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First off let me just say how happy I am that I...

First off let me just say how happy I am that I found this site. Everyone on here seems so friendly and helpful, it's such a nice community!
Now, I haven't gotten the procedure done yet. But it's only two weeks away, with my pre-op appointment later today! I am beyond excited. I developed very early (C cups by the 4th grade) and have never in my life had "normal-sized" breasts. The fact that in just two weeks I'll be small and free of neck and back pain makes me cry with joy.
I feel so much optimism towards this procedure. I believe that for the first time in almost ten years I'll be comfortable in my body. When I developed, I developed FAST, meaning I had some horribly gigantic stretch-marks on my boobs as young as 10. I stopped going to the pool and beach because other than the fact that I couldn't fit into any bathing suits, my peers would stare and make fun of me for them. Some thought I had been scratched and hurt, some thought I had scribbled on myself with red marker. I remember a rumor started at school that I stole my mom's bras and stuffed them with paper towels.
Before I end this update, I have a few questions for those who have already had the procedure done. What sort of things do I need for the surgery and post-op? I know I need a surgical bra and some button-up shirts, but are there any other things that are useful enough to invest in? Thank you very much, any info helps!
I'll try to update after my pre-op. Til next time, friends.

February 23, 2016: Pre-OP

Just got back from my pre-op appointment! Nothing to say really, it was actually pretty short, just went over some basic stuff with the doctor, made sure I had the prescriptions for my pain meds for post-op, things like that.
The one thing that is really making me worry is that the doctor said I would most likely be coming out somewhere around a D. That just still seems large to me! I really really really want a C cup, just to be nowhere near where I am now, get it? And C cup just seems like the most ideal size....
Probably just my anxiety talking. And who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and come out with a C after all. I have lost some weight since the consultation and was wearing a pretty baggy shirt today, so maybe he just couldn't see that I was a bit thinner? (not as thin as I wanted to be during the surgery sadly...even with diet and exercise I didn't lose as much as I wanted....)
Alrighty, that's about it....I'll probably update again sometime next week!
Til next time, friends.

February 24, 2016: "Before" Photos

I never thought I would be confident enough to upload pictures like this online, but this website has such a great community that I was actually looking forward to doing so today!
Other people's photos have helped me so much and have been great reference, I hope these help out some other folks as well!

February 24, 2016: "Before" Photos

I never thought I would be confident enough to upload pictures like this online, but this website has such a great community that I was actually looking forward to doing so today!
Other people's photos have helped me so much and have been great reference, I hope these help out some other folks as well!
(I made this same post earlier, but it looks like the pictures didn't upload properly! Hopefully it works this time.)

February 26, 2016: Venting

Just gonna vent about some things I've been worrying about lately regarding my BR surgery....
When I found out that I was approved for the procedure in December, I made myself a promise that I would reach my goal weight (within 5 pounds) by the time of the BR so that I would guarantee a C cup or smaller. I'm ashamed to say that while I have lost some weight, I am still very far away from my goal.....
I'm worried that after my BR when I reach my goal my boobs will not shrink with me and be too big for my body again, or that they will shrink and become low and saggy.
Does anyone have experience with weight loss (around 20ish pounds) after breast reduction? How did it end up?

March 8, 2016: The Night Before

Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm less than 12 hours away from my BR!!!!! It's right at the start of the day at 7:30 am, but I have to get there early at around 5:30 am, meaning I'll probably have to get up around 4:30 am meaning I probably won't be sleeping at all.
I'm very nervous and very scared and very excited!!!!! Gosh I just can't believe this is actually happening and that by this time tomorrow I'll be able to stand up straight and not have major back or neck pains I just can't wait!!!!
Well, enough of my rambling for now (I can go on for ages when I'm nervous!). I'll update you guys as soon as I get situated after the surgery and try to post some good pictures!
Til next time, friends.

March 9, 2016: 12 Hours Post!!!

Hey everyone!!!! I'm happy to say that the surgery went very well with no complications or problems!!!!!
My mom and I got to the hospital at 5am to check in and then went through all the fun of pre-op. The IV was pretty horrible at first, I felt really faint and nauseous for a few minutes but thankfully it passed after about 25 minutes. After I was all marked up (I wish I had the chance to take pictures!!!!!), they wheeled me into the OR and the rest is history (they said the sedative wold work fast and damn they ment it!).
I woke up feeling a bit disoriented but not in a lot of pain. I wad discharged from the hospital about two hours after that.
So far I've just been relaxing at home in my fantastic pillow fort I set up on the couch before I left the house.
I've already had to change a bandage because there was some bloody discharge (I think i may have been moving around too much) but other than that everything has been great and the pain minimal (thanks, meds!)
I'll be sure to post some pictures by Saturday, when I get to take my first shower!

