Need a buddy for cipla/DR for March 8,2016

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I have been searching for a Dr in the Gainesville...

I have been searching for a Dr in the Gainesville FL area (since i am a student here at UF) that performs the bbl at a reasonable price(5-7 grand) but the best results. After long consideration and research it was down to 2 docs in florida. of the 2, I do believe Im going with Dr Castor in Tampa. These procedures are not available here, so im thinking hey its a 2 hr drive. i can come back for follow up. Im nervous as heck, a have hips but not alot of booty and i do have what they call the "booty do" .... a fat belly. i have seen Dr castor pictures and reviews but i dont see where he has performed this procedure on a "thicker" girl. I am 5'5" and was 233 pounds, and excersise and proper eating habits i am now 170 pounds, im 24 yrs old with 1 child...with the weight lost i have an "anpron" that hangs over my "pocket book". Not a huge one, but big enough to cause some irritation over the last few months and i have recently been approve by my insurance to have a panni. i figured if im gonna go through that, why not get it all done at once. i love my size, though i know i could stand to lose about 20. just want a plump bootay and no gut..ya feel me??? any ladies out there thats a thick girl whos had the BBL in central florida? any other recomendations for docs in the area or docs thats willing to do both procedures at once? Please assist...thank y'all!!

Pre op photos, still working on losing 20lb

Need a new booty. Still working on losing 20 pounds. Any advice??

VANITY: salas, hasan and who is Mcadoo

Called vanity today. Spoke to Anna. She emailed me a health history form and I completed and sent back with the above pre op pics. She said my bmi was 28.6 and that salas and hasan can do the bbl for 4000 and Mcadoo for 3500. I'm ok with salas or hasan. I've sent great results with both but who is Mcadoo???? Any way I'm looking to go end of jan early feb. I need a buddy. Willing to split hotel and cab fees. Any advice from the vets would be great. I'll keep u posted. Be safe and happy healing.
I'm getting excited!!

Feeling a lil scared :(

its been a while, sorry, but trust and believe i have been on here daily. lurking and collecting research. I am scared and excited as the day grow closer. and still on the fenc on if i need a TT or just go with the Lipo/bbl. Im really worried about how my belly will look. i am losing weight trying to get to 160 before feb. i need any and all advice. oh yeah i will be going with Hasan in miami. i will also be going alone so any advice or recomendations on where to stay or anyone in need of a buddy please let me know. so how do i change my doctor to hasan?

Oh Lawd, The calls the calls..Vanity!!!

Hey dolls,Hope u all had a wonderful TG holiday.
I hadnt made my deposit yet, but for the past few weeks my PC Anna had been great. i call she answers, i email she emails back very quickly and had been VERY patient with me; i had appreciated that.. So on Saturday I got a call from a Theresa who says she is a PC and then today not 5 min ago i got a call from Margaret who is also a PC, i dont know about yall but i wanna deal with 1 person. This margaret has emailed me 5 times already today. as i am still on the fence about this procedure I DO NOT NEED THEM TO BE F%CKING WITH ME. i just need some time to think all this over. i feel like i am something they are trying to win ($$$$).... an object.
anywho, just needed to vent. ill keep u all posted..and as always i will be watching :)

shit just got real y'all!! Made my deposit!! Vanity:)

Made a deposit of 2500 on Friday. So Shit just got real. I'm excited I must say! My PC is still pushing for mcadoo, I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards Hasan. I'll keep u all posted. Kisses!!

deposit paid Changed to Mcadoo! feb 2015!!!

after some careful research i decided to change dr, i have changed to James Mcadoo and my date is feb 24, 2015. I am excited. now its time to book flights and hotels and start to get supplies in order. Also if anyone is looking to buddy up, please let me know. Ill keep you all posted. oh yeah still trying to lose a few more pounds. well wishes to all..Kisses!

Recovery houses other than Vanity?????

PLEASE! are there any other recovery houses in miami other than the one vanity uses?n Please help!

what vedette does vanity use????

Anna my pc quoted me 500 for a faja, im like wtf!!! she said that it isnt included in my fee neither is lipo foam/boards.. she quoted the foams and boards at 80 for both. but that faja tho...dont think i will be getting that one. i heard that there is a place next to the facility that sells them as well. is this true. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated?

Spoke to Moni...

i spoke to Moni today and she is really cool. As Ive heard, she is book for the month of feb..and she did confirm that she is infact booked from the 15th of feb till the end. Sooooo, that means i have to find another RH. I have spoken with Magnalena, i could only understand her a little bit and she said "baby lets text, lets do that goooood" lol.. she is very sweet. i have set up to stay the week with her, but i also have a hotel reserved just in case something happens since Magna doesnt have any "real" form of reservation. but she says her word is her bond so if all goes well, thats where ill be. TTYL

Special going on at Vanity!!

So i spoke with Anna yesterday about my concerns with the quotes she had given me and she said that there is a special going on this week only, where you can get 2 areas lipoed for the price of 1. for example im thinking on getting inner thighs and arms done, she said normally it would be 500 per area, but this week only i could get both arms and both inner thighs for 500. Well its christmas, and i couldnt afford it, so i thought i'd share the info (its its true)..i couldnt take advantage of it, but maybe some of you can. so call your PC up and inquire.
FYI... Anna could have also been trying to make up for the inflated fees she had given me, as i was on the verge of asking for my money back.

Happy new year!

It's been a minute, I know! We'll I started my iron supplements last week, but I think I'm having an allergic reaction to them. I have small hives on my belly and only on my belly, The only thing I've changed or started is the iron so it has to be those. I'm going to the dr tomorrow.
I had gained back about 15 pounds and have now lost 20 so I guess that means I lost an additional 5. I'm walking daily, eating better and counting calories. I'd hope to be as close to 160 as possible by my sx. I'm excited! I've begun buying supplies but I will keep the list to a minimum. I've seen some rs sisters post the bare necessities for this sx. If I need anything else I'll get while I'm there. I'm thinking of getting my arms and inner thighs done. I really don't want a small waist with big gorilla arms and I really would love a thigh gap. But my main concern is getting this fat off my gut. I want the flat areas of my hips filled in and a full natural butt. Not too big but respectably nice and natural. I hope to get that. Any who... HAPPY NEW YEAR. WE SHOULD ALL KNOW WE ARE BLESSED TO SEE 2015!!!

Weight loss Update..51 days til I'm a Mcadoll!!

I forgot to load pics the other day.. My weight today is 171.. I guess I gained a few pounds over the new year holiday. I'm still grinding tho... Not going over 1500 cals, walking 1.5 miles daily ( I live by a middle school with a track) and watching what I eat. It's so hard cause I love food lol. Any way here's the pics. I'm sooo worried about how my belly will look after lipo.. If any of the vets have any advice or insight please... Let me know. Thanks. Kisses!

