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Had a consult with Dr Stanley castor and I'm...

Had a consult with Dr Stanley castor and I'm scheduled for bbl on August 5th! I had 2
Other consults but decided to stick with castor because his good before & afters and his pricing is a plus :-) he seems very knowledgable but a little quiet ... Idk but his office staff are very friendly and I hope I get the results I am expecting. Getting lipo on entire back , love handles , upper stomach , inner thighs & arms. I had a TT 3 years ago(mom of 4) so I don't have much fat in front belly. He says I should have an hourglass figure when finished :-) will post before pics soon

Before pictures

Wednesday can't get here soon enough! I gained 9lbs in 6 weeks since I decided to do the surgery. Dr didn't tell me to gain or loose weight but I just figured since I was getting the bbl the more fat the better so Iv been eating bad & whatever I want lol I got all my supplies & things set up.. Just waiting on my big intertube I orderd off
Amazon .. Hoping it's something I can't sit in. They have a bbl bed now but it isn't available for purchase yet :-(

Oops here is the bed I saw and my supplies

I wish this blow up mattress was already available

Wish I could fast forward time!!

I had my surgery Wednesday the 5th and omg I wasn't expecting to feel this bad! I Wokeup to the nurse & my husband trying to put my garmet on in recovery .. I literally felt like a had a huge rock in each butt cheek and couldn't barely move. The nurse wheeled me out to the car & my husband managed to help me get in while Layin on my stomach. They didn't give
Me any drink or crackers because they were afraid I would get sick on an hour n half ride home. A few Hours after I got home I threw up a lot and Iv just been miserable! Today is Sunday & I thought by now I would be doing a lot better!! Nobody from the office has called to check on me Since my surgery and they didn't tell my husband and post op instruction & he didn't have enough since to ask! So I called Friday to ask if I'm supposed to use peroxide & neosporin over each hole or what & the nurse said
Do u still have ur post op instruction I gave u at ur pre op. I'm like yes but all it says is follow the instructions given by dr & don't smoke blah blah so there really is no directions. Anyways the hole staff seems friendly and I think the dr did a great job for what I can see so far. My husband has been with me since surgery & I really don't think I could have done it myself the first few days without anyone. I have been trying to use lipo foam etc to help with swelling and used compression socks to prevent blood clots(moms advice) half my body feels numb and itchy ..
I was up till 2am last night itching everywhere for some reason I can't stop even taking Benadryl it's not helping! The worst part is there is no way to sleep but on stomach then my arms get tingly and numb and neck hurts. I Wokeup this morning with my girl parts swollen purple. Every morning my face is blown up likes balloon from laying on stomach then during the day it seems to go down. I'm worried it's making my skin under eye loose , it looks like it's causing deep wrinkles or something! This garmet is the most uncomfortable thing ever. I never thought I'd be so miserable from surgery!!!! I hope it's all worth it!!!!!! Oh and if I didn't order the pee ezy from Amazon there is no way I'd be able to pee on toilet , I can't barely bend down. I haven't pooped still & I hope I don't have to for awhile!!!

6 days post op

I am so sick of being stuck on my stomach! My neck is killing me & I can barely sleep at night! I haven't been taking pain meds Since yesterday because my husband had surgery yesterday so I had to drive him home & I layed on my stomach on the couch in the waiting room for 4 hrs lol I sat on a pillow on way home and it hurt like hell but the bbl pillow seems to suck I couldn't use it! My mom brought my kids home last night :-( so I had to take them to daycare/summer camp this morning ughhh I don't want to be on my butt ! My arms are killing me from the lipo & my back from not being able to walk standing straight up .. It's like my butt is in the way with these rocks in it! I'm kind of discouraged I feel like my butt isn't sticking out enough ... It's fine on the sides...maybe a little to big of hips but probably not once the swelling goes down. If I remember right he put 1020cc in each cheek. Iv read some things that say the more injected the less fat will survive so I'm worried. I'm not gaining weight again to have this procedure done a 2nd time so I hope I'm happy with my results in a month which I won't be completely happy till there is a laser that actually removes these stretch marks!! Lol

4 1/2 weeks post op

Sry ladies I haven't updated just been busy working and the kids are back in school so it's been crazy but I'm happy with my results to an extent. The lipo and everything looks good and the butt has held decently ... I wish it was bigger cause I feel like I don't have much change untill I look at my before pics haha but I think I'm just use to it now cuz my husband and friend think it looks good & that I'm crazy lol so my only complaint is my stomach.. He was going to do a little ab etching and I think that is what has messed my stomach up now idk I see him on the 15th so hopefully he does some lipo on the spots or schedules it to get done within the next few weeks because I have a cruise in November and if it's not fixed im going to be pissed cause the reason I didn't wait to have bbl till December is cause I wanted to look good for my cruise and now with my stomach looking like this I can't even wear a bikini !!! Iv been working out for 2 weeks lifting weights like I use to and started doing 21day fix by beachbody again so I feel good other than this disgusting stomach it's so upsetting :-( I don't have any pics on my phone except 1 from the other day then I took a quick pic of my stomach.. I will post pics of the butt and back in the next couple days :-)

