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Hi you guys. I've been on real self for about six...

Hi you guys. I've been on real self for about six months now and this is my first review. So I am on a mission to get a BBL ad I started the consultation process back in April. I met with Dr. Perez and at that time he quoted me $6900 for the procedure. I wanted to initially get surgery in August but the timing and finances weren't right. So now I have a consult with Dr. Castor tomorrow and I'm hoping that goes well. I've read really great reviews on him so I am excited. My plan is that if I like him, book the surgery for end of October/beginning of November. I'll keep you guys posted as I start this journey. :))

BBL Vets, come help me please!

Ok so I went through with my consult and I am sold. The only thing left for me to do is pick a date which I'm not sure of because of a new job that I am not definite of the start date. However, my plan is to get it before November is up. I'll probably know by next week at the latest and I'll go ahead and just pay for it.

I'm searching through real self literally every day reading reviews. The one thing that scares me is being put to sleep. I've never had surgery on anything before, no kids, nothing. So I cant even try to get a comparison for the pain/ experience lol. A lot of people say they wake up feeling cold? Why? And how did you all ride back home? I have a camry so maybe I'll kneel in the back seat?? I'm not sure but the office is about ten minutes from my apartment but I live on the 3rd floor (no elevator) ahhh. lol

Any suggestions/ tips from your experience? I want to start buying supplies too that were actually used.

Date Confirmed!!!

I paid my deposit and my date is confirmed for 10/23/15. So I woke up this morning and got to thinking why wait until November?? Lol. I contacted my friend who is helping me out for the first few days and she was okay with booking a flight for that time so I went ahead and secured the day. I'm excited and nervous as hell. This thing is literally two weeks away. I already know I'll be in pain and stuff so I'm mentally prepared. Now I'm starting to go shopping for my things. I'm stalking other girls posts to see what they bought and actually used!!lol. So excited yall!!!
Oh and I'll post pictures before/after starting when I go to pre-op

Pre-op, almost that time!!!

I went to pre-op today and signed some forms and took pictures. It took about an hour or so total. I seen a girl on here who went to him and we have the same figure and he told me mine will look the same or even better. I got all my concerns out the way. He didn't tell me to remove my nail polish but I will anyway. I have both nipples pierced and they've been that way for two years now but they still act up so I got nervous about that and expressed my concern with removing them and he said its okay, I can leave them.

I'm set for 7:30am, I asked to be first so I can get it out the way lol. I really wasn't going to update this anymore because I'm like who's really paying attention but then again some doll is out there now either contemplating or has a day booked shortly after mine so if it helps one, I'm happy :)

Measurements: I'm 5'2 and 145 pounds.. I forgot my waist measurements and such but I think it was 29 and my hips 37?( other way around?? idk) I've attached pics finally for the visual. I'm trying not to stay on here reading too much before surgery and freak myself out lol. The next update will be the day of if I have time to write in the am or whenever I'm up for it. I'll definitely answer questions if anyone has any as I go along.

I'm getting Lipo on abdomen, bra-line, love handles and back.

Vets: Where'd you buy your faja from? I'm getting one from my doctor but I want another one to have to switch into when the initial one gets dirty..Idk if I should get a medium or small

More before pictures

If I remember, I'll try to wear the same set in the pictures so you guys as well as myself can see the difference. Im ready for this waist to be snatched!! Lol. I already have a figure but it's a little deceiving when I turn around lmao.. I'm 5 days away so excited, not nervous at all yet. Just ready to be done and recovering =)

Massages or no??? Vets help pls

My Dr didn't say the lymphatic massages were necessary and I see a bunch of girls here actually do them. It seems like it helps a lot with drainage and overall recovery but I'm unsure. I looked some up in my area and they even say it's good to do pre and post op.

I was thinking maybe do 3-5? At the same time, Since my DR didn't recommend them, I wonder if I should pass on it.

Was it really beneficial to you girls who had them? And if you didn't get them, so you regret that ??

So hard to stay away!!

I told myself I wouldn't log back on until post op but I can't help it!! Lol. I'm two days away and I'm just trying to make sure I did everything needed. I'm cleaning up my entire house today, already went grocery shopping for the next week or so. I thought a good idea since I'm a write would be to keep a handwritten journal. I've been doing that and I think it would help with the emotional roller coaster that may or may not occur with me. I also took lots of before pics that are staying in my phone just so I have something to reflect on and remember it was worth it.

Luckily I have enough time to heal before anything is needed. I'm not working until 12/7 so I have lots of time to recover. I can't wait until thanksgiving though, whoooo!! Lol.

Anyway I don't have much to say, just bored and anxious. Still not nervous. I just want to get it over with.

Night before!

Hey dollS. So it's the night before surgery. It gets real tomorrow y'all. Wish me luck. I'm currently at dinner with my bestfriend. So the next time I'll update is post op!! :)

See you guys in bootyland lol

Made it

Tired af and sore. will be back. Thanks for y'all that prayed for me. Pain is manageable . I'll update later

Mini update

Today was an emotional roller coaster. I cried like a baby when I woke up from my nap at home. Not out of pain though it's just I'm emotional. I probably told my bff I love her 50 times today lol. Future dolls pls have someone with you or at least stay at those recovery houses or something. So what hurts is my front bra line. It's sore. My butt feels heavy. 3-4/10. I'm staying on top of my meds.
I ate today with no nausea. I had a bunch of water and Gatorade. Mini sleeping spurts. Ok I'll update again tomorrow


Help !!!

I think I'm getting a fever and my stomach is so tight. I've been walking today around my apartment and my butt feels heavy and tight. Idk if I'm over doing or under doing. No muscle relaxers unless doctor prescribed says the pharmacy. They told me if symptoms persist Monday then call my doctor.

