A few NEW pics @ 6wks I am a VS 32DDD!

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Well as you can tell by the title, I feel that I...

Well as you can tell by the title, I feel that I have slim to no breast tissue. It's become much more evident after my second kid. I'm 29 y/o, 5'3-4" (rounding up) and I usually weigh120lb but recently have slimmed down to about 115lb. I think its because I haven't been able to work out and keep on my muscle and also b/c of my hectic routines as of late. I am a former athlete and have kept a reasonably athletic build and was fine with my athletic boobs which were a 32A, but now its come to a point where I cannot fill any of my pre-baby bras (my A cup bras?!?!). I'm tired of using those self adhering "chicken-cutlets" as I call them in my strapless dresses, lol.
I was planning on getting a BA about 4 years ago, and had set up everything, to then find out that I was pregnant! Needless to say it didn't happen then and now that my husband and I have decided that two children are enough, I'm now scheduled for the surgery 4 yrs later :). I've been reading many posts by the women on this site and have decided to join in now that my date is so close. I'm getting my BA this week 12/20 and getting excited but I am still hesitant on size. I told the doctor I wanted a full C small D and he recommended 400cc silicone as the starting point and going down or up by 50cc. But for some reason 475cc is in my head and I am pretty sure I won't go smaller than that; but I'm wondering whether another 25cc and topping off to 500cc would make a difference. Everyone says I may regret not going larger, and that it will weigh on me but I don't know...will 25cc make that much of a difference?

Everything is speeding by, I need to make sure I...

Everything is speeding by, I need to make sure I keep myself on top of it all, and don't get lost in the rush. I'm at work and time has flown by as I browse this review site. I'm finding everyone's stories so informative. But I am so lazy, I just finished my classes for this semester and I just want to chill but I know the tough part is ahead of me this upcoming recovery sounds like it may be rough. I read how everyone has nested their homes for their impending "arrivals", washing cleaning laying out meds etc. :) and I sit here telling myself to make a list, get up do something...I'm on the epic fail list at the moment, lol. Maybe it's because I'm traveling out of town for my surgery, I always kind of wait till the last minute to get my stuff together. I'm just feeling kind of blah right now, maybe I just need to eat, so low in energy at the moment. I should be excited, don't know what's up. Last night I did the rice test, filled each with ~500cc worth of rice and my husband thinks its looks great, I agree but when I put them in this morning and picked up my 1 yr old I couldn't help but laugh...he was pushed away from me by the falsies it just felt off, I showed some of my girl coworkers, who have been following my journey for the past couple of months and they think they look great too, but I'm coming to realize that they may not fit my lifestyle and I'll need to go smaller. I'll be more than happy to have boobs where none was before and have to keep telling myself to not to get greedy. Can someone remind me, do you lose about 25cc or 50cc if the silicone implant is under the muscle? I've been trying to keep that in mind as I juggle between sizes.

Still need to talk with my PS on whether we will go with high profile or moderate plus, I'm leaning towards moderate plus, because my original goal was a natural larger breast, my sis on the other hand wanted a more false look so got the larger size and high profiles, but hey...to each their own. I'm also just worried about my 2 kids, 3yrs and 1yr. old. Lifting and picking them up, esp. to un/load in the car seats is going to be challenging, still trying to find a way around that one. I love playing, wrestling, dancing and acting just plain silly with them...I really hope I can recover quick enough that I can continue on with that!

On a side note I went out with the girls last night, and boy did I want that cocktail(s), lol but stuck to water don't want to give my body a reason to start giving me trouble 2 days out from surgery. I'll probably post a few picts tonight..Anyways...we'll see if that list gets written tonight...or early tomorrow morning before I have to hit the road. Ttyl.

Ok, so today is the big day, just sitting here on...

Ok, so today is the big day, just sitting here on the couch until I need to get ready to go in at 11:30am. Trying not to exert too much energy since I stopped eating around 7 something last night. Hopefully I'm not in my gown freezing for hours until they finally decided to wheel me back, lol. But I'm excited to say the least, I was laughing with my friend, I asked her, "so the world is suppose to end tomorrow right?, that means I spent all this money and I won't even get to enjoy my boobies...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" LMBO. Well best luck with all the other 12/20 BAs today. Ttyl.

So my surgery started on time and from what I can...

