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Well here goes... To say this is a lifelong dream...

Well here goes... To say this is a lifelong dream would be the most accurate description I can think of. I've always had insecurities about how small my boobs are in comparison to my build. At 5'8" and 180lbs a 38A just doesn't cut it! Most bra manufacturers don't even make my size, I guess the assumption is that if you're that wide you've got at least a B cup lol. So after 20 years of dreaming and telling myself if I didn't do this before I turned 36 I wouldn't bother... My long time beau got financing secured and surprised me with it for my 35th birthday! Such an awesome surprise.
Getting nervous, pre-op is this Friday to finalize the plans but from the initial consult the plan was silicone teardrop and under muscle...not sure of size yet. I was petrified of the CCs lol until joining this group and reading tons of reviews. Yalls stories helped me feel comfortable giving the surgeon control, I've saved 20 or so wish pics and am ready! I do have some concerns due to having Celiac but from everything I've researched I should be ok as long as I'm following safe diet and make sure Dr gives me safe meds lol.
I've got ice packs freezing, button up shirts and comfy pants waiting and some other items ready to go for June 27th! Sigh now to decide, CCs.

Pre-op tomorrow!

Getting nervous, but excited the preop is finally here! Feverishly scanning through wish pics to show Gayoso tomorrow... Anxious to hear what size he suggests based on my desired outcome.

Pre-op went great!

Had my pre-op this morning, was extremely nervous but things went well! BF went with and had a couple questions so was good for him to have opportunity to meet Gayoso. Crazy how calming he is! Anyways. Did re-sizing because my consult was almost 3 years ago lol. Turns out I'm super thankful I waited because I had no idea what I was doing back then. Original size was potentially 300cc max but with my newfound understanding of my desired outcome plus their new sizer system we determined I actually want between 450-550cc! Holy shit that's a huge difference lol. We agreed on 4 potential sizes to be in operating room and I trust him to use his discretion to pick whichever looks best.
Omg and amazing news, I only need the circle lift...not the lollipop lift he originally thought! That is a huge relief, although I did find out I'll have drains sigh. All in all was better than expected and now the countdown is on to surgery on June 27th!
Time to find my post op sports bras in my new size! Bye bye A cup!

Tick tock

Surgery coming up on Monday, gotta say nesting is so real lol. I had to force myself to come home from work tonight and stop with just cooking dinner because every night I've been go go go preparing! I'm feeling pretty good though, think I've basically got all my supplies at this point all that's left is restocking the house with groceries this weekend. I'm planning to make a batch of bone broth for soup and a batch of chicken salad for lunches too but those have to wait till Sunday.
My mind is going a million miles a minute thinking of any possible issue that I could run into...you'd think I was going into this alone but I'm not lol! I have no problem taking care of others but for some reason the idea of needing too much from them is overwhelming so I'm over preparing to avoid asking too much. Guess we'll see how it goes.
Hope to find something to do to relax and attempt to get my mind off of surgery this weekend!

Less than 24 hours to go...

I woke up this morning and have been a ball of nerves thus far... Was up late last night nesting, rearranged furniture so my recliner could be moved to living room for me to spend most of recovery in it. Have set up a side table with all my post surgery goodies and a designated place in kitchen for dishes, cups and snacks I wouldn't have been able to reach out of our cabinets. I made a batch of ham and veggie soup, beef bone broth and chicken salad too. All laundry is done, my sports bra and clothes for tomorrow are set out and ready to go. I used Nair last night, my bff told me after her BA it was really awkward and uncomfortable to shave so I thought I'd Nair to give myself a few days (didn't want to splurge and get waxed lol). The house is mostly clean, just need to touch up the floors tonight.
House is stocked with groceries, including random foods I usually enjoy if not feeling well. Got my hair done yesterday as I always feel 10xs better if my hairs up kept.
Tonight I will celebrate my new girls by emptying my bra drawer as I will never again need super padded bras nor will I fit in an A cup ???? Lol.
It's getting really real, can't believe I'm actually doing this! Been a lifelong dream and can't begin to express my excitement and nerves.

