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I had my consultation with Dr. Perez in April and...

I had my consultation with Dr. Perez in April and it went very well. It was about 2 months ago now, so I'm having trouble remembering all the details, but I was impressed with his level of expertise in the area of Rhinoplasty. He is also very active on Realself, which makes me feel more confident about him. His before and after photos looked pretty good. I have my Pre-Op appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, at which time I need to pay in full for the surgery. I am still very nervous about having this done and my family thinks I do not need anything done, so it is hard to not have anyone understand how I feel and why I want it done. They will support me with whatever decision I make, though. At my Pre-Op appointment, I plan to ask Dr. Perez these questions tomorrow before making the final commitment because I did not ask them during the consultation:

I don't like my nose (obviously) but I don't completely hate it either, and I am just nervous that it will look worse after surgery than it does now. Or, that I won't look like myself. After reading some of the "Not Worth It" reviews, I can't help but wonder... what happens if I get a bad result? Your nose is something you cannot hide! Anyway, I will update again after my Pre-Op appointment tomorrow!

I will try to post some pictures soon too :-)

Pre Op was today

I had my Pre-Op appointment with Dr. Perez today. He was very confident that he can give me a great result. He told me that he is really great with Rhinoplasty and loves to do them. He says he does about 20+ per month. He wasn't sure exactly what percentage of his practice is dedicated to Rhinoplasty but he said it was a fair amount. Looking through some of the before/after photos, there were some I liked and some I didn't like. I realize everyone's nose is different and most of the pictures were taken only a few weeks after surgery, so there was still some swelling. I was concerned that some the patients did not have a lot of definition in the tip (and some I would consider bulbous), and some looked "done". Again, most of which looked like swelling, but it is hard to be sure. I just want to have a natural looking nose, and he assured me that it would look natural. He said 99% of his patients are happy with their Rhinoplasty's. In 13 years of performing Rhinoplasty, he has had only 1 patient that came back years later to have hers redone. He basically guaranteed me that I will love my new nose and (almost) set me at ease about having the procedure done. I can't help but have some doubts.. but I paid in full for the procedure, so no turning back now. Only 12 more days....

Still feeling unsure... Anyone feeling this way?

I'm wondering if I hate my current nose enough to go through with this. A few weeks ago I HATED it so much I wanted the surgery so badly. Now that the surgery is quickly approaching, I'm starting to look at my current nose and feel a little bit of sadness that it is going to look so different soon. I'm sure there will come a time when I hate my nose again, so I feel like I should just do the surgery and get it over with so I don't have to think about my nose anymore. I had the opportunity to do this surgery 3 years ago and chickened out about a month before... and at times over the last 3 years I have regretted not going through with it because it would be over and done with by now. I'm not really scared of the surgery itself... I'm just scared that I am not emotionally stable enough to handle if I get a bad result (or the emotional year of waiting until all the swelling is gone to see the final result!). At the moment I feel like I don't hate my nose enough to get this done, but I also know that I don't always feel that way. What an emotional roller coaster this has been! Anyone else feel this way before surgery?

Also here are some photo shopped images of what I want my nose to look like. I plan to bring these with me on my day of surgery. What do you all think?


I started feeling really unsure about having my Rhinoplasty done, so I went back in to see Dr. Perez to talk to him about some concerns I was having. I want to say that he has been nothing but nice, caring and understanding throughout this process, so I did appreciate that. I asked if he could show me some more before/after photos, but he said he did not have any more to show me. This was unfortunate because only a couple of the noses in the slideshow looked similar to mine, and they only looked "OK" not great. He kept telling me he can give me what I want, but I think it is important to see great results in a doctor's before/after photos and not just take his word for it. I kept feeling like maybe he is exaggerating his rhinoplasty experience and skills. You know when you just have a "gut" feeling about something? That was what was happening to me. My heart was saying "just do this, this is what you want", but my head was saying "this doesn't feel or sound right". It seems like Dr. Perez likes to boast about how great he is with rhinoplasty (and he probably is), but he just didn't have enough visual proof of experience with noses like mine for me to feel confident in his ability. Also, I noticed several discrepancies between what he was telling me about his experience and what his patient coordinator reported. I won't go into detail there because I don't want to throw Dr. Perez under the bus and I'm sure most people would not have noticed or cared about details like that. I just want to feel like my doctor is being 100% upfront and honest with me, and I was just getting a bad "vibe" overall. I am a little sad that the surgery is not going to happen because it is something I want to have done, but I think this just wasn't the right time or the right doctor for me. I am looking forward to learning how to ACCEPT and LOVE what I look like, even with my nose the way that it is. My nose is part of what makes me ME and I need to gain the confidence to embrace my uniqueness and not try to conform to others' definitions of beauty. Besides, my nose has a bump, but it is not deformed, I do not have breathing problems and it works just fine the way that it is. Why mess with it? That would be my advice to others who are considering this procedure. First make sure that you really cannot learn to accept your nose the way it is... because what happens if you get the surgery and it looks worse than it did to begin with? It's a scary thought, and it happens all the time. It is certainly an emotional journey!
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