The before and after belly weight comparison:(

46 days and counting and weight loss update!!!

So i dont know whats up, but i gained 3 pounds since last week.. ( to be honest i havent been walking as i should but i will start back today, but gees its 30 degrees in florida).
I am 46 days away from my new body, i am excited..but as the days grow closer im like wtf am i doing? is this something that i wanna do. and then Im like HELL YEAH!!!.. TALKING BOUT A ROLLERCOASTER OFE EMOTIONS! The more i think about it, i am wondering how others will take it. Ive only told my sister what i am doing and she is all for it. she is now an RS junkie and is looking to go to DR for TT and BBL next year. Im worried about my co workers and the nosey ass folks in the community will say. SO my plan is to stay low, not go out and since every knows i have lost alot of weight hoping that they will think that with the weighty loss came my new body. ( i know.. a lil nieve maybe, but im hoping) and since i dont want a big ole booty, maybe it wont be soooo noticeable. we will see. Good luck to you all on your journeys, and im praying for a speeding recovery for yall. Kisses!!

allergic reaction to Iron!

forgot to mention:
so i did go to the dr on tuesday the 6th, she did say that i was having an allergic reaction to the iron pills. so i have since stop taking them and the hives/rashes on my stomach are starting to disappear. so next week she said i could try a 1aday vitamin with iron, or a prenatal vitamin. i hope this works. ill keep u all posted.

44 days till I become a Mcadoll!!

I'm excited... Nervous, anxious, scared, confused (at times) but I'm continuing to pray on it.. What He has for me is for me!! Just thought I'd update. Be safe & speedy recovery for all who needs... PRAYERS GOING UP.. On a Saturday!

Shelf or Heart Shaped??

I think I see the difference but just incase can y'all point out some rs sisters who has a shelf booty and some with a heart? I mean they all have projection to some point right? So wouldn't they all be shelves? And tho bottom of all booties are upside down hearts... I'm confused. Please help!!

This Shrimp Fied Rice tho....40days till SX!!

Hi all, I hope you all are healing well or are well prepared for your upcoming SXs. Since i have been on the weight loss journey I have been counting calories and drinking nothing but water and unsweet tea. since the new year i have had any breads or rice..but today baby!! my co worker f*cked me up and got me a pt of shrimp fried rice and a large coke.... I felt the gates of Heaven open up for me and the Man himself said "child i have prepared this for you, eat this in remembrence of me".. now im at work with the itis.. im tired and cant move. any who ttyl DOLLS.

Ticket is purchased.. 38 days to go.

After confirming with Anna via email that my Sx is on the 24th of Feb, Yesterday I Purchased my ticket to Miami, Im super excited. ( i got insurance just incase ) The days are passing by quickly. I am ordering some things offline today. I really want to pack the least amount of things as possible. I also contacted Magdalena to confirm that I am still on with staying at her Recovery House for that week and when my flight arrives. I really hate that there isnt any type of confirmation number or anything with her. Just her word via text is all that i have. ( i did make reservations at extended stay just in case). So looks like everything is in order..Let these days keep passing on by. I am eager to get the rough recovery over and to begin healing. Still not sure on the massages tho, do I hire my own or go with Vanity's Package? How soon will i need the massage, can I wait till i get back home?



34 days to go!!

Im getting more nervous and excited as the days grow near. I have ordered some supplies, not all tho. I still need to order a bobby. body pillow and a faja. Im getting ready. Just wanted to update you all, have a great Tuesday. Blessings and quick recovery to all the dolls that have or will have their SXs this week.

Is it just me? Or do you do it too?

On my ipad I have everyone's surgery date ( if u posted it or let us know) on my calendar as a reminder. Lol. I just wanna wish people good wishes and vibes... And then days/weeks afterwards I go back to see/check up/ be nosey!

Drinking and RS



So I know it's been a while. Life has been crazy busy. It's the first of February so that means I have 24 days till my sx. I have paid my for my sx in full as of Friday the 30th and my PC Anna emailed me my labs. She really wanted me to get them done down there and that's fine, but I want to get them done at home so I'll know for sure before I fly all the way down to miami just to get turned around because my labs are nor up to par. So she emailed me my script and first thing in the morning I'm headed to quest diagnostics. I also added the bra line. So I'll be getting the full back done and she said to hold off on the arms and let the dr check them out before I pay. So I'll place that money to the side until then. I have a box of some of the supplies all haven't been delivered yet so.... Feb 24th get here already.

My labs!!


Weight loss update!!!!

I haven't weighed myself in a while. I won't until the Sunday before my sx. My belly is going down bit by bit. I'm proud. I also got my labs done today. Hope they're good.

Body Piercings and SX?

DoI have to remove my body piercings? As y'all can see I have 2 nipple piercings which I don't mind taking out cause I can easily place back in after sx. But I have a clitoral and hood that I'm sure will be hard to bend and place back in. I don't want the holes to close up on me lol. Any advice?

2 weeks to go!!

Morning Lovies! I have 2 weeks to go before I am transformed!!! I received the last of my supplies. My ticket was purchased a few weeks back. I contacted Ms Magdalena to see if I'm still good for her RH, SX is paid in full now I'm just ready to take flight. I'm super excited.... Now watch these days go by sooooooo slow.

Re-Do Labs... :(

Sooooo, I went to get my blood work done a lil over a week ago. It took a few days before I heard anything. Being that i have a lil backround in working in a lab, I made sure the Phlebotomist drawn every single tube that was needed and properly labeled it. after waiting Anna called me to say she dis get my labs but they arent any results for the CMP or the CBC. I know the girl drew it. any way i have to go rush today to get them re-drawn. Its BS.. still hoping my iron level is ok and i am cleared for surgery. On a positive note Anna did state that the labs she did get were good.ok lovies on my way to Quest Diagnostics. Speedy Recovery to all...

Questions? Money? 1 week till flight!!!

Ok so I have about a week to go till I flight down to miami. Everything is paid for as far as surgery, I have the cash for Magdalena, I have my garments and my 2nd stage will be delivered soon. I have all my supplies.. But how much should I bring with me, $1000, $1500 or something like $400.. I don't wanna go down with so much but if need I will. Also, who keeps your purse/wallet while in surgery, do u even take it with u? Ugh....
Happy Sunday Dolls:)

Breakfast & lunch for next week!

Baby spinach, chicken breast or tuna, egg, feta cheese, tomatoes, pineapple and pineapple juice, almonds( all high in iron)... I am anemic so in conjunction with my prenatal vitamins and blood builder I should remain in good iron range. Happy Monday dolls!!