March 11, 2016: 2 Days Post-Op

Two days post-op!!!!
I'm not gonna lie, yesterday was pretty crappy. I think I slept on my neck at a weird angle because I had a really terrible headache for the whole day. The pain meds I'm taking didn't do anything for it either, it just helped with the pain on my boobs from the surgery. I was also really groggy and sore overall, I barely moved all day I just sat on the couch watching Brooklyn 99 for like eight hours.
But the good news is that I'm feeling a million times better today!!!! My headache is completly gone (knock on wood) and while I'm still sore, it's nothing the pain meds can't handle. Later on today I'm going to try to get up and walk around the house a bit so I don't get all stiff.
Earlier yesterday my sister and I compared sizes, and I look smaller than her!!!! She's a D cup, so I must be somwwhere around a C! (and that's WITH all the swelling, they'll be even smaller in a few weeks!!!!)
I'll upload some pictures on Saturday after I take my first shower. My family has been hovering over me non-stop the past few days, so I can't exactly whip my boobs out and take a picture.
Til next time, friends!!!

March 12, 2016: 3 Days Post (with pics!!!)

Finally took a shower and finally took some updated pictures!!!!! The left is a bit bigger than the right, but I think that's just from swelling (the left has been more sore and bleeding a bit more than the right, so that makes sense).
But I am so happy with them I think they're just perfect!!!!! They're so small and tiny and cute I love them!!!!!!

Quick Update w/ Pics

Some considerable changes since this morning. My left breast has become considerably more swollen and my bruises are way more visable. Also having some crazy bad itching all over my breasts, not just the stitches, that have been driving me mad!

Some General Questions

As of now I am 6 days post-op! I can't believe it's almost been a week. But, my post-op appointment with my surgeon isnt until Thursday and I still have questions.
How long will it be until the feeling comes back to my breasts? I can feel them more than yesterday and the day before but they're still mostly numb.
When does the swelling start to go down? My left breast is much much larger and sore than my right. If it wasn't for the soreness I would think that my surgeon made me lopsided!
When can you start putting stuff on your stitches to stop them from itching?
I'm gonna ask my surgeon these questions when I see him next, but I still really want to know, especially about the numbness and swelling!

Before and After Comparison

I know these are pictures I've uploaded before, but I wanted a direct side-by-side comparison. I just can't stop starring, look at the difference!

March 16, 2016: One Week Post-Op!

Time just flies by, doesn't it? I'm one week post-op today!!!! The soreness has gone down a lot, but the swelling and numbness is still there. I know I'm probably just being paranoid, but I'm afraid they won't go down again! The left is so much larger than the right I'm starting to get nervous...
My post-op appointment is tomorrow morning though so I'll update after that.
Still so worried!

April 1, 2016: Three Weeks Post

Well, technically it's three weeks and one day, but it's been pretty busy for me recently!
The healing has been going GREAT my PS said that everything was looking perfect at my post-op appointment. The swelling has gone down considerably but I can still feel a few places that are still swollen. Also, my left is still a but larger than my right, but I still have plenty of time before they become "settled" so I'm trying to stay optimistic that they'll even out more.
Other than that I really don't have much to update on. Obviously I've been walking better and can actually wear the few button-up shirts I have, but I guess that was kind of a given.
Til next time friends!!!!

Anyone else experience this???

I got out of the shower about half an hour ago and I just noticed that I must have accidently torn off some scabs around my nipple because the wounds are now open and slightly draining, very similar or maybe even identical to the fluid that was draining directly after the surgery. Should I call my PS? Is this dangerous? I've included a few pictures. This is on my left breast, which has been my problem one since the beginning (lots of swelling and draining, is still bigger than the right :( )

healing progress

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around that much. Finals are just around the corner and I'm trying to get my rear in gear.
My breasts has been healing fairly well with the exception of the left one. Oh, Lefty, why must you trouble me so???
The soreness has gone down a whole bunch and can even sleep on my side again, but I'm thinking about staying on my back just due to the left one.
There are some splits that have been draining still and they're just a pain in the ass. If you look at the picture I posted (that may or may not be upside down idk cellphones are weird) you can see two, one on the vertices incision and one on the horizontal.
The vertical one has completly closed but it's not healed. It's like a blister, I can still feel fluid underneath. The two scabby areas to the sides of it are from a bandaid I put on for the leaking. I had no idea my skin was that dry, it just came right off! I'm using lotion now.
The bottom one on the horizontal incision just started leaking again a few hours earlier. Just clear fluid, no blood or anything.
Other than that things have been great. Walking up stairs to class is no longer torture and I have found a lot of cute button up tops to wear!!!
I'll try to start updating more frequently! Till then, friends!

rant and questions

I am just so done with these little holes/tears in the incisions on my left breast. My right is healing PERFECTLY the only flaws being one or two tiny tiny scabs. On the other hand my left now has three small tears in the incisions (one on the vertical two on the horizontal).
I'm not worried about them, I've seen plenty of other people on here with similar openings and they don't hurt and aren't infected. I'm just pissed that it'll leave a much bigger scar on my left than on my right!
So, question time! Any answers would be REALLY super helpful.
1) How long does it take for these little holes/tears to heal up? Should I do anything to help the process?
2) What are the best scar-reduction cremes you know of? How well have they worked?
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