36, 4 Pregnancies - Vaser Lipo - abdomen, flanks, bra line

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I have had one consultation with Dr. Marvin...

I have had one consultation with Dr. Marvin Shienbaum on February 18th. I felt that his staff was great. One of the ladies had a mommy makeover and shared her results and talked to me at length. This was wonderful. However, I was there to get a liposuction consultation. Instead of talking about lipo, Dr. Shienbaum was extremely pushy about his mommy makeover- full TT and liposculpting. This is apparently his specialty, which is fine, but I told them three times that the down time and cost were more than I was willing to do right now (double in fact). I was also told that if I got lipo on my belly, it would "hang down to my knees", purely hyperbolic. I understand there can be some hang if the skin elasticity is not great, but I don't have that much pre-hang and I think my skin elasticity is pretty good. I get visible results from body wraps.

I have been poring over lipo photographs and finding body types that are like mine. There are a ton out there with excellent results, including people in their 50s. The ones I've found with hang after have all been much larger with more pre-hang than I have now. I just have a pooch. I'm in between sizes 12 and 14, 12 being slightly too tight with muffin top and 14 hanging off me and showing crack in the back if I don't constantly hitch my pants. I'd like to be solidly in 12, or if the stars align, down to a 10. I don't feel that is an unrealistic expectation.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week most of the time (unless kids are sick or multiple appointments that week). I keep my calories under 1400- though my goal is about 1300 and I'm just not seeing any visible results anymore. I went from 196lbs down to 178 and I just sit fluctuating between 178 and 180, it's very frustrating. My ideal goal is 150, so I'm hoping that it will help my energy and motivation to see some quick visible results to work with. Especially if I get rid of the pooch in my belly and bra strap fat so I look better in my corsets and waist-cinchers that I currently use.

I have another consult with Dr. Stan Castor on the 17th of March. He has two Vaser Lipo before/afters that appear to be similar to me, body-wise, so I am hopeful for a more positive consult.

2nd Consult

I felt that my second consult on 3/17 was slightly more productive. While Dr. Castor did warn me about some hang depending on skin elasticity, he did say I could possibly get down to a size 10- which is my ideal size. I was also told that Vaser tends to have a tightening effect on the skin so I may not have too much hang. I have done body wraps before and they are very effective at nearly flattening my pooch, so this is promising. My back rolls are most bothersome anyway, and I'm pretty sure those will be nearly wiped out.

I have already started taking more vit. C, as I know it helps with skin elasticity, and I rarely drink anything but water all day. Then it's usually a little wine with dinner. I already use lotion with D, E, and B vitamins on my skin. He also told me I could wear my corsets over my compression garment, I'd have to ask how long after surgery as I forgot that part. My guess is after a week or so?

I'm still contemplating the cost to benefit ratio. I really want the surgery, I want the after-effects. I'm still kind of scared as I will be under general for my procedure. It is a lot of money but I have been working at the gym for over a year with no results. Will I regret not doing it, or not doing it sooner? There are surgery days available in April and May, so I would be done and healed by mid-June and able to swim with the kids (6wks).

Scheduled my procedure - abdomen, flanks, and bra line

Looks like my day is May 11th. My pre-op is May 2nd and I am a little bit terrified. I wish it was already over, I'm extremely nervous but really want the results. I will be put under for the procedure. This is good because I'm afraid of needles. It's supposed to be a 2 hour procedure with an hour of recovery. My husband will go with me. I won't know what time I go in until my pre-op appointment. Not much else to update. I might do better pictures before then.

I'm keeping up my increased vitamin C and water intake. I'm also still going to the gym and keeping my 1300 calorie diet. No changes I can see. I think I might just be where I sit now.

Getting closer

Just a quick update because it is getting so close. I'm not sure if I was clear in that I have decided to go with Doctor Castor for my procedure. I just liked that consult better, plus I'm not sure the other doctor would even do lipo, he was really dead-set on a full tt/mommy makeover.

