28 Year Old, Petite Frame from A Cup to Nice Big C or Small D - Tampa, FL

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Hey everyone! I'm 28 yrs old, 5'1" and about 95...

Hey everyone! I'm 28 yrs old, 5'1" and about 95 lbs. I wear a 32A bra. I have my surgery booked for May 30th, I'm super excited and have been researching any and everything about breast aug I can for about a month now. I've thought about having boobs for a long time but always just kind of accepted the fact that I don't. I'm in a comfortable place financially so I'm finally doing it! My sister just had hers done the beginning of this month. I seem to let her be the guinea pig and then when she turns out ok I get my surgeries lol. We both got rhinoplasty and now boobies. My sister did saline but I'm going with silicone. My PS uses the Natrelle brand which is what I wanted not sure which model yet though. He said he goes subpectorally especially for women who dont have much breast tissue to begin with. At my consultation I tried on 350cc sizers and really liked how they looked so the nurse said to go up to 400cc because I'll be losing volume since they are going under the muscle. Not sure about that big though. I'll try them on again and take pictures when I go for my pre-op appointment. I'll update more as I get closer...just playing the waiting game now :)

consultation number 2

So I went to another consultation recently. Although I already chose my PS I made appointments with 3 total. I figure I can educate myself by going through the process more than once. This doctor's staff was nice. The nurse took my picture with the 3D camera. When the doctor came into the room he measured me, and put 300cc in the right and 325cc in the left, of the mentor moderate + profile implants into the computer and showed me what it would look like. He said he'd lipo my bigger breast to make sure the nipples stayed on the same level, and said he would do it via transaxillary incision. He was in the room for about 5 minutes then left. He didn't have much of a bedside manner but he did seem to care about me being symmetrical, which is one of my main concerns since I'm not symmetrical to begin with. I'm going to bring that up to my PS to make sure that we are on the same page with the fact that size isn't the only reason for my breast aug, it's helping with the my nipples not lining up, I don't mind if it costs more to fix that as well. In my naiveness, in the consultation with my PS I guess I didn't know that getting implants is just making your boobs bigger. I thought they'd fix anything they saw wrong with them to make them look perfect. Since going to this second doctor and him saying he'd lipo my breast and it would cost $500 more, I think I needed to tell my PS that I'd like him to do whatever he feels nesessary to achieve the look I want. Which is why I'm glad I'm going to these other consultations and see how another doctor would operate to make me aesthetically pleasant and bring to light some things I haven't thought over yet. I know that my aereola is going to stretch when the implant goes in so I've looked into getting my smaller aereola tattooed to match the size of the bigger one. I think that is my biggest fear now...having nipples that point 2 different directions or ones that are higher or lower than the other. I'm afraid of permanent frankenboob! Here are some more pictures so you can see the asymmetry and my small size better.
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