Dr Lentz is second to NONE!!!

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Hi! I am thrilled to have found this site! ! I...

I am thrilled to have found this site! ! I have enjoyed so many wonderful stories. I am seaching for the best PS somewhat close to the Tampa area. I am willing to travel 1-2 hours if need be. I want a Mommy makeover and have
been waiting years. I am wanting this in April/May 2014. I have been considering Dr M. Lacerna, Dr T Fiala , Dr S Losssien, Dr Nijer, Dr Landon. If anyone can help let me know please. I am 47 y/o 5'6 153 lbs.

the rest of my stats!!

I am 47 y/o. I have 3 children. 18, 16, 13. I weighed 234 on day of delivery with the last
One. I lost 100lbs with diet and exercise. Put on 10 lbs because I did not look healthy at that weight. I am up about 7 lbs. WhicH
Id love to lose! So, i'm searching for just the right PS and boy is it a difficult decision. Stressful!!

Exhale!!! Excited and ready!!

Finally my search is over!!! I will make the drive from New Port Richey to Daytona Beach! I felt so different when I met Dr Lentz. Being older (in practice since 1979) I wasn't sure what to expect. I was most impressed with his energy, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. I would've hopped on the table that day if I could have.lol ;) I felt so relieved and ready. I'm having a Mommy makeover with Mentor silicone 425cc dual plane placement (part under the muscle and part under the gland) full lipoabdominal plasty. Lipo of the entire abdomin, hips, flanks, back, outer and inner thighs and some by my inner knees to shape my legs. It will be done in a hospital and I will stay the night. That was very important to me and my husband who is a Doc too. I am an RN. Counting down the days until January 22nd. Bye bye belly, hips and thighs!


Forgot to add this is a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and best yet, it is Drainless!

10 days and counting!!

I can't believe its almost here! I have such mixed emotions. Super excited, a little nervous about the actual surgery but mostly the first few days after. Having to bother my husband to help me with every little thing. I don't like that part at all. I don't like the feeling of being somewhat helpless,if you will. I wish I could fast forward the recovery part. I don't want to enter the "blues" part. I know it will drive me crazy not being able to get up and go after the first couple of days. Hope hubby can keep me on the up through that part. Let the count down continue! I am ready for the end result!

Pre op appointment

Well my husband and I made the 3 hour trip to my preop apt. Everything is paid for and signed for! It's a done deal! Go back Tuesday at 400 pm on the 21st, for pre-surgery marking and then have to be at the hospital by 0530 on the 22nd. Wow that is bright and early! I got a phone call from my PS's office with great news, I guess the hospital's anesthesia department made changes in there billing and my total bill was reduced by over 1700.00 dollars. I felt like I won the lottery! That really helps. Feeling very thankful. Time for bed. It's almost here surgery buddies! 8 more days......

on our way to hospital

My husband and I are in our way to hospital to finish the preop stuff. Then I go to PS office at 4pm to get marked up for tomorrow's early 530am hospital arrival time. Surgery at 700a! I'm ready! Meet you all on the flat side very soon. Feeling pumped!

po day 2



po day 2

Feeling so much better then day one and 2. Spent the first night in the hospital in vip room with ny own rn. That was nice but the morphine made me so nauseaed. And cotton mouth city. Yesterday made it home to condo till monday then back to tampa. Shower went better than expected. Being orgainized is the key. And having help of course. So far my recliner, my walker and my shower chair have been a godsent! Definitely make a huge difference! I'm continuously taking my naprosyn, tramadol, robaxin around the clock and helps too. So grest to have a husband that is wonderful and helpful! ! Time to take a rest. Oh some of the pic are from marking and the rest of the new ones are day 2. Happy healing to all.

changing picture to see better


Bruised boob shot

Doctor told

Me that they liposuctioned over 12 pounds, of course this included some fluid too. He told be I gain 2 lbs due to the implant! :) my diastasis was 3 inches in the middle. Wow. I was surprised by that. I am sooo swollen its unbelievable ! I can't get into the CG I was able to get into prior to surgery. But my stomach is still FLAT! YEAH . I pretty much hurt all over. Had a lot done. TT, breast aug , lipo of abdomin, flanks, hips, upper back, inner and outter thighs and around the knee area. Ladies I hope you are feeling better than myself! I still don't regret this for a second. The hospital was awesome. I was so impressed being a nurse. I did not meet one person that wasn't kind, gentle and overly sweet and caring. When I was in preop they started to push me to the OR gave me something and that's the last thing I remember until waking up after surgery! Happy healing all.

