57 Y/o TT done 10-21-15 Tampa, FL

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I had my consultation, with Dr Castor, he's so...

I had my consultation, with Dr Castor, he's so caring, knowledgeable, compassionate, intune with patient. Listened to all my wants & fears that I had. Explained every tiny detail of my TT, my breast augmentation with implants, left nipple adjustment. I'm so much more relaxed about my surgery now. He actually listened to everything I wanted then discussed with me the actual realistic surgeries to be performed by him and I felt satisfied with every aspect of the procedures as he explained them to me. Angela my surgical coordinator was awesome, she handled everything. She is patient & caring so much so, thank you Angela. Thank you to the front desk women who were extremely nice & helpful also. Ready to have my TT, breast augmentation with implants, left nipple adjustment since my consultation. I'll be staying right there by my PS's office in a Suite for a couple of days instead of the long drive home then back in a couple of days.

Before TT, BB implants, left nipple adjustment, liposuction

I can't believe my surgery 12 days away.
I bought more supplies on different lists from Amazon. I put a few on Amazon subscribe & save so I don't have to worry about running out.



Post op TT, bb implants, lipo flanks, love handles, breast sides

A few days post op, drains are worst getting them out 10-29-15, I can't believe the difference in my waist.

Before tt with lipo

Legs feel like lead weights

I walk every day, but I know my legs are swollen from the Lipo and such, but my legs feel like lead weights. Has anyone else had this feeling? Is it just me, I'm so poor of tune with my body right about now!!!

PO update photos

I'm not sure who I'm looking at? I really like not seeing that big apron hang down and I know more Lipo is in my future but I'm taking it a little at a time.

A little before and after photos

Just wanted to put some before and after Pics up.

My post op surgery list

Someone to help you
Women's urinal
Long gripper
Sterile gauze 4x4 & 2x2
Abdominal pads
Paper tape
Arnica cream
Arnica tablets
Bromlean capsules
Multi vitamins and minerals
Vit C
Vit B Complex
Bed pads - disposable
Ice pack
Heating pad
Gauze rolls
Dial antibacterial soap
Shower Chair
Extra Pillows
Sterile Cotton balls
Sterile Q-tips
Butterfly waterproof closures
Steri strips
Anti bacterial wet wipes
Disposable Gloves
Adult wash clothes

Abdomen swollen on left side

From the left side of my belly button down to my pubic area is really swollen today. Its a little warm compared to the right side, and jiggles a lot. I called my PS about coming in sooner than 11-19-15, so if something is starting we can catch it early. I was told to take pictures and email them to them so my PS could look at them and decide if I need to come in sooner.
Is anyone else experiencing this, I'm 15 days post op today.

Feeling so swollen & miserable

My abdominal area is so swollen & I feel miserable. I'm wondering if this is normal after tummy tuck ( post op since my surgery on 10-21-15 )?

Surgery upper & Lower eyelids & abd lipo

I'm scheduled with Dr Castor for abdominal & Love handle liposuction, also blepharoplasty upper & Lower eyelids. I can hardly wait!!!

I will have to have a breast lift now

I had breast implants this past year, what I was told I would be & look like is not what I see in the mirror. I did want some volume, DD a DDD at the very most, I'm a 36G. A 500cc silicone implant was placed under my muscle, the right side has a pocket further towards my right arm pit, & A ripple. I did the massages just like I was told, I have yet to see the Breast that I was shown pictures of and told that's what your breasts will look like. I never wanted an over exaggerated bust, I wanted some volume I had lost with age. I trusted my PS on his word as he told me what he could do then, now I'm going to have to have another procedure to correct the first one. WTH, does that mean now I'm have to pay again for something that should have been done correctly to start with. Or at least tell me the truth about what was actually being done and what my Breast would look like afterwards, I most definitely would not have done it..... I'm happy with it all except my eyes & breastsee, because that's the 2 things I can't hide with clothes. My Breast enter the room before I do, I only am 5'2" tall so a 36G bust makes uneasy in my appearance. I don't care how it would make other people feel to have a bust that big, I have deep grooves in my shoulders from the weight of them, in the end I just wanted what I was told I would get & look like to please myself.

9 mths since lipo, implants, abdominoplasty

Well I only had the extra lap taken off, (pannulectomy) not full abdominoplasty. As of today it's been 9 mths. I also had implants ( 500cc silicone ) their to big & uneven, rt is more capsulated under my arm. ( I was told I had to have a breast lift/reduction to fix this. Since I had a breast reduction in 1997 ( 54" bust down to 39" bust). I only wanted enough implant to give me some volume (the pictures & description I was shown & told is definitely not what I got. So now I was told I have to go back to the PS that did my reduction 19 years ago, I'd be so happy if they weren't so huge.
I also had more liposuction 4-8-16, upper & lower blepharoplasty on 4-8-16 & scar revision on left eye 7-11-16.
My feelings toward my PS makes me feel like I shouldn't make any concerns that I should be grateful he did my surgeries. I paid good money for these procedures. I'm so very disappointed in the fact that I feel like I was brushed over. I didn't get what I was told. Pictures show how it looks.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Office staff the greatest

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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