Since my initial consultation, I have lost about 10lbs. It has been mostly diet based, but I've been exercising some. I had to quit for a couple weeks because we had a round of illness between me and the kids. I was supposed to go back today but I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm very tired. Excuses excuses, lol. But I'll go tomorrow and next week, and the days leading up to the surgery. I'm uploading a few pics from this morning. 172lbs, the lowest I've been since before my last pregnancy (nearly 4 yrs). Looking at the photos, there doesn't seem to be any change with a 20 weight difference. This is why I want shaping. I like curvy. I can't stand looking pregnant, I hate it.

I got my phone call today reminding me about my pre-op appointment on Monday. My husband will be going with me. I'm super nervous and don't know what to expect. I'll also have an update about the pre-op appointment. I wonder if the doctor will give me copies of their before photos?

I have been taking Bromelain, Biotin, Zinc, and Vit. C along with my regular multi vitamins. I'm going to stop the zinc, I was taking that because I got a cold that my kids picked up somewhere, probably the gym considering my youngest had it first. I also have Arnica tablets that I will take the day before surgery and while in recovery.

I went to do my well-woman visit with my Gyn and get my birth control renewed. I told them about the surgery and they would not prescribe birth control before surgery. They said I needed to stop and wait until 6wks after surgery to start back up due to blood clot risks. I hadn't heard of that, but I know that being over 35 I'm at more risk and if I smoked still (quit about 4 years ago), they wouldn't prescribe them either for the same reason. So that was pretty interesting but any little bit I can do to minimize risk and I'm on board. When I called the PS office about which supplements to take/not take I was told they don't typically tell women to stop birth control pills, but since my Gyn said it I should definitely go by that.

Pre-op appointment done

I went for my pre-op appointment this morning. I brought my husband and our youngest. We went over the areas I'm to have done and all of the herbal supplements I'm taking. We went over pre-op procedures- no eating after midnight other than just a little water to take my pills. I was told that I could take a xanax before coming as I'll probably be pretty stressed out. They went over my history of sedation- only twilight but no side effects. We talked about my medication allergies and he prescribed some antibiotics, anti-nausea pills, and pain pills for afterward. I will be taking them to get filled later when it's not rush hour. I wanted to talk to my mom first as I know she had a bad reaction with a certain anti-nausea med, not the one I have a script for.

He reminded me that with my size and shape I would likely have some excess skin. I may be able to take care of that with an additional procedure in the future. I just really can't take the time and money to do a TT now, though he said a mini-TT might be possible depending on how things work out. He said I should see a significant change in size/shape, most women go down 2 sizes. I said "So I'm looking at one-piece suits instead of bikinis, here" and he said pretty much. I'm still holding out hope that my skin elasticity is good enough to where it's not much of a problem.

So my herbals- I'm staying on my Biotin 2500mg, but I am taking half doses just because they taste terrible. I am taking 500mg of VitC every night. I have Bromelain that I will now start taking multiple times a day, before I was taking one pill at night. The bottle says 1 pill is 500mg, 3-4 times a day. My regular women's multivitamins I will be taking as usual. I will be starting my Arnica tablets over the weekend in anticipation of the surgery next Wednesday. Just 1 week and 2 days.

I forgot to ask about getting copies of their before photos. I already called back twice today- once to finish payment (their billing person was out to lunch when I finished) and once to get the contact info for the masseuse they recommended that does lymphatic drainage. I felt like that could probably wait until surgery or even during my post-op visit which is scheduled for the following Tuesday. It is likely I'll be taking more of my own anyway closer to the day of surgery, to see if I can get some better photos without shadows obscuring my outline.

To get into it, I am really scared. I've never had surgery other than wisdom teeth and I'm afraid of the pain and recovery afterward. I have birthed nearly 10lb children sans meds that required me to have a solid 2 weeks of recovery time, unable to walk easily due to SPD. I hope this isn't much worse than that.

Night before

Here it is the night before surgery. I'm freaking out a little bit. I'm anxious, so so nervous and definitely scared. I hate needles and this is about one of the most needle-y things to do, lol. I definitely couldn't do it without sedation. I've had twilight sedation before but never general, so I'm definitely worried about that as well. I have no idea what to expect.

I was reading another review on here and that person did not get general for their procedure. She said that the procedure was worse than recovery, which I'm also scared of, so hopefully that's a good thing?

