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I'm back after lots of lurking and researching. I...

I'm back after lots of lurking and researching. I decided to go with my previous (lipo) doctor, Dr. Castor in Tampa. I'll get my BBL on March 6, 2017. I've already paid my deposit and bought my plane tickets. Still trying to decide where I'll stay but leaning towards the hotel on the same street as the practice.
I was sooooo leaning towards Miami and either Dr. Hasan or Dr. Ghurani. But the more reviews I read the more I realized I would have to compromise SOMETHING in order to use either of these doctors. You rarely read a review from someone who used a doctor from either Spectrum or Eres(Vanity) and didn't have any problem at all. They love to change dates and switch doctors at the places.. I would end up in jail if I spent all this time and money for you to switch something on me, especially if it happened while I was there for pre-op or something. I expect a certain level of customer service when I spend my money ANYWHERE. because, baybehhh, I can guarantee you that you aren't the only person/store/restaurant that I can go to. Believe that.
I read a review where some girl said that you shouldn't expect to speak with your doctor after a procedure and that you shouldn't worry about their bedside manner or if they make you feel comfortable. You're paying for them to do the surgery and that's it. WHAT. THE. F***???? It is not okay for you to not be able to talk directly to your doctor if you need to before or after the surgery. A coordinator can't tell me anything but what dates are available and have me sign some papers. I really think that if you are willing to put your LIFE in someone's hands you absolutely need to feel comfortable with them and trust that they will do their job to the best of their ability. A lot of girls on here are too worried about cost. And will pick and choose and change doctors based on their current rate or special. If you need to save up more in order to afford a doctor who CARES and takes their practice seriously, then DO IT. Don't rush trying to book a doctor who is $1000 less than another just because you don't want to pay more. I'm just on my soapbox right now, and if you don't agree that's fine.
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