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I figured why not share my story to possibly be...

I figured why not share my story to possibly be able to help someone else in my position.
So, I am around 150 pounds and height of 5'4. This Thursday i went in for my consultation with my Tampa Surgeon, Dr. Castor. I found out about his work via this website, and i couldn't be more happy with my so far expeirence. There was no long wait, the Doctor came in and explained the procedure and process very clear, and to top it off the staff was very kind! I had planned on starting some Tech classes in October, so one of my biggest concerns was when the next availbailty for surgery would be (not wanting to be in school during or around surgery time). My concern was erased as the closest date was a month away! So here i am waiting! Pictures will come the closer it gets to big booty time!

Day One !

Okay so I decided to just wait till after the procedure to make more post, which was today! I went in this morning, and left around noon. My pain level immediately after waking up was at a 5 out of 10, but mostly because I couldn't stop shivering. But once that passed it was more just soreness and tightness instead of pain, all mostly just in my butt. I got my abdomen, flanks and lower back lipo-suctioned. My current pain level is around 1 while laying down, and 3 while standing/walking. I've taken only 2 pain pills within the past 4 hours so I'm happily surprised with such little pain. Can't wait for the draining to stop! Pictures are up, and I want to say I never thought the area around my ribs could be so small! Sooooo happy with that outcome!

Day Three

Ok so yesterday, day two, was more painful then the fist day. With getting up and walking to the bathroom and the garment, my body just felt really tight. I take 1 pain pill every 4-7 hours and they do help as well as make me sleepy, so i've been sleeping away the hours. Taking my shower yesterday and today wasn't bad, my only problem was I tend to get really light headed after standing up for 10 minutes or longer. But a cup of water and getting on my knees helped with that. The draining stopped after the first day, and I'm even starting to see some swelling go down! Most of my pain just comes from standing up after laying down, but I'm able to bend and move better today. Excited to see what day four brings! I have my post-op visit this Tuesday.
The staff at the office is great too, let me not forget to mention that! All very helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. From my first consultation to leaving after surgery!

Everything going good


Post-op visit with Dr. Castor tomorrow. The only pain I feel at this point is from moving too fast, or laying down trying to get comfortable. I think it mostly comes from my garment's tightness against my body. I haven't really found any other position of sleeping then just on a pillow on my stomach, I've heard laying on your side causes that side to swell. My elbows, one wrist, and sometimes knees feel sore from sleeping/laying on them so much. But we'll see how well everything is coming along when tomorrow morning comes. (: happy with my results so far, not even a week yet!

A few negatives

I of course didn't expect my butt to stay as big as it was in the first week. I've noticed the swelling going down, therefore shrinking my butt some. I'm a little frightful it'll go back to how it started, knowing that i didnt have allll that much fat transfer as others. The garment given, and im pictured in, i felt wasnt giving me enough coverage and flattening my lower cheeks where it ended off. (I'll post pics to show) So this week I've gotten a new garment that covers the whole butt, and tucks off underneath the cheeks. I as well feel as if possibly more fat could've been taken from my abdominal area, but i do know im still swollen so i cant say for sure. I have no problem going to the gym and working the rest off if that is the case though. I've also come to notice i have a clear stitch in the incision under my right breast, im not sure if it should've been removed during my post-op visit or if its suppose to dissolve. Buuut other then all that, im loving my arch and I did get what i asked for so i cant really complain. I just cant wait to be able to drive again! And get out the house! And sleep comfortably!

HELP ! ! !

Just a quick question, i was told that i would be getting hard spots on my stomach for around the first month. Anyone know if theres a way to help them go away?! Should i massage them, apply heat, or just leave them be and let them heal naturally?! They're mainly just on my hip/flank area, hard as rocks.
BODY UPDATE - I can sit!! (: I've been able to drive, kinda awkwardly, the past week and a half. My stomach still seems swollen some, and my butt looks fuller but has shrunk from previous pictures. I'll post more pictures after I get some feedback ...... thank you !


My stomach is almost completely not swollen, and my hard sides are getting softer. Went shopping and everything looks good! I'm so happy with my new body! My butt is soft now and back to normal in movement and feeling. I'm able to go without wearing my garment at this point, I even went swimming in a bikini for the first time since I was a little girl! Enjoying everything right now. Check up with Dr. Castor is at the beginning of next month. We'll see what he says. (:

Times flying

Don't you just love the healing process?!?! Loving my body, my sides still have just slight small hard spots. They're not sore or bothersome, or even noticeable but you can feel them.
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