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I live in Tampa, FL. I am 27 Years old and I have...

I live in Tampa, FL. I am 27 Years old and I have a 4 year old child. I am 5'1'' and before I had a child my weight was always inbetween 130-140. After giving birth I weighed 185. I broke up with my baby daddy and lost a lot of weight from diet and exercise and weighed 125. I then got into a very happy relationship and ended up loosing track of my exercise routine and gained 40 pounds :( I have lost some weight and I am currently 159 lbs.

After giving birth, my belly has never been the same. It hangs down and is wrinkly and it has really put a turn on my self esteem. It almost keeps me from being motivated because there is nothing that I can do about it. I will post pics soon of how my belly looks. I also want to get implants. When I loose weight, my boobs get a lot smaller. Which is kinda discouraging, I'm not for sure if I will go through with the implants, I am going to see what my PS says about it. I will post more when I have time.

Today I had my consultation with dr. Rieger. I did...

Today I had my consultation with dr. Rieger. I did have to wait longer than expected to be seen, but it was worth it. Th dr was extremely well mannereed and seemed very sincere in his words. I felt extremely nervous and he made me feel comfortable. He took his time explaining everything to me. I am going to another consultation tomorrow just to get a 2nd opinion, but I am pretty sure I am going to stick with this dr. Unfortunately I will not be able to get the both procedures done at once like I had hoped. And it is only so I'm not drowni g myself in too much payments. So I am going to get my tummy tuck first and get implants when the tummy tuck is paid off. I am so excited I will post my surgery date this week. I'm hoping to do it during the 1st week ofNovember!!

Today I had another consultation with a different...

Today I had another consultation with a different dr. I've decided to stick with dr rieger. I knew it all along, but wanted to remain open minded. The quotes were much more expensive and there were other reasons regarding the dr knowledge and just not feeling like he cared very much. But I am still very excited and nervous. Today I pretty much scoped out my school homework and tests for the next 2 months and I've decided that I'm going to try to make my surgery date alone the lines of october 21 ish. I'm just afraid of how I'm going to be able to take cate of my daughter and 2 stepkids. And sstill manage to get my schoolwok done. I dont like the thought of missing any school but it looks like I am going to have to miss 1 or 2 days. Tomorrow I hope on setting a surgery date!!! Ill keep u posted!!

Hi everyone. Well I went to m see my PS yesterday....

Hi everyone. Well I went to m see my PS yesterday. Everyday is paid for. My date is set for October 21. I am sooooo excited I can hardly sleep!! He told me I can't drink anything with caffeine for 2 weeks!! That is going to be really hard, because I am a coffee/red bull/ anything that can assist with my energy level type of person!! But it's ok I'll live! But anywhoo, I am soooo excited!! I feel very fortunate to have found a doctor that I feel very comfortable with. I trust him very much. Next week I am going to go shopping for a robe. I was told that it will be difficult to take off pajama pants to go to the bathroom because I won't be able to bend to take them off and on. So I figure I will wear a robe that I can just open in the front.

If anyone else is getting a tummy tuck soon let me know if you wanna talk!!!

Today I'm picking up my meds. I didn't realize how...

Today I'm picking up my meds. I didn't realize how expensive all the meds would be!! I'm glad I have insurance or it would be extremely pricy!! I go for my pre-op appointment next Monday. I've been havinga hard time sleeping. I keep thinking about everything. I'm worried about school and I'm worried I may not be able to take care of my daughter. She's 4. And she still needs help with a lot of things

So...I'm debating on whether or not I shouls rent...

So...I'm debating on whether or not I shouls rent a hospital bed..what about you guys, is it worth it?? I don't have a recliner and my couch isn't exactly the most comfortable couch in the world. What other supplies should I invest in getting, or renting?? I think I'm gonna but a robe so that way I don't have to pull pants down and bend to go to the bathroom.

Dr. Rieger saved my tummy ruined from having...

Dr. Rieger saved my tummy ruined from having children and a c section

I am so happy with my results so far. It has...

I am so happy with my results so far. It has definitely been a crazy journer through this all. I am 1 week post op, I still can't stand up totally straight. Bending over is still extremely hard, so I try to avoid it. My insicion looks so good. I'm getting some stitches taken out on Monday. I still have the drains in, hopefully I get them out on Monday. I still have pain in my abdomen and my back..but I'm getting through it. I'm starting to get my energy back. I feel like a new person!! So happy!!

Today I went to the see my PS I am 10 days post op...

Today I went to the see my PS I am 10 days post op. I am still feeling some pain. Especially my back! I'm gonna have some new back muscles after this is all said and done! Anyways I was hoping to get both of my drains out. But my PS decided to leave one in, because that side was still draining more than 25 CCs in 24 hours. The other side wasn't draining anything. It surprisingly did not hurt one bit to have the drain taken out. I was so scared to have it taken out. LOL so I have to deal with one drain. I've decided to go and take my daughter trick or treating. My hubby is going to bring the car along and we'll just keep driving the car street by street so it won't be so hard on me. I have a long week ahead of me too. I have to go back to school this week. So this is going to be interesting going to school with a drain. :( Happy halloween everyone!!

Hey guys it has been 16 days since my surgery. I...

Hey guys it has been 16 days since my surgery. I am feeling great. Man, it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster during recovery!! I'm so glad that I am feeling better. I got my drain out yesterday finally. I think that had a lot to do with my depression. It's so hard dealing with those things!! My energy is going up and I am ready to start exercising!! I know I need to wait longer, but I'm ready. My battle has been with my tummy. When I would lose 10 pounds, I felt happy, then that happiness would always fly out the window and turn into a depression because no matter what I did, my tummy ruined my life. I hated getting dressed. I HATED IT! everything looked so terrible on me. I am definitely a new person on the inside. I can feel myself being so much more confident already. Even though I still need to lose about 25-30 pounds, it doesn't seem so hard now.

The pain is almost gone. I think the hardest thing is sleeping. I am a tummy sleeper and I still find it difficult getting comfortable in bed. I still need some xtra pillows for support. The swelling is finally subsiding. Today I went to school and went shopping. I was on my feet for a good 4 hours, and the swelling hasn't been that bad. Nothing like it was at 1 week. I am just trying to stay on the water and stay away from salt. It's hard! Anyways, HAPPY TUMMIES!!!! Hope everyone is healing well.

Just a quick update. I am almost 4 weeks post op....

Just a quick update. I am almost 4 weeks post op. The swelling is pretty minimal. I still have a little bit of swelling by the end of the day, and sometimes in the morning if I tried to sleep like some crazy position. I still have yet to sleep the way I used to, but it's getting there. I still have some soreness on my tummy. It mainly feels like a day after doing a serious ab workout. But the pain is consistent. Nothing I can't deal with though. I actually did a light workout yesterday for the first time. I did a little bit of cardio and some light core exercises. I am definitely feeling it today! Overall I am happy though! Now I have to just enhance my results with losing those 20-25 pounds that my "old" tummy was keeping me from doing. i will post more pics in another week or 2.

Updated on 29 Oct 2011:Dr. Rieger is the most kindest and respectful dr. I have ever met. He never made me feel rushed and made me feel so comfortable. He is very easy to get a hold of after hours, and he is an awsome dr. I am extremely happy with my results so far. I will definitely be returning for my next procedure.

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