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Hello! I'm new to the board and first, want to...

Hello! I'm new to the board and first, want to thank everyone that has posted your reviews and feedback. Because of you - I will have Vaser Lipo done in 11 days... September 6! I am more excited than I am nervous; nervous because of the unknown and anticipation of actually having it done. I meet the Doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) and am very excited about that!

I'm having my upper and lower abs, love handles, and side flanks done. My goal is to have more defined, natural looking Latina curves without the muffin top or serious love handles.

Right now, my biggest concerns are not being able to get the compression garment back on after I remove it and would using full size pads (Always Infinity?) instead of cutting pads into smaller squares to cover the incisions be better in terms of leakage? Random, yes... but if you have any advice, comments, or suggestions on these topics I'd really appreciate it!


Three More Days!

If you've ever had children, you might relate to how I'm feeling! I've literally cleaned my entire house from top to bottom! I've washed everything imaginable, dusted, washed baseboards, the refrigerator inside and out, laundry, bed linens... you name it! I really think I'm nesting for the big V-day! I think this energy is from all the excitement I have. Really, Vaser is all I can think, eat, or breath lately!

I started taking the Arnica tablets today and picked up my meds over the weekend. I spent the weekend with a girlfriend who had a few revisions on her abs and also got her back/bra done. Having experienced caring for her, I think I'm better prepared mentally now. I also answered my questions from earlier! Definitely a full pad over the incision for the first night and using a little dab of baby powder rubbed directly on the skin where it grabs before reapplying the compression garment is a huge, huge help! I hope it's as easy for me.

I'm uploading my before pics and will post an update soon! Wish me luck!!

Three Days and... Strep Throat?

I have the ability to see the silver lining in almost any dark cloud. My body is in total preparation mode by fighting off - with the help of a strong antibiotic - a bout of horrid Strep Throat! Thanks to lots of loving and cuddling with my sick little guy, I got it too! I went to the Immediate Care Clinic today and was prescribed 875 mg of Amoxicillin which will knock that strep throat right out!

After talking with my nurse, we got two thumbs up from Dr. Solomon! The antibiotics will not interfere with my procedure and... I will be fine in time for surgery; I'll just continue taking the antibiotics after my procedure is over.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Lookout Tampa Bay! I got VASER!

Here I am! Three days post and I feel good. I wasn't sure I'd make it considering the week I started with: Strep Throat, menstrual cycle, antibiotics...

I arrived at the Surgery Center 20 minutes late and was very, very nervous. I don't remember the ride to the center because I was so nervous. My nurse Cecelia greeted me with her beautiful smile and always pleasant demeanor. After waiting several minutes, I was led into the consultation room to change into the paper gear and get marked up by Dr. Solomon. He arrived a few moments later and drew lots of whimsical circles and heavy lines on my upper abdomen.

He seemed a bit concerned with my bra bulge and after we tossed the thought around that the fat would not just blend with the work; we would remove it too while we were at it and not have to come back later and pay an additional cost. For the bra bulge, I was given a nice discount and paid an extra $750. The doctor was incredibly fair and very reasonable - but agreed we should remove the fat in that area too for a more seamless look.

Once the road map was drawn on, I was led into the super freezing cold surgery room where the prettiest painting of a suspension bridge leading to an oak tree decorated the wall (I love trees, so this was such a nice treat for my mind). The few minutes we waited felt like hours, I was given a valium to help my nerves calm a bit. I really don't think it helped, but.... maybe it did.

Dr. Solomon began (and continued) with golden hands. Throughout the procedure, he asked about my comfort, if I was in pain, and made me feel like I was the only patient in the world at that moment. At one time I felt very vulnerable because my breasts were exposed; he covered me which meant a lot to me. During the procedure we spoke about our families, our travels, interests and how my body was coming along.

