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Ok, I havd been on this site for a while now, and...

Ok, I havd been on this site for a while now, and it has helped me make my decision go have a mommy makeover. I am 43, 5' 4"and weigh 186. I have three children (23, 20, 17) and my grandson who is almost three. My husband is great man, married me and the three kids.

I am doing this for me. I hope to make some friends along the way.

Forgot to add what I am getting, breast...

Forgot to add what I am getting, breast augmentation, breat lift and lipo on the flanks. Thats my mommy makeover recipe. Now that I look at those pics might go for more stuff...

I want it for july 10th. But it depends on my job,...

I want it for july 10th. But it depends on my job, trying to vet morethan one week off. Dont wanna show up to work with drains.

Looking for supply list to make up my own. I read...

Looking for supply list to make up my own. I read about the back max and think I am geting one. Looking at vitamins for a better heal and compression garments.

Not telling anyone sbout my makeover, honey knows...

Not telling anyone sbout my makeover, honey knows because of the finances, but keping tight lipped until I get my time off and pay the deposit.

Nothing yet on the schedule-no news is good news. ...

Nothing yet on the schedule-no news is good news. Nomoreflap said that gour weeks is good, so if all fails I'll ask for that. Lost a couple of pounds, not trying to just yet but every little bit helps. Hope everone is doing well.

Just got home from work, what a a crazy...

Just got home from work, what a a crazy lady that told me how her phones are being tapped by thd phone comp. Lol , really? Wow. I get them all! Getting all my dr appt out the way, the ps didnt tell me that I needed anything, but better safe than sorry. Tuesday that is all I can think of! .not good to dwell on stuff. On a lighter note, asked my hunny if he would take naked pics of me to post online and his look was priceless! Almost wet my pants. Speaking of wetting pants...what are the depends for? Or the pads? For leakage?

Well here's to the weekend, and happy healing to...

Well here's to the weekend, and happy healing to all. Not much to write until Tuesday. Going to take care of the house, decided if not used in the last 6 months, we dont need it. Can anyone say spring cleaning,!?!

It is a beautiful day. Happy healing.

It is a beautiful day. Happy healing.

Well the weekend is done. I have a physical...

Well the weekend is done. I have a physical tomorrow, looking for my clean bill of health. Had time to research some vitamins and think of going with make me heal. They have a package that is pre and post operation and less expensive that buying them separate.

At my primary care dr for my physical, blood work...

At my primary care dr for my physical, blood work on wends, but everything else, including ekg is fine. Find out tomorrow about my rime off, if I get any. Wish me luck with that ladies, not easy working in corporate America.

Dr just called me back in need to see...

Dr just called me back in need to see cardiologists...oh boy.

Well I didnt get the time off :-[ no makeover...

Well I didnt get the time off :-[ no makeover for me right now

Took a couple of days hiatus, after that news....

Took a couple of days hiatus, after that news. Well I am going to take the time off without pay, hopefully a month to make sure that I don't go back to work with drains or huncked over. Have to talk to my ps about filling out paprrwork for my leave, that will determine if I go now or wait till Nov when I have 11 days off for the thanksgiving holiday. I will make it to the flat side yet! Thank u ladies for all your messages of support, they did help me out of my funk. Happy healing to all.

I dont know what's going on at my ps, trying to...

I dont know what's going on at my ps, trying to get answers is worst than pulling teeth. Question: does your office fill out fmla paperwork? Answer: I dont know. Why are you answering the phone then? And others in your office claim you know the answers. Now she tells me that I need to take to the ps sbout the forms? Doesn't make sense. Has anyone else had this problems about these forms?

Had my echo today and my stress test tomorrow. ...

Had my echo today and my stress test tomorrow. Hope all goes well or no anesthesia for me. During the echo today I saw my heart beating and the valves at work, incredible piece of equipment! My mammogram came back negative and I'm still waiting on my bloodwork. My husband is on board with me doing the makeover, in the beginning he wasn't to keen on the idea. Im going to the flats side, I just don't know when.

Well had my stress test goday, I am out of shape!...

Well had my stress test goday, I am out of shape! Have to make an appointment with the cardiologists for the results-but ladies I am marching ahead.

Had a great weekend. Went to a winery on Friday...

Had a great weekend. Went to a winery on Friday with a friend. Then I worked on Saturday, but went to a painting class after, where all the stress just melted away. Have to wait for my schedule to then go see the cardiologists. Also, need to go tothe ps about my papers.

I did it! Scared now

I did it! Scared now

The date is july 3rd. Gave my depo and changed...

