27, 2 Children by C-section, 235lbs, 5ft 2in - Tampa, FL

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I started this journey knowing what I wanted done,...

I started this journey knowing what I wanted done, and had 2 consultations. The first doctor I had a consultation with recommended as panniculectomy instead of a tummy tuck, and I made a hasty decision to schedule my appointment with many unanswered questions, and no understanding of why she did not want to perform the tummy tuck. When I went for my pre-op, I decided to get a second opinion from another doctor who worked in the same office. I had heard amazing reviews about him, and about the first doctor I heard terrible things. When I went in for the second consultation I made sure to bring my list of questions. Dr. Welsh was amazing, he answered EVERY question that I asked, and said that I could have the TT which I originally wanted. I am scheduled for my surgery in just a couple days, and I cant wait. The excitement is a little overwhelming. I am preparing several meals today, so that while im recovering no one will have to cook. My mom is going to help me with my children, as I have 2. I feel like if this is the only selfish thing I do for myself, I deserve it. I have issues with pre-diabetes, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. My hopes in this are that I will be comfortable in my own body, not have this hanging sagging flap of skin, and that it will help me with my health issues.

One day to go!

I am having liposuction as well as the TT, I understand there will be dog ears after my procedure, but those can be addressed later. I would also like to have a breast reduction, as I wear a 38 G. I NEVER expect to be a skinny girl, I just want to feel comfortable in MY skin. My medical doctor, as well as surgeon both feel that this surgery will help with my pre-diabetic condition. I am on medication for my triglycerides, because when they are high it makes your body not process your food correctly. With all the work that I am putting in, and getting done to me, I still have realistic expectations.

These are better photos, with more light

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Well, I went to walmart to get some things that I will need while im recovering, and now im home trying to finish alot of last minute preparations! Im very anxious about tomorrow, and my recovery process because I have heard alot of complications with recovery. But I am still very excited to be a brand new ME. Trying to chill out today, and calm down a little... Going to be going to bed early, because i have to wake up at 5am. My surgery is at 9am, but its a 1hour 45min drive to where im having the surgery... My 5yr old is very concerned that im going to be injured, so im trying to comfort him as well...

Its here!

I slept amazing last night which is a shocker.. I am loving on my kids now because I wont feel up to it for a couple days, I have a 9month old and also a 5yr old, both boys.. Anyways, My surgery time changed, so now its at 8am! Leaving the house now, will keep you updated!!!


I will have u know this Is way more painful than a c section


Oh my, well I am bummed out. Just hate being played up an helpless

today is day 3post op

Well, I went and got checked yesterday, the rn said the cut line was verry fine. The didn't remove any drains, but I'm glad they didn't because I don't want to end up with any fluid pockets, I'm emptying them 3times a day and they're draining at about 20. I can see a huge difference, but I'm still very swollen. The pain isn't that bad anymore. When i can stand up, Ill take picture!!!!

yesterday post op

Went for my post op check. The RN kaci said my incision was amazing.I am in alot of paid but its bearable. I did not get my trains removed, but I'm OK with that because I don't want any complications. I slipped up an smoke a couple cigs today, but tomorrow I am going to start over. I can see a bid difference, but with all this swelling I hope it turned out how I want..... I'm anxious!!!


I seen myself naked today and felt solo ugly, and fat. I hope its just swelling. I'm pretty depressed

drain pic

They started coming out on their own today, so the RN had me take them out, but I think they should've stayed in longer to avoid seromas if possible. I go for a recheck thursday

Today is a bad day.

I am soo down and depressed, filled with pain. My stomach feels like im 7months pregnant. I am really 2nd guessing, maybe i should have stayed fat. I am out of pain medication, even though I took it as directed. Im really upset about my drains coming out, because I wanted them to stay in longer. I dont have a recheck until thursday, but I am going to call monday and reschedule. My body feels so disgusting to me.

photos from today

belly button

We well I do not like how my belly button looks, it seems to be healing fine but its ugly. I'm still very swollen, which sucks!! Today I went grocery shopping an rode in one of those carts, I was worn out by the time we got inside the store. I won't be doing that again for a while. The RN told me to take extra strength Tylenol for the pain. I switched my recheck day for Wednesday instead of Thursday. I wonder how long till my stitches can come out. I was going to go to the salon to have my hair washed, but I was to worn out! I am the type of person who needs instant gratification, and I really hope that this remaining fatness is just swelling.


I was coughing and it felt like something snapped... maybe my muscles. I marked the spot where it hurts with marker so I can show them at my check up tomorrow.

check up

Went for my check up today, and they removed some of the stitches out of my belly button. They said that everything was healing very well. One thing that was kinda alarming, My doctor came in the room and said that of all the surgeries performed there, mine was the largest weight of skin weighing in at 12lbs. I was a little taken back by that. Next week I go back and get all my stitches removed, man when they were taking some of the ones out of my belly button, that was a weird feeling, kinda scary!!

Took my first shower

Im thinking that looking at myself in the mirror is not a good idea. I didnt like how I looked before the surgery, but honestly looking at my new self, I dont really like that either. Hopefully this swelling is whats causing the ugliness that im feeling.

In my naked pictures

I really hope that I dont end up being as big as I am in these pictures. My vagina is so swollen and very very hard where the incision line is. And I hate how my body comes down in a V. I know that im smaller than I was, but i feel like my shape is all messed up..... My mom is tired of hearing me complain an question my procedure, but as of right now, there is nothing else I can do but wonder and question. I dont feel like my procedure has made me look or feel beautiful.


