24 Y/o with One Child in Serious Need of a "Pick Me Up" - Tampa, FL

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I'm 24 years old with a 4 year old. I've always...

I'm 24 years old with a 4 year old. I've always struggled with feeling comfortable with my breasts. I was self-conscious of my breasts years before I ever had my son. I finally decided that now is my time to do something that's going to make me feel better about myself. Planning on silicone implants between 350cc- 400cc. I'm 5'4" and weigh approx 110 lbs. currently a 34 B hoping to achieve a proportionate D cup

First Consult

I have my first two consults this week. The first one is tomorrow afternoon and the second is Friday morning. Getting kind of anxious and nervous. Afraid I'll forget to ask good/ important questions. But aside from being nervous I'm super excited to finally be taking the first (technically second) step toward the BA I've always dreamed of. Wish me luck :)

First Consult

I had my first consult today. It was terrible. I was really looking forward to scheduling a consult with this female doctor in the area (won't mention her name) but from the moment I tried to get in contact with her office I had an uneasy gut feeling. I called and got very vague information and then put in an inquiry and no one contacted me for almost a week and a half and when I did get the call the receptionist/ assistant just said that she wasn't sure if anyone had contacted me which made me feel bad because she made me feel like I was another one in a million. The phone conversation was brief; she asked for my name, date of birth, email and what kind of consult I was interested in. That's it. I never got any emails or follow up calls to remind me of my appointment. I was nervous and anxious. I took the time off from work and when I got there I filled out paperwork and waited a few minutes just to be called into the back by the girl at the front desk. She took me to a small office to tell me that the doctor would not be meeting me for a consult because I'm a smoker and that the doctor didn't perform procedures on smokers. My heart sunk. I felt so bad. She then went on the explain the risks of performing surgery on smokers and I understood. I was just disappointed because I wished they would've told me this when I scheduled the consult. She says its standard procedure to screen all the calls and that whoever scheduled my appointment had put down that I said I was not a smoker. I felt like she was implying that I lied to get a consult. I told her that there was no way I'd lie about something like that and she went on to tell me that I'd have to quit smoking for 6 months before the dr would even consider performing a BA on me and that even then they'd test me to be sure.

The bottom line is that I'm upset by they way they treated me and made my feel. I understand that there are risks and I'm not a doctor and I know that each doctor practices a little differently and I don't doubt that the information she gave me was incorrect, but I still felt horrible after I left that office.

On the bright side, I called the other office for the dr who I have a consult with tomorrow and was treated excellently by his assistant. She apologized for my bad experience and assured me that the dr would still perform the consult and that he'd answer all my questions and let me know what I had to do to prepare for my BA. She was warm and understanding and quickly put me at ease. I've put today's bad experience behind me and an excited for my first consult tomorrow morning. I have a great feeling about this dr and his office. Wish me luck!


My first consult went perfectly! Dr. Castellano and his staff were amazing. They answered every question and even provided me with helpful information that I hadn't even considered asking about. He was very knowledgable and made me feel completely at ease. I was honest with him about my expectations and my doubts and he reassured me that everything would turn out fine. So we decided to go with 400 cc in my right breast and between 430 and 450cc in my left (it's smaller) (Natrelle gummy bear silicone implants) with a periareolar incision with moderate profile projection.

I scheduled my surgery for September 1st :) I'm beyond excited. Let the count down begin!

24 Y/o Counting Down for my Surgery Date - 34B/ 5'4"/ 110 Lbs./ 400cc Natrelle Mod +/ Periareolar Incision Under the Muscle

24 y/o with one child

Currently: 34B 5'4" and 110 lbs Desired size: Small/ full D cup 400 cc right/ 430 - 450cc left Natrelle Moderate profile silicone gummy bear implants Periareolar incision Let the countdown begin ! 9/1/16 I've been waiting for this moment for 6 + years and I still can't believe it's almost that time. I've had so much support and feel confident and happy with the entire experience/ process so far :)

One day til the big day :)

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning :) It feels like it's been a long wait but it's really only Tuesday. I've been through a roller coaster of emotions: anxious, nervous, excited - but overall I'm looking forward to my surgery. I've already had my labs done, filled my prescriptions and started my last minute preparations before my big day. Couldn't be happier!

In heaven <3

I had my surgery today. It was far greater than I could have ever anticipated. I'm beyond happy.

My surgery process went exactly as planned. My nurse (Gerri), anesthesiologist (Dr. Robinson), office manager (Pam) and Dr. Castellano were all amazing.