I just got my period, too. Just great. Literally went to the restroom during typing and noticed it has started. It's too late in the day for me to call and ask what I'm supposed to do about it. Not sure if anyone reading tonight has any experience with that? I normally wear a cup or pads. I don't like, or even have, tampons. Not that I can wear them for long stretches of time anyway. But I'm not sure if they'll do a catheter and I think a cup would interfere with the urethra? Maybe. I'll wear a cup in the AM and take pads with me I guess and see what they say I should do, or maybe pads? I don't know! What a pain, as if healing without that won't be hard enough. At least this explains why my weight was hovering between 172 and 173 with no change (I hope). I usually gain 3-5lbs before my period so that is giving me hope about the weight.

My mom, an aunt and a cousin are coming to help with the house,kids, and pets. They will be here for 2 days, staying overnight at a hotel nearby. I'm sure my mom will try to do a ton of work but I already forbade her from laundry duty. I did almost all my laundry, which is a minor miracle in itself, so there isn't much to do.

I am just so freaked out so I went ahead and took a xanax. I have a regular script for it and I know I'll need one in the morning. They said it was fine, just make sure to tell them when I get there so the anesthesiologist knows. No food/water after midnight and it's nearly 9:30 here. I am not particularly hungry, I did eat late. Tonight I'll be taking all my vitamins, my husband teases me about all my "pills". My lineup is: Biotin (1250), Bromelain (500), Vitamin C (500), Arnica (30x), and women's multi.


I am over and done with. No I am just sort of reclined in bed and enjoying my pain pill kicking in. My husband went to pick up our youngest from daycare and my mom went to pick up the big kids from school.

I tried to get most of our laundry done but it looks like my mom and aunt found our sock basket, lol. I think my cousin is mostly taking care of the animals. Right now my mom is cooking dinner and I am very thankful. So far I have had a handful of saltines to go with my pain pill. My husband is also picking up McDonald's sausage egg and cheese biscuit, since apparently that's what I crave after surgery. I haven't had one of those in like a year!

My goal is to update as often as possible during recovery, specially the first few days. I would like to post again later today and maybe get some pics in my compression garment. I'm saving my review of the doctor for a few weeks after surgery so I can see some results. I am confident that he did a good job though, he's a top rated doctor on this site and when I did research he has tons of good reviews. I am definitely hopeful about my outcome.

I better stop now while I am ahead… I think my pain pills just kicked in, lol.

First meal

Just had my husband snap a quick picture of me and my compression garment. I am not sure if it will show up sideways, it look sideways in the upload screen but he did it in portrait mode. I'm mostly lying in bed in a semi reclining position.

I'm having a little bit of toast, cream cheese, and triple berry preserves. Looks like no biscuits at McDonald's for the all day menu. Maybe tomorrow I can have one.

End of the day- surgery day

The day is starting to wind down and I have been able to do some things toward healing. I was worried about being able to use the bathroom, but my husband has been helping me with my compression garment bottom straps. It actually wasn't as difficult as I feared, especially since I did not start my period after all. I just had spotting yesterday and it seems to have stopped for the day. Probably due to stress and the physical trauma from the surgery. I imagine that it will make a full appearance within the next few days or so. I am definitely not complaining about it not starting today!

I have had a little bit of leakage through my garment. It's all on my back, probably because of the pressure back there from me reclining in bed. We have been careful to get me out of bed and have me walk around the house for 10 minutes every couple of hours. I have been taking my pain pills because to me it is quite painful. I would say without pills I would be hovering right around seven or so, definitely not acceptable to go without pain meds to me. I feel better when I'm reclining and when I am up walking around. The worst, as everyone says, is getting into and out of bed.

I was told to eat bland food so I've been trying to do that. So far since my first meal I have had peanut butter crackers, plain crackers, peanut butter and banana sandwich, and a snack size WW frozen fudge bar.

I am extraordinarily thankful that I have not experienced any nausea. I have been able to keep food down when I take my pain pills.

I was told not to take off my compression garment and change my dressing until 24 hours have passed. So I will be doing that around noon tomorrow. I am very apprehensive about that prospect, that is the next scary endeavor.

First day after surgery

I finally got my McDonald's biscuit. Not the healthiest breakfast in the world but my focus on healthier food is still strong. I will be continuing with my diet that I was on before my surgery, this was just sort of a splurge.

