29 Yr Old Mommy, a Little Saggy Want Bigger Breasts - Tampa, FL

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My implants still look good, they're just a little...

My implants still look good, they're just a little saggy and I want to go bigger. I regret not going bigger the first time. I'm torn bc it's scary and my husband is unsupportive. But idk when I will have this money again. Anyone else in that situation? Should I just do it? He thinks it's selfish of me. Mine are currently 375 cc high profile silicone gel. I'm thinking about going to 600!! Ahhh I want opinions on allo this! Also I only consulted with one dr, dr Buchanan. I'm nervous about going to another doctor.


I now live in Santa Barbara and have to pick a dr for remove replace. I saw dr Buchanan, anyone been to him?in nervous going to another dr


I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old. After ba what will and won't I be able to do to care for them? I know I can't lift the 3 yr old.

Going to make the date

I'm really excited I'm going to make the date for my ba, and going to go for 550-600cc...afraid to tell my my husband as he is against it :(


Ok now I'm getting scared 600 will be too big. I don't want to have to do this again bc of complications. Maybe 550 would be better? I don't knoooow!!!!


Today I meet with the nurse to possibly set a date for my breast revision surgery. My husband ripped me a new one last night for wanting to do this. He says that I am being selfish. It's my money, but he wants me to spend on the family not on myself. But I know I won't be happy if I don't. I'm afraid I will have to postpone. He really made it clear that our relationship will have problems if I do this. I am so torn. Do I make him happy, or myself happy?

Made the date

I made my date, nov 17. I don't wanna wait so long but I think it will be good to let some time pass for my husband, who gets so angry when I talk about it. I have to find someone to take me, but everyone works weekdays. What do others do? My family is out of the picture and I do not want to ask my in laws...what have others done? God I just need some support. I shouldn't even have to explain myself

Ride to surgery

What if I can't find someone available to drive me to and from surgery? What do people do?

Dual plane

Has anybody had a dual plane breast aug? If so what were your results? Apparently it helps with lifting a little, I hope my surgeon does this. Any experience?


Here are a few of my want pics

Just emailed

With the nurse, the dr answered all of my questions and said he would go for the 550-650 range! I'm so excited, I hope I get 650s! If I woke up with 550s I hope I wouldn't be disappointed. But I trust his judgement. I'm so excited!!!

Ultra high profile

I was planning on getting high profile bc that's what I have, but do I want ultra hp? Any opinions or info are welcome

After surgery

I'm wondering if the different garment that different doctors give after surgery effect the shape of the breast. My first ba my dr had me get a very specific bra, and I loved the shape I turned out and the shape of all of her patients. I'll give photo examples. I'm wondering if I should use that bra or what my new dr gives me after surgery.

My boobs after my first ba

Just wanted to show my first ba, then after 2 kids

Want my new boobies!

I was just looking at pics of my ba when it was new, they look so small! Now I want to go really big. I was just trying to take sexy pics for my man and had to hold up my boobs to keep them from looking saggy. Not cute.


The more research I do the more I think that I want to go even bigger. 600 isn't looking that big to me android I don't want to be disappointed. Someone said they revised to go to 800, others 700-750! I just don't want to regret not going big enough.

Feeling guilty

I went to church today and it made me feel guilty, like I am being selfish by doing this against my husbands wishes. Also, how do I tell him?!? What do I just say "hey, im getting surgery tomorrow " ??? He knows I want to do this but he doesn't know I have a date yet. He has said that he doesn't want to hear about this anymore, just do what I want, but i think it's important that he know that I am in surgery. I would want to know. I just don't know how to bring it up, I hate it when he's disappointed in me :(


Well told myhubby about the plastic surgery and he's so pissed /embarrassed/ashamed of me and my selfish decision. Hehates me. He's also very short tempered and was already annoyed with me. Great


I want BIG boobies. Do you think 800s will be too big for my frame? I'm small but thick! Any and All suggestions welcome!

My husband!

