22YO, 114lbs, No Kids, Weight Flux, Natrelle 410FF - Tampa, FL

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I am so very excited for this transformation, I am...

I am so very excited for this transformation, I am finally a stable weight after constantly gaining and losing 20 pounds when I lived in an area infested with grey skies year round. My pre-op is 6/16 and my surgery date is so soon. Based off of rice dozers I love 350cc but wonder if that is too large for my frame size. Excited to see what the real implant dozers have to offer!

Can it be Pre-Op day already?

As the anticipation really kicks in for my pre-op date, I imagine if I will be able to contain myself when the surgery date quickly approaches! Funny spending your afternoons just looking at photo after photo of boobs and other people's BA journeys. I figured I would share some of the "wish" photos I have saved. Most are from other users here on RS. I can't wait for my day to be here!

Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on 6/16/26. I ended up deciding that (according to the sizers they have in the office) that I will only need around 300cc to get the look I am going for. Any larger and I just look to top heavy. I don't want to go smaller than that, but larger would be okay. So anxious!!

Rice Sizing

It's Saturday and my surgery is this next Friday morning (first thing). I decided I wanted 300cc implants but the implants I am getting only come in 290cc and 335cc is the next highest. I know 10cc is not that much, but I am wondering if I should just get 335cc... Deciding is so difficult right now.

Rice sizer photos

Surgery Tomorrow!!

I can't believe that I am having surgery tomorrow! I had a weird dream last night about the procedure. I am such a heavy sleeper that when I woke up (I was only half awake), I thought I had actually had the procedure done. I was laying on my back when I woke up and I thought to myself "oh no! I'm supposed to be sleeping at an incline!" And "oh wow, this doesn't hurt at all!" Then I slowly raise my arms to grab my boobs (I think my eyes were closed and it was dark) and my small chest was still there. DARN! Haha.

Any ways I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:30am when they open, I'll fill out forms, meet once again with my PS and then my surgery is at 7:00am. The hospital is about 30 minutes away. Because I am so petite, they wanted my surgery early because for those of you who don't know, you can't eat/drink after midnight the day before surgery....

I am still debating 290cc vs 335cc, silly of me because the difference is so small. But I think I might as well go for the bigger size right?

I have added updates pictures and a video so you can see what my boobs look like at a small B.

Holy Moley surgery day!!!

I made a long post yesterday but it never posted!! It was mostly photos which I will try to attach again. Anyways, I'm on my way to the hospital now. Tossed and turned all night all while still getting a good nights sleep. I'll update as soon as possible. I'm SO EXCITED. Naturally have nerves, but not as bad as I was thinking.


Man oh man swollen like melons! The bra I wore to surgery war unbearable to wear since it was so tight so my boyfriend drove me to Walmart and I got some larger bras (XL!?). I am hoping the swelling goes down soon and they drop a little. They are much too obvious right now and I am worried since my PS said the shaped implants don't drop much. Ugh love hate relationship right now.

Why won't my photos and posts about surgery appear!?

I posted about surgery twice (the first one didn't go through) and I thought the second one was pending review or something... Sorry ladies. Any ways here are some current pics. I have the 335cc and they look huge

Post Op visit #1

Sunday 7/3 I called my PS's office because I was having killer headaches that would not go away. My surgeon got on the phone and advised me to stop taking my pain killers and start using ibuprofen instead. Since my pain had mostly passed, I was okay with this. It turns out that after a few days of taking the oxy, I was having a bad reaction (which is weird because I had never had that happen before). The ibuprofen was great actually and I have only been taking that for pain since then. My antibiotics are done and I only used the nausea medication once when I had the headaches because I though maybe I was starting to get nauseous.. I wasn't. I was able to straighten my hair this morning and can mostly dress myself. I am still taking it easy, no over use of my arms, etc.

My first Post op was today. My doctor said that everything looks great so far. He gave me a bandeau band to wear to help my boobs drop over the next two weeks. This thing is NOT comfortable, I tell you. Good news is, my nipple sensation is coming back and he advised that I should massage them so that they get "trained" to stay responsive. He gave me an organic aloe moisturizer to do this with.


"One week"

So it's been a week + a day since my surgery so I thought I would post an update. My boobs don't seem to be dropping how I would like. I don't know if I'm just being impatient or if there is a problem... Turns out the medicine I was put on at my 1st post op appointment is usually used for fighting capsular contracture (when it's not being used for asthma). My PS didn't use those words at the appt probably because he didn't want to alarm me. The medication is zafirlukast aka accolate. I hope he's just being preventative.

I can clearly feel the outline of the implant, which wouldn't bother me as mush as long as you can't see it... We will see. I'm wanting this to be just another time when I worry too much because that IS what I do best.

This is what they look like

This is what they look like just over a week post


I still can't see the incisions because this tape hasn't washed off yet, but my slight bruising has gone away!

A month's mark

Wow what an experience this has been. I have been so lucky to have had such a beautiful end result. I think I am a D though I have yet to be measured and to be honest I don't know if I will ever wear anything except for bralette's again! My boobs are getting squishier and I might be able to sleep on my side, though I haven't tried yet just because I want to check with my doctor first. My 1 month F/U is on 8/4 and I can't wait! Eek! I wish only the best of luck to the other ladies out there who are considering surgery. My best advise is choose a doctor who has done surgery a long time and is well accredited.


Got my surgical tape off today... What were they even covering??!! Hahaha so happy with the incision scars so far. Clean and just looks like a crease

VERY HAPPY 22yo, No Kids, 113lbs, 34b to 34d

I'm not sure how to begin explaining the wonderful experience I had with Doctor Greenwald. I, as all other women do, had very high expectations and I didn't want to settle for a doctor when it came to a surgery that was so important to me. I spent many weeks up all night researching doctors and photos of their work and it wasn't until I came across Dr. Greenwald's website that I found a doctor who's work was exceptionally pure, genuine and natural. I wanted a doctor that would give me natural results and that would help keep me confident each step of the way. Dr. Greenwald was my first consultation and I told myself that I would keep looking until I found a doctor that felt "right". Needless to say, I didn't go to any other consultations after meeting him. Nothing was a factor for me other than knowing that I was in good hands. With Dr. Greenwald's office there was never any doubt in my mind that he was the doctor for me, and his staff was so helpful and pleasant. I was able to tell Dr. Greenwald what type of results I wanted and he listened. Not only that, but I knew he wouldn't allow me to make bad decisions like getting implants that would make me look wonky and out of proportion. I am over a month post-op now and I am IN LOVE with my results. Surgery went well and I have had no complications whatsoever. Today I feel like a new person, more confident than ever and I can't be more thankful that I listened to my instincts when it came to finding the right surgeon for me. So many people choose a doctor that has billboards all across the city; someone who's name is known from marketing alone, but I feel like my diligence in research lead me to find a special gem amongst the rubble. Thank you so much to Dr. Greenwald and his team, you all are amazing.

Balanced proportions

Just a photo to compare to my proportions before and after. Also I tried on bras today for the first time!!! I was too big for a 34D!!! 36c fit better. Didn't try on DD.

Actual bra size

So the other day I was only at target- just looking at bras for fun. today I actually went out and got sized.... I am so petite and I knew 36C is NOT my right size.. Drum roll please? I am a 32DD! Holy jugs batman. I am a happy woman
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Greenwald listened to everything I said, made me feel comfortable, and was there when I had more and more questions. If only all doctors were as attentive as he.

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