It didn't upload

Uh oh! labs :(

Samantha called me ( Mcadoo's assistant) said she just got my labs ( finally after having them done twice) and said my Hemo is 11.3. Needs to be atleast 11.5. She suggested I keep taking the iron supplements (which I am) BUT 3 times a day( I hadn't been doing that the bottle says 1/day ). Now normally since I'm anemic my levels are barely 10. And at the same rate these were taken a week ago and by Tuesday it should be at least 11.5. If not I'd have to reschedule :(. So in conjunction with my earlier post about my daily breakfast & lunch. I'll be eating liver every night. Ugh.. Any suggestions. I also bought pure absorb. I just wanna cry...

Breakfast lunch & dinner for this week

I'm gonna give it my best shot!!

Spoke to Magdalena, Praying, Less than a week to go.

Just spoke/text Magdalena just to once again get verification of my room reservation. and to let her know i may be rescheduling. on saturday im going go to Life south so they can check my Hemo, i pray that its atleast 11.5. Today i started my blood builders 3/day, with the previously posted breakfast, with orange juice and pureabsorb.( i had taken on an empty stomach with the pills) I feel like im on vitamin overload BUT my energy level is throught the roof. I also bought some Floradix with Herbs that i will incorportate somewhere in my menu today so forth. Am I taking too much iron is the question. Im just praying it works out, but if not.... maybe its a sign.


So there's a life south blood center down the road from my work. I stopped by "acting" like I was gonna donate so they can check my hemo levels. To donate your Hemo must be 12.5 or higher. Because with each unit donated your Hemo drops by 2 whole points. Soooooo today I'm a solid 11.8. (Whomp there it is!!!) so I'm ecstatic. I'm gonna continue the regimen I set in place and pray it stays or raise higher. Also Samantha called today said I had a UTI( I ain't got no damn UTI. ) I went to my PC they did a UA and all was well... No infection. They trying to F with me. It ain't happening. Thought I'd share. Kisses-

I'm ready to go man!!!!!

I am soooooo ready.

These Bihs ain't loyal!!

This shit is crazy, this is a site that is used for informational purposes. For one sister to another to uplift and encourage one another or give advice. So why is this chic in my inbox telling me I have made the wrong choice in my surgeon, he don't give good results, not enough dolls etc etc... Why? Cause It's my fucking choice bitch, I'm grown!!! I mean are you getting a finders fee or something. I had the choice of any Dr just like everyone else, I've researched just like everyone else, and MADE MY CHOICE JUST LIKE YOU HOE!!! I've seen good and bad work from several doctors. But hey it's a gamble and we hope for the best. Some may or may not like your results doesn't mean that doc is a horrible doc. Bottom line.. If your not sending positive vibes my way or have something factual to back up your statements... Leave me alone, stay off my page and don't send me any messages. The fuck you thought tho?!?!

MY Bosses are amazing!

i got to work this morning only to see flowers, fruit and a big cup of ICE( because Ive always been Anemic I would eat ice all day EVERYDAY!) and then they are taking me to lunch sinc today is my last day working for 3 weeks. I feel so blessed. 2 older white guys.. not women are my bosses. so i really felt comfotable letting them know the procedure i was having. Its easier for me as women can be so judgemental. The real question is how am I gonna come back to work with ass i didnt have before I left... cross that bridge when I get to it. Happy Friday. 2 days till Take OFF!!

The last turn up or nah?

So the baby daddy just called said he will be in town tonight. My BFF wants me to step out and see him perform.. I really wanna. But I been off the scene since November ( I wanna ppl to be like damn she been workin them squats lol) but it is step show weekend. It's never much to do in Gainesville till feb. I missed plies last Friday ( he's pissed with me) so I don't wanna piss of Jeezy. Lol

I'm ready!!!

I'm too ready, I'm wide awake. I wish I could sleep so morning would come faster lol. My menstral started today(like clock work) glad I'm not a heavy bleeder. See y'all when I touch down in Mia... Ready for this 40 min flight lol.

I'm here!

Everyone here is so pretty and nice. Miss Magdalena is so nice. She picked and gave me a huge hug. Made me feel so welcomed. I'll talk with y'all later -kisses

It's going down @ 530am

So after Mags picked me up from the airport. We headed over to vanity. It was so crowded. Girls that are waiting for sx, girls waiting for follow ups, girls like me trying to do preop paperwork etc. busy busy busy. I got there at 1030ish didn't leave till almost 3p. Met with the Doc and.. U can't tell him he ain't cool. He answered all my questions. I told him I didn't have any wish pics but I want hips more than anything and a nice size booty. Nothing huge or abnormally large. He suggested I wait on the arms so he can be very aggressive on my belly and back. Anna called me said I'm his first sx in the morn and to be there at 530p. It's happening y'all. Mags can cook by the way. Dice I hadn't are since 6 this morn I was starving. I asked her to stop by subway she said " no baby I cook. You pay me. I cook. It's part of u pay me" hell I said... Let's get to the house then cause I'm hungry. Her house it nice. Simple but nice. It has that Latin style to it. Very clean so far anyone thinking of staying. It's a really great deal. Talk to u gals later oh and it's storming down here. -kisses

I'm feeling myself, I'm feeling myself!

Sorry ladies for the wait. I was extremely sore. I do have a high tolerance for pain so when I'm up, I'm up and walking fine. It's when I bend to lay down I'm most sore Not in pain but sore and I'm still very sleepy. I slept for an hour and miss M woke me up to drink and I was thirsty very thirsty. She made me drink some broth and now I'm eating the homemade chicken soup she made for me. I've been walkin every hour and draining very well. I don't have not 1 spot of blood on me except for menstral it's hard to keep the maxi pad in place lol. I took a few pics for y'all and I swear I am feeling myself already. I'm gonna try to get a pic of the booty. It's bigger than I wanted but glad about it lol. I guess Mcadoo knew what I wanted, even if I didn't. lol. Talk to u all soon I'll give a full update soon.

Pice don't do it justice

Say hey to my booty and hips y'all

Better pic of the back.

Maggie don't take pics she said. So since no one else is here with ... I'm doing my best at playing photographer lol

I haven't forgotten bout y'all!

I promise I haven't. This recovery is no joke. I'm tired. And extremely sore still. But I can tell I'm getting better. I'm due to have my first massage today. I'm scared. I thought that I was here alone but I'm not. Babygirl41 is here with me. The house is so big and all I've done is sleep I just missed her. She is such a sweetie pie. And fisher worked magic on her. I can't wait to go home. It's my baby's birthday today and it's the first one I've missed and he doesn't understand why I'm not there. Ughhh. I'll check in soon with pics I promise.


So I'm up. Feeling lots better than yesterday. I went for a nice walk and I feel that loosened me up a lot. I had my first bm today. Wasn't a lot. I didn't need any assistance. I took the opportunity to see what I was working with.

You won't starve over here!!