I didn't feel any pain when I had my IV placed and I never felt anything when they put me under anesthesia. One minute I was awake and waiting and the next minute I was waking up to my best friend and my nurse welcoming me back to consciousness and introducing me to my new girls <3

We had originally discussed going with 400cc's in my right breast and between 430cc to 450cc in my left (as one was larger and hung lower than the other). After all was said and done, the Dr ended up going with 405cc in my right breast and 445cc in my left.

I am beyond happy with the outcome at this point in time. They don't look big in my surgical bra but when my nurse undid my bra to let me take a peek I saw how large they truly were. I understand that they are brand new and swollen and still have a very long road to recovery but even now, I'm confident when I say I LOVE MY NEW BOOBS <3

Feel free to stay tuned in for more updates :) my first post op appt so I'll post another update probably before and after that :)

First Day Post Op

It's my first day post op and I have no real complaints. I didn't sleep much throughout the night but I have been resting in bed. I've only gotten up to use the restroom.

The only thing that I've had trouble with is the swelling and the immense pressure that I've been experiencing - primarily in my left breast (which was the one with more CCs because it was initially smaller).

I've realized it pretty early on that my left breast will be my troublesome twin. This morning was the worst because I was jolted awake by this intense feeling or tightness/ pressure accompanied by a slight stabbing/ sharp pain in the bottom outer side of my left breast. When I lightly touched it, it felt warm to the touch so I went to find my ice packs. Turns out my friend forgot to put them in the freezer to get cold again so I grabbed a bag of frozen veggies and a bag of frozen pizza rolls and used those to cool down my breasts. I dozed off again and woke up to my friend getting my morning dose of medications ready which include:
Methyl prednisone
Multivitamin (2)
Vitamin C (1000 mg)
Vitamin E (400 IU)
Arnica Forte
And another antibiotic that I can't remember the name of right now

Aside from this mornings episode, I feel GREAT :) I'm so happy with my entire experience and am beyond grateful for having Dr. Castellano and his team take such good care of me. He called me last night to check up on my and I'm just glad that he and the ladies in his office have showed me such excellent treatment.

My first post op appointment is this afternoon at 3 PM so I may post another update after I'm back from that appointment.

First Post -Op Appointment Went Well

I was very pleased with today's first post operative appointment with my PS. Again, he and his staff were AMAZING!

The doctor checked me out and said that my implants look great considering it was the first day after surgery.

He asked me how I felt and I told him I felt wonderful. He was willing to answer any questions I may have had but to be honest, I couldn't think of a single question that he hadn't already answered. The only thing that he had to show me was how to massage my breasts. He demonstrated how I should massage my breasts and encouraged me to massage them 6 to 10 times a day. He mentioned that the more I massaged them, the sooner and easier it would be to make them drop and fluff. He and his assistant, Pam, were awesome and I'm grateful to have chosen Dr. Castellano as my PS.

I've been using ice packs and taking all of my medications to help ease the process and now I sense even more of a difference after I started massaging them.

They are quite large and it's been difficult getting used to them but overall I'm very happy with my BA journey so far :) definitely looking forward to their progress within the next few weeks!

Day 2 Post Op

Today marks my second day post op. I'm beyond happy with my recovery at this point in time. I'm not in any severe kind of pain, I've only experienced some mild discomfort but other than that I'm beyond happy and relieved about my BA journey so far.

Yesterday was my first post op appt and my PS said that my twins looked perfect and that they appeared to be heading properly. He taught me some breast exercises so that I could massage my breasts at home to ease any discomfort and improve my healing process. He suggested that I massage my breast at least 6-10 times a day.

To be honest I feel confident saying that the breast exercises have definitely made a positive difference during my recovery. I think my breasts look great so far and have no complaints what so ever.

Day 3 Post Op

I feel the progress already. My breast aren't as swollen and I'm no longer in pain. To be honest I never felt any severe or unbearable pain throughout the beginning out my BA journey. I feel like my twins are looking better and better each day that goes by. My only complaint is that I'm sorest and experience the most discomfort in my left breast. They both seem to be dropping, but my left breast (again my troublesome boob) is taking a little longer to drop. I'm frequently massaging them (my PS suggested a minimum of 6-10 times a day) and although I'm not counting, I feel that I'm massaging them quite frequently and I definitely feel like this has played a major role in my recovery.