I know everyone is claiming im swollen and that I will feel better once my swelling goes down, but I do NOT believe its all swollen as everyone claims. I think I personally put my self into a bad situation, and should have listened to what the 1st doctor told me. She wanted to just remove my pannis, and once I was at a stable weight perform a full tummy tuck on me. I am VERY unhappy with how I look, and especially about how I feel. I am now at the weight I should be, after having 12lbs of skin and 3lbs of fat liposuctioned out of me which is 220lbs. I thought that when you were swollen, you gained weight.. Maybe im wrong. My belly button is all kinda messed up, they cut it when they were removing stitches and now its oozing, I sent a picture to the RN, but she said it looked fine. Wednesday I am going to have all my stitches removed, hopefully. And I plan on going over my concerns with my doctor. My mons pubis as they call it, or my pubic region is still very large and protruding, makes me feel like I look like a dog in heat. I am going to address that also. I am not ready to do another operation, not even in 6months. I think that I will probably have a revision done, but I am going to continue with my lifestyle change, and losing weight and in a couple years, hopefully the ugliness i feel can be fixed.

My belly button

There are still stitches in it, but they should be removed tomorrow. They accidentally cut me when they were removing some of them last week, and its just gotten worse from there.

Mr. Mom, and my at home doctor!!

These are my 2 children, I just thought I would share this photo because they are my world. In this photo, my oldest son is sleeping next to the baby, which is where I would normally be, but because I had surgery I cant pick the baby up. My oldest is 5yrs old and the baby is 9months old. He has been soo strong through all of this, and when I need anything he is right there to help me. He says he is my at home doctor

me and my big mouth or well my fast typing fingers!!!!!

So, yesterday I went for my appointment, and I was 15days post op. I have been a negative nancy about this whole thing, thinking I looked terrible. Well, I got all my stitches removed from my belly button, and over night its look like a whole different belly button, so seems like that problem is working its self out. About my incision, I had to be cut that way due to the way my skin/fat hung from my body. I seen my incision for the first time untaped yesterday, and IT WAS AMAZING. Soo thin and fine I couldnt see it hardly!!!! As far as my vag, the mons pubis I need to lose weight is what i was told in order for it to go down. Maybe later on after im done healing i will get some lipo done there!!! I am feeling better mentally, but ever since she untaped me and unstitched my belly button, I FEEL FRAGILE!!! Like im this wounded victim!!!! I really over did my self yesterday, and today my CG rubs against my wounds and INSTANTLY I have to check them out because im afraid ive opened up. GOSH If I could just get a break!!!!! Im trying to take it very easy today, even though at 2 weeks post op the doctor said i could pick up my 25lbs baby, I dont think so!!! I am NOT picking him up!!!

Me, today..

5weeks post-op

I would like to take a minute and let everyone know, my surgery although I have been depressed turned out pretty good. But, I need a revision at about 6months post-op to address my mons pubis, and also the fact that im bigger on the right side of my tummy than I am on the left side. My belly button is looking really good, and the main reason it was soo irritated was that there were sutures left in there, that shouldnt have been in there this long. I am finally able to pick my son up, and I have been very active lately. Not really exercising other than walking right now though. I have a interview in 3 weeks, which means I will be back to doing hair. I hope that I can keep up with this lifestyle change!

Photo update.

I spoke with the doctor about my monspubis, he told me I needed to lose weight. I guess it doesnt matter if I like the size I am now!! He said that he had done lipo on my monspubis... If you are going to start addressing a problem, then you should finish it also. Instead I was left with a hanging mound of skin there. They now want me to pay another $2,000.00 to fix what they should have NEVER started in the first place if they were not going to fix it correctly!!! Its whatever, but I wont go back to him nor do I recommend ANYONE go through him. He is very old school in his methods, and I think he needs to continue his education and get up on the times.

Painful lumps

Well, recently I started having pain in different spots under my incision. I felt around, and I have several knots under the skin along my incision, and they are very painful. I have contacted the better business bureau, because my surgeon will not even acknowledge anything is wrong, and when I tried to contact the owner of the company, she never returned my calls and in fact had someone else call me back whom ive already spoken to. I hope that something can get resolved, because I hate the way this surgery has made me feel. Instead of it being a positive thing, it had turned into a nightmare!!! I also realized while I was filing the complaint with the BBB, there are numerous other complaints that have been filed against them.


more pictures

I can no longer wear my CG garment because my mons pubis is soo large its trapping moisture and causing infections... But again, the Dr. claims nothing is wrong. I never had infections like that (jock itch) where my thighs and mons pubis meet until now!!!!

Almost 5months post op

Maybe this will give you a better idea of what im talking about?!?!

Havent updated in a while

So, after alot of consideration I have decided to see about having a revision and my mons pubis fixed. I am now 6 months post op, and still VERY unhappy with the way things turned out. I am going to see a different doctor, my appointment is October 3rd, and he is ALOT closer to where I live. Ive heard great things about him, and im hoping that he lives up to what everyone says. I am posting a very recent picture of myself, and yes I will admit I look great with clothes ON, but I want to look and feel good about myself with clothes off as well. I have not dated or been intimate with anyone since my surgery in Feb., because I am soo self conscious of how I look naked!!

one year later

Nebo Plastic Surgeon

Very unhappy with my procedure. Things were not done the way I was told they were going to be done, and some issues were not fully addressed, only partially.

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