My stomach is sore, can not take deep breaths. I cried again today which hurt my stomach ughhhhhhhhh help me I feel so miserable and helpless

Some pics and update

Today was better. I've been walking more and eating. Able to sleep for two-three hours at a time. I have a memory foam mattress and I sink in so I now sleep on the couch. I stop taking my hydros they made me super dizzy and groggy. I think I was taking too many anyway. My friend washed my garment and I was out of it for maybe 30-45 minutes which was cool. I'm so swollen. I want my body to go down I feel beefy lol. But goodness putting in back on had my ears ringing, I was about to faint. It felt so tight. I don't wanna take it off ever again lol. I haven't had a bowel movement yet and I don't even know how I'd use the bathroom to be honest. Butt is stiff and I can't even push. (TMI sorry girls) I took two stool softners early this am so hopefully it kicks in tonight or tmrw am. My friend leaves tomorrow afternoon and I really don't want her to but I'll be okay hopefully.

Trying to make sure I covered everything. Um not draining anymore. I think my incisions closed. I still have two stitches at the top of my butt but the doctor will remove them I believe. Or they will fall

Ok I think that's it for now

Booty pics lol

Forgive me y'all. I finally snapped a pic of my booty with the garment off it. I'll do a full body one sometime this week I hope.

Update. I'm doing way better. Worst day was Saturday. Walking and stretching a lot more. Getting off the bed is easier. Still no bowel movement :( honestly don't even know how I'd manage my booty so hard y'all lol. Anyway, no pain pills like I said last time. Just 600mg ibuprofen before bed. One throughout the day. Arnica dissolvable tablets like twice a day(4 total). Really bored. I wanna make a sx Instagram. Heard there's lots of support there too

Side by side

1 day pre op vs 4 days post op


I have a separate sx Instagram. Follow me guys :-)


5 day update

So I'm better everyday. Officially no ibuprofen today. I took 200mg last night and that was it. I have to keep reminding myself to eat. Before this surgery I would only eat once a day and snack on candy (bad I know) today I stayed hydrated but I only ate a nutra grain bar. Luckily my friend came by and ran to chic fil a for me lol. Won't do that again

Finally had a bm. Actually yesterday I had one and another today. Should I still take stool softners or since I've had my first my body resumes to normal???
I took an unassisted shower and baby let me tell you it was half way to hell. I got dizzy coming out. I had a chair inside to rest my head on just in case this happened. Then snapping my garment back on had me ready to faint. I just don't wanna take it off ever again :( on s good note I feel thoroughly clean !!!! Baby wipes and bird baths suck. Lol. I have a post op appt tmrw and I may have to drive, hoping not but worst case that's what I'll have to.

Update baby with pics

I'm doing so much better than this time last week of course. I'm moving I'd say 95% normal. It feels like rocks are in my butt though lol. I've been off all pain pills in mcluding ibuprofen since Thursday I believe. I ended off taking one before bed but even that wasn't necessary anymore. I had my post op appt Thursday and got my stitches out. I told my dr the garment was uncomfortable because one, it steals at the top on your shoulders and it's a onesie. He told me I could modify it because all I really need is compression on my stomach and waist etc. New waist cincer will be here tomorrow and then I'll switch.
My shape is coming in nicely, swelling going down. Pics are posted below, I've been on Instagram lately with pics (Nctaughtyou) which is also why they're labeled!! Find me on there guys I love it. But I have to remember where I started (real self) haha so I'll still update this one

Dress pic

Honestly in awe of my body. Even though my before wasn't horrible but still, squats would never give me this!!! I know volume loss and other changes can still happen but I'm happy. My right side of my waist is going down faster than my left but no biggie. I'm just able to notice the curve better personally .. Enjoy =)


I have the itch attack now. It's so irritating and then the burning sensation has come as well. I already tried Benadryl gel but It doesn't work. I found that freezing my ass off gives some relief.( turn air way down when I'm sleep) but even that is annoying. HELPPPPP lol

Video update

Hey rs babies. I'm on Instagram so much that I barely update this. I know it's some of you who don't have one so I have to remember to come back and not forget where I started lol. So today makes me 17 days post op. No pain at all. More so tightness and the occasional burning sensations. I started taking Claritin for my itchiness and it has helped. Idk if I really wanna take these pills everyday just because it is medicine but it's a life saver for me. My booty is firm but at the same time I can make it move a little. The top of it and the cuff are soft but the middle is sill firm. Oh I don't wear the garment from my dr anymore which I believe I said in the last review. I use a compression cincer and waist shaper from Walmart now. I sleep mucccchh better now and no dents!!

Over thiss

I become tempted to delete this and even instagram at times.. I feel like at this point I don't need real self anymore and I don't really interact with many people on here. Its like the same three, maybe four dolls I talk to? Instagram is okay as well but it seems a little too intense as far as how serious some of these girls take their pages (&&others) . I really think since I've been off work for like a month now, I just get on to respond if someone asks me something or just to upload a pic (insta). I'm starting work again on 11/23 so I won't really have too much free time like I do now..so we will see how I feel then

Just stopping by!

Hi guys. Not sure who still follows me or sees my posts. I took down most of my pics from before since I don't use realself, only Instagram (Nctaughtyou) I'm coming up on four months post op. I'm happy with my results still. Not sure my measurements at this very moment, since I never check myself lol. I still get a burning feeling when I wake up or been sitting in one position too long. I can dance, my booty is completely soft now! I stopped wearing a waist trainer so long ago. (Not advising that you guys stop) but I pretty much stopped in December. Anyways feel free to ask questions whatever, follow me on Instagram. Here's a couple pics

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