The date is july 3rd. Gave my depo and changed vacation with a teammate, she'll have thanksgiving off and I get her weeks in July. Now I am nervous as hell about this. I thought that once I boked it, relief would follow, not fear. I closely look at before and after pics, hoping that mine goes just as smoothly. I wil be checking out the earlier post of some ladies to get supplies ready. Little by little with every paycheck. Happy healing ladies

Okay~I had to go to the cardiologists go get my...

Okay~I had to go to the cardiologists go get my results, and guess what? Have nothing wrong, it was a bad ekg from my primary care doctor. All that worrying for nothing. So I have a clean bill of if I could lose a couple of pounds.....

Have been reading sbout diets and I am going to do...

Have been reading sbout diets and I am going to do the high protien low fat with exercise, which I need badly. Have been eating my favorite foods since I will not have them for the next 79 days. Did my measurements and not to happy, 36, 38, 41. That tummy is a killer. Dont have a goal weight or measurements, but anything is better than doing nothing. Havent told the kids. My honey is very supportive, right down to changing his eating habits. Though he did ask if I had purchased any new talk to you later, happy healing.

Atea cake, but otherwise have been good. Nothing...

Atea cake, but otherwise have been good. Nothing new this days, just waiting.

Been very busy, had a daughter move out so I've...

Been very busy, had a daughter move out so I've been cleaning out the room. Using that closet for all my work clothes. Trying not to coung down the days.

Happy weekend! Beautiful weather and spring...

Happy weekend! Beautiful weather and spring cleaning. Seems never ending. Trying to find out what the pads are for, I read on someones story tobuy them and depends. Should have followed her.....

Nothing new this past week.

Nothing new this past week.

Okay this is what I have decided on: tt with mr,...

Okay this is what I have decided on: tt with mr, bl, ba and lipo of the flanks and braline back. I want silicone gummy bears around 400 cc, would put me at about a small d. Gonna ask for another appt before the preop. Feeling comfortable with my choices. Suggestions?

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Healing

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Healing

40 days...let the countdown begin

I cant believe that time is passing so quickly, before I know it I'll be on the flatside. I have my toilet riser, bath seat, paper tape, stool softener, gauze, alcohol, yoga pants, baggie shorts, tank tops, front closing bras, zipper front robe and some suppliments. Going to buy some button down pjs and underpads. Still reading to see if there are other suggestions for supplies. My pre op is not till June 20th, so I have some time to write down some more questions. About the implants, I think I want 450 to 500 cc. Maybe high profile. Still trying to figure that part out. Happy healing.

37 days

Well I have my bed wedge. Trying to sleep on it is a nightmare. But it is supposed to help, so I will keep on trying. I brought the last couple of things, like an antiseptic soap and underpads. Was thinking of enemas before the process, but dont know. When I had my hysterectomy, I was given the soap and was told to do an enema the night before. So I am thinking of doing the same for this suggestions?

33 days

Seemslike I have all my supplies. So now I am tearing up the house. Happy healing.

depends and pads...

HaVe seen these in other supply list and am curious as to what they are used for. Cant believe that it is 31 DAYS AWAY. I have been preparing the extra bedroom as a guest room or my rehab room. Sfill havent decided who is going to sleep there, maybe my husband wil when I happy for all of us that are on for july is going to happen!

I got my answers

Depends are for bbl draining and the pads are for where your cg might irritate your skin.

27 days

Well at work imagining how I am going to look sitting down without a belly flap.


Started the weekend at the optical store, noticing the older I get the more I need to wear glasses. Yuck! Also learning how to coverup a tatoo that is on my chest

tattoo coverup results

17 more

The days are going quickly. Good thing I have dverything already, or I would be more of a mess. My pre op is on Thursday, I also will see my derm ( I have roseacea) then going for my regular waxing. Been going to the same lady for over seven years so very happy she fit me in before my regular time. Have the grandson today, so going to be busy running after him, that will make time go by. Happy healing ladies

Pre Op on Thursday

Oh my~ 48 hours and I get to do my pre op. Nervous as hell, don't know what to expect and have written questions down. Haven't been able to sleep well and have not been eating much, feeling like I am waiting on my due date to give birth. My husband and coupke of friends have been very supportive, but they dont understand in l the ups and downs I go through. One min I am super excited the next worried and then scared. I am well prepared with supplies, but mentally, I'm not sure if I can handle I an very independent, so asking others for help is going to kil me. I havent told my kids ( ages 23, 20, 18) so dont know what to expect from their reaction. Not to mentio the cost of all this, I can buy a car with this money. I've been praying for a clearer mental standpoint and for strenth. Happy healing ladies, well get through this together.