Day 4 Post Op

Today's been a pretty good day. I haven't had to take any of my prescribed pain killers all day. I'm no longer in pain, I just feel really sore. I've been wearing my surgical bra all day/ night with the exception of when I shower or when I'm massaging my breasts. But I'd love to get rid of it already as it fits me super tight. I don't think that my breasts are as swollen anymore. My right breast seems to be dropping quicker than my stubborn left breast. But on the other hand my right breast is really bruised, and my left breast (which has more CCs) isn't bruised at all. I also haven't gotten much sleep because I can't find a comfortable position if I have to sit up (I sleep on my sides)

I'm glad to say that overall I'm feeling pretty awesome. The only discomfort that I have is in my left breast- it's very tender on the bottom. My next post op appt is on Friday :)

Two Week Update - Couldn't be happier !

So it's been exactly two weeks since my surgery and I couldn't be happier!

Today I had my 3rd post op appointment and I think I saw my PS's eyes got a little bigger when he was removing the surgical tape from my incisions. He said they were healing really well for two weeks :)

To be honest I was pretty nervous about my incisions and the scarring, but when i looked in the mirror I couldn't hide the astonished look on my face. I'm so in love with them.

I won't lie these first week was sorta like a dream. I don't have any complaints - my recovery has been pretty awesome. I'm just now starting to feel a little sensitive/ sore in my nipple / areolar área but it's not too bad.

They still have a long way to go but I'm definitely happy with their progress :)

Some boobie updates :)

Loving my twins :)

Three weeks and counting

Loving my breasts so far. I'm a little worried about my left breast now. At first my righty was my trouble boob. It was the smaller implant of the two but it seemed to bruise more and was more sore the first week or so. Now I find that my left breast is more sensitive and sore. I've been experiencing tenderness towards the top corner near my axila. I think I may have hurt myself at some point because it almost feels like I pulled a muscle. I've also noticed that my left breast is taking longer to drop. It's almost like that breast as a whole looks smaller than the other but in reality that one is the bigger implant of the two. I'm trying not to get discouraged because I know it's only been three weeks. Sometimes I think I'm overreacting because when I look in the mirror they look pretty symmetrical but in photos I feel like the difference is exaggerated.

On the plus side, my incisions look amazing. I was worried about the scarring but I'm thrilled with how they're coming along. I bought a scar cream from my PS and I'm using it everyday and it has really good reviews so I'm confident that my incision scars will look even better with time.

Dropping and Fluffing

It's been almost a month and my lefty is still pretty high and I'm constantly feeling sore and achy in that breast too. Any insight on the the dropping and fluffing process? I'm afraid that it's going to stay high :(

Bra Shopping/ First Sizing

Yesterday my partner took me shopping for my birthday :) we went to Victoria's Secret and I had the sweetest associate help me (Jackie). I explained that I wasn't completely done healing after my BA and that I was only a month post op but that I wanted to get a general idea of how I was measuring at this point because I'm so over wearing uncomfortable sports bras. The problem with most sports bras for me is that I'm pretty petite around and my breast are significantly larger so most sports bras will be either too loose (and i don't feel like I get enough support) around and the cup/ breast part is usually pretty snug to where the waist band party rises up and settled on my under boob area. She was was very understanding and helpful. She got me some no underwire bras in both 32D and she snuck one 32DD in the mix. After trying them all on, the 32DD ended up being the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. The 32D bras felt really snug against my breasts and the little bralette ones that she brought barely covered my nipples, let alone my breasts as a whole. The same thing happened as before, the bottom of the bras would rest on my actually under boob area. My partner saw how big my eyes and smile got when trying on the right fitting one so she bought it for me :) I can't imagine ever taking it off to be honest because that's how comfortable I feel when wearing it and I feel like it gives me the support that I need while making me look amazing! I won't be buying anymore bras until after my 3 month mark, but I'm happy that I now have this little gem to help me get through the next few weeks/ months


I think I'm somewhere around 6 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier. My breasts are dropping and Fluffing nicely each day and they're perfect. I love their shape and fullness. My scars are healing beautifully as well. Had my second sizing a week or two ago and I bought my first underwire bra (32DDD) :)

Three month update

I'm three months post op and I'm loving my girls! They are settling wonderfully and I honestly have no complaints. My scars have healed beautifully and I'm not in any pain or discomfort!
Tampa General Surgeon

So happy that I chose Dr. Castellano. He and his staff have been amazing from the very beginning. Beyond comfortable with my decision.

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