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I am scheduled for my mommy makeover tomorrow -...

I am scheduled for my mommy makeover tomorrow - yes tomorrow. I am scared
Sh*tless but also excited. I went to a few consutations and decided to go with Dr. Stanley Castor. I'm 5'6" 140 pounds, mother of 4. I'll be 40 in June. I have wanted to do this for a very long time (since the birth of my youngest in 2001) and my wonderful husband is very supportive. I'll be in my recliner reading RS as I love this site.
Somebody reahc out - I'd love to hear from you.

3 1/2 weeks post op

I'm sorry for taking so long to post. So far, things have gone exactly the way Dr. Castor said they would. I feel better and better evry day and I absolutely love love love the results that I see so far. I've never in my life had a waist - I have an athletic build and yet somehow Dr. Castor has given me an absolutely perfect belly button and a trim waist. I actually have an hourglass shape that I can see even with the cg on. I'm feeling great and would highly recommend Dr. Castor. I'm really picky about my body and face and I'm already looking forawrd to planning a mid face lift in the next few years. After this experience I wouldn't let ANYONE near me other than Dr. Castor. I'll try to get some pics up soon. I am very excited that I can wear any shirt I want. I don't have to look for loose in the middle shaped clothing to hide my pooch. Happy Healing!!

Looking & Feeling Like A Million Bucks!!

It's been an amazing few months. I've settled into my 36 D's and love that my clothes no longer feel tight in the waist. The whole thing went so smoothly and I couldn't ask for a better Dr. than Dr. Castor. I did not do very well quitting smoking and quite frankly didn't make iot longer than 3 days smoke free. I had absolutely NO problems with healing or infection of any kind. Scars are very mild and my bopdy looks great. Thank you Thank you Dr. Castor & Staff

More than worth it

I'm not sure how to change the worth it rating but this mm was waaayyyyy more than worth it!! Dr castor is a genious

14 months post op & fabulous !!

I still don't know how to change the darn rating but worth it is an understatement. I've just started running , like sorta long distance running , and I never ever thought I could !! I've been a walker for years . My body feels and looks so good that I've been beyond inspired to eat better and exercise and actually take care of my mind body spirit . This journey has been so much more than just cosmetic surgery and I honestly cannot believe how lucky I am that I found dr castor . Here I am , over a year later , and still read horror stories on rs and it's so scary . Thank you again , a million times dr castor
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