At one point, he asked me to roll to the other side. I knew then that I was going to appreciate my new look. He stepped back, admired his work and said, "WOW!" I said it too when I didn't feel parts of my side pressing into the surgery bed!

The procedure lasted approximately four hours including the numbing time, though it felt like I was there only one hour.

I spent about 30 minutes in a recovery and was helped out the door. I would have like to have been helped all the way to the car, but my dear friend was able to help me with that. I was very happy with the goody bag Nurse Cecelia gave me filled with maxi pads and bed pads for overnight.

To be continued...

Update: Days 1 and 2

I forgot to mention in the earlier post I got my upper/lower abs, side flanks, upper/lower back, above my butt and love handles done.

Four incisions on the front, seven on my back side/butt.

The Vaser procedure itself was a breeze. From what I've read and experienced, waiting was the hardest part. Well that and the garment - more on that in a moment.

The first night I depended on the pain meds to help keep any pain away. I was in pain, though I was also very numb. The garment and zipper was the worst part ever! I had to change the pads when I got home and again before bed because I was literally dripping fluid down my legs. In the middle of the night, I awoke in the most excruciating pain from the darn zipper pressing into my left side, which also left a huge dent and crease. My girl friend slid a pad between the zipper and my skin, which helped tremendously. By that time, I was over the draining and just wanted to sleep. We wrapped a towel around my leg where the drainage was coming from and I finally was able to sleep through the night with the help of pain meds and a valium.

What helped the most during the first night while changing the pads was standing in the shower and allowing the fluid to drain right into the shower. Super easy clean up!

Day 1: Saturday afternoon - I couldn't take the fluid streaks down my legs another second. I also couldn't stand filling pads like they were sponges. I called the clinic and told them I was going to rinse myself in warm water only. It was suggested I rubbed my skin around the incisions as though I was gathering a bunch of flowers to help release the fluid....

I was ecstatic to also finally able to have some relief from that darn zipper I told you about earlier. I unzipped it, unfastened the three eye-hooks, and let the garment fall. I stared at myself in the mirror and... Cried. I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe the woman standing in the mirror looking back at me. It was me! I cried some more and then.... threw up! I felt dizzy, light headed and nauseous all at once. Once I got sick, I felt so much better. After rinsing off, I dried off and put the gross hell contraption back on (with help) and felt a million times better!

Day 2: Sunday - No more pain meds. Holy moly, those things messed my head all up. I don't like that feeling of cotton head. I'd much rather deal with the pain and take ibuprofen than take that crazy pain killer stuff. I felt like I was dragging and in a constant slow motion. I am still draining in one incision near my left thigh/groin area. It's no where near as much as I did in the last day, but still filled one pad in a short time.

I wore the second garment because the first one was so gross. I was able to get it on, but trying to get out of it was torture to my skin. I ended up cutting it off and cutting $80 away to the trash. Just like that.

Before cutting that garment off, I went shopping and found the most comfortable garment made from Maidenform. Sweet Nothings it's called. The garment the center gave me was a large, I am wearing a small in the Maidenform because it's giving me as much compression as the medical one, just no zipper and bunching at the waist. It's super soft and very comfy!

I'm not in any pain, just very sore and swollen. I'll keep you posted soon!


Pictures of pre surgery and Day 2


Lymphatic Massage

Hi there! I had my first Lymphatic Massage on Monday; three days post procedure. The massage lasted 30 minutes combining the front and back areas. While the massage itself was a little bit painful, it ultimately felt good. However... I am more swollen now at five days out than I was after the massage. I'm having my second massage tomorrow and I was told the massage will be a little more intense. I hope I won't swell even more!

Follow Up with Doctor Solomon Today

I have to say I'm totally lovin' my doctor! He really is just cool... not cocky, arrogant, smug. Just a neat guy with an amazing personality. I'll write his review when that time is right - I want it to be perfect.

