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I'm back after lots of lurking and researching. I...

I'm back after lots of lurking and researching. I decided to go with my previous (lipo) doctor, Dr. Castor in Tampa. I'll get my BBL on March 6, 2017. I've already paid my deposit and bought my plane tickets. Still trying to decide where I'll stay but leaning towards the hotel on the same street as the practice.
I was sooooo leaning towards Miami and either Dr. Hasan or Dr. Ghurani. But the more reviews I read the more I realized I would have to compromise SOMETHING in order to use either of these doctors. You rarely read a review from someone who used a doctor from either Spectrum or Eres(Vanity) and didn't have any problem at all. They love to change dates and switch doctors at the places.. I would end up in jail if I spent all this time and money for you to switch something on me, especially if it happened while I was there for pre-op or something. I expect a certain level of customer service when I spend my money ANYWHERE. because, baybehhh, I can guarantee you that you aren't the only person/store/restaurant that I can go to. Believe that.
I read a review where some girl said that you shouldn't expect to speak with your doctor after a procedure and that you shouldn't worry about their bedside manner or if they make you feel comfortable. You're paying for them to do the surgery and that's it. WHAT. THE. F***???? It is not okay for you to not be able to talk directly to your doctor if you need to before or after the surgery. A coordinator can't tell me anything but what dates are available and have me sign some papers. I really think that if you are willing to put your LIFE in someone's hands you absolutely need to feel comfortable with them and trust that they will do their job to the best of their ability. A lot of girls on here are too worried about cost. And will pick and choose and change doctors based on their current rate or special. If you need to save up more in order to afford a doctor who CARES and takes their practice seriously, then DO IT. Don't rush trying to book a doctor who is $1000 less than another just because you don't want to pay more. I'm just on my soapbox right now, and if you don't agree that's fine.

2 more months!

January is flying date will be here before I know it. I haven't bought much, I'm trying to wait until mid February. I've unconsciously gained weight.(lots of snacking. Chips and candy are the devil) I have no idea how much though, but my clothes are tighter :( I'm going to try to lose about 10lbs

I get on here everyday, multiple times a day, reading through every review I can find. Idk why because I did the same thing before I had lipo and my recovery was nothing like anyone else's. I literally had no pain. I don't want to get my hopes up that my BBL will be the same way lol

I still wish there was a recovery house in Tampa. Someone needs to invest in one of those for real.

Before pics

I really didn't want to post these but here goes. So many of you have helped me so I hope my review can help someone else. I had lipo of the abdomen and flanks in Dec 2015. I've recently gained a bunch of weight. Still haven't weighed myself,,, I'm scared to see the #. When they say after lipo if you gain weight it goes somewhere else...they're not lying. My back rolls are horrendous. I did not have lipo on them previously so they are horrible. I had no idea until I just took this pic. Yes. I live in denial. Lol. But pics don't lie. I'm still struggling over whether I should lose weight before my bbl. about 10lbs ago Dr. Castor said he'd probably only be able to transfer a max of 900ccs..I want more :) but I feel so fat. My clothes are tight and I refuse to buy new ones especially since my bbl is not far away and I don't know what my body will look like then. Sigh. Decisions decisions.

Idk if i mentioned but I'm 5'8. I weighed about 187 3 months ago(the last time I went to the doctor)

It's getting closer!!!

I'm allowing myself to get a little excited now :)

Condo booked!

Found a condo 7 minutes away from the office. $60/night woohoo!!! The hotel I was going to stay at is $119/night and thats with Dr Castor's patients discount. #winning lol Airbnb is the best


I still have yet to weigh myself. I've lost some weight Bc my clothes aren't strangling me anymore.
But as of this morning my waist is 32 and booty is 47 :/
The smallest I got after lipo was 29-30 waist. I hate this weight gain but I think it's a good thing because I have more for my bbl now. I really don't want to be measuring 50in+ after bbl though. I really just want projection. Debating telling Dr that because it seems if you don't tell them to stuff it full people are disappointed. Like I want something natural for my shape but I think saying "natural" to your surgeon translates to "not a lot" in their mind. Lol so I think I want all he can put in and deal with the consequences later if I'm walking around knocking people over and shit lmao

Dr. Hasan in Miami

So I making sure Dr. Castor has malpractice insurance (he does) and decided to look up other doctors.

Dr. Hasan's license expired yesterday and he is not supposed to practice in the state of FL until he renews his license!!!! It would state on the site if he had his renewal papers in already. If you are scheduled with Hasan please call Eres and ask about this! If he performs any procedure he is breaking the law. Here is a screenshot and the URL is

TAMPA Lymphatic drainage massages

I found a mobile massage therapist who specializes in MLD massages in Tampa. Prices are about the same as going to someone's office so win/win.

I'm ready now!!!

I wish I could go to sleep and wake up on March 6. This is torture.


I'm seriously contemplating vlogging my journey, starting from when I arrive in Tampa. Hmmmmm...

I'll be in Tampa in 7 days!!!!

Surgery Monday morning.

So I received a phone call right before they closed today, and I missed it. They left a voicemail asking me to confirm my procedure, saying make sure I fill my prescriptions , don't eat after midnight and have a driver. They also text me right after with the same info. I call back 15-20 mins later and of course no one answers. So I text them and have yet to get a reply. I'm trying to figure out what prescriptions I'm supposed to fill as I have no Rx, they know I'm not in FL. Plus, the fact that I paid in full should be enough confirmation that I'm having the procedure. I emailed Angela this week with some questions,...all of this could have been addressed then. I really, really hate last minute stuff. Like, I get very peeved. I really hope someone calls/texts before Monday. Mood: annoyed.