So now he's like practically not speaking to me! Let me go into this s little further... I stay home whith two small children which isn't easy, and while his job is far harder this the dealer made. Not only does he always complain, but he's always referring to his money as his, I cannot buy anything except groceries, even groceries be questions. So my aunt gifted me a car, so I sold my car all by myself and I asked my hubby about it and he said it your money do what you what. He also expressed that he didn't want me to have surgery, and the fact that he didn't want my first surgery makes me wonder if it's the danger...? Anyway he did say well when we have more money I might even help u pay for it. Well that's a trick being that I don't work I have 0 to put towards it. It happens tone the same amount of money as the ba is, and I carried two of his children ruined my body and I think I deserve it. You can't just say do what you want and then give me the silent treatment. I'm not backing down this time, it's happening and and at this point I don't want him around and his negativity. I'm excited and he's ruining it. But if all his money is his money not our money then shouldn't my money be my money, and he will never understand what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body because of something amazing you did (i.e. Carry children)

What size on my frame?

About to work out and thought I'd show how small my 375s look. What size do you guys think would look best on my frame?


Ok I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden I was signed into this account most 12345, and I couldn't get into mine. I got it resolved but I don't know what happened. My husband was messing with my phone but I don't know why he would do that. But yes I was most 12345

Ok now that that's settled..

I'm going for my pre op on the 9th. I've been doing core power yoga everyday to get rid of that last baby weight. I'm so addicted to sweets so it's hard! I'm so excited for my new boobs. I think my husband is ok with it now. He jokingly said , so, how big are you gonna go? We've been getting along really well lately :)

Wish pics

Ok I have my pre op coming up and I want to give my surgeon just a few pics, cuz I've been bombarding the nurse with pics and I do not want to confuse him with too many. These are my 3 fave, but is it kind of confusing bc the first pair are round and the second aren't so round?

Looking at the chart

Well I finally looked at the chart for mentor 700cc projection for hp smooth is 5.8cm and 800 is 6cm. Why does that seem like nothing??

Need to relax

Ok I've seen 800ccs on different girls with way different outcomes. I guess the point is I don't know what's going to look good on my body, I just need to relax and trust my surgeon to give me what I want, whatever that may be. Ok, done obsessing.

New wish pics

I know I need to looking for "the perfect" pair of boobs, but this is what I'm going for


Well hubby agreed that if I sell 2000$ of my fabulous stuff, he will agree to the ba. How do I get money fast?!? Anyone want shoes or bags??


I am nervous because I was looking at reviews of my ps on Yelp, and he had many good reviews but two seriously bad ones. What if I'm making a mistake. I looked through his book of before and afters and there were many many and I liked them....the only ones I didn't like, I didn't like the breast to begin with. I'm really nervous

Next week!

My date is finally almost here! The 17! I can't wait. I met with my ps today and he said that he knows the look I want, it's just his judgement during the surgery what I will like best. So I'm interested to see what I ended up with. He ordered up to 690 for my chest width.

Ok girls...

Tummy(it looks pregnant, not like in the picture from ten years ago) lipo, or injectables, Botox and a tiny bit of lip filler? Any experience on either?

A little late in the game

But my gut, and Jessica :) have made me decide to get a second opinion with dr Neal Handel. I would appreciate prayers, good thoughts and guidance or experience. I hope he can consult with me before my date!

So soon

My date is soon and I'm excited but more scared! I did this with my first ba too, I had the nervous shits, I almost backed out, I needed my surgeon to talk me into it(she was the only on who would lol) but that's what I needed, I needed someone to talk me into it. I was so so happy I did it, so I'm kinda going through the same thing now. That and feeling guilty which I'm really good at. I need support and words of encouragement.

I am so than more than excited!

I'm gonna be so pleased with my results and my little mommy makeover. I'm happy and confident at the moment. :)

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm excited and nervous. The anesthesiologist just called me to make sure she could make me as comfortable as possible. That was nice. I'll keep u guys posted


Today was supposed to be the day, but power went out so no surgerythisvwas the only day y mmy hubby could get off ;(

So I'm going in tomorrow

I'm so excited I just want it to be here. I'm trying not to let my husband bring me down. He says things and then contradictshimselft and I have proof I'm right he says I have a skewed perception of life. So if we were going Togo yesterday, then what's the problem now.im making it so it doesn't affect him and now he's mad!! Wtf

Thanks guys!