Tomorrows the day!!!

So freaking nervous and excited... Gotta be to the hospital by 8am, I doubt I'll sleep at all tonight lol.

Another pic

Current situation

Today's the day!

Sitting in waiting room... Nerves and emotions all over the place right now! Crazy to think I'm finally doing this, wanted this my whole life! Weird sitting here thinking when I wake up, I'll be different lol.

Surgery day 1

short and sweet this pose. Surgery went well, was scheduled to be a 4 hour surgery but my body must've really cooperated bcuz only took 2.5! Plus I was supposed to end up w drains however I did not so celebrating for sure.
The pain is weird, more like intense pressure at this point hoping it subsides soon! Pain meds aren't helping so I'm just suffering through.
Slept a lot today, a lot lol
Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow

This pressure sigh

Good lord I wasn't prepared for the pressure I'm feeling at all. Kinda hard to breathe, can barely move my arms and feel like I'm entirely too swollen ugh. Wishing for sleep tonight and a better day tomorrow

Day 1 post op has been rough.

Feel like they're super swollen and I know they're riding very high so im trying to be patient and remind myself this is temporary (easier said than done lol).
The ace wrap from surgery can't be removed till my post op tomorrow morning, it's so tight I can barely stand it.
Really exhausted still, barely any sleep last night but got a few hours this afternoon.
My bf and teenage daughter have been extremely supportive and are really taking amazing care of me. Yesterday I needed a lot of assistance just to go to the bathroom, today I kinda just took my time getting up but needed just a bit of help w someone holding the chair still.
Haven't had any appetite at all, my bf insisted I drink some of the bone broth I made so had 2 cups of that yesterday & a couple bites of applesauce. Today I had applesauce and some chicken salad later but not by choice, he made me eat.
Bf has been pretty worried about me not eating and knowing the Tylenol 3 isn't doing shit for the pain sigh, thanks to generics manufacturers using gluten I was very limited in choice of pain meds. Any how so he took an extra day off so could be here with me as I'm still pretty dependent - can't pull the fridge door open even ugh!
Hopeful day 3 will be turning point for me like I've seen most reviews on here say!
Haven't even seen the girls yet since can't take the wrap off so excited for tomorrow!


Forgot to mention experiencing a lot of stomach bloating today too ugh. Hope this doesn't last too long!

1st Post Op appointment

Finally got the ace wrap from hell off but...have to wear the band up top to push the girls down since they're riding so high.
I was feeling really nauseas at dr office so I didn't even look at them when nurse took the gauze and steristrips off for fear of throwing up. My BF was there though and said they look amazing. Nurse and BF both said I'm healing amazingly, only 2 places one on each incision that doesn't look like is completely healed already!
They're still a bit tight but that's to be expected lol I did end up with 520ccs on both side. Nurse said if I'm comfortable to go without sports bra I can but not sure how comfy I'd be without any support.
None of the sports bras I bought fit, had to stop at store and my BF went in and bought any front closing sports bra in size I needed lol. I tried wearing one but the strap is putting so much pressure on the girls I decided to be sans bra for awhile just sitting at home anyways.
Pretty exhausted, never been a nap taker but I see one in my near future.

Burning and tingling...

I've heard this is part of recovery from this surgery but dang!! The pressure has come and go today, feels like they've swollen up a bit this evening.
Finally got a sports bra that fits as all 5 I purchased prior to surgery were too small. What a mess.
Anxious to take a shower but think I'll address that tomorrow.

Day 3 post op

Still a lot of pressure, gaining sensation back as well so burning and tingling is getting more frequent.
Doing my stretches, crazy I can basically feel the implants move when I stretch. Still winded very easily and having tough time sleeping.
The torture band is doing its job well though, they are definitely dropping a bit.
Today's my first day home alone after surgery so far so good.
Plus side I'm making good progress with getting up and moving around, not having any big issues getting myself out of the chair.