1 thing for certain and 2 things for sure. Magdalena won't let you starve. She cooks every day. Give you ice cream and milk shakes in between. Keeps you hydrated. Drains your drains and has her alarm set for your meds. She is amazing.

No More drain!!!

So today I felt much better. I can't even explain. I also got the chance to hang out with Babygirl41. You know u got a special bond when u ride around Jon a Toyota carolla with your new asses in the air. But we ain't care. We both got our drains out. And miss Maggie took us shopping for fajas. We found really good deals. But by the end of the day bring that I'm only 3 days post. I got really tired. Had to come home to nap. I'm excited that I fly out tomor. Magdalena is awesome but there is truly no place like home.

Flight delayed!!!

So I'm at the airport bright an early 5am to be exact. I get to the security check and do y'all know that they pulled ME to side into a private room to search me because of the lipo foams and ab board.?!??? Ppl were looking at me like I was a terrorist. I'm like c'mon man this is miami. Y'all ain't seen this ish before? I guess not. I had to explain to the ladies why I had this stuff on then they wanted to know about the procedure doctor and costs. Nosey mofos!!!! But they let me thru. Only to find that my flight is delayed by an hour. Ughhhhh... I'm almost home tho. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I made it home!!

Thank God my flight was only 40 min. It was only 12 on the flight so I was able to stretch out. I kinda leaned my weight on each thigh ya know, alternating so I would fully sit on my butt. But after 15 min of that I was like hell nah, I had to sit. It didn't hurt one bit. I did stand up for a few mins. But other than that it wasn't terrible. I came home showered a washed my garment and decided to play a bit in some undies. I put on my waist cincher while my garment was washing/drying cause I just didn't want to be without compression. I need another first stage. Any who enjoy. Oh yeah. I hadn't told my husband about the bbl when he saw me..... Let's just say he is ready for some cake!!!

Sex positions!!!

Not that I'm ready ( I'm still pretty sore) but do u all have ideas on safe and comfortable sex positions. Mcadoo says no girl on top, no girl on bottom but scissoring is ok. I mention on someone posts a few weeks ago I was thinking of hanging my butt off the edge of the bed while he holds my legs in the air. That way we both get what we need and I'm not smashing my booty. Any other ideas.... Yeah dude is all over me smh.

My full review of the sx!!

I arrived at vanity at 515am. Doors were open myself and Magdalena walked in. I only wore a robe, house shoes and undies/maxi pad cause my monthly was on. I sat for about 20 min. An assistant came out ask me to pee in a cup(again) to test for pregnancy and uti. I was walked to the back where I was asked to undress stand against the blue wall while the assistant took more before photos. I waited and waited but the doc hadn't showed up yet. I finally asked what was going on cause now I see other patients coming in, going back for their sx and clearly came after me. The assistant told me the dr had an emergency. Now up until this point I really hadn't had any drama with vanity and the BS I've read about. So now it's almost 7 and I haven't even begun. Then walks in mcadoo Starbucks in hand. I'm like wtf. He comes to me and apologizes said that he was working till 1am the night before and needed a few more hours of sleep. ( where they do that at... At vanity that's where) I looked him square in the face and asked him did he get enough rest. Cause I didn't want him tired and sleepy working in me. And I was serious. He said he felt good. Said he was sorry again. And from then on the ball was rolling forward. He took more pics of me his self. Pulled out his protractor and marked me up. I was walked back where Peter (I think that's his name) the anesthesiologist came in when his beautiful brown skin and gorgeous eyes to explain that he was going to start an iv give something to relax me and to answer any questions I may have. I only had one request and that was to wake up on the other side of surgery in the best health possible. He said he got me. While started the iv I look at the clock it was 740. Once he got the iv in I remember looking at the 2 small air bubbles in the iv and wondering if air should be in the tubbing but before I could ask or say anything about it the recovery nurse was waking me up. It was over. I remember with every breath I took I was extremely thirsty and thanking God for waking me. I had the shakes something serious. Then I wondered. Why am I on my but. I told them to get me off my butt ASAP. I already had on my garment and Magdalena was there with me the entire time. I had been in recovery for a lil over an hour and the time was now 1210p. They got me into a wheel chair. I place my knees in at sat backwards in the chair. I then asked to pee. They handed Magdalena a urinal and I peed a lot. Then they gave me juice and rolled me out the back door. I don't remember the ride home. Or anything much of that day. I woke up around 6p for my meds and juice and broth. And then looked at myself in the mirror. My garment didn't have not on stain of blood on it. Except for in the private area where a maxi pad should've been but wasn't. I took a few pics and posted. Then I slept and peed and slept and peed. Seems like the more I slept the more I needed to get up and pee. I hated moving. I hated needing to get up to walk. Magdalena was a godsend. She MADE me get up on the hour every hour to walk. To drain my drain. For me to eat and drink and for my meds.
I honestly felt worse. I was more sore than day1. The pain pills gave me headache but I rather having the headache over this pain. So I took them. I was never nauseated. The saltines and apple juice I think helped with that. I had gas though. And it smelt horrible. Walking was hard but I knew it had to be done. I didn't have much of an appetite either but I tried to eat. I had my follow up visit. Which I didn't see mcadoo but his assistant. She said all was well. My only complaint at this time was that, they know they have patients coming in for follow ups that can't sit down. They really need an area where we can lean or kneels comfortably while waiting long periods if time. I also began my iron again. I got back home and slept slept peed peed.
I felt better on day 3 I felt amazing actually. I think I was the pure absorb and blood builder I had raked on day 2. I went out for a morning walk slow paced but for about 20 min. It really loosened me up. My drain really was draining anymore Magdalena said that was good. Walking definitely helped. I had more energy, I ate more and drank more. I was still very sore now. Not saying that I wasn't. I was just moving around better and on my own. I actually combed my hair thus day. Lol. Tried to be somewhat cute. After lunch I was tired. The walk burned me out. I dint have a follow up today. It was just a day of healing. I slept until Magdalena forced me to wake up and eat and drink take meds then I was asleep again.
Day 4 Friday
I'm feeling good. Not as stiff as previous days. But still sore. I'm staring to itch too. On my back stomach and butt. I am also feeling sharp pains shoot across my back when I move to stand or bend to lay. They only last a few seconds tho but those hurt. I get ready to see the doc today. When I did he said I was healing great. He said my drain looked good but didn't want to remove it yet. I just simply said ok I'll have my PC do it since I leave in the Morning. He agreed to take it out since I had been draining less than 25ml daily since day2. I was happy to have it out. It meant I could shower. Cause those bird baths weren't covering it AND I was on my period. I really needed a shower. Got back dressed I left the building and went shopping for fajas. During shopping vanity called and stated they need more after pics of me. But I just told them I was sorry and I wasn't coming back. They are so unorganized but that's another subject.
We returned home ate a great dinner I guess being up all day and packing up drained me cause I fell asleep at 6 and didn't wake up till Saturday at4am to head to the airport.
I can honestly say lipo is no joke. Lipo and bbl isn't a game. I couldn't have made it alone. You need a caregiver. I'm not knocking the recovery house that house several women at once. But for something this traumatic done to your body I think u need a caregiver that believes quality over quantity is best. I thought I had Magdalena all to my self %100. Not knowing Babygirl41 was there too. That's how good she is. We both felt link we had her undivided attention. She fed us, cleaned us, reminded us of our meds, transported us, sent mail out for us, ran errands for us, milkshakes, she had me laughing and gave me cooking courses on Cuban food. All that and I thought I was her only patient until I met up with baby girl in day2/3. Ladies pick your caregiver wisely. Not by the cheapness of their packages. But by the quality of the care. I'm almost a week out and each day gets better. I was gonna post what I packed and used but decided not to. Every woman is different. For example I bought the chux thinking I was gonna bleed and drain everywhere but I dint need not one! The arnica pills/gel and bromelian I'll say get that. But honestly I just began to use them. It's more for home. I mean how can u use the gel if u can take off ur garment. I will say the Pez urinal was the best purchase. That and the baby wipes. And of course your personal items. Anything else is truly up to you and can wait till u get back home. All that gauze band aids. U don't need while there. Don't waste your money. You'll know what u need after and if u need it right away u can send ur caregiver to get it from cvs etc.
overall I'm happy with the procedure. Not too sure about the size if the butt tho. I'm kinda praying I lose some volume. It looks good. But I want it go down. I'll update soon with pics and my belly skin tightening regimen

