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Ever since I was about 11-12 years old, I’ve had...

Ever since I was about 11-12 years old, I’ve had what people may call a “bubble butt”. I know that people go under the knife to have a booty like mine, but believe me, I’m sure they have NO idea what it’s like to never have a single pair of pants fit you or to have sleezy guys hit on you or to have a constant trickle of sweat running down the back of your legs (it also doesn’t help that I live in Florida- haha).
I’ve wanted liposuction for years. I’m ridiculously active (I’ve even run a few marathons and triathlons) and eat right, but losing weight is no help because I just look bony and unhealthy on my top half while my booty stays its same jiggly and cellulite-y self. I’m sure a lot of you know how frustrating this is.
So I choose to go through with this procedure now for a few different reasons:
- No school! I’m a senior in college and also work part time so doing it during school would be impossible.
-I’m young. Why should I spend my twenties and thirties (a time when your body is in its peak) worried about how my butt looks in this or being restricted on what I wear and settling on loose dresses and skirts day in and day out because nothing else fits
-I finally saved up enough money so that liposuction wouldn’t wipe out my bank account
-I’m pretty fit and have an amazing immune system so hopefully recovery should be pretty short.

I started calling around to plastic surgeons in February and found a good one here in town; I was thinking about going out of town but I didn’t want to travel that much for post-op appts. The first person I told about the procedure was my boyfriend. I don’t think he will ever fully understand why I want to do it because he thinks I’m perfect the way I am, but he is very supportive. I only told a few select friends who I knew would understand. My parents and I aren’t that close so I didn’t tell them, but I do plan on telling my mom once I’m healed. I really don’t think my dad and stepmom would understand so what they don’t know won’t kill them.
After the consultation and pre-op appointment, I scheduled the surgery- it was yesterday and boy, oh boy, do I feel funny. I’m not gonna lie: I’m certainly not comfortable, but the pain is manageable (most likely due to the pain medication- haha).
I was incredibly nervous on surgery day and the day before as well. I wasn’t scheduled to come in until 12:15 so to calm my nerves I went for a quick run when I woke up. It was incredibly difficult to not drink any water (no food/water after 6am for anesthesia purposes) because I’m usually sipping it all day, but it was nice to have something to do to get my mind off of going in for my first ever surgery.
Once I arrived, they took my boyfriend and I straight to the prep area. I answered quite a lot of questions and then it was time for the worst part: putting the IV in. I should mention that I usually have a small anxiety attack and/or pass out with any kind of needle, especially IVs. It took about 30 minutes to get that sucker in! I’m pathetic. Haha. The nurse was so patient though and I felt horrible for her. More questions and some medicine for acid reflux and upset stomach, then the surgeon came in to mark me- I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! I got fat taken out of my outer thighs and buttocks and I believe he took a little in the area right above the butt (not quite the love handles, but close. For this area, I’ll have to wait and see where exactly the incisions are when the compression garment comes off on Thursday). Next thing I know, I’m heading back to the OR and I’m out. I don’t even remember them telling me to count backwards or anything.
When I wake up, everything is blurry and I feel REALLY weird. The compression garment was already on and all we had to do was wait a little until the staff was certain I could urinate and walk with guidance. By the time I got home around 5, I was feeling much better- just tired.
It is now the day after surgery, and while there is pain at the eight incision sights with sutures, there are a few more weird things that I’ve noticed. First I’m really constipated (may be TMI, but Hey you might want to know) likely due to the antibiotics. I’m taking stool softeners, but they just take forever to work. Also, I’m already itchy and I know it will get worse. I’m on 3 medications: vicodin, antibiotic, and anti-nausea. On the bright side, I get a chance to lay down and relax and watch my favorite TV shows/ catch up on some laundry.
I’ll keep you guys updated and I’ll also load some before and after pictures as soon as I can take this compression garment off to shower and again onafter Monday when I get the sutures taken out.

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