Vaser on Chin/jaw Line, Stomach, Love Handles, Arms - Tampa, FL

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Consulting with Dr. castor and booking surgery was...

Consulting with Dr. castor and booking surgery was easy and comfortable. My surgery is in four days and I'm just now starting to worry about post-op recovery. Doc says should be sore like an intense gym workout, so I am hoping to be back to work in four days. Fingers crossed. At this point, I would absolutely recommend Dr. castor. Stay tuned.

Dr Castor still the best

The day of surgery, Dr Castor and his team were awesome. Very happy that I decided for general anesthesia, even though I was a little out of it the first day.

There's still major swelling on my body and the compression garments are supposed to stay on, but I snuck a measurement of my arms and they're down an inch each even with the swelling. :)

Attaching pictures of chin/jaw line. I can feel swelling and slight pain, but I think I see results.

Still swollen, but taking shape

It looks and feels a little lumpy. I am trusting that will fade with time. I was able to shower and redress in the compression garments without too much exhaustion.

one week out, swelling worse than expected

I had my surgery one week ago and the day or two after, I was feeling really good about results - definitely could see a change in my stomach area. But now I've gone back to work and my stomach is even bigger than before - swollen and hard.

Follow-up with doc told me I would experience swelling for like 4-5 weeks, but i was thinking the worst was behind me.

Has anyone else had the same experience where results look good and then swelling goes crazy? Will it work itself out and look more like the "original" after pic?

Doc told me to stop taking pics and looking, but I'm obsessed!

More pics. A week and a day post-op

Seems a little uneven for now and still feels tight and swollen. I'm hoping this is just the beginning.
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