So my surgery started on time and from what I can tell, appears to be a success. I ended up with 425cc high profile silicone. At my consultation earlier in November, I said I wanted 500cc, then as the days passed I changed my mind to 475cc then today when talking to my Dr. he recommended 400cc for the look I wanted, a full C small D. He said that would achieve my results based on my body. My sis, who has 500cc, said I'll be upset with myself if I went with 400, so I became hesistant and unsure again and talked back and forth with the Dr. and staff about 400 or 450cc and then I just said I'll do 425cc as a compromise for myself :) I would be happy and content and know that they would look natural. As one of the ladies from this site had said, which made sense to me, If I ever wanted more cleavage, it doesn't hurt to get the look with a bra, I never thought about it like that but I agree, it's nothing a bra can't fix. I am a very active person and I think I would be unhappy with huuuuuge boobs, but I just didn't want to regret something. They are looking great and after the post-op tomorrow I will hopefully get some photos and upload. I want to upload with my pre- at the same time, so a comparison can be made.

I have pretty good mobility with my arms, but I couldn't twist off the caps to my meds, had my friend help me with that. Speedbumps and potholes aren't fun either (I found this out today, lol). My friends and I drive back home tomorrow (4hrs away), so I hope we can avoid those at all cost :(. I'm eating normally, just has a slice of pizza so I'm happy I can tolerate normal foods. I have a feeling I will definitely have morning boob but my tolerance for pain is pretty good.

I hope all my 12/20 BA girls are holding strong and recovering well. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I'll try my best to answer.

Good Evening everyone, I am doing very well to say...

Good Evening everyone, I am doing very well to say the least. I take my medication like clockwork, but I probably do not need the pain meds anymore but take them as a precaution. My kids, husband and I have been hitting the town as of late shopping and doing other community service events. I'm feeling pretty good, I massage 10x a day with the various exercises given to me by my nurse. I've uploaded new pictures today (3 days post-op). These boobs are the size for me. I fill out my dresses and just look like a fit mommy :). I love them and my husband does too! YAY to both of us, lol. I have not been measured yet, but I'd like to think that I would be a full C. Anywho...hope everyone is doing well and finding as much accurate information as possible...be as informed as you can because this is a very serious decision. Take care of yourselves, ttyl!

Hi Everyone, It is now the 5th day almost 6th day...

Hi Everyone, It is now the 5th day almost 6th day since my surgery on 12/20. I am still doing pretty good. I have a little ache in my left side of my left breast because my 3 yr old son thought it would be fun to grab onto my arm an try to hang his whole body weight from it....ummm not so much! I placed a bag of frozen peas on them because of that. But other than that no complaints. I've been on my massage routine religiously and have been doing some additional soothing massages (cuz I love touching them as well, lol). I had a few of my girlfriends over yesterday to take a look and they think they look great, they were worried I'd come home with gigantic tatas, but these work just fine. they even bought me bras for my Xmas gift, :).

The swelling near the top of my breasts is decreasing little by little and overall these boobies are not getting in the way at all (just an FYI, if any of the more active girls are concerned I would encourage a full C to small D size) to still feel sexy and not worry about the heavy bounce if you were to work out. I'm not sure that after all my swelling dies down and my implants settle if I'd measure as a small D, I have a feeling I'm a very healthy C, but I don't really care at this point, cuz like I said before and what I keep telling myself, some sexy bra and panties can up the "WOW" factor any day of the week, haha and I can look like any D cup/well endowed woman if need be, lol in any outfit just gotta know how to work it, know what i'm saying, :-P

These badboys right here are just what I need, the Dr. said 400cc on the day of my surgery but my gut said 425cc so I decided to go with my gut! Not sure if the brand matters but some of you ladies have inquired, I went with the 425cc High profile Naturelle silicone in each (the dr. said I had decent symmetry). The incision was under the breast crease. The steri strips are still on until I see the Dr. again on the 4th of January, until then I've been told to use a hair dryer set on low and just blow dry them after I get out of the shower.

Because I've gone from a 32AA to a C/D? so quickly, I've chosen to rub Palmer's tummy butter on my breasts every day, it's what I used for both of my pregnancies and it helped me avoid stomach and breast stretch marks throughout pregancy and breastfeeding (when my weight and breasts ballooned up to a D-DD). But I'm sure everyone has their own remedies for that sort of thing, so find what's best for you :) I'll update the photos as progress continues.

Anywho, I guess I'm done rambling on for the night. Like always, if you have any questions let me know. Ttyl, and have a safe and happy holiday!

Well they are softening up now, and the zipper...

Well they are softening up now, and the zipper sports bra I was sporting is starting to squeeze the begeezee out of them, they can't wait till I unzip them an let them out, lol. I slept one night (still elevated) but with no bra on and the next day they had softened up and seemed to relax more. I've worn my original surgical bra a few times with a few of the clasps undone and that felt pretty good too. Still using my tummy butter for them and I think the incisions are healing because the past 2 days the "itch" has be increasing, so I lightly glide my fingers over the steri tape to ease the itch, lol. My nipps have been on highbeam alert all day and night since the first day, don't know if anyone else has had this occur, and my L areola appears to be slightly larger than the left, it may have been the case before my surgery but I don't remember but it's more noticeable since the implants but I don't care, boobies are never perfectly symmetric :( Still happy with my cc choice, I've tried on a few dresses and the curves are GREAT, I've posted 8 day post op photos, don't know if they look very different from the first few days but they are feeling diff; anywho...everyone have a day/night....ttyl.