I made it!

Y'all I kept meaning to update and would doze off lol. I also go my arms done so they were very sore at first but now they feel 80% normal.

I got there right at 730 am. I had my preop before surgery since I arrived yesterday. I was strangely excited. I wasn't nervous one bit. They have new ppl working there since I was there last but they are as nice as the others. Y'all...I gained so much weight. 20 damn lbs.. that's why I didn't want to weight myself smh. Dr. Castor was the same as I remembered. I did not remember to show him wish pics. He asked me what I wanted and I told him. He was marking me up, grabbing fat, muttering "oh this has to go..yea this has to go too" lmao. I was thinking he knows what he's doing I don't have to guide him. The anesthetist I had was so nice. He kept calling me "kiddo" lol. He reminded me of one of my favorite teachers in high school. I was very relaxed and ready to get the show on the road. They started about 830-9 and I left around 1:30-2.

Waking up from anesthesia was the worst. I've had multiple surgeries before and don't remember it being like this. I wasn't cold but my teeth were chattering. In my mind I was telling myself to wake up, making myself move. I was not in pain per se, just hella sore. My ass felt super hard and heavy. I shuffled into the wheelchair and lay on my side in the car. ------


The apartment I'm is 5 mins away but I swear it felt like 30. I went up one flight of stairs and it took like 30sec per stair lol. I had everything all set up before hand so I came in and got right in bed. I get up every couple of hours to walk around. Even though I'm normally a stomach sleeper it took me a few hours to get comfortable. I'm still draining and full of fluid. Trying not to look at myself in the mirror bc I have anxiety and tend to obsess over things. Oh, and I bought a 75cent funnel from Walmart and it works wonders. Forget the Pee EZ. Whichever you choose you won't regret it. I couldn't imagine having to squat. I can't think of anything else right now. Ttyl

2 days post

I'm still shuffling everywhere, can't walk right...I'm sore everywhere. Took a couple pics when I showered but they aren't good ones. To be honest at this point I don't like my results. I'm going to play the waiting game and see if anything changes. My post op is tomorrow morning so I will find out the cc's and whatnot.

Feeling better

Ok, gone is my "woe is me" mindset lol. I feel so much better, almost back to walking correctly.I still have a lot of fluid in abdomen. I think once the swelling goes down I'll be able to see better results. Post op this morning... Dr. C came and looked me over, says he took about 3,000cc and put 1080 into each cheek. He also said that if I wanted to lose weight don't worry about the booty getting smaller, not much will go down Bc of the sheer amount that's in there, but my waist will def get smaller. I can resume exercise in a couple weeks. Right now, I'm going to stay positive. Here are a couple pictures, including one from the first time I had lipo..if I can get my waist back like that I'll be so happy lol. Gaining weight helped in terms of more fat for my booty, but I gotta lose it now.. I feel so chunky

2wks po

Apparently, exactly 14 days is the time it takes to feel normal again. Good thing too, because I went back to work today.
Arm lipo is the worst!!!!!! This morning was the first day po that my arms weren't still numb. They were numb and hurt at the same time. Can't explain it. They still are sore but don't feel like they were dipped in lidocaine. I'm still working on loving my booty. I hope the fluff fairy visits. It's actually 90% soft now. I accidentally sat down on the toilet and it felt like I was sitting on two basketball..such a weird feeling. Castor said you can sit after 2weeks. Nah. I'm starting light workouts this week. Ordered a vest garment. Will be transitioning to that and maybe start waist training. Diet, workouts, & max compression. I'll know in a couple months if I wasted my money or not.

Wasted $6,500

I'm so mad at myself. I should have listened to my gut & went to Miami and let Drs. Hasan, Ghurani, or Alvarez do my BBL. I cannot recommend Dr. Castor for this procedure. 6 wks later I'm looking like I did pre-op, albeit with some fat around my torso lessened because of lipo. Big whoop. Getting around 1200cc in each cheek should be hella noticeable, right? No. Back rolls should be gone, right? No! Getting lipo on my upper and lower abs should make them somewhat flat, right? No. And I'm 10 lbs lighter than my pre-op weight. There is no difference in my arms either. I'm so over this shit. I'm just going to chalk it up to lesson learned and know that if I do a round 2 it'll be in Miami. I work too fucking hard to waste my money.


I've been meaning to come back on here and update but I always forget. A lot has changed. I wish I could delete my earlier review when I was ranting and raving lol. I was impatient, as many of us are, and didn't wait for everything to settle. I'm happy with everything now. I had lost weight but gained it back and let me tell went 90% to my ass. Well, my hips and ass. Currently in the process of trying to lose weight again slowly so I can keep some of the weight booty lol. The attention is real. Kind of too much, and it's hard to find clothes for work because of my shape everything looks sexy...I try not to call attention to myself.

Anyway...I'm trying to figure out good coverup tattoos for my scars. The lipo scars healed nicely but the two at the top of my booty are noticeable..and I've tried everything to lighten them. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I might post pics, I might not. Inbox me if you don't see any in the next day or say.
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