6 weeks post op

I had my post op app the other day and I'm very happy with what castor had to say!! :-) I was hoping he would lipo/flatten out my stomach before my cruise & he is going to since I'm on a time crunch he's not making me wait months or anything I guess. I formed a dog ear from the tummy tuck I had 3 1/2 yrs ago and he's going to fix the dog ear too :-) it's gonna be taking out half of my flower tattoo but Owell I'm not worried about it cause my tattoo artist said he could easily cover it up with something else and I was going to add something there to hide the stretch marks anyhow lol he said I could do the vaser lipo and dog ear awake under local anesthesia but I'm worried about doing the lipo that way? He said he had to do traditional lipo I guess it's called before because he had to use all the fat he took for my butt so this time he's using vaser which melts the fat then sucks it out. I'm doing my arms now too cause I didn't see much change when I did them before so I think the vaser is going to work better. He said it can help tighten the skin a little
So maybe that will help with the stretch marks on my belly. He's charging me to do the general anesthesia because I don't want to be awake but I'm okay with that , I'm just so happy that he didn't make excuses after excuses not to go ahead and do It for me and that he's willing to get with the program so that I'm happy :-) my friend had a consult with me for some things so she is going to be booking with him in a few months. I really think he does an amazing job with aggressive lipo and although I wish my butt was alittle bigger I guess he didn't have anymore fat to work with so I'm okay with it cause he did make
My shape look good & everything ... I think he's really honest to and he's not gonna feed u b.s lol he tells u the truth so that u kno what to expect... Besides all that Iv been feeling perfectly normal , working out & all And stopped Wearing my compression garmet a few days ago

Finally had my vaser lipo to arms, front belly and dog ear revision

Well I got strep throat a few weeks ago so my surgery got changed to October 15th. Thankfully I'm done with everything now & just hoping my dog ear is closed up within the next few weeks cause of our cruise. My stomach looks awesome so far and no more lumpiness or whatever it was lol it is flat and sore from the lipo and my dog ear has been burning/stinging but it's all good.. I haven't had to take any pain pills and went to the mall the day after surgery looking for spanx and back to work on day 2. I bought some tight compression long sleeve arm shirts to wear while
I'm working cause these arm garmets suck!!!! I'm wearing them religiously for 2 weeks though cause I'm afraid that my arms will get fat again if I don't keep compression on 24/7 my arms look really good so far and I have hardly any brusing and none on my stomach so I'm loving the vaser Lipo. He took a lot out my dog ear but he asked beforehand and I told
Him take as much as u can to make
It flat because I'm getting it tattooed over anyways so it didn't matter to me. Now I got too wait 3 months maybe a little
More for the tattoo to cover it :-( Dr castor is very friendly, honest & I love his work and office...The ladies that work with him during surgery are very friendly and caring and I definatly trust them all 100% while
I'm out :-) I think they are all awesome... Iv had a TT at a diff Doctor, my boob lift done at a diff Doctor , my husband had his eyes done somewhere else and a friend of mine with her TT and Iv had different consults at lots of places but I haven't been as happy with any of them. I really like castor and will be sticking with him for anything else i may ever do! I want my boobs bigger hopefully next year and my husband wants vaser lipo on his love Handles lol

Oops pics

Day after surgery on belly and 2nd day on arms.. Barely any brusing

9 months post op

Hey guys it's been awhile Since Iv been on but figured I'd give An update because Iv had a few Messages from ppl... First off I LOVE my butt!! It's the best thing Iv even done!! I think Dr castor does amazing bbls & aggressive lipo... I will continue to go to him if I ever want anything else Done & I recommend friends&family to him cause I really think he's great at what he does. I went back to him to get a belly button revision cause a few months later my belly button looked funny at too kinda stuck out from side view & I hated it! Maybe from doing lipo thru it? Idk but he fixed it February 1st so I'm still waiting on it to finish healing. My only complaint is I got a little dimpling under my Arms from the lipo. I can't remember my last update but he did it the 1st time & I saw results but Wanted More So went back in October ... He then Vaser lipo'd it some more and I did notice slight dimpling .. I was hoping would subside but it's still there 5 months later.. I mainly only Notice when I workout n get my arms real tight. I also feel like my back is kinda fat or possibly a little Dimpling but maybe not? I have gained about 5-10lbs since surgery So that could be why. Maybe if I would Have Gotten massages to workout the fluids It wouldn't have dimples? Idk I'm not a Doctor! Anyways I love my results and think castor did great and need to remind myself by looking at my old pics lol I still feel fat and ugly because my stretch marks on stomach but overall I'm wayy happier than I ever was before so much more Confidence having a butt :-)

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