I got the stiches removed from the four incisions on my back today! HOORAY! Those things were starting to itch bad. He checked me over, felt my abs and said I was still holding fluid, which will gradually go away. Overall, I'm progressing nicely and the results are going to be incredible! He is very optimistic and is certain I'll be pleased once the swelling goes down. I feel like I have one of those kid float rings around my waist! I'll see him again in four weeks, until then.... massage, massage and more massage! Speaking of...

I had my second Lymphatic Massage today. It hurt. Oh man... it hurt. And, I drained yellow fluid from an incision I thought had closed up. The masseuse said it was normal and actually good because my body is working the way it's supposed to. Still, I thought those leaking days were behind me.

With the undeniable confidence of Dr. Solomon, Nurse Cecelia, and my awesome massage lady, I'm feeling very good about looking the way I do right now. Pictures are coming soon!

Day 7 Update

Today is my 7th day post procedure. I can't believe it's been a whole week already! I feel so, so, so much better wearing the stage 2 garment. The other garments that I bought myself were okay, but not giving me the support and security that I needed. The original garment (stage 1 w/zipper) was too painful to wear and I ended up sending it back to the manufacturer. I'll wear this larger stage 2 for several weeks and move into the smaller size.

I'm not as sore as I've been in the last few days. This whole week was painful; standing up was the worst on my abs. Of course, not having the compression I needed made walking very uncomfortable. Each step I took felt like my stomach was going to fall off.

Today marks day 7 - I can't say I'm in pain, but my skin feels weird; like it does when your foot is asleep: tingly, itchy, and numb. I'm especially numb in my love handle/lower back area. I'm still very swollen and still have a lot of fluid in there, but I'm especially swollen in my lower abs. I am so swollen my stretch marks look like worms on my pubic area! I feel bigger than before I had the procedure done - I hope that is normal!

I noticed the deep crease above my left love handle is much smaller and less pronounced! I am so happy to see that thing go! I hope it will go away completely in time. I'm still applying the Arnica Gel twice a day and the bruising is much lighter!

I have Day 7 picture updates too! What do you think?

Week 2...

This week has been very interesting! The swelling has gone down a lot, but I'm still sensitive to the touch mostly in my abs. I am itching like crazy, so any ideas or suggestions would be a blessing from you! The numb sensation has not gotten any better, just more tolerable. Actually, nothing is comfortable right now. Driving is even a challenge because it feels like one solid hard lump from the bottom of my breast to the top of my thighs. I am noticing the swelling in my pubic area slowly going down!

Today is the first whole day in the stage two smaller garment. I switched to the stage 2 garment early on because of the zipper painfully indenting my left side. The compression feels tight, but it feels so good; I feel much more secure in this garment than I have in any of the previous garments. I'm sure once the swelling goes down I'll feel even more comfortable wearing it.

I've now renamed the garment "Surgical Lingerie" because it just sounds better and looks sexier with the association!

I've had three lymphatic massages to date, and I'm not sure if it's helping, but I am seeing incredible results, though I still have the creases on my lower back just above the love handles. They're not as defined so that's promising!

I had my bra bulge and upper back done too. Surprisingly, there aren't any hard spots and I'm not feeling the numbness or sensitivity as I do in my abdominal areas which makes me wonder if it worked there or not.

I walked 3/4 mile around the lake at my job and it felt good! I miss exercising and am really looking forward to zumba and kicking some gym butt again soon!

Progress pictures coming soon!

Week 3 and Checkup

I'm really noticing the difference in my body and I cannot say enough about how great it feels to finally, even at this stage, look as sexy as I feel! With the help of PMS, I've been very emotionally overwhelmed and sappy all week. I'm still very numb and itchy beyond belief, but I know this is all to be expected. The swelling is much less and continuing with the Arnica Montana and shower massages.

This week has been the week of admiration, appreciation, and tears! Several times in the morning when I took the garment off I just cried at how amazing the results are turning out. I still cannot believe this is me!