I'm freaking out...oh boy.

I hope this is all plateau of my jitters, cause I'm driving my husband crazy. Worrying about everything from my ps is gonna see me naked to whats my dad gonna say when he sees me? I think I have all my supplies, will go through them tonight since i know I will not be sleeping. Suggestions as to final questions for my ps?

Pre op was a breeze

Well the post op was pictures and meds. I also purchased an eextra compression garment. I think I agreed to 300 cc silicone (gummy bears) and he took a good look at my flap ( there went my modesty) and explained that atbthe surgery center we would have less privacy whike he drew on me. Dr Castor really did make me feel at ease. Wish I would have asked for anixety pills for the day before. But he gave me antibiotics, pain pills, nausea pills and yeast infection pills. With my insurance it came up to 2.00. The surgery will be at the Brandon surgery center and I'll be the first one since I'll be the longest, he said about 4 hours. I'm not freaking out like before, calm now, just waiting.

Hey there Ladies~ Six days

Okay I am worthless at work~I go from excited to freaking out. Feel like I have an elephant on my chest and a lump in my throat. Havent been sleeping well, using sleeping pills and not much of an appetite. Worried about scar placement, encapsulation and just the whole idea of recuperation. Guess I'm habing cold feet too.

the day before...

Well I go in at 630 tomorrow morning. I feel okay now hoping that all goes well. Happy healing ladies.

I've made it...

Today I feel fine, still in a drug haze. But was able to take a shower. Ladies thank u for your thoughts and prayers, I am just extremely tired. Ill talk again soon happy healing

pics finally

steri strips...

Do I take them off? They have not come off and itd going on three weeks.

totally upset

Unable to add pics~suggestions

finally able to add pics

22 days

Three weeks has gone by and I am happy eith my choice. Swollen more at night and hate the cg~but nothing beats having a flat tummy. Being able yo wear a tee shirt size large vs 2x so it can look baggie around your tummy. I have lost 8 lbs. Some is from the tt but some is since I sm not eating much, and not bad stuff! Have my one month appt on monday, and I have like pimples on my bl incision that I want to ask him about. My steri strips are starting to peel off, so I just trim them. Thinking of trying on some jeans to see how they fit now~but still not sure that I want to see. Still waiting on my left breast to drop, it has been coming down but very slowly. Suggestions?

compare and see

Almost a month later and. ...

I am loving this! I can get around pretty well but still taking it easy. My left breast is still higher than the right one, but the size is perfect. I have stiches peaking out, but I use antibiotic cream and clean it out twice a day to avoid infection. My incision lays flat and is quite low, I still have a lot of swelling on the bottom half of my tummy and havr no sensation aroung my bellybutton. I will post pics tomorrow. Thank you all for your support and comments. It would have been worst without you all!

four weeks and in a size 12

38 days pics

faja fever

I have been back and forth with I sent back the titi fajas since they made me look like a square, I have two other styles now in the mail. Still using my binder at night and a waist snipper during the day, helps with my back and gives me a smaller waistline. Still have a higher boob, dont think it is going to be the same as yhe right one, will talk yo the ps on 08/26. Thats my next appt.

picspics and more picks

2 months...

Well I am feeling better. More like the old me without the flap. Still swelling and have belly fat, working on that. Going on a diet with heavy exercise. Will log my results.

38DDD whaaaaaat?!?!

Okay ladies, I went to VS to get my first bra, felt like I was 12 again getting my first training bra, lol. So I was measured and she says “38DDD”. WTF? I wanted to have a full D cup, not three times the fun. I will say that they look good, like they are real, but I would have never thought DDD. Or is it that VS runs small? Thinking of going somewhere else to get measured, Ideas?
That has been the highlight of the week. I am still swelling at night; flat as a board in the mornings. I purchased a waist training corset. The corset makes my waist look smaller than a faja and they say with continued use it will make the waist smaller. I’ll have to take pics. I still think that this has all been well worth it, I love my new body and I have a higher self-esteem. I actually stood in front in a picture; I usually was the one in the back. I love my new belly button too.
Ladies if you have a doubt about this, take it from me, it is well worth it.


Almost Three Months

I am finally almost back to me and loving this new body. I love being able to wear tee shirts that show off my curves and not my flap. Almost forgotten how I looked before, but now when I walk down the street, its me that is walking not some lady that I did not recognize. My husband has not said much - just asked me if it was all worth it - and it has been. Working on my incisions, the breast ones are lighting up and the belly one is a little red, but very thin. take a look and tell me what you think.
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