Half roll!

I purchased this half roll off Amazon it quite comfy with a pillow behind me.

Half roll info!!

Here is the amazon order info!

My new toy!!

Today was a good day! My husband and I went grocery shopping. I wore some jeans and a big tshirt. Went for my massage and yes it does hurt and feel good at the same time. I also stopped by Walgreens and purchased a home massager. Another rs sister recommends it. I'll tell u how it works tomorrow. Does anyone know when my skin will feel normal again???

Pics didn't upload sorry.

Wahl massager!

I'm 1 week post!!!

Today marks 1 week post for me (and a few of my rs sisters SULTRYSHEIS, BABYGIRL41 and ANGEL2615) happy one week to us!!!
For me I feel I'll say %75-80 normal. I can move around quite well. Still have some tenderness but I'm no longer sore. My only concern now is the sharp pains I feel from time to time when I lay down or get up. I'm cooking and cleaning. I'm so much more mobile and I think that helps a lot. My butt is softening around the edges but still rock hard in the middle and near the crack. I've been using bio oil mederma pure olive oil and vitamin e and coco firming butter on my stomach hips back an flank after I shower. I got an old jelly jar and mix all of that up really well with a mixer and poured in the jar. As big as my belly was I have high hopes. I'll take pics tonight after I shower.
I didn't measly my self before and I'm upset that I didn't. My measurement now are
Bust 40 (used to be 42)
Wait belly button area 36
Hips 46/46.5
I get getting rid of that bra line fat was good lol
I'm still filled with fluid but I know that will take several weeks to subside. Until next time

Belly pics after massage.

Still filled with fluid. But less and less everyday. I hopeful.

Back at work!!!

so today is my first day back at work. and i must say its going quite well. Ive only told 2 ppl what i have actually done. One of them know the full extent lipo/bbl..the other( a guy) just knows of the lipo. and when he saw me he was DAMN i gotta get my wife some lip if it give u an ass like this.. LMAO!! other than that no one is paying attention, or atleast not speaking on it. the half roll is amazing and comfy. it allows u to sit for hours comfortably.. my attire for today were slacks for NYC, cami and a tunic from Old Navy. the tunic hides the butt quite well, not the hips tho. ill reveal the booty in due time. Im almost 2 eeks and i must say besides the fluid build up im at 100percent. im no longer sore, no more sharp pains, no tingling or itching. I chose to wear my mircacle shaper ( it fits from under the breast to mid thigh) today at work its really tight and holds everything in well and it more comfy than the CG.Once im home ill switch back in to the CG. well thats it for a while. Booty sitll hangin in there at 46-47 inches and getting softer by the day. i found a stich in the crack of my butt tho. when the scab fell off i felt somthing sticking me. so i will have that removed and the other scars looked to make sure if any more are still there. Ill update at the 1month mark. Kisses.

Imma be real honest!

I'm a day early but Tomorrow makes 3 weeks. YAYYYY ME!! So I'm gonna keep it real. When I started this journey I didn't know what a bbl was. I really wanted lipo and a TT (which I still might get I'm not sure yet) so the bbl is a bonus. But chile I been sitting on this ass since week 2. As soon as it began to soften I started to sit a little then a little more then a little more. I do sleep through the night. I don't have any itching. I'm still swollen and numb in my lower back and abdomen. But I sleep how I want: front, side, back whatever ..however. I sleep in my ann cherry waist trainer ( I took the boning out) with the foam, but it's still super tight but more comfortable for the 8-10 hours I have it on and at work I wear my miracle shape wear (2 of them) I wear the thong that goes from under the breast and on top of that I wear the mid thigh shorts that start under the breast aswell. They are both mediums and are super tight but they have a little give. And I'm more comfortable at work and it's actually very sliming so I can feel comfy wearing whatever without feeling like someone us gonna notice a waist cincher, corset etc. my measurements are the same booty still holding at 46-47 inches. (With all the sitting I haven't lost volume) I don't want my waist too small maybe a 33/34 as I've always been a thick girl and I figured too small of a waist would make me look "made". The booty is completely softened and it jiggles when I walk. lol. I love it!! I'm enjoying my new body more & more everyday. BUT I noticed a dent above my belly button the first week and at my follow up before I left miami dr Mcadoo said to massage the area and continue with the foam & boards. Upon my research I have realized that it's either due to too much fat removal in one area OR excess loose skin. Anywho it's still there, not as prominent as it was but there nonetheless. Maybe the TT will take care if that.. I'm sure it will. But I will NOT go back to vanity EVER. I just feel that they move u in and out like a meat factory. Anything you have a question about after you've paid or had your procedure done .. Good luck with getting a callback/response. But who knows maybe it'll go down in time. So there you have it. I've been bad, haven't followed any instructions per say. Mainly I've made up my own rules. I haven't gone anywhere to dress up but I'm dying to lol. Pics next week at the 1 month mark!!!

Quick dent/crease update!!

