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I am 5"2 140 lbs. I had 2 c sections and lost 40...

I am 5"2 140 lbs. I had 2 c sections and lost 40 lbs.. I toned everything but just can't get rid of this belly. After research I went with premiere tampa I wanted Miami but they were booked. So Dr. Welsh here I come! My date is set for 7/21/2016. I can't wait I'm counting down already. New me in the making.

more before pics

4 months to go lol

My date is so far away???? I see everyone results and I'm a little jealous I keep telling myself July will be here before I know it. While I'm doing My count down I have been working on my other parts toning my arm legs and butt I don't wanna go under the knife for nothing else also I know I will not be able to afterwards for a few months. Following some amazing women and they are giving me great adivice. ? this site!

my Shape now dressed up.

I'm happy with my body just not my midsection :(

So sick of the are you pregnant questions.

Sometime in feel like I could have took this 5 Grand and did something else with it like a dream vacation put it towards the wedding is never had or something else. But days like today when I'm bloated because my cycle and ppl are asking me if I'm pregnant makes me know if am making the right decision. I don't get upset because my belly doesn't match with the rest of my body. I just said to myself come on July!!!

5 weeks to go!!!! Yay!

Is it too early to start a count down? Lol welp I have been maintain my weight at 140-145 I want a instant fine after my surgery I don't wanna loose anymore weight I'm happy with 140 so after the tummy tuck in loose some it would be a bonus...... ummm I'm making a list of things I need to buy for the big day.

More pictures of my belly on my lap

14 more days to go!!!!

14 more days to go I can't wait!!!! The closer I get the more nervous I am I have been praying all goes well. I have my preop Thursday at 3:30. I will go get all my supplies after that. Count down to the flat side is on!!!

8:45 check in!!!!!

This feel like it's a dream. I have less then 24 hours and I will have a flat tummy. I am nervous as hell and excited as ever. I really pray that everything goes fine I have to beautiful children that are my everything. I pray that this surgery fix all my tummy issues. I'm speaking it into existence that everything is going to be great. Amen. On my way to the flat side.

I made it!!!!

I joined the team!!! I'm already so glad I did it. I don't know how to change the setting on the site but my surgery was Thursday July 21. I started promptly at nine o'clock they was moving fast from the moment I walked threw the door. I got to recovery at 12 and at 12:45 I was getting discharge paperwork. The staff were amazing the crna and all the techs made me feel so comfortable and relaxed because I was a nervous reck. I slept most of the day afterwards. Hopefully I can do the same between walking every 2 hours because everyone says day 2 is the hardest we immediately see.

Drains. Pain meds. Walking.

Well 3 days post opt. The drains are getting on my nerves. I see the doctor tomorrow hopefully they can remove them. They are really a pain in the butt. On side stop draing the second day. Call office they said most likely Monday they will come out. I'm completely off the hydrocodone I haven't took on since yesterday morning. I have been taking Tylenol. As needed I only took two today. I took a laxative yesterday after alot of gas I finally had a bowel movement today. Yayyy felt good. I have been drinking more fluids then I have been eating I have been really using my protein shakes as meals cause 2 bites in and I'm full so I have been drinking those. I have been walking alot. So far I'm very happy with everything I can't wait to see my belly tomorrow. This girdle that they have me on i can't wait to get out of it it zips on both sides and it's flat out uncomfortable. I will update tomorrow after my appointment.

1 week post opt

So I made it to 1 week post op I'm finally feeling like this was worth it. Day 2 and 3 I just wanted to die. When she took them drains out of me I thought of a million ways to kill her in my head. But today makes a week and I'm feeling so much better just being in the house is driving me nuts. I'm a very busy person usually and sitting on my butt all day is killing me slowly. Lol I finally seeing some of my results I'm very swollen still but now I feel like it's kinda worth it.

Almost 5 weeks post op

Well alot has changed. To start I love love love love my results I mean I love them. Okay im on the last link of my stage two garment I refuse to buy another one the doctor told me most of my swelling is gone and that when he see me for my 6 week appt he wants me to stop wearing it. Yayyyyyy!!! Cause I hate it! Lol I still do swell in the evening but that's expected. My body feels at a 85 percent like I feel good but not 100. I can't wait to go back to the gym I'm itching so bad for a good work out some cardio something I have been maintaining my weight 137-140 but I really wanna tone and squat. My incision look really good and flat he said I can't start the scar treatment on the 29th when I see him they suggested biocorneum cream it 50 bucks in the office I read so many review on scar treatment I don't know which is best pre surgery I bought bio oil. Now I'm thinking scar away strips. Or the cream from the doctors office. I'm back to work full time it feels good but I get really tired at night. Loving my body I know it can't only get better from here I know the first two weeks I wanted to die but now I would do it a million times over again.

6 weeks today

I made it to 6 weeks I was released Monday to work out from the doctor. I feel good I think I can do some cardio and and arms work outs. He told me to listen to my body and don't over do it. I'm still swollen like everyone else. I don't see the doctor again til 3 months I wanna get it the gym and look even better when I see him. I'm really glad I went thru with this surgery i love my results I am more confident and happy.

Love my results

I met with Dr. Welsh thurs 14th for my 3:30 pre opt appointment. My nerves where all over the place about this surgery I had a million questions and he answered them all I didn't feel rushed. Amazing bedside manner. He made me feel so much better about having this procedure done. I know he will do a amazing job I've heard from so many people that he is a perfectionist which is a plus cause I want to wake up perfect. Can't wait to see what Thursday holds.

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