Pre-op Today...Mommy Makeover in a Week! - Tampa, FL

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I'm 36 yrs., 5ft, 150 lbs mother of 4. (3 boys...

I'm 36 yrs., 5ft, 150 lbs mother of 4. (3 boys 18,12,11 and 1 girl age 2.) I have been thinking about having this procedure since my daughter was born. So excited I have finally made the decision to do so. I've enjoyed reading many of your posts the last few weeks.

Well I went to my pre-op today. I was a little disappointed to find out I may not get the big round high fake look I want for my BA. They said when you get a high lift and implants at the same you can't go too big about 300cc and that if you want that look you have to get the lift first than the implants in a separate surgery. I already had my mind made up for a mommy makeover. As we continued to discuss our options the Dr decided on a lollypop semi lift with 400cc saline overfilled to 480cc. Sure hope this will get me close to the look I want. I'm also getting lipo and tt. I wish I could have lost more weight before surgery but just ready to do it and hoping this will get me past my plateau. So nervous I may have a little too much belly fat to get as good of results as I would like but anything will be an improvement. I decided on this PS after only 2 consultations his being the first. There were some big differences in the 2 but will expound on that later as I have tried to post on here twice today and both did not go through. I'm just very excited and nervous tonight to know that this is no longer a thought but that I'm actually going though with it as I have paid in full now. So much is running through my mind.. How will I look, Pain level, will I have enough help, will I have any complications, etc. I feel like I'm getting in nesting mode like before your baby is born. Trying to get my house in order, doing extra cleaning, organizing. Mostly excited now but I know as the days draw near I'll be more and more nervous. I'll try to post my before pics tomorrow :)

Before photos

Mom of 4...5ft 150 lbs...25 lbs away from goal weight but going for it any way....and for the record, here are my before pics.

Tomorrow is the big day

Feel extremely nervous as evening approaches. I have to be at the surgery center at 7:15AM. I've been cleaning and orgaizing today trying to get things ready for my kids and husband to take care of me and our 2 yr old...I have that nesting feeling..knowing when you come home things will be so different and wierd..hoping the meds don't make feel too weird..hope I won't be too sick after..holding pain won't be too bad and def not looking forward to the anti coagulation shots I have to get everyday for 30 days..and all the drives to Tampa in the recovery process....oh my :/

1 day post op

Wow...what a day that first one is! Everything went smoothly and quickly..Lipo to abs and flanks and mons too I think..full TT and breast lift with saline implants..It took about 3 1/2 hrs then an hr in recovery and to home I went...I felt in a lot of pain but had only mild naucea that has been controlled well with the meds..I've been alternating my Rx pain meds and ibuprofin..I took 1/2 muscle relaxed last night it helped a lot...I'm still extremley tired and can't stay awake husband gave me my shot last night and he and my kids have been great to me and are taking good care of our toddler. I will be going back to Tampa this afternoon for my 1st post op..not looking forward to the 1 1/2 hr drive.. oh and so far no breat pain it's all from TT...HOPE I'M MAKING SENCE I'm a little out of it. =-O

day 2 post op

I felt pretty good yesterday but last night started feeling bad again..still feel rough today..and low grade fever of 99.5 today.


Felt good yesterday but feeling rough today. 100.1 temp..

3 days post op

Today I feel so relaxed and rested...For the last 2 days I take 1 pain pill instead of 2 and it controls the pain very well as long as I'm not up doing too much..These oxycodones make you feel great I can see why there is a risk of dependence..I got a spong bath and the best nap..I will be so glad to get a real shower but my instructions are to wait until drains are out. Today's has just been a great relaxing day.

2 days post op lipo bruising

4 day post op pics

4 day post op pics

Took off bandages and got a good look at everything today...very swollen and hoping the boobs rounds out more soon :)


6 days post op

Doing good cutting backmy pain meds...I'm trying to wait until bed time..I only had ibuprofin today... But does anyone feel like you pulled something after coughing or laughing...ever since I did both very hard I feel like one spot gives me the trouble..still trying not to feel sad that my boob that used to be a tiny bit smaller is now looking larger..hoping the Dr. didn't over compinsate for that one.