Today I start my antibiotics. I had my last pain pill at 8 AM and I will be having more right at noon. I'm going to attempt my first shower. I'm pretty scared of it, the idea of getting in and out of my compression garment does not sound fun. Plus I have had a little break through leaking, just on my lower back though. I will have to do some light massaging in the shower so I'm a little apprehensive about that. I will be getting my real lymphatic massage as soon as I get the all clear from my surgeon.

So far morning meds include anabiotics, arnica, and bromelain. I thankfully have not had to worry about nausea, knock on wood. I have been keeping up with my water intake and have been peeing regularly. That was one thing I was concerned about because of potential kidney problems. I know it's really rare but I had the comedian Kathy Griffin's story stuck in my head.

I was up at 5 AM to pee, my poor husband who had to get up at 7 to take the kids to school had to help me. He has been getting up with me every two hours to walk around the house for 10 minutes during the day. My mom, aunt, and cousin have been helping with the kids and pets and house. My mom made a chart for my meds too. I am very lucky to have such a good support system.

Managed to shower

Showering was the next step I had to take that I was a little bit afraid of. I think I was more nervous and afraid then anything going into it. From the start up until I was back in my compression garment again took nearly 2 hours. My husband helped me with the shower while my mom cleaned my compression garment.

I used the water to get the bandages wet so they would be easier to remove. Despite that there was some sticking on my incision sites. Most of them came off fairly easily but two of them stung quite a bit while I was trying to remove the bandages.

I took off the compression garment slowly and took breaks in between stages so I did not feel lightheaded before getting into the shower. While in the shower I made sure to keep the door open so I could get adequate airflow along with using just warm water. I didn't want to get overheated. My husband stood outside the tub with me and I took a break after each bandage was removed. I did find myself a little lightheaded two or three times but the breaks really helped.

Maneuvering the new pads while trying to get my compression garment on was a bit of a trick. I was told not to use tape and that the garment would hold to the bandages on itself. We did manage that and now I am all stuffed in it like a sausage.

I had my husband take some pictures so I could see my bruising and what kind of results I'm starting with. I do seem to have a little fluid buildup under my bellybutton and I have been lightly massaging that since I've gotten back into my compression garment. There are some lumps and bumps but I was expecting that, that should resolve over the next few weeks. Bruising doesn't appear too bad, I will be keeping up with my Arnica tablets.

End of day 2

Here it is the end of Friday after having my procedure on Wednesday. Yesterday was definitely more painful than today, but today wasn't a picnic either. The worst pain that I've had so far has been in my lower back area. Going into the weekend with only enough pain pills to last me through Sunday has me a little nervous. I did call the doctor and was told that I can transition to some Advil during the day and use the pain pills more in the evening.

He did say they would give me another script for pain pills on Monday if I still need them though. I know I should wait and see how I feel but it's kind of hard to think ahead that far when I'm in pain now. Right now I just took a pill and I'm waiting for it to kick in. I would say my pain is right around 6? With the pain pills it goes down to about 2, basically sore if I move or rub anywhere. I am definitely swollen and a little lumpy and bumpy. This is made worse by the fact that I am bloated from my monthly. I am finding it very difficult to find any position that is comfortable really.

I skipped a shower for today but we did change my dressing pads. I am finding my compression garment tends to bunch around my hips and is leaving me a bit sore in the area. Whenever it is first put back on it is nice and smooth and feels great, over time it shifts and bunches a bit more than I like. My first follow-up appointment is Tuesday, so if the garment is still giving me problems by then I will ask about changing my garment to something else. I know some people on here have found excellent items online and I had a few in my saved searches but I wanted to talk to the doctor about it first. Though I am definitely open to recommendations if I am given the go-ahead to purchase an additional garment on my own.

I have been walking a lot more today compared to yesterday. I was up quite a bit just shuffling around as standing is probably the most comfortable and pain-free position. I spent some time with my feet up as well trying to compensate for the walking that I did. I'll be glad when I can finally get comfortable again. That is probably the worst part at this point. Not a lot of heavy pain but an inability to get comfortable without some type of pain.