First shower and first time seeing the girls

Was anxious/nervous being as this is my first day home alone but realllllly wanted to shower lol so I went for it. As soon as I took the band off they shot right back up to riding high and it felt so funny! I'm pretty impressed honestly, I expected more bruising and/or scarier look I guess.

Having a rough day today

Not sure what happened but spent the morning fighting extreme nausea, to the point I had to actively talk myself out of throwing up. I was so afraid of how much it would hurt sigh.
Experiencing a lot of pressure still and the girls are randomly riding high today even though wearing the torture band 24-7.
On a positive note the Arnicare gel has worked pretty well on the bruises. Also I'm getting up/down easily and not having issue keeping my breath anymore.
The pressure is pretty intense today, they're high and hard as rocks. I have not

Day 5 was worst yet

Started the day feeling ok, ate a decent breakfast and did my stretches... But shortly after I ended up fighting nausea so bad I was almost in tears thinking of how much it would hurt to throw up ugh. That lead to a massive headache, blah. Thank goodness I was able to sleep it off.
They're still sitting pretty high, wearing the torture band 24-7. BF took me for a walk tonight which turned into a bad idea, must've been too long because the girls ended up really swollen and sore ugh.
Had a few weepy moments today, thoughts of why the hell did I do this, will I ever heal etc. I know it's just part of the process but phew I'm really ready for some relief!

Some random redness

Another pic

Hoping they start dropping soon... The band is uncomfortable as hell and I think I'm starting to develop a rash of sorts on my back from it ugh.


Today started a new sensation, contractions. Yup contractions in my boobs ugh. Wore the band all day but got to a point were I was so uncomfortable I just couldn't any longer so I took it off and bam right back up they went! It was instant and so freaking uncomfortable, spent the next 15 icing them.
So now here I sit with the girls super high again, tight as hell and now add they're contracting. My BF asked if I wanted anything and my response was a way to fast forward through this entire recovery :(
Tired of sleeping in a chair, I miss being able to bury my head in his chest in a hug when I'm feeling overwhelmed... Guess I've hit the stage where I'm questioning if this was the right thing to have done?
Sigh I know I'll love them once this is all over but damn, getting to that point is hell.

1 week post op check up today

Doc says I'm looking good, healing well and on track. Steristrips from 1st post op still in tact, he said they looked good so didn't change them today...said that if they start coming off I can take them off otherwise if still there in 3 weeks he'll remove them. Also gaining the feeling back in my breast and nipple areas already so that's a great thing!
I'm feeling a lot better, mentally lol. It's been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm ridiculously bloated which is annoying, chest is very tight but that's to be expected with 520cc implants lol! They're slowly starting to drop but Dr wants me to continue wearing the strap to help the process along. Also wants me braless as much as possible which should be interesting because I go back to work tomorrow lol.
Found some very comfy "bras", very lightweight thin stretchy sports bra type...no compression and no shaping which is what Dr wants so they're perfect.

Pinching and burning sensation

Phew, hard to believe it's been 2 weeks already. Just as I was starting to think I was getting comfortable BAM. I must've over done it at some point recently because it hit like a Mack truck and hasn't let up. I can barely walk without breathtaking pinching and burning all over the girls, most intense in the middle. Spoke with nurse this morning and she said is normal, caused by my nerves healing and then also stretched nerves at same time so double whammy on the pain. Yay me lol. Hopefully this subsides soon because damn this isn't cool.
Steristrips still in place, one came off over weekend but they're double layered so no incisions exposed yet. Dr said if they start coming off on their own I can remove otherwise he will at my 1 month on July 26th... I'm kinda hoping they come off on their own. My sensation is definitely back in my nipples already and damn they're sore so the idea of steristrips being pulled off turns my stomach. On the other hand seeing my incisions does too lol so....
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