I'm on the on the side , and it's like hell, mostly he lipo. I don't even even feel pain in boobs unless I reach for something. I eskers up getting 700 cc smooth, he said that's all the hey could fit lol. I can't take anything off it I will show pics as soon as I can.

I'm so happy!

Haven't seen anything besides a little cleavage that perfectly in the marker like. Still swollen and right I harder a higher than The rest. I hope this doesn't last. I've been having to lift things, open bottles and with my five-month-old because I have no other choice, I hope I'm not ruining my stitches, do you think? I also kind of feel like there is no difference. He said all he could fit was 700, That's a ton of differnce! Can't wait till they flop and fluff and all that lol

Ok I peeked

He he, a little still high and swollen

Did anyone else have this problem?

I'm like super insensitive to all meds, and the the dr gave me like 24 hydrocodone!i had to beg him for 5 Percocet. Like, you cut me open bitch! I don't understand the people who don't need it. I have no pills, Tylenol does nothing for me, I'm so annoyed right now


They are perfect, for don't being dropped yet! I love them. Except the my dr gave me ten pain pills after he cut me up, and then literally called me a drug addict when I asked for more. Let me cut you up and see what you say!

So pretty



They are still dropping, thought I'd just show some update pics

Emotional roller coaster

I haven't been on this site in awhile, I seriously had a panic attack that I couldn't breathe and I really was afraid I went to big. They're starting to style and not be up to my neck tho. I've been on an emotional roller coaster, I don't know if it's the anesthesia (probably). But I'm finally seeing results from the lipo, I look skinny again? Even my husband said I look good. He's been very supportive.


Just thought I'd update. I'm waiting for them to drop, one is a lot higher than the other. He gave me a band to push them down.


Now I am waiting for them to drop, one is still really high so they are different shapes :( I wish the right one would just go down! I'm wearing the band 24/7 to push them down along with a supportive bra. I got the bra my old ps recommended and now I get why she requires this; it gives the perfect shape and support on all sides even on top, even tho they look kind of like torpedoes lol. So he said he lowered my fold on one side to make them even(I didn't know they were uneven) and I'm seeing a bit of double bubble. I asked the Drs and so far they say it will probably flatten out. I just think they will look so much better when they drop and fluff.

Update photos

Ok well the band seems to be working but they still look so different and I'm totally terrified. I love the one that dropped but the other one...I don't know. It better drop!

This has nothing to do with boobs or plastic surgery

But, I am so mad right now! My husband has a bad temper and like throws things when he's mad, and he fucking broke my computer! I'm so pissed right now, he didn't even tell me! What a child. Sorry for the random rant!

Update with pics

I think they are starting to look better...it's hard to get a good photo


Last visit with my dr. He said everything looks good and the right will continue to drop. Hope so, I want them to look the same! I love the left one


Yesterday I massaged the hell out of my right breast mostly, and later at night I had sex and went into the bathroom and though they looked really good and symmetrical! I'm happy with them! I'm still a little bloated from the lipo, but the dr said there is some fat below the abdominal muscle that they cannot take out, so I just need to lose that. Anyone have any diet suggestions that are easy to stick to? I asked my nurse for my before and afters so I hope that puts things into perspective


Thought I'd do an update for you guys even though I don't want to bc they are so uneven!! It's embarrassing!

Oh also!

Does anyone know where to get cheap pretty bras for large sizes (i.e. 34e) that are NOT for plus sizes??? Ross and only has ddd or e in band size 40!! And every other place I've seen they are huge and ugly
Dr. Buchanan

Dr coberly was my dr for my first ba. I don't know to change doctors on this thing, but dr Buchanan did my revision and his whole staff was very nice and inviting. In fact he was the only person I interviewed. Their staff is so nice and caring. And I love my results. Only problem is I told him from the beginning I don't respond to pain meds or any meds easily, and yet he told me to my face I'm an addict bc I needed more than ten pulls after being cut up. Everyone else was great about making me comfortable

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