Day 3 - 2nd shower and still in some pain

It's Saturday after my Wednesday procedure, so day 3 after. I still have quite a bit of tightness and swelling, but I can see a difference. I managed a 2nd shower today, so feeling a little refreshed. I feel very strange without the compression garment on, everything is still tight. I will be switching to Advil for pain for my next scheduled time, hopefully that will be sufficient until bedtime.

My daily vitamins are still 3-4 Arnica (30x), Bromelain (500mg), Vit. C. (500mg), Biotin (2500mg), and a women's multi-vitamin. I have also added a stool softener last night and today in anticipation. That will remain in my daily until it is productive.

My most noticeable painful areas remain my lower back and my incision on my left side. I still have some oozing there and the padding did stick some when I went to shower. I managed to lie down somewhat comfortably and doze-nap a few times today, which is a bit refreshing. Getting up after lying down for a length of time tends to sting/burn a little bit. Standing/walking still remains the most comfortable for me, but I have managed to sit a little at my desk and on our couch. The couch is the most comfortable.

Day 5 - bruise city, easier pain day

Today has been the best day by far. I was able to sleep last night and woke up feeling good. So far today I've used mostly Advil and 1/2 of a pain pill. I was able to move around a lot more and was able to unhook my Compression Garment by myself to use the bathroom without help today- yay! My husband still helped with getting me back into it after my shower, but we only have a few bandage pads where my panties would be rubbing on my incisions without them. I washed the CG before I got into the shower and put it back on as soon as it was dry.

I did *not* like my time spent without my CG on. My skin felt tingly and almost burning a little bit while the CG was off. I also felt like my skin was very tight and stretched out. It felt numb, but I could still feel pressure and touch- which is a weird and slightly creepy feeling I must say.

I ordered a 2nd garment online so that I will have something to wear during washing in the future. I went with a slightly different CG. I chose a faja that was the same in that it had hook-eye adjustable closures and a hooked crotch, but it has slightly more coverage than my current CG. It should be here tomorrow. My monthly is also almost done- again yay!

Today I noticed my bruising is more colorful. I have some bruising that has spread, including quite a long dark patch under my belly pooch. I am not sure how clear it is in the photos, it does look like shadowing, but it's really bruising. The outer edges of the bruises have turned a sickly yellow color, so I know those are almost healed.

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment. For the first post-op I have to drive to the Tampa office. I believe they said additional post-op appointments could be done at their other office so we won't have to drive as far, then. I plan to update my review to include the doctor/office after my post-op. So far everyone has been extremely nice and they were very tolerant of me during the procedure. I was crazy scared but it went really quickly. I was still pretty loopy when we left so I didn't really get to talk to anyone or ask questions about anything right after the surgery. I do remember asking if I was done, completely done and being told yes. I joked that I guess that meant I couldn't change my mind after all but I am not sure how well my comedic timing worked just then, lol.

My husband said that the doctor said he removed 4 liters of fat. Not sure if that includes fluids and such, but my husband said the doctor said fat specifically so I'll be asking about that. I will be asking about clearance for lymphatic massage. I'm not sure if I'll choose the lady they recommended. She is expensive and they said her massages will hurt, but all my reading says that lymphatic massages are not supposed to hurt. I would appreciate any first-hand experience stories with lymphatic massage. I will also be asking if I can get copies of their before/after photos for me to use.

Vitamins are still the same, I forgot a dose of Arnica today so I'll add an additional tablet to the end of the day. I added a 2nd Dulcolax to my day's pills as it has not been productive thus far. I am starting to get a little anxious about that and will probably ask about it at the doctor tomorrow, too. I planned to wait until 1 week, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks to do side-by-side comparison shots. I'm still pretty tight and swollen at the moment so I know this isn't near where my final results will be sitting.

1 week

I'm still experiencing swelling and lumps/bumps. It is hard to remember that it will take at least 3 weeks to really star to see results sometimes, and months for final results. I know I shouldn't have gotten on the scale because you are usually the same weight or even heavier due to all the fluid retention, but I did it anyway. I'm sitting at 175lbs. Not a terrible weight by any means, so that's not too bad. The tape measure does go down to 35" on my waist, which is about 3-4 inches so far. I still feel stiff and tight in my belly, so I'll be glad when swelling goes down some more.