Well I'll have my 2 week PO tomorrow. I've seen...

Well I'll have my 2 week PO tomorrow. I've seen changes in my boobs that I've read about a million times on the site, i.e. drop rate, firmness, sensitivity etc., however when it happens to me, I begin to worry, lol. It's a shame, but I gotta keep reminding myself that it's only been two weeks. They pretty much look the same as when I put up my 8 day PO photo.
I'm left handed and noticed my L to be a little more "plump" and softer and slightly larger than the R, and it's nipple sensitivity is driving me crazy...I did something really dumb that I will not recommend for any to follow. In an attempt to prevent chafing, irriation, etc. I placed a bandaid on my nipple, when I removed the bandaid at the end of the day, the skin under the adhesive part of the bandage had become aggravated and some was actually pulled off...OUCH! Need I say this is a very uncomfortable mistake to make...on one hand I'm supposed to wear a bra, on the other, my wounds need air to begin to scab and heal....the bras were continuing to delay the process. That was such a DOH! moment, lol and I can't wait to hear what my PS has to say :(.
Other breast experiences...I believe I've developed Mondor's disease, which I've read is a condition that resolves eventually (thank goodness!) I'll try to confirm that tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm not really concerned, but it has caused an uncomfortable pull when I raise my arms above armpit level, its a little more severe in the R breast. I've been massaging and adding light heat to the area and it helps loosen it a little afterwards but the bands are still visible. Overall my healing is going well, I still have on my steri-strips because I'm not sure if I was to remove them or keep them on till the 2 wk appt, I haven't taken a pain pill in over a week. After I stopped the meds, I noticed my "inclined" sleep position suddenly became so uncomfortable, and I find myself shifing in my sleep onto my back and on my side (which bra-less I'm not sure it is a good thing or not, lol).
The semi-annual VS sale began a few days ago :), I went in to see what size I may be and found out at the moment i'm a VS 32DD 34D-DD, which was surprising for me I thought I was a full C. Needless to say, my husband was happy to just hear the "D" word, lol. They look good in the bras I tried, but to tell the truth, I'd like to wait before I start spending a good amount of $ on VS bras until they have finally settled.
Well I'll try to update tomorrow after the appt, I'm hoping to hear from my PS that I have nothing to worry about. Have a great night/day and ttyl.

Well I had my surgery on 12/20, so that makes just...

Well I had my surgery on 12/20, so that makes just about 3 weeks post op. I'm amazed at how much they can change in such a short period of time. All issues I was complaining about earlier, e.g. nipple sensitivity and protrusion, Mondor's disease, slight size and suppleness issues have mostly subsided. Swelling has dissipated but I still have some numbness on each. They get softer every day, and now that I get to sleep on my sides and back, the natural tossing and turning I do throughout the night provides a good way of massaging them. I've gone bra-less for the past two weeks and I haven't noticed any ill effects from it. They are just the right size for me, I love them and can't wait for this FL weather to warm up a little more, I'm definitely going to hit the beaches more this year! If anyone is curious to see the progress, I'll probably post some pics tonight when I get home from work. Ttyl :)

I've have been away from this site for what seems...

I've have been away from this site for what seems like a long time...but I'm checking back in with everyone. Well I had my 6wk po appt this past Friday..doc told me things are looking good, one of my scars is slightly higher than the other but it isn't too bad. He also told me to start wearing an underwire bra immediately and almost all the time. In his words, I have little to no connective tissue and he doesn't want to risk a bottoming out of my implants. YIKES, don't want that to happen. So I went to VS immediately afterwards and was measured band 32 cup size DDD...wowzer! the 32DD was okay but with a slight double bubble as I describe it. Thankfully VS has recently come out with 32DDD size. I will need the support. I'd hate to compromise and get a 34DD because I need the band to be snug to make sure the underwire is doing its thing. The Mondor's cord i developed in the first few weeks has almost completely disappeared, I've also been using scarguard on incisison sites and I guess it's helping...don't know yet.

My husband has said he's noticed a posture change, I now walk with my shoulders more back, girls out :P I'm not doing it on purpose, but I feel that when I keep good posture my bras are more supportive and tight feeling. Plus it makes me feel taller, haha. But boob life is great! Clothes fit great and I get to squeeze them whenever I want, lol. Anywho...hope evereyone is enjoying their additions and best of luck to those awaiting their big day. I'll be adding pictures tomorrow, ttyl.

Here are the picts I promised :)

here are the picts I promised :)
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