35 Year Old, 4 Kids, 100 Lb Weight Loss, Getting a Mommy Makeover- Tampa, FL

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After losing 100 lbs. after gastric RNY bypass, I...

After losing 100 lbs. after gastric RNY bypass, I am ready for a mommy makeover! I have kept my weight off for over a year now and can't stand the way I look with my clothes off. The decision to have a TT is a no brainer for me. My hanging skin causes problems and needs to be removed. The biggest decision for me right now is whether or not to do a breast lift with implants or without.
My breasts are deflated and I don't have any volume left to them. Does anyone out there have advice for me based upon their own experience?
My surgery date is only 10 days away and I'm so nervous!!! I will be flying to Tampa for my procedure and plan on staying with a friend for 2 weeks of the recovery before heading home.
I meet with my surgeon in five days and will do my pre-op appointment at the same time.
Any advice I can get from the rest of you out there would be great!

9 Days and counting!

Can't wait to have this saggy skin gone forever!

What to do?

So torn!!!!! Lift with implants or no implants?

Finally met my doctor and I love him!

I flew into Tampa on Thursday along with my husband for a mini vacation before my surgery. It's been beautiful here in Florida and I'm soaking up the sun.
My husband and I met Dr.Welsh today and we're impressed with the time he took with me. He was patient, kind and answered all of my questions. I decided to go ahead with silicone implants on top of the muscle. I'm going with a fairly small size, he's thinking 280 ish CC. I'm feeling happy with this choice and even though I'm still nervous, I'm relaxed and excited all at once. Wednsday will be here in no time!

What am I about to do!?

Tomorrow is the day! I can't sleep and can't turn off my mind. Really, what have I gotten myself into? What if my nipple falls off? What if I puke and pop a stitch? What if I get a raging infection or worse, a blot clot. Ugh....I wish I could shut myself up!
Did any of you ladies wear compression stocking after surgery? I've seen it mentioned on here but my doc never mentioned it.
I forgot to ask how many people have nipples that rot and fall off because they did the lift and implants at the same time. Does anyone know how common this really is?
I'll try to give an update when I'm coherent tomorrow or more likely on Thursday. Thanks for all of the support!

Here I go!

IV in and waiting to be brought back to surgery! 1:45pm


I went to a Tampa hotel last night and I'm sure glad it did. I thought I would never come out of the anesthesia! I was a mess and sent some cray unreadable texts to Ioved ones,
I never did throw up! There were times I thought I was going to, but didn't.
I've been walking around short intervals and the pain for me is way less then a c-section.
Something else exciting...I peed as soon as I got to the hotel and 2x since.
Gonna go rest.


Surprisingly my pain isn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be! I haven't yet taken off my garment to look at my results but will do it tomorrow so that I can change my bandages. I'm nervous about my incisions since I do not have steri strips on because I am allergic to them.
I have to say that I'm super excited that my drains have already slowed way down! It's hard to say exactly how much I am draining, but it's probably only between 5-10cc a side each time I empty them (3x day). All in all I'm feeling good about my recovery.
When did you gals switch into your own compression garment? Any of you reading this not have steri strips, and if not, how was your healing. Oh, and did any of you drink coffee post op?

First peek at tummy and breasts today!

I got my first look at my tummy and breast today. I expected my stomach to be swollen and It is, especially along my hips. My breast are looking pretty good but my right one looks misshaped. I'm thinking they just haven't settled all the way yet.
Some of my wounds bled when I took off my dressings but nothing too bad. I can't have any steri strips because I'm allergic so I'm thinking I may have spots here and there that are going to open. I look forward to the wounds healing up!


Little less swollen

Today I am slightly less swollen then yesterday and am cutting back on the pain meds. My hips are the most sore and I almost think it's partially due to the binder and the fact that the zipper is that tightest on those spots.
I'll be going to get my drains out tomorrow....yippee! I haven't drained more than 5cc each side each time I drain them since day two.
Wouldn't you know it, I started my period today.....ugh!!!! This should be interesting. Any advice? I don't think I'm allowed to use tampons at this point, does anyone know?
My breasts are doing pretty well, a little more bruised today and my right breast looks mishapened still and the nipple looks different then yesterday. Did anyone else's look misshaped but then even out?

No more drains!

Today was a great day! I have not had any pain meds for 24 hours and I feel great! I had my drains taken out this morning and it was not pleasant but so happy to have them gone. I did a little shopping for a new girdle but could not find one that I liked so I'll stick with what I have for now. It's being washed at the moment and I'm enjoying a little breathing room.
I felt the worst pain I have ever felt today...I coughed! Not just once, but over and over, I couldn't stop. And when I was done coughing, I couldn't stop crying. I hope it doesn't happen again. I really hope I didn't pop a stitch. It took a few minutes for the pain to subside but it did and I didn't have to take any pain meds.
I'm still in Florida staying with family and will be here for another week and a half. I can't believe how much I'm missing my kiddos and amazing husband. Did any of you ladies go through the emotional part of this healing process? I hear that it happens but I wonder if it happens to everyone?
Here are a couple new pics from today.

Loving my new boobies!

Finally after almost 5 weeks my breasts are almost all healed. I started rejecting my internal dissolvable stitches at around week two and it freaked me out! I had opened spots all around my areola and openings at all the T's. I have been on antibiotics since my surgery and will be on for another two weeks. The scar on my tummy looks amazing!!! Just goes to show the skill of Dr.Welsh.
I had a couple set backs after surgery that I think added to the slow healing. I came down with the shingles at week two and it was hell!!!! And now I have a terrible cold. Sneezing and coughing is.not.fun. Other then all of that, I'm finally on the road to normal. I walked 4 miles today (I am now swollen) and haven't had to take a nap in a few days. My energy levels are steadily increasing and I'm happy with the decisions that I have made! I look forward to my swelling in my tummy going down and can't wait to see my final results.

6 weeks post op tomorrow

It has been a long 6 weeks of recovery and things are just about all healed up. My tummy has been smooth sailing but is still swollen especially at the end of the day. I'm still wearing spanx and plan on continuing for a while because I feel they give me extra support. I went without them at the beach yesterday and by the end of the day my back was sore.
As for the breast, they are just about healed. The worst of it is over but just yesterday there was a new little spot that had opened. My body is still rejecting internal stitches. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't go smaller. I know I'm the odd one out as most want bigger, but I feel they are heavy. When I looked up how much 600 cc silicone weighs (300 each), I was shocked! 1.75 lbs! I'm hoping I did the right thing. The way they have settled so far bugs me. One nipple points much lower then the other and the one that points down is larger (the areola). I know doctors can't get them perfect, but I wish they were way more symmetrical. I'm wondering if they will even out a bit as time goes on?
I posted a few pics so people can see the healing process. Also, my first bikini ever!!!

3 months post op today

Today marks 3 months since having my mommy makeover. Wow how time has flown! I am very happy with my TT results but am a little disappointed with how wide my breast scars are. I know that was the risk I took with doing the lift and implants at the same
time. People keep telling me that it will get better.
What has everyone been using in their scars? I've been using coconut oil and so far my scars (except for belly button) are nice and soft.
I've finally started back with running and get super swollen when I'm done with a workout. Also, my breasts itch like crazy when running! Anyone else experience this? Does it get better? I haven't gone back to yoga or any intense workouts yet because I'm so nervous, but it's time! I've put on a few pounds and am anxious to take them off.
What had people's experience been going back to yoga after a TT? Has it been difficult because of all the stretching backwards?
I am so happy with how easy my recovery went and would do it again in a second! Thank you for all your support and comments!
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