I can see the most difference in the side shots, my belly doesn't stick out nearly as much, which is very good. My bra roll is also completely gone. That's hard to see in photos because all my before photos had me with my arms up or out. If I reach back I don't have that roll of fat to grab onto anymore.

The pain is a lot more manageable today. I have taken 2 Advil, total. I am still stiff and sore and feel a bit like a walking bruise, but I wouldn't call it pain per se, at least if I don't accidentally bump my torso with anything. That feels like being punched when it happens, not a fun feeling. This is in conjunction with my skin being numb, so it's an odd feeling.

I have felt a bit itchy today, mostly on my back. It itches, but if I rub it to try to alleviate the itch it just hurts.

I do not think this bodes well for my massage. I have a lymphatic massage scheduled for this coming Friday. I'm a bit apprehensive about the pain. She suggested taking a pain pill but I can't drive with them even if I did have any left- which I do not. So I guess I'll be taking 2-3 Advil before I head over there. She also told me to rub along my back/sides/belly so that my skin is used to being touched. I have already kind of been doing that, so I will keep that up as well. I haven't really done it much outside of my garment, I'm not sure if I'll be in or out of it during my session. Probably out, which scares the crap out of me. My skin is very sensitive outside of the CG and it gets very tingly if it is more than about a half hour or so. My session is 90 minutes, so I'm very nervous.

Day 9 - post massage

I was going to wait until day 10 to post an update but I wanted to make a post after my massage which was earlier today. I took 3 Advil about a half hour before my appointment.

It hurt. A lot. I cried.

However, there was a visible and tangible difference in my skin afterward. It was softer, more supple, and some of the swelling went down or redistributed or something. My belly is the flattest it has been so far. I was so surprised I took photos.

I am not really sure I will be able to do that again, though. It was brutal and felt like hell.

I also got my 3rd order for a second CG. I first tried Large, then XL, then this last time XXXL. Still did not fit. I am not sure how big Columbian women are but the faja wouldn't fit me despite claiming it would fit a 40" waist, and I'm roughly 35" right now. I will be sending this back and just looking up the manufacturer of the CG the surgeon gave me. I also picked up a totally cheap $20 garment but it leaves creases, though for that price I'm not surprised. I am fed up with trial/error and will take recommendations for good CG/fajas.

Day 12, day 11 photos

Today is day 12 and I think I'm healing quite well. I took some photos yesterday but did not really take time to post anything. I can definitely see a difference now, so I'm really looking forward to the swelling going down some more. The side photos aren't as good due to the shadow but I think it will help for comparisons. In my front photo you could see my whole tattoo (altered for privacy) which hasn't been the case for years!

My bruising is down significantly and I haven't even needed an Advil in a couple days. I have felt a few sharp pains here and there when I was stretching to reach for something or bending. My skin is still tight and I cannot bend down and touch the floor again yet without it pulling my back/sides. It still feels somewhat numb on the skin in areas, though not as bad as it had.

Because there was such a visible difference after my massage, I went ahead and scheduled another one for this coming Thursday. To be perfectly honest, I'm not looking forward to it. It really does hurt, even more than recovery in someways. The pain is sudden and strong and doesn't stop until she does, lol. I hope it will be easier going the second time around.

Before surgery I ordered a piece of lipo foam and an abdominal lipo board. They are supposed to help flatten your tummy and reduce swelling. I used the foam only yesterday and I could see a very distinct and obvious outline of the rectangle on my tummy. It was horrible! If I had enough foam to do my whole trunk it might work, but the edges still leave indents. I think I will be skipping the foam. It did have more noticeable reduction where the foam was, but I'd rather have a more uniform reduction, even if it takes a little longer.

I have been trying to ignore the few "flaws" I've noticed, hoping that they will straighten out over time and healing with swelling going down. I notice that there is an extra bulge on my left side, visible in the front photo, and I notice that my lower belly under my belly button on the right is somewhat larger than on the left. Not a huge difference but I'm hoping that time, swelling going down, and a corset will straighten everything out. I called the office today to ask about corsets but was told to wait due to the indentations. They said I can wait until my next post-op appointment and talk to Dr. Castor about it. That's on June 9th, so not terribly far off.