So last night i had the bright idea of not wearing my CG to bed, and if i decide to wear it today to work i will only close it up half way. See the more I think of it, I think the dent is coming from the CGs Ive been wearing. I think initially after SX when they put the faja on me it created a fold in my skin, then i had to keep the faja on till my follow up which then created the semi-permanent or permanent dent/crease. So like I said I didnt sleep in anything last night.. no spanx, no miracle, no CG whatsoever ( i felt so free lol) when i woke up this morning I noticed a HUGE change in the dent/crease. Ive continued to massage the area and will continue. and i think from now on I will continue this process, atleast until the dent is to my liking, then I will began to use my latex workout cincher.
The moral of this review is:
LADIES IF YOUR GARMENT IS CAUSING A CREASE OR INDENTATION... CHANGE GARMENTS OR DO SOMETHING TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION ASAP. because that first day you are filled will fluid and as the days go by with the draining your are healing and those imperfections can or may become permanent. I wish i came up with this idea that first week.. but better late than never. and ill keep you all posted on it. Pics of it after I shower. Kisses.

Booty shot!!

Just one quick pic


Still filled with fluid on right side flanks lower back and abdomen.

1 month post op!

Today I'm 1 month post!! Time definitely flew by. I'm sitting without a boppy at home and at work. I sleep however I want no more itching/tingling. I do have fluid in my lower abdomen back and right side still. Other than work I haven't really dressed up to go anywhere. Maybe this week. I'm still using my massager at home as well as the liquid vitamin e olive oil bio oil mederma cocoa butter firming mixture on all my scars and tummy. And I'm still working on the dent crease. If u notice the pic from this morning has improved since last week. I'm definitely getting a TT. I'm researching my doc now. I'll keep u posted. Kisses!

Feeling good!

I got out the shower, massaged my self and looked in the mirror. I am truely feeling my self today. Booty still holding at 46/47 inches boobs still 40 and my waist is now a 34 really want it to atleast a 32/30 not too small. Here's a few pics! Kisses!

I'm still here!

Today makes 1.5 months. I'm totally back to myself. No more tingling or itching. The bootie is soft and jiggly and I'm working on making it clap lol. I think it's "fluffed" because it now measures 47/48 inches. Some days I look in the mirror and I think I lost volume or it's not big enough but others are like whoa ... Or I'll look in the mirror and think it's huge!! But the measuring tape don't lie. Still need to go shopping. I absolutely am in love with my body. I have so much more confidence. I'm so happy with the dr I chose too. I was leaning towards hasan but my bmi was too high. Glad I chose Mcadoo cause fisher booties don't look too good to me. He has made a name for himself but everything that glitters ain't gold. His butts look sharp/pointy from the side and not smooth round and curvy.. In my opinion. Well ready for my TT. I'll be making my deposit SOON!!!!! Pics to come at 2 month mark!

Updated booty pics

Almost 3mo po!! I'm loving my results. Still a little numb in the bottom of my back. Ready for my round 2 (for hips) and my TT!! I feel sooooo damn sexy!!

UPDATE!! what ive been growing thru!!!

( Ive posted updated pics above) So this has been a journey..ill tell ya! lots of ups and downs and millions of emotions. i feel %99. the only problem is if im laying down and i get up, i feel a burning sensation in my lower back. it only last 3 seconds but boy does it burn. im still wearing my garments ( faja at night and waist trainer during most days) this week i started dieting, trying to get in shape and lose a few pounds cause ive gained about 15 since february. ive contacted Vanity about a TT but im also looking for a PS that will do tt and bbl together, cause i want more for my hips. i havent had any luck so if you dolls know anyone in the states that will do both and does a great job, please let me know. so far im looking at Yily or Duran tho i dont want to go out the country..getting quotes from them wont hurt. I plan on doing my R2 with TT in Feb or March of 16. The booty is soft and jiggly, im sitting, im driving i feel very comfortable.. however i will say..before SX i could sleep on my back and sides and lay totally flat, now that i have a big butt and hips to match, when i lay on my back theres a gap/space at the curve of my back and also i have a gap/space of i lay on my sides. so ladies invest in a good body pillow. it totally saved me and helps me sleep comfy. any question please dont hestiate to ask. Happy Researching and Happy Healing to Yall!

Pics***Almost 3 months (on May 24th)!!!

Here's a few pics if me dress in clothes. Nothing too sexy tho lol ready for my tummy tuck!!!!

Work Attire (dress down Friday)

It's still back there and holding steady at 47.5 inches.


now that i am officially 3 months PO, I seriously researching a PS for my tummy tuck. the thing is... i want a TT but i also want more fat to my hips ( i dont need no more ass lol) but they are not many PS in FL that will do both a TT and fatgrafting at the same do i just go for a R2 lipo of full abs/waist with grafting to hips or do i just get the TT to rid me of the jiggly belly. my belly isnt that bad altho still pudgy its not horrible so im not sure how much worse it will look if i do just lipo. or do i just get the TT and be satified with the hips i got in R1. decisions decisions!!
so ofcourse i want to go to the SNATCH capitol of the world...the DR. I have contacted Yily, Duran, and Cabral. I am considering others. and i do know that i can get all that i want done at one time over there. I did also contact my first PS dr Mcadoo via my same coordinator Anna..i got a quick response( of course i did cause they want these coins) a skin only TT is $3000, full TT w/ lipo to sides $3500, Lipo full abdomen, sides/waist and lower back with fat grafting to hips only is $4600. i know i said i'd never go back there..the customer service there sucks, and they are not coordinated at all, but i love what the Doctore did for me..i love my ass and the new found confidence i got. so i guess Vanity is still in the race.

Bikini Photo

So this past weekend I went to Jacksonville Beach. Wore a bikini for the first time in YEARS!! I did wear a cover up but I felt good. My cover up only covered this gut but that ass was out and all eyes were on me. Not sure if that was good or bad but hey.. I had fun and felt amazing. Can't wait for my TT tho. Also had a sexy night planned for my guy!!

All this ass tho!

Got today, wanted go for a stroll. I even got some workout shorts from tjmaxx lastnight. They are XL in size but look at this shit.., my husband said where the fuck u think u going with all that hanging out.. Oh well. Guess I can't wear these. But I'll let y'all in on a secret... I love these shorts. (I still have swelling in my back :(

not so sure of a R2 anymore.

I still want hips, and a TT..but moe fat to the ass, nah. I just seen a girl on here with a round 2 and while that ass since look sooooooooooooooo UNNATURAL. I don't want to look man made. I guess the question is when is enough, enough? oh well just venting..carry on. Ill post pice at 6 months.

Round 2 with Dra Tania Medina in the DR!

