Breast Revision and Brazilian Butt Lift the Same Day - Tampa, FL

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Hi I'm getting breast revision because my left...

Hi I'm getting breast revision because my left breast is bigger then my right it's also starting to hurt. I'm just scared about the scar. I'm cut around the nipple now. I was reading on here scarless breast life. It sounds great!! But the doctors are saying it doesn't last. Anyway, Why am getting that done I decided to get the Brazilian butt Lift at the same time. I'll post after pictures a month after. Wish me luck!

Less then 24 hrs after surgery

Lesson then 24 hours after surgery.

5 weeks after surgery

The Brazilian butt lift I love!! Breast Revision surgery ... They look good as far as position and size but one areola is bigger and one nipple is bigger. Small things that can be fix this spring.

Hi seven weeks

Seven weeks after surgery. l've worked out one day for 20 mins. Love my improve body.

Since October 2- nov 28

My body is looking better every day.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Perez did my friends Brazilian butt lift. He also has done a lot of breast argumentation. I feel comfortable with him doing them the same day.

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