Photos from day 13

I took photos but didn't have time to update. I'll be doing more photos later tonight (day 15) so I will try to do more of an update afterward. I also want to do photos after the massage, to show the difference it makes.

Day 17- day 16 photos

I took before/after photos for my 2nd massage. You can see a difference in the front photo but not really the other photos so I doubled up the two photos together for the front. You can see the lines on the side are smoother. I do have a line on my belly from my underwear that crept up after my massage, but that went away after a while.

The second massage hurt quite a bit, too. It felt like burning almost when she was rubbing out my left side (problem side). She wants me to do 2 sessions next week but I'm not sure I'll be able to swing that time or money-wise. I'm not sure if I can leave her contact info here, but anyone in the Tampa-Brandon-Riverview area interested let me know.

I am on day 18 and I have quite a bit of swelling. I went shopping for hours yesterday and today, so I feel very tight and swollen. This morning I woke up sore for the first time in days, so I know I'm over-doing it, but being able to wear clothes and not look pregnant is really exciting. I'm in size 11 in juniors sizing, which was not even a possibility before. Plus I found a couple shirts that look cute on me. I bought 4 pairs of shorts, a dress, and 2 shirts. I really am looking forward to being able to wear more versatile clothing once I stop wearing my compression garment.

Tank tops! I bought a couple at Target since they were on sale, so I hope to be wearing those in July. I bought a couple of bras, too, but they aren't fitting quite how I was expecting them to. I haven't bought a real bra in years, just large-size sports-bra types and before that nursing bras so this is taking some getting used to again. I am wearing 38C but wondering if I should be in 40C or 38D. All of the sizing calculators online don't help me at all. My measurements are 40-41 bust, 36 under bust, so I think I should be 38C. All I know is that even though the bras feel tight I don't have a set of big ol' back-boobs so I'm happy.

Before/after photos- day 20

I love to see side-by-side photos, so I figured I'm far along enough to show what the progress is like. Today is day 20. I was feeling a little down over some of my progress so I think that seeing them side-by-side myself has helped my mood. I have to remember it's a process and I'm only at week 3 tomorrow. My post-op is at the end of next week so I have some more healing to do before then as well.

So far I still feel slightly numb and swollen/tight pretty much everywhere. I am wearing my CG constantly still and plan to continue to do so. I don't feel as strange when I do take it off for showers but I still prefer it on after a while.

I have started using a lipo board and it seems to be pretty effective. The board is helping the slight bump on my right lower abdomen flatten out. I hope that becomes permanent because it is noticeable when I look down. I added a lipo foam on my left side because I still feel that it is lumpier and not smoothing out quite as nicely as my right side. I probably will not do that overnight since the lipo foam tends to leave indentations.

Day 23 pictures

Day 24 with day 23 pictures. I'm starting to be concerned with my "bump" that is on the right under my belly-button. I would love to hear from anyone who had a bump like this that eventually went down and/or evened out over time.

6 week 4 day photos

I haven't done an update in a while and these photos are a little old. I'm coming up on 8 weeks here shortly but wanted to get these interim photos uploaded. I have my next post-op appointment tomorrow, July 11th. I'll be asking about my bump and hopefully getting my original before photos.
Dr. Stanley Castor

Doctor Castor has a pretty approachable personality and didn't make me feel like I was inconveniencing him or taking up his time. He was willing to answer questions and I only felt slightly awkward/self-conscious during the consult- but I think on some level that's normal for meeting a stranger and being in such a vulnerable position. I felt that he listened to what I wanted and what my goals were. I was advised that a tummy tuck would be a more effective procedure but felt that discussing realistic results from liposuction was helpful for my goals and financial/logistics constraints. I have done one post-op appointment so far and he was very easy to ask questions. I have had to call the office a few times for questions and everyone I've talked to has been extremely nice and helpful. Doctor Castor even called me back on the weekend to discuss OTC pain medication options when I was afraid I would run out of the prescribed pain pills (I did run out but ended up not needing a 2nd prescription). I am on day 12 and already seeing noticeable results, so I'm happy. If I look even better after the swelling is done in a few weeks I will be right where I wanted to be.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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