Feeling good!

Okay fellow BBL ladies! I have been stalking all...

Okay fellow BBL ladies! I have been stalking all of your posts for over a year now and I have finally had my consults and scheduled my sx. I decided to go with Dr. Castor after a long debate with myself on either him or Dr. Perez. But I think I am choosing the right dr because he know what I am expecting and he is really laid back. What I need from you ladies is to give me some advice on what I need and what I need to do after the procedure. If there are any other Dr Castor BBL ladies out there, please give me your experience and insights. This is going to be a long 7 months for me, because I will be on this sight everyday until my day comes, and I have seen TOO many booties...lol

Counting Down!!!

4 more months to go! A lot closer than the 7 months I started with...I guess I can start buying stuff in the next couple of months. What is the best type of girdle/compression to buy? And what other things would I need? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I got 99 days and I'll have a big one! Then I'll have 99 problems and a butt won't be one...LOL

This waiting is so dreadful....aagghhhhhh

Tic tockkkkkk

It is so dreadful to wait so long for this procedure. At least it's closer, 65 more days to go!!!!

And the countdown truly begins.....45 days!

This has been such a long dreadful wait, especially looking at everybody else's great outcomes! I will post before pics soon, just have to get the nerve to do it.

30 days to go!!! Pic with clothes

Okay, I will gradually starting putting up before pictures. I will start off with this one. After having my third child, I started gaining weight and it just went straight to my mid section, and make me look like I have a box shape. Not cute...smh

Pre-Op Pics...just saddddd

Okay, I finally got the nerve to post some before pics....DAMN I didn't realize I looked this damn bad. Kids sure as hell take a big affect on a woman's body...smh...I didn't use to look like this...cries...I use to have a nice figure, just no booty. Ohhhhhh I can't wait for my day!!!!

Wow, time flies.

I remember 7 months ago, I was saying this is going to be a long a$@ wait, and here I am with only 23 more days to go. Yeahhhhhhh.....the closer I get, the more addictive I get to this site...smh. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I had a dream last night with me and my new booty with a hour glass shaped....I looked gooddddddd....lol. I hope it turns out exactly how I dreamed. Well everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

15 days away....and I'm curious

Please enlighten me, those of you have kids that are older and understand more. Did you tell them what you were having done or are you going to tell them if you haven't gotten the surgery yet? I have a 16 year old son, and 14 and 9 year old girls, and I'm trying to find the best approach to tell them or if I should. Give me some feedback ladies...thank you!


Okay, I forgot to tell you ladies my stats. I'm 32 years old, 5'4" and the last time I checked I was 156 lbs (I'll see if I lost or gained any next week). Measurements 34, 36, 39 1/2

Xanax check, pain killers check, antibiotics check...had my pre-op today and it just got REAL

Okay, I had my pre-op today and everything went well. And now I feel that it's really going down, and I'm so excited. I know my anxiety is going to get worse, the closer I get to the 20th, so I asked for some help and his name Xanax...lol! Anywho, just have a few more things to purchase and fill my prescription so I can be all set for next Friday....yeaaaaa

Getting closer to my dreams....

Closer to my dreams, it's coming over me, I'm getting higher, closer to my dreams, I'm getting higher and higher, feel it in my sleep....lol....I love this song by Goapele and I was just thinking about I'm actually getting closer to my dream. Yessss

Tomorrow is my day!!

I've been very busy these last few days. Trying to get Xmas shopping done and so on. I still feel like I have so much to do before tomorrow morning :-( oh well whatever's not done will have to wait


Hi ladies, I made it through. Thank you Jesus! In a lot pain right now, will update later


I just took this pic real quick. I will take more when I take a shower tomorrow

1 day post op

2 days post op

My experience so far.

