side of the nose. On the right side of my nose the graft that he filed down has an indent in it from when it initially slid the first time, which my surgeon had told me that down the road if need be we could use a filler to repair it.

I'm glad I got this procedure done, as it had been something i'd wanted for 15 years. I always obsessed about my profile, thought that was all anyone else big nose. Although my nose isn't a 10,000 dollar nose, it is still an improvement. The con's are that things go wrong, and mistakes happen. While I waited two months for my revision, I sat around wondering if my next nose would be horrible. It was a stressful experience that drained me for months.

My questions is since it has been longer than the time listed in the contract for the repairs to be covered by the surgeon, would I be charged for further tweeks as a cortisone shot or filler to correct the nose that this nurse initially caused fault to? My surgeon is one of the best on the east coast, always on TV, teaches seminars, in magazines, and is usually the first to start trying new techniques. Although he never took full blame for what happend, I don't want to come in and appear too demanding. I just don't feel that this nose job was worth the 10 grand I gave him, although I am not looking for a refund. I would have come back in a year but was so traumatized by the whole ordeal I just avoided the entire awkward situation by never going back. I hate the scar tissue on the side of my nose and how it feels numb...I would like something done to fix this...since I've waited past the normal waiting period...and we know this can't be swelling at this point. I don't know how to deal with situation and who bears the financial responsibility for the further tweeks. Any advice?
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My doctor does very good work. My problems were not a result of his own wrong doings, but rather a nurse in his office. It was the nurse's first month working there and apparently she still had a lot to learn. My doctor was able to do a successful revision 2 months after the initial surgery. He definitely has talent.

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