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After two childbirths 10 1/2 months apart and...

After two childbirths 10 1/2 months apart and gaining 50pounds after I worked hard at the gym and clean eating I lost all the weight leaving excess tummy skin. I had my first consultation in 2009 and have finally saved up and chosen a surgeon out of three. I previously had breast lift/ aug 325 cc in 2011 bc of the loose skin in my breast from expanding to a DD back down to a c cup.This is my final surgery for skin correction.

Back issues

Well January 2015 was my desired surgery date if I could finish up with prolotherapy for si joint issues. Then it's turned into physical therapy for bulging disc on my sciatic nerve. I'm so ready for this back nightmare to be over so I can live a normal life of exercise and healthy living plus I'm ready to be cleared for my TT.

Before weight loss photo

After weight loss

My weight loss before and after

Date is scheduled

I met with Dr kirbo for my last consultation and surgery is set for 60 days January 18, 2016! I'm so very excited! It will be for abdominoplasty only due to my back issues no lipo. This was decided on by the great doc! What an amazing Dr to look in the best interest of the patient instead of trying to make an extra buck!
He is so personable and kind when speaking to you!
Rebekah has been amazing with scheduling and throws in some reassurance in those panic moments.
Dr. Kirbo and his staff are making this dream come true! It's been 6 years in the making and I am ecstatic!
Thanks to realself I feel more educated on the procedure I was seeking to find!

Yay date set! I'm pre op not post op like this states I had to change my date

Steroid injections

Ugh I feel so bloated and huge. My awesome dr and Lindsey at neurology has been such a blessing getting this pain to subside but by my third procedure of injections I have gained a good 15 pounds and feel like a balloon. Hope to loose this before surgery. This isn't an always thing and normally goes away in a couple months. Trade off for pain but geez

Surgery completed

First I would like to say how great Dr kirbo an his staff are. My nurse that gave me the Iv really helped calm me and didn't leave my side helping me I never expedited the amazing treatment I was given. Every person I came into contact with we're amazing. The anasteologist was so kind and sweet. The surgical staff where great! Dr kirbo completed my surgery and after surgery came in to check on me I remember a min of 3 or 4 times! Asking how I felt if I was in pain. This great team of healthcare professionals were amazing! So professional but so down to earth! They went above and beyond what they had to and even calmed my anxiety of blood clots going extra measures not necessary giving me blood thinners etc when I have no history of them.
I can't see anything yet however the "roll" seems gone! I have one drain (yay do not have to tend to two).
My husband milks them bc they keep clotting up and helping me up and down and around and getting me anything and everything!
The soreness and pain in my upper abdominal area is the worste right now bc my incisions are still numb but tryin to relax those muscles isn't easy but helps with the pain. Peeing was interesting but basically just gave my body over to the hubby and he did the work. I am so grateful to this amazing man I married!
Tuesday I have 1st follow up and hopefully get a tiny glimps.

Post op appointment

Went in to have dressing changed they said everything looked great. I had no lipo but my left side is very swollen maybe bc of the drain?

Road to recovery

Day three was definately harder. I thought I was having complications I was breathing very short and couldn't catch a breathe enough to talk and sharp pains near the upper abs and my drain was acting up.I called the dr and they seen me right away. My dr was out of town for the moment and both of the other dr's in his practice were both willing to take time to help and see me. Dr Derosier was available first and they took my vitals all was good. They said to take deep breaths fill my lungs bc with this surgery you are at risk on pnomonia bc you are only using the top part of your lungs. He checked my drain said it was great ( I snagged it the day before and it seemed to work less), an put me in the compression garment. It was painful and hurt to breathe at first but helped with my back.
That night I slept better and each day gets a little better. Lots of prayers can't wait until I feel clear enough to read my Bible and Bible study.
My hips are out of control swollen I'm assuming from the surgery I didn't have lipo. My tummy is less swollen than the hips but a bit swollen not like It use to get with the rolls. My drain site is very bruised ad where the drain digs in from the compression garment marking the skin.


So Sunday (day 6) has been my absolute worse day and night. Constipation for 6 day tried to end and my body felt like it was contacting fully using my core whic felt horrible to not get anywhere. I can't even describe what I had to do to relieve this but ended up with suppositories. Ever since I've felt horrible pain all over my body, constant nausea, and when I walk my left pelvis area shoots a pain. I feel like I've gone backwards and I just want all of this to be over. I tried looking at pics and it makes me more nauseated for some reason. This binder is making my drain tube rub blisters on my side and the intense compression makes me really sick. I just want to be out of this nightmare.


For some crazy reason I thought I would stay the same size as the day after surgery. I was so tiny and loved it! Since then I've had tons of swelling in my hips (I didn't have lipo) and my left side is much worse. I have some swelling in my Lower tummy as well but the widening hips is a downer. Can't wait for that to go away! If feels like my hip is eating my drain lol you see less of it. I'm urge its just the bodies natural way of healing after a big surgery. Going today maybe to get my drain out I have been draining dark almost black blood he said was older blood needing to come out.


So I didn't get my drain removed Friday. My ps said I'm draining little amounts and could but bc it's blackish blood it's older blood and wants to give it until Monday to finish draining more and then make an incision in my incision to drain with a needle a swollen area on my left side where it doesn't seem to be draining. Not excited about that. Yesterday I drained the most in a while at 50! I was doing like 25 and 30. Glad my dr made that call. He's good! He said it looked my like body was tolerating the drain so he felt comfortable with keeping it in a little longer. Yesterday I walked a short trail behind our house. I felt a bit shaky after but tolerated it but not more.

23 days post op

Well I've been back at work this week. I have a sit down job but it feels like my tummy is going to bust open with pressure at times. Sitting up in that position for that long is still painful but reclining is oh so nice! Last Friday my ps reopened part of my incision on the left side and vacuumed the swollen area and restitched my drain that tore through. Needless to say it was pretty painful but necessary. It still burns to try to lay in the bed especially the new stitching area. I have stated draining some yellow fluid I was told was a good sign and its decreased alot today. Prayerfully Friday (25 days po) this drain will be gone. I never realized how intense and life altering this surgery would be. I'm no where nest feeling normal and I so badly want to lay in bed snuggling with my husband. I'm excited to know what healing tomorrow will bring as I do get stronger day by day and before you know it life will return to normal! Any healing advice is welcomed especially with the pressure and pain sitting upright so long at a desk

25 days post op drain out

Finally! I have loved not has in that thing in!!!! It was the weirdest feeling coming out but glad to have it out! That this is was bigger on the part that is inside you not the thin tubing just strange looking. Glad it is out!!!


I'm still a bit swollen especially in the area that was reopened and vacuumed out. It def swells way worse. I'm extremely happy with my results. My photos show before and after, morning shot, and two hours into the day when I swell so bad still
Tallahassee Plastic Surgeon

In 2011 I had a breast lift/aug preformed by a different Dr and practice which was done very poorly and requires to be completely redone. When I went to Dr Kirbo for a consult he gave me a realistic view of this surgery and took a lot of time with me to discuss the revision. He was cutting his fee in half for me bc he felt very bad for the cost I wasted and what he seen were my results. He didn't perform the first surgery but was willing to discount his cost and had no obligation to do so. I have multiple friends and family that have breast augmentation and cancer restructure from him and I'm impressed by his work. I learned from him you should always ask a plastic surgery facility what there revision policy is and if there is none you will pay for 100% of your revisions even with the first year. He stands behind his work and has a revision policy in place and explained this kind of procedure is a work of art and even though he may operate a certain way my body may not respond thy way resulting in a revision which he discounts.

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