33 Years Old, No Kids--Happy with my new Boobies! - Tampa, FL

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I'm 33 no kids, currently in between a 34A and 34B...

I'm 33 no kids, currently in between a 34A and 34B. The A cup bras are small but I wear these currently because I have a big space in 34B size bras. I'm going this Monday 8/17 for surgery and I CANNOT WAIT! My PS suggested between 275-325cc round silicone implants. I've already asked to have the 325cc as to not lose any volume since they are placed under the muscle (and from what I've researched you do lose around 25cc per boob when placed under the muscle). I want it all lol. I'm super psyched and excited! I will be posting pics as soon as I get my bf to take some for me. Then of course I will add in my post-op new boobies!!! I would have never been able to find out so much info if it wasn't for this site! Great Job RealSelf!!!

The surgery was a success!

Well on day two after surgery. I was ok out of it the first day. So far, from what I can see, my boobs look great! Now I just have to be patient for it to heal. I received 325cc in both implants and am very happy with the result. I don't any new pics just yet but for now I'll put up my preop photos and one post op. I'll post more pics once the bra can come off.

Surgery was a success!

1st Post-op Appt

I had my first post op appointment today with Dr. Reiger. I feel pretty good and my boobs are doing well. He removed the steri strips off of both incisions, and put a new steri strip on one of the incisions (might need a little more time). Other than that, healing is going great. I am seriously in love with my new boobs! They are changing everyday it seems, can't wait to see the final result!

Day 4 post op pics with bikini

Just some bikini pics to see the difference from my little lime size boobies to my new grapefruit size lol.

7 weeks post op and LOVE them!

Well here are some 7 week post op pics!!! They have dropped not sure if all the way but they feel good and I love them!!!

Comparisons @ 7 1/2 weeks post op

My PS tools some pics this visit and sent me a before and after. I won't lie, I kept going backs me forth about the size, thinking they weren't big or noticeable enough. After seeing the comparison, I do love my new boobs! There is quite a difference and I couldn't be happier. Being too big for my frame would make me look ridiculous and not natural looking. Also, as I was told, however your boobs look before hand, one higher than the other or a nipple facing a different direction, will show after. I'm totally ok with how mine look. That just shows me, they're still my boobs in there lol. Again, I wasn't looking for perfect symmetry, just a fuller chest : )

2 months post op!

Love em to pieces!

7 1/2 month update

Ahhh it's been so long! So I figured I'd add some updated photos. I'm still very happy with them! Boob greed is fading but I'm sure I'll go bigger if I get the chance lol. : ) the only downside is I have a patch on my left boob that is still numb. I'd say it's about 2.5-3inches in diameter. But other than that they feel great!

Pictures 7 1/2 months


Well it's been one year to the day and I still love them. My only and not so important gripe would be the small patch of numb boob on my left breast. Other than that, zero complaints and lots of love for my girls!!

Absolutely amazing bedside manner, kind, calm, welcoming, and completely puts you at ease. I cannot leave out Julie and Valerie from his office... love those two! I would recommend this doctor to anyone. I chose Dr. Rieger because of the wonderful reviews and blogs, the photos of his work, and of course the 30+ years experience, in addition to the two women who complimented his work at the surgery center pre-op appointment (they do not work for him). If you're thinking about getting a BA in Tampa, this is your guy!

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