Day 3

So far a good day with less pain. My back kills me when I walk but goes away when I sit. No bm yet took second dose of mom. Results pending. Still have my foley in too fearful to take it out yet. Don't want the pain of not being able to urinate. Maybe tomorrow. Actually don't mind it yet. Feel huge with tons of swelling and bloating. Only able to eat small potions of food. Unusual for me. I love to eat. ALOT. Thinking of all my surgery buddies and wishing them all well! :) :) (((hugs))) to all. We are all going to love our final results!

post op day 4

Well I finally had a bm. Well I have the runs now, so I guess you saymI'm really cleaning my self out.:/ I think I will take the foley out in am and see how it goes. First po appt with doc in the afternoon tomorrow. Feeling better pain wise except for back when walking. I cant even come close to standing up straight yet. Here are a few updated shots including my mons and labia not to upset any one. But wow. Thinking of you all and hoping you are feeling much better! ! (((Hugs)))))


post op day 5

I pead on my own. hip hip Horray! ! I was really afraid of what I might have had to go through if I didnt.

See title =) above

PO day 7

Slept horribly last night, couldn't get comfortable. Everything feels good except my DARN back, only when I walk around. Sitting I'm great. Been icing it. I know it will get better but I'm frustrated. It's probably a good thing or else I'd do to much.! That's the best way I can look at it. Have lots of bruising all over and some tape burn. Girls are slowly droping. I have super thrilled with my results so far. 2 po appt. Tomorrow. Dr told me not to be afraid to try and stand straighter. All is looking good. I still feel like I weight a 1000 lbs? Not sure why. Hope all are well. ((((Hugs))))

3 weeks PO

3 week po

Doing great. Finally sleeping better. It's been difficult getting comfortable in my cozy bed. Still wearing my CG 24/7. PS told me yesterday I didn't have to wear it any more, but I just feel comfortable in it. My stomach feels like drum and I feel pulling from every direction sometimes. Ii got the ok to resume exercise except abd and anything that will bump me around inside. I've already started walking 2 miles a day. Feels good. Very happy with results no regrets except if I had to pick something I'd have went alittle smaller on the girls. I do love the way they look. Have had sex yet.... my mind wants to but not to sure about body. Good thingy husband had lipo on abd and flank one week after my surgery because he is definitely understanding but REALLY wants to. :) soon! Back to work full time to night. Glad all my surgery buddies are doing great and all look fabulous too! =)

approaching the 6week mark ok 5. 1/2 :)

Feeling better and better everyday. More and more normal. Stopped wearing my CG atc. Just using my binder. Which is a God sent. Swell like crazy when im working my 12 hour shifts but then sleep, wake and its gone. Like everyone else can't wait until that part is over. It's the weirdest feeling, like im going to pop!! Pressure strange. I am very pleased with my results and wish i could be as creative as some of you girls and be able to put side by sides pictures on here. I am walking 2 miles a day 5-6times a week and riding my bike 5-7miles 5 times a week. Light weights and steps. No core exercises yet. So thrilled with my results. Better than I could have imagined! Dr Lentz is the bomb.com!! Amazing ability!!Hope all of you are hapoy and well.


12 weeks out and feeling better and better. Able to do more exercises including most abdominal as well. If it feels uncomfortable I don't push it. Super happy with my results!!! Feel like a new women!! It really really makes a HUGE difference in how I feel about myself. Like a 2nd chance. Lucky me. Thanks to my little friend;) I've learned how to make a collage. Before and after pic to give everyone a better idea of the improvements. Hope everyone is super great! ! Yeah!??


Orlando Plastic Surgeon

He was my fifth and last consult. His work is awesome !! Loved his passion and energy!!! Older, wiser and still doing research and publishing articles! Very "into" his work. Personable and through. HE IS NOT IN TAMPA!! HE IS IN DAYTONA BEACH!!!!

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