26 Years Old Starting Isotretinoin (Accutane ) - Tallahassee, FL

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I have had acne for about 14 years. I have tried...

I have had acne for about 14 years. I have tried years worth of antibiotics and topicals and multiple combination of these. A lady told me about this drug in a nail salon she was currently on it and she said it was working for her. I have read the reviews and risks associated and I am willing to try it. I also talk so a couple people at work who had used it. I went to my dermatologist today and we had a long discussion. After a few blood tests I will be able to begin this drug on my next appointment in March, as long as my blood work is good.

Started my first month of Isotretinoin (Claravis)

Wish me luck.

Isotrentoin is working for me.

I switched brands from claravis to amnesteem. It seems to not cause the side effects as much and claravis. It really messes with your lady parts I had a struggle with reoccurring Yeast infections and V. Dryness for the first month while my body was adjusting to the medicine. I know too much info, but be prepared of you are going on this journey. I have been eating healthier and my cholestrol levels are improving. By the way you should drink tons of water to help with the side effects of the medicine. It will make you constipated! My acne has improved so much. My doctor increase the dose this month from 40 mg to 80mg because I still have some acne. I plan to have some kind of scar treatment when my isotrentoin treatment is finished. I don't know why the pictures loaded sideways sorry.

It's working

On my 4th month now

My skin is still improving I love this medicine. My doctor even said this time that she saw improvement. My doctor increased the dosage last month to 60mg and to 80mg this month. I just got the prescription refill. Still dryness and I feel dehydrated often and have to drink a lot of water. The vast majority of the bumps under the skin are gone. I missed a dose this past weekend and ended up with a couple of bumps, But they heal pretty fast.

Accutane is great

So I finished my accutane treatment I have one more lab work to do post treatment. I made it. No major problems problems. My skin on my face does turn red briefly after I wash it, but it does subside. My skin is softer and so smooth with the exception of some really old acne scars. I didn't really have any new scarring after the treatment. Even though some looked as if they were gonna scar and stayed red even after healing. Another strange thing I notice when I started is my skin is so much more sensitive to clothing, cuts and scraps very easily and it hurt more than normal. But not too bad it was definitely worth all the doctor's visits, monthly blood work and tests. I am so happy to finally know what it's like to have clear skin. It is such a blessing.
ARNP Carol Spivey

She is very kind and understanding. She takes the extra time to educate me on my options, risks and steps with starting this medication. I couldn't ask for a better doctor or ARNP.

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