Okay ladies, I have posted pics but it's time for me to tell you about my experience. The day of surgery I was absolutely nervous that something bad was going to happen to me (I never had any type of surgery before), I prayed to bring comfort to myself and told myself that everything is in God's hand. And I thank him for coming through. Once they put the IV in my arm, I think I said one sentence and I was out. I woke up shaking real bad, like I was having a seizure but I was REAL cold. I didn't stop shaking until I got outside to the warm Florida temperature (thank goodness for that or I would've been still shaking my butt off). I got home and laid on the sofa to get some rest which was hard because the pain was all over. I are some soup and took my pain meds and the pain was more manageable. The first night I had to sleep on my ottoman and prop my feet up on the sofa..lol...my bed was too damn high to even try for me to get in. Going to the bathroom is a challenge...smh...ladies make sure you get a funnel, it is a lifesaver!! I paid about $2 for one from Walmart and it's a long one so I don't have to squat. Make sure you get Arnica cream, you will need it because of the stiffness and pain. I'm also taking the arnica pills and bromelian to help with the healing. The worst for me is when trying to get up from sleeping, it's hard to move and it hurts. I just found today that when I put a pillow under my abdomen, I slept so much better, the best sleep I have had so far. I have a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen and vagina, and I didn't drain like the nurse told me I would, I think the incisions closed up pretty quickly. I did drain a lot from my back. I have my follow up today, so I will ask about the draining. Overall, I'm glad I did it and I would do it again. It's just a lot of discomfort but being able to look in the mirror and smile at my body is well worth it.

Two weeks post op tomorrow

Hello ladies!
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I am blessed to be able to see another year. Okay let me update. These last couple of days it seems to me that I have lost some butt, I know it's still early and your butt will go through stages. I still can't complain because the doctor gave me exactly what I asked for. To have a hourglass figure and to lift my butt, not to have a ghetto booty. But you do get the booty greed of wishing you had asked for more...lol I still have a lot of swelling around my abodmen, back, and love handles. Several spots feels hard as a rock, I just keep massaging so that it can go down sooner than later. The other day I noticed my belly button looked like it was getting saggy, which I was not going to accept because I always had a cute belly button. I stuck a marble right on in there so that it can keep its shape. It worked. I will keep it in there until my swelling goes down around that area. Ladies try using the boppy pillow to sleep with, I used it and it put less of a strain on my neck. Keep using Arnica cream and pills to help with swelling and drink lots of water. Watch your sodium intake because it will make you swell worse. That's all I can think of right now. Here are some pics of me from today, I put on the underwear that I had on when I took the pre-op pics so you can see the difference. I had to put it on for myself to make me feel that there is a difference in my body, because my mind played tricks on me thinking I looked the same...lol

Side by Sides

Baby who!!

Ladies, I had to give in and give up the cookie to my hubby. All I can say is whoaaaa...LOL! I can tell you one thing, I put on lingerie and I was like DAMN! In the past I hated wearing it and I sure as hell hated a thong. Well that's in the past because I'm loving all of it now. I almost laughed when my hubby put the thong part to the side of my butt because it STAYED...lmao!!! In the past it always found its way back to the middle, but it stayed put the entire time...lol!! Love it!!

5 weeks tomorrow

Just a couple of pics to update. Not much of a change. Love my results still, even though it's a rollercoaster of feeling one day you I feel it's not big enough and then the next I'm in love with the booty...lol. Overall I'm satisfied with the size because I did not want it big, my main focus was those dreadful love handles and stomach. I did start squats this week to lift my butt more.

2 days shy of 8 weeks post op

Just a few pics. I'm still very happy with my outcome. My butt is big enough for me. I still have swelling in my waist and abdomen, I did lose an inch in my waist...yeahhh. I'll be glad to go down some more in my waist once this swelling stops. I swell more on my left side of my abdomen, and I know I'm not helping by eating salty foods...can't help it!!! I'm trying so hard to stay away from it. It's a struggle. I also gained an inch in my ass measurement :-) must be those squats! overall I'm holding on pretty well.

$800 BBL???

I was reading a local paper this morning and saw an ad that says "lunch hour Brazilian Butt lift"..smh! I hope no one goes for this procedure because we all know that the price is not right for this procedure!!! Ladies be warned, you get what you pay for!!

In those jeans!!

Loving the way jeans look on me now!!

Looking better :-)

15 weeks and still loving my results :-) working on toning my abdomen and I'm good to go!

Forgot one

Almost 10 months

Just a quick update! I am still very pleased with my results and do not regret one minute that I decided to have a bbl. I love the fact that I don't have to look in the mirror and get disgusted with the way my body had turned out after having kids. Just know that you still have to exercise and eat right to maintain your shape.
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