8 days post op

Confused...2 days ago I thought I was doing better then yesterday and today more pain and burning..but still just doing a pain pill at night to try to make them last..only a few left...on the bright side I've been able to do something I've never done..lay in bed all day and watch lifetime movies :)

tummy tuck ouch

Anyone out there like me around 8 days post op tummy tuck who mostly has pain up high in abs just a couple inches below breast bone is where pain's the pain you get from laughing and coughing but I feel like something was pulled there because that's where it hurts all the time...still walking so hunched over too...I wonder how long before the mussles allow you to stand up straight?

12 days post op

Is it just me or is the improvment so slow from day to day that you almost can't see it? I feel better than the first couple days and everyday since feels the same..I'm excited to be getting a drain out tomorrow and hopefully the other one Friday..Yaay I'll be drain free for the weekend :D Today my incision was hurting havn't had pain there yet...maybe the numbness is wearing off..I even took a 1/2 pain pill during the day when I've only been taking them at night...I'm on 1/2 pain pill at night but I only have one left..Does that mean I should not be in pain any more because I still am? I feel super sensitive all over and on edge most of the timevand don't want anyone to touch me...but when I take my pain pill at night I can stand a little straighter and relax and even get a couple chores done before going to sleep..Tomorrow will be my first Dr apt. Since the day after surgery in which case I didn't actually see the Dr..just his nurse..I wonder if I'll see him tomorrow..I want to show him my breast that's smaller than the other even though I know his responce I'm sure will be to not worry about it yet until 6 wks or so...Never the less I'm happy I did it. Even with all the swelling I look so much flatter...I'm just sad I still have big love handles...we couldn't do those yet due to the 1 liter praying I can talk my husband into spending the $$$ on back lip and a bbl...just not sure when I can fit another long recovery in my schedule...I wonder how bad that recovery is??? Well incase anyone is still following this post..I'll report on how things go tomorrow...Good night :)

13 days post op

Woohoo! Got one drain out today..easy as pie!! The hard part was taking off all the steri strips and they removed some but not all sutures...ouch...belly button looked so yucky..I dread treating all these areas twice a day now that strips are gone..I will update pics soon now that you can see everything better.

boob pics without steri strips

Now you can see what I've been complaining about...even thou I know it's too early to say for left breast seems better than the right...(left one is the one with the drain in the pic.)

Not feeling real excited with everything!

First of all went to Dr..still havnt seen Dr since surgery...didn't get 2nd drain removed's still draining too much...As you can see belly button looks infected so they swabbed it today...and ons Boobs is still way bigger than the other...mostly worried about my belly button tonight!!! Also pretty swollen...bleh!!!

feeling good..feeling like me except witjout a muffin top..yaay!

Had MMO July 18, 2013
I missed my 6 wk check up..but going Mon. Gotta get the scar cream..oh and bb is doing better bit may have closed too much...Idk.

Update: almost 3 years later

Not very happy. My tummy tuck came undone early on. At first they just said it was swelling so I gave it time. My Dr Loews in moved to the keys. I gained like 10 pounds so the new Dr blamed the muscle separation on the weight gain. Now I've gained 25 pounds so tummy is mote distended then it was before. So sad. Books are sagging also. Mons is way bigger and sagging also. I just joined a gym. I'm hoping to loose weight and maybe do it again one day. But before that I need a hysterectomy with rectocele repair. I also want back liposuction and butter augmentation if I ever get the money. My husband and I are talking about divorcing so all of this is somewhere in the distant future. All I can do now is loose weight because I'm so uncomfortable. I feel like a full term pregnant woman anxious to give birth . Sooo of uncomfortable. :(
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