550cc High Profile Silicone

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5'6" 133 lbs and im getting 550cc silicone high...

5'6" 133 lbs and im getting 550cc silicone high profile implants in 4 days!

I decided to interview surgeons for my plastic surgery in Oct. '13. I went to a few consultations and ultimately decided on a board certified plastic surgeon who really made me feel comfortable and at ease. It happened to be a bonus that he was also one of the cheaper quotes I received.

I had my pre-op 3 days ago with him and he answered all questions as well as let me try on sizers. I have decided on 550cc silicone implants. I wasn't sure what profile I should get but the nurse told me High Profile is usually the look he prefers, which I'm fine with. I 100% trust his judgement.

My family keeps asking if I'm nervous, to which I practically scream with excitement "NO JUST SUPER EXCITED HEHEHEHE!"

4 more days!

Surgery is tomorrow

I'm so excited!! My surgery is in 24 hours!! I have stocked up on a lot of TV dinners and convenience food.

I find the more excited I become, the more friends I want to tell. And then the friends I do tell are telling other friends, not realizing I hadn't told them. Ugh. Whatever, I guess everyone will find out soon enough!

I told my roommate that my mom, aunt and sister all have implants and he laughed and said "I see the Vanity Gene runs in your family". What a dick! This is why I'm selective on who I want to tell before my surgery. Also, people will try to talk you out of the size you've chosen saying it's too big. IT'S NOT THEIR DECISION, IT IS YOURS. YOUR MONEY, YOUR DECISION, YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE.

See you guys on the other side!

I'll update tomorrow afternoon/evening with pics.

14 hours post-op

I went into the Doctors office at 7:30 (slightly early because I wanted to make we were there on time). I took a pregnancy test and gave my boyfriend my car keys and headed to the back!

The nurse took my blood pressure and asked me a series of general medical questions. She left and I put on my surgery gown (open in the front) and then Dr. Castor came in and marked my breasts with a pen/marker. We talked a little bit about the procedure, he confirmed 550cc's, silicone, high profile, under the muscle with my incision under my breasts. He then had the anesthetist come in and talk to me, he asked me some general Medical questions as well. He told me to turn my gown around so it ties in the back and come into the surgery room when I was done.

I walked into the surgery room and still wasn't nervous. They were really sweet asking me where I grew up and what I did for a living. They were playing Jack Johnson on the mpd3 player :)! He asked me what my favorite cocktail was and I said "gin and tonic" and he said "oh well get ready for it hunny".

The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room in excrutiating pain! I couldn't stand the pain so the nurse gave me a shot of Demeral, which honestly didnt put a dent in my pain. I cannot get over how tight and heavy they were. Feels like cinder blocks are sitting on my chest.

It's been just over 12 hours since my surgery and I feel SO much better. I still need my boyf to pull my yoga pants down when I pee. The first half of the day he fed me.. It's better now and I just fed myself a half of a pb&j. Other than that I had some crackers when I first got home and a poptart that I nursed throughout the entire day.

My doctor told me since the pain is so bad I am allowed to take 2 pain pills at a time today. The smallest things hurt, opening a bedroom door, forget about it!! I've been propped almost completely up in my bed, which is the most comfortable... Otherwise its hard to breathe.

Ok so that's all I feel like typing for now.. Will update tomorrow.

Post-Op Day 1

Not nearly as sore as I was yesterday. I'm moving my arms a lot, per my Dr.'s orders.. i.e. brush my hair and my teeth.


48 hours post-op

My doctor literally told me when I take the ace wrap off not to freak out. He said "I tell girls not to freak out and they come in for their post-op freaking out."

Well, i took the ace wrap off and had a semi freak-out session. They look like Frankenboob x 93839!!!

I was able to take a full shower by myself but toweling off was rough. And forget shaving your armpits!

Post-Op day 2 photos



Sooo... When did everyone have a BM?
It has been 4 days for me and nothing! I took 2 stool softeners yesterday and 2 today. Ughhh I've never wanted to go #2 so bad in all my life!

