26 and Fed Up with Acne! - Tallahassee, FL

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I have struggled with acne since I was in middle...

I have struggled with acne since I was in middle school and I am now 26. I would say I am pretty confident but only as confident as one can be with horrid acne. I had gotten use to it and was ok until I met a group of ppl in person I knew on Facebook and they called me a catfish.. It hurt to my core but at least it motivated me to start my journey. I got to the point I felt like nothing would work but I am hoping this will be worth the while ... I am self pay so I clearly want this THAT bad. I've been called star crunch referred to as a burn victim and even had a baby point and saw "owwy owwy" it's these things that no matter how much self esteem you have it rips at your soul. I pray before taking this medication because I am kind of scared so if anyone is there to support please do I am in need. I finish January 2015 I pray this works and that I can financially withstand the cost ! If anyone else is self pay.. SAMs club has Myorisan on the extra value drug list for $96-10mg $114-20mg and $135-40mg (plus membership price) hope it helps someone .. My doctor started me in the 40mg and will up it next month since my skin is so horrible right now. I have no idea what to expect I haven't ever been acne free well after age 10 it's been a down hill battle . Hope i can start winning :)

Day six 40mg a day

I am updating so that I can keep a tally of my symptoms. I started off getting headaches immediately but increase in water and voila! No more headache !

Dry eyes :( when I wake up I have "eye boogies" keeping my eyes from opening almost and dry eyes I've never used eye drops and hope this will go away with even more water

My initial break out I got literally first day pimples on my back and I had bacne in like middle school but not adult bacne so it started in my back and I also flared up on my face which sucked because I interviewed for an important job (I always feel judged)

Tonight I have noticed peeling skin on my nose and face which I have photographed

I am taking tri sprinted and 40mg Myorisan ... People
Have been abnormally ignorant in my opinion and it aggravates me not sure if it's a symptom I can be sort of temperamental when it comes to certain things that could either be avoided or things that are out of my control. It's Leo season it's expected I guess :)

Week 2 Has Commenced

Well if there is anyone following my journey sorry if I update too much but I want to remember these moments so bare with me.


PMSing and agitated often but not sure if that's an accutane thing or a Keena Thing.

Dry eyes : ouch when I wake up my eyes are sooooo dry maybe crying would help. Solution: (Going to invest in eye drops if it worsens and increase water intake even more)

My lips are acting like they want to dry up solution: I have started to attack them with aquafor and they jus feel kind of raw or leathery

My back hurts my legs hurt I feel "rusty" like I need to oil my joints my hip hurts sometimes when I walk (could be mental I am sort of a hypochondriac) solution: take up yoga and stretch for additional time before workouts. It is a must I stay fit with these medications

Scalp itches: could have just been dirty could be dried out from accutane not sure but hair loss is a no go I would be so sad solution: keep my hair clean, wear protective styles, moisturize and keep protein in my hair to strengthen it from breakage I will be installing braids like tomorrow

Heels: my heels make me feel like the bone of my foot is gonna go through it sometimes hopefully this is associated with working standing so much idk... Solution : pedicure and foot massage perhaps (get a boyfriend to rub my feet lol)

Overall nothing unbearable which is due to everyone praying for me in this process and being so willing to invite others in my journey

day 12 Progress

This is less of an update and more of a question...

I always hear that the first few months your skin is worse before better... Mine is progressively getting better. Should I expect it to break out or something freakish? I'm kind of confused my symptoms are quite non existent also aside from the other day I had a busy day and didn't eat or drink almost allll day I guess I forgot I been putting this strong chemical in my body :/ but I paid for it with the worse migraine ever!!!!!!! But now I'm eating for sure

Posted pics so you can compare the effects of these 9 days I'm far from clear but I see it clearing hmmmm I'm thankful nonetheless

The start of week 3

Let me just tell you I can not complain because my side effects are so minimal! Thank The Lord in heaven above for that. I was itching to update but was like JUST WAIT KEENA! So here I am.... I am getting compliments and people can see my skin making it's transformation. Can you believe it's only been 15 days ..?!?! I know crazy right? I think it's because I psyched myself