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Love this site so far. Very encouraging ! I'm set...

Love this site so far. Very encouraging !

I'm set for :
1 BL. Currently a 36B looking to have full "Classy but Juicy" boobs. On my original consult, PS suggested 300 with a lift. Should give me a full C small D.

2 TT. Looking to get my abs back! Having three kids wrecked my bod and I want it back!

I'm all paid in full with pre-op appointment is tomorrow. Butterflies are settling in!!!

Pre op in the bag!

Had pre-op. Wow, Dr Welsh is such a pleasant man! Glad I went with him. We're aiming for 339cc with a round silicone gel implant. I shared a pic of my ideal results, And he'll start with sizers and build from there. I'm so ready to get my bod back!

Today I did blood work, passed an EKG (yeah baby) had vitals, received prescriptions, attended a "Drains Demo" and sign a novel stack of papers! Who knew vanity came with so much paperwork???

I did most of recover supply shopping online via Amazon so I'm sitting back waiting on the packages to arrive. This weekend I'll be cleaning and setting up the game to be my recovery room. Surprisingly Hubster has not complained. It's the only place with recliners so I HAD to take it over.

Now it's time to relax for a few days and start the countdown.

Today's the day!

All checked in and ready to go! See us on the flat side!!!

Honey I'm home!

I'm home. Not in pain just uncomfortable. I'm loving the compression shorts. They are crochless, makes going to bathroom a breeze! Seriously that was a concern of mine.

2nd day!

It's my 2nd day post op. I'm happy, so so happy! Can't wait to see the results. Hubby changed my TT bandages yesterday and he thought Dr Welsh did an amazing job. All I see is puffiness. Haven't taken the bandages off bobs yet. My stomach muscles burn like crazy. I think that's part of the healing. Still sleeping in recliner and I'm taking my time to revover. I'm getting less than 5 cc in my drain. Hopefully I can get it removed on monday. I was surprised to see I only had one. I was stressing out on yesterday cause I thought I lost one ... lol

Two best items for recovery!

I have to thank the hubbster! He thought ahead and got a walker and a toilet riser! OH MY these two items really made a big difference! I'll attaach some generic pics (I forgot to take some of mine). The two item cost less than $80 and I love the fact I have them.

On another note, I have my first post op today. I feeling good. Only taking pain meds at night to help sleep. Still in recliner I'm aiming to try the bed tonight. My boobs are still under wraps and I cant wait to see them. I'll follow up after my appt.

4th day post op

Drain is gone! It was painful while she was pulling it out. I'm happy it's gone. Had to get a new binder, the one I had was too big. Dr was afraid it wouldn't give me the compression I need. Sooo i went shopping on the way home and pick up a new one (size small).

My boobs are still under wraps until Wed. I had a BL with 309 cc on left and 309cc on right. Excited to see my lovely lady lumps!!!!

Happy! HAPPY! Joy! JOY!

Had 2nd post op visit. Had boobs unwrapped. Still bruised and sitting high.

Loving my boobs.

Can't stop playing with them! I been massaging since yesterday. PS gave instructions to help them drop and settle. Right now the right is higher and bigger hopefully that's just due to swelling. Loving my results!

Healing problems.

Had stitched removed last week. Now I have a wound separation on my right boob where the verical incision meets the circle insision at the base of the areola. Went to see Dr yesterday. Was prescribed silvadene to apply twice a day for the next 4 days.

Boobs are dropping fine and im loving the shape. Havent got sized for a bra yet just loving for now

wound separation

my wound is starting to heal.
I'll attempt to reload my pics. My iPad has been acting weird since I updated the software and its not cooperating with me.

Before and after pics

Uploading some quick pics.


Pics at 3 weeks with wound separation on right boob. :( Going take about a month to totaly heal. Hopefully the scarring will not be toooo bad.

Two months!!

loving the results! Wound separation is healing nicely. I was nervous and worried for about a week and a half. Glad that is over and done.

My TT scar is really really flat!!! Can't even feel it! I need time to fade it out. I'm using good ole coca butter and castor oil twice a day.

So glad I did this!
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