Post-Op Dr. Appointment

I went to my first Dr. Appointment since my surgery today. Dr. Castor said I look great and he showed me how to massage my breasts. He said I can start massaging today and will be doing this daily (minimum of twice a day) for a few months.

All of those stool softeners and laxatives I took have finally paid off, I had a BM today! Woohoo lol.

Nipples stay the same!

I guess the nipples stay the same!

Post-Op Day 7

My sternum has been hurting the past couple of days. I notice my cleavage is a bit closer together, not sure if the pain is related to this. I still wake up with morning boob, not sure when that goes away. My breasts feel so completely tight and painful the moment I wake up. But once I get to moving around and get some Tylenol in me, it's a lot better.

Everything is so ridiculously heavy, even the lightest of things. Opening my medication was impossible, stupid childproof caps. I can finally put on my cotton robe without feeling like it weighs 800 lbs. Now it feels 300 lbs. Lol

I'm massaging my breasts 3-4 times a day. I was instructed to massage the top half only. It's not painful, just uncomfortable. The massage is to help them drop into the pocket created by my surgeon.

I know it takes a while for them to fully drop and my surgeon even advised it would take me probably closer to 4 months because I went from such a small size to quite a large size but damn that's a long time!

Breast Implant Stretch Marks

I started getting stretch marks on both breasts :( My boyf bought me cocoa butter lotion so I have been slathering and rubbing that in while I'm doing my massages.. I'll take any help I can get.

Today was my first day back at work (desk job). The first half of the day was fine but the last two hours were just miserable. I had to go into the bathroom and massage my breasts because they felt hard, swollen and sore. I felt utterly exhausted by the end of the day. (I've never been so excited to see my icepack.) I came home, threw on jammies and called it a day.


Not liking the shape

I'm really upset about how lopsided they are. I guess I thought they would magically be even/symmetrical after the surgery. It's quite embarrassing when I get cold and my nipples are an inch off.
I would have definitely paid for a lift or something to create symmetry.


I tried on a bra for the first time. Only kept it on for about 1 min, long enough to take the pic.

Uneven Breasts


I feel a lot better about my uneven breasts after reading this!


Not much to report in the way of how they look...

Went to my 3 1/2 week post-op appointment last week and my surgeon told me I need to start massaging them more aggressively. He also gave me a compression strap to wear around the top part of my breasts and told me to go bra-less as much as possible.

I massage like a crazy person, probably 8 times a day and I feel like they're never going to settle. I put the compression strap on as soon as I get home from work and sleep with it on. It really bothered me the first 2-3 days but I'm used it now.

My nipples have been insanely sensitive the past few weeks. The slightest touch of anything on them hurts so bad. I'm told this will dissipate with time and it is because my nerve endings are reforming or something like that.

I'm a happy person, but I've really been down in the dumps the past few weeks. I question my decision on even having this BA every day, mostly because of the way my right breast looks. I just want it to "drop" already!!! I also want side boob!

550cc 7 weeks post-op

I'm 7 weeks post-op and they are SLOWLY dropping, yay. I have a Dr. Appt. next week. Going to ask if I can start wearing a bra yet!

one more pic!

15 weeks post-op

1 Year and 9 Months post-op

Wow it's been a long time since I posted a photo! It's been 1 year and 9 months since I had my 550cc high profile silicone implants done. At first I was upset with how uneven they were, then I realized, that's how my breasts were BEFORE the procedure. Now I absolutely LOVE them. They're beautiful and huge, just like I asked for :). You can't even tell they're uneven when I'm wearing a bra.
Bras: I find myself wearing 34DD Full Coverage, lightly lined bras from Soma. They seem to fit better than VC bras.
Swimsuits: Near impossible to find tops that fit! Old Navy extra large tops are the only tops I could find that covered the most.
Wardrobe: I had to seriously toss almost all of my work dresses and a bunch of tops. I've since replenished my wardrobe with some very nice items. I still dress professionally at work but find it quite hard to find dresses that don't show cleavage, because, well, let's face it.. I have A LOT of cleavage (even when I'm not wearing a bra).

This is probably my last post. Good luck to everyone searching for their dream boobies :). Happy to say I've found mine.
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