I met with Dr. Solomon at his Palm Harbor office and I LOVE it. It was my first visit to his brand new office, and I noticed the hard work and attention to detail that went into every single corner from the d├ęcor to the patient rooms all the way down to the floors and even the break-room! I mention this because I compare the beautiful details in his facility to beautiful detail on my body, if that makes any kind of sense. The staff and especially Bern, his right hand lady, and beautiful wife were exceptional.

I had a concern about an incision in my lower ab area; it looks indented to me but the Doctor looked at it and told me nothing was wrong and it is healing fine, but he would do a retouch if it didn't heal flat.

He encouraged me to return to the gym and continue eating healthy. I have a thyroid disease and because of that - losing weight has been incredibly challenging. For the first time in my entire life of battling this, Dr. Solomon showed sincere concern about my health. He wants to monitor my thyroid level along with my specialist, and taught me a few things about the disease and how it affects the fat in the body. I appreciate him even more because of that.

So... here they are ladies and gents... my three week progress! What do you think?

Weeks 4 - 7

Wow! I'm back with lots to share and update. Here's a quick recap of the last month:

Week 4: Eased back into Zumba and was so relieved to move my body. Though I still felt numb and very tight in my ab area, I pushed through it and am so glad was able to get some movement going.

I began watching what I ate and began tracking my diet on MyFitnessPal. Continued with the Lymphatic Massages and boy.... let me tell ya... it hurt. I was grateful after Sheila, my masseuse was finished, but during the actual massage was not very pleasant at all. I'm starting to notice a significant change in my physique and am feeling really happy with the new me! The numbness is going away slowly, the itching is still constant, but I'm looking good so what's a few numb spots and itchy skin that I can't really satisfy anyway, right?

Week 5: I'm down 11 pounds!! Woah! How did that happen? Okay, I know how it happened, but I was very surprised to see the number on the scale that I've missed for many, many years. I'm really watching my calories, doing cardio and slowly adding resistance to my training plan. Lots of water too. I put on a bikini for the first time since having the procedure and could not believe it was me! C'est la vie muffin top and love handles!

Week 6: Okay, those 11 pounds must've turned to muscle. I gained a few of them back, but I'm not at all fretting over it. I'm still seeing noticeable results and noticed the ripple above my belly button not going away. The problem areas that I was really concerned about, the sagging belly from two pregnancies, is almost %100 gone. I can't really see a significant difference in the bra bulge area, but I am pleased with not having as much bulge as I did before the procedure. I'm still hard in the lower abdomen area, though not as much as I was. The weird tingly numb sensation is almost completely gone. I can now feel my fingers rubbing the skin, which actually feels kind of nice!

I am noticing my underarm fat above the bra line much more now. I'm really, really not appreciating it. Perhaps I'm just being critical of myself since I'm looking rather great in those other areas.

I started the Ultrasound Cavitation this week and wow.... that was just weird. The screeching, metal sharpening, piercing sound that scrapes your brain is just not cool. After the first procedure, I felt like my entire abdominal area was stuffed with a memory pad or mushy Styrofoam. I did notice the crease appeared much less above my pelvic area, which was refreshing. The overall cavitation did not hurt, but the sound could have been turned way down! Also, after the first procedure, I felt the urge to urinate often; I really wasn't prepared for all that bathroom time.

Week 7: I LOVE the way I look! Love, love, love it! I have a few rippled and dimpled areas, but alas, noticing more changes every day. I've had two cavitation sessions and I can really see my skin smoothing out. I'm trying out a new fitness regime and am pushing my limit in the gym. And... I put on a pair of jeans and needed a belt! I loved the fact my pants were falling off of me! I'm still living in the surgical lingerie (garment) 24/7 and am really missing my pretty panties! I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks and to see the progression blossom even more!

I've attached a few pics! Do you notice a difference?

P.S. I hope you all are doing well :0)
Palm Harbor Physician

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