I contacted a few ps in the dr ( Yily, Duran, Cabral and Medina), after months of trying Duran, Yily and Cabral with no response I learned of Medina. I like the small natural waist she gives with her TT. I reached out to her and sent my photos.. she responded back within 2 weeks ( not so bad). said she could do lip of arms ( which I need badly), upper back, bra line, lower back, waist flanks and TT for $4000. that's about the same that McAdoo would've charged me for a TT alone. but the way the States are set up with that 4L limit, im sure I wont get my desired look if I go back to Miami. Sooooooo I have some decisions to make. My quote is good for 3 months.
the price includes the following:













• The Administrative Process and balance of fees is due 48 hours before surgery.
• Price is in America dollars.
• Tobook asurgery date youhavetomakeaus 300 notrefundable deposit.
• Prices Guarantee only for 3 month.
• Any other test that is not list is extra.
• if you do have Diabetes, asthma cardiovascular pressure problems, smoke or has any other diseases bring an extra US$300.00 for an specialist evaluate and approve for surgery.
• The procedures will depend onyourhemoglobin levels . 12 isthe lower range.
• Is important tohave a good hemoglobin level tohave surgery done. Your Hemoglobin and levels has to be over12ml foroneprocedure, more than 13 g/mlfor procedures 2 procedures andmore than 14mg/dlfor 3 procedures.
• Is recommend to stay 14 to days after surgery or more depend of the procedures. 21
• Take Iron pills 6 weeks before surgery.2 weeks before stop all that contain VitaminA and E.
• The U$ 300 deposit to secure the date of your surgery are not refundable in case of cancellation
• Must remain off work 3-4 weeks.
• If you don’t have a place to stay you can use a recovery house. The costs is 75 dollars a night all inclusive.also we can coordinate transportation.
• Nonsurgical guest to stay at therecovery house is US$55 a day plustransportation.
• In caseyou need to stay extra night at therecovery house foryourcondition prior orafter sugery cost US$75.
• The take home medication arenotincluded inthe quote. Costs approximately 250 dollars. Antibiotics, pain medications,proton pump inhibitors, vitamin C and Iron. Other medication than those has anextra cost.
• The lymphatic drainage massage should be performed, recommended are 10 massages. This has cost about 300 dollars. Massagesarenot included inthequote.
• It is mandatory for patients to buy insurance complications, the costsis between 150 dollars. Bring it in cash. Can get in the offices. Thecomplication insurance cover extra hospitalization incaseofcomplication, does not cover any thing that is ambulatory
• . If you smokeyouhaveismandatory oxygen treatments . atleast 6 hours. Each hourcost US$ 100.
• In ordertogetsurgeryyouBIM hastobeless than 33.
• A specific result it ispromise inanycase after surgery becauseeverybody hasa different body type. NOT
• You mayneed others procedures toachieve your final look.
• If you broke yourdrain afteryougetout of the clinic, youhave to pay US$25 dollars to replace it.. It is notcoverby complication insurance.

Medication after Surgery (cost US$250):


Booty pics

Ok so I'm not quite 6 months po but I couldn't wait to post my pics. I've gained a few pound since my sx. I began working out and noticed I lost some volume. So I measured and lost almost 2 inches. Couldn't have that so I ate and ate and ate some more and I gained 3 more inches. The booty is now 48-49 inches. Down side is I gained nearly 20 pounds. But it ok, I love my size, love the booty and can't wait for my TT next yr. I'm sleeping well, no more tingly or swelling the only thing tho is that I can't sit for too long. Like if I home just sitting or laying on my back for over and hour it feels "achy" no pain tho. I feel so good about my body, my confidence has sky rocketed and I can't stop shopping and the sex..... Chile I think I'm a porn star lol. I'm glad I chose to have this surgery. Any questions feel free to ask. Kisses

A couple of my before pics!!

Someone wanted to see some of my before pics that I had taken down. I'll post a few for you all.

Pics didn't load

Pics didn't load

Officially over 6 months PO

I feel good. Back to my normal self. The swelling and itching are all gone. Booty still big plump juicy and jiggly. I still need to lose those pounds I gained. I paid my deposit for my TT w medina and booked for March... I can't wait. LOOK AT THIS ASS THO ( if your ass ain't got stretch marks your ass is IMMATURE) yasssss!

Hubby was away.. Why not Thirst Trap!

Chopped & Screwed!!
It would not allow me to upload the other week so here's A lil sneak peek. I'm still learning how to move this thing. Should have come with instructions lol. Overall I'm extremely happy with my body and am filled with confidence but when I get that TT AND LIPO to these arms tho!!! The love gone be so fake and the hate gone be so real... Hell its real now. I slowed the video and added music with the cute cut app on my iPad. Enjoy!

Stover? Or Valls? Any info??

So I see that Stephanie stover at imagene has a special for a tt for $2999 and my coordinator from vanity (when I got my bbl) sent me a quote for arnaldo Valls for $3000 (since I had inquired about a quote from mcadoo but was informed that he's not doing TTs anymore) the thing is I can't find any reviews on either of them. Can you guys give me your opinions on them or know of any sisters Page I can check out, I'd greatly appreciate it.


I've been in contact with Ortegas office and spoke with Yanet. So far so good. She's answered all my questions. I originally was interested in Ghurani but my bmi is too high. I'll need to lose 15 pounds which I can do but didn't want to chance it really. ( I'm too lazy at the moment) soooo just in case the Hubby says I can't go out of the country. I need to find someone local. I would love to go back to mcadoo but Anna ( who contacts me weekly) informed me that he's focusing on bbls right now. So I've looked into Ghurani and Ortega. I really love dr Cochran TT in Columbus Georgia too. He's not aggressive with LIPO tho. And I want this waist snatch for the gawds hunty. But no too snatched. I just wanna be curvy. Big and curvy!! Any hoo I'll keep u all updated on my decision. Be safe, happy researching, happy healing, kisses!

ALL the quotes are coming in...

I had my eye on Ortega if I was to stay in the states. And I had my eye on Medina if I went to the DR. She was really quick to respond..she responds like within 24hrs. She answer all my questions and I love her package deal.. but let just face it.. the heavy hitter docs in the DR are Cabral, Duran and Yily..and for most of us they are our firs choice, they are just so darn hard to get in touch with. so this past weekend I sent in for quotes on the infamous 3...( I had previously gotten a quote from robles too) and walah magic!! I got quotes from Cabral and Yily within days. Yily quotes was very detailed..while Cabral quote was just that..a quote. I asked for a quoted and sent in pics for TT/ full lips of back arms abs sides flanks and inner thighs.. he just responds with $4800.. so im like what about the RH, airport to fly in?,details or something.. I had to ask for the was like pulling teeth..but they did respond everytime tho..
decisions decisions.. we will see. my sister is going too, so im trying to go the same time as her so we can be at the same clinic and RH.
ill keep u posted-kisses

I need a buddy!

I got a quote from King Cabral and have locked in my date. ( I didn't have to send a deposit, I thought that was weird but I do have a confirmation email) I've paid my $100 deposit for recovery armonia. I will be traveling alone and I am in need of a travel buddy. Someone for moral support. They can be going to any doc at CIPLA. I will be there from March 7 - 14. Maybe till the 16 not sure. Any takers?

Deleting page/ starting a new one!

I will be deleting (or not coming to this page as often) this page and most of the pics. I will be starting a new one with my new journey for my R2 for my TT. Ill keep you all posted on the name of the new page.

HELP, Are there 2 Recovery Armonias??

So I have been searching RHs in the DR for if I chose to go with Cabral. I found that I like Armonia. I've heard great things about them. And I heard the owner Mayra Checo has been in business for a long time and knows what she is doing. Transportation, 3 meals, 2 snacks. $25 massages. And they don't charge the night of sx cause u are not there you're still at the clinic. Sounds great right?
I went online and paid my $100 by PayPal to lock in my date for March 7-14. I did this on the 5th of November. So I decided to call to get confirmation.
On my PayPal receipt it says I paid Jazzlyn Sosa. I called the number on the website.. No answer. I searched on here for contact information and came across a post that said they are 2 Armonias. 1 in the mansion owned by Mayra. And another one in a building owned by another Mayra. Confusing right? Either way I wasn't sure who I booked with so I called the number found on here. A woman answers says she is Mayra, which one I don't know. She barely spoke English so she put me on the line with her daughter Josephine. She speaks English very well so she said she'd look into my reservation. Got my information and called me back and confirmed. The problem is how do I know which Armonia I booked??? I really want the 1 at the mansion. What odd to me is that she took hours to confirm my deposit and rsvp. But then she texts me to give me information on how to make a deposit. I'm so confused. Please help!!

Instagram::: Cabrallee79

Created an Instagram page. I will post my weight loss & iron supplement regimen there. March 2016... Cabral.... Here I come!!!

Prayers Needed!!

I don't know this young lady, but apparently she went to Miami for a procedure with a doctor.. Looks like Ortega! And she's now in a coma. Please pray for her in her time of need and her family as well.

1 Year post op!!!

Hi dolls, I am a lil late but on the 24th of February I was 1 year PO. this pas year has been life changing. I fell in love with me all over again. gained self esteem and was killing the game.. I was pretty much feeling myself. As one of the OG Mcadolls I will do a photo shoot just for yall and post tonight. I am on my work computer so I don't have any recent photos to post. But where do I begin???
Immediately after my BBL I know I should have gotten a TT, that 4L max is a joke. WTBS I was still very happy with my body. As soon as I stepped of the plane back home from Miami.. my husband was super excited about the new ass. I don't think either of us was prepared for what was ahead. This past year SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many men have tried to get at me. Some I had crushed on before, but never seemed to get their attention. This ass has open a up a whole new world for me, a Pandora's Box if you will. In the beginning I loved the attention but it got to be a problem within my Marriage. Be prepared ladies. Thank God I was able to work thru the insecurities my husband had, and he did too. but it got very ugly and IFy for a while. Make sure you talk to your significant other. I had no Idea that ass was so important to so many ppl. I mean I know I was willing to pay for it.. but ass don't really do nothing for me.. sexually. Its just something nice to look at. I was being inboxed on FB and Insta by men ( and some women) to eat my ass, to f*ck me in it, to put fingers in it.. the whole shebang. Some even wanted to pay for it. I slowed down on posting pictures of myself of social media just because of this. in my lil city I truly was the ONLY one who had this procedure done.. I had girl subliminally talk trash about me, some were friends of mine, then turn right around and ask or inbox me on who I went to or how much it cost. Jealousy is a mutha. and people began treating me differently. I really found out who my real friends are. at the end of the day I am please with what Dr McAdoo did for me. Its changes my life. My ass is still sitting nice at 48 inches.. I gained about 20 pounds this past year. ( I just didn't work out or pay attention to what I ate, I was feeling myself too much but hey it could have been worse lol) but its so soft a giggly like I was born with it. I was going to have a R2 for a TT and fat added to hips. I was scheduled for march 8, with Cabral if I was going to DR and also for Ortega for the 8th if I stayed in the states. I chose to cancel both these appointment, not only because I had gained weight, but I had been reading some scary things about dr Ortega and his patients more recently the young lady who is still in a coma.. I know it could have been for any reason but it scared the F outta me. I also didn't want to go to DR alone. So I have found a possible travel buddy for 2017 and im looking to book some time after the income tax rush. But I am really loving the TT dr Cochran does in Columbus Ga. He gave me a price of 5grand for a TT, lipo to full back and arm and fat to hips. I just love his TT's. but I have a year to mentally prepare myself and do more thorough research. I miss being on here everyday, researching and is true what they say, once u have your procedure u really slowly begin to not post as much. I apologize for that. I am on Insta every day tho. As Cabrallee79.. I get a lot of question about dr McAdoo. At the end of the day, I would not change a thing..except to go to DR and have everything done at once. and as promise when I have time tonight I will post more pictures for you all. Any question feel free to ask.. Happy Healing, happy Researching and Blessings to you all.
-Kisses. Muah!

My laptop is acting up!

I been trying to load pics. But I can't do here's a few from my insta and a few on my phone from this morning. Promise I'll post more. Kisses!!

mcadoo doll 1.5 yr update

As you can see the ass is still fat! And guess what? SO AM I!!!! ???? i need to get rid of hmmmm 25-35 pounds. Still waiting for the right time for the TT, lipo of thighs and arms and full back. But this ass ain't went no where.

Pic didn't load

Almost 2 years post op. It's soft and giggly and I love it.

1 of the OG Mcadolls!!! Almost 2 yrs P0 &. IM A FUTURE COCHRAN DOLL!!!!!

So in February next year I'll be 2 year PO. This has been a journey. Full of ups and downs but for the most part good. If I could go back I would still have this procedure done. It's such a confidence booster. I'm loving me more and more. I've gained weight, then lost weight. And now I'm at my lowest 170. I look like a crack head lol. The crazy thing is my ass looks smaller but still measures 46-47 inches. (Shrugs) I feel I need an R2 but every says "damn that ass sitting just right" they say it's still big and plump but maybe it's boogie greed. I'm set to have my TT with Dr Cochran on March 15 2017. I can't wait. I live 4 hours away. So my sister and I will drive up stay for 4-5 days and drive back home. I can drive back myself for my follow up. Any way here's some updated pics ( one I had to alter cause it show my crowned jewels *wink*)
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. James Mcadoo at Vanity is very kind, knowledgeable and honest. He will give u his opinions but won't force anything on you. I feel he worked a miracle on me and if I ever decide to go for plastic surgery again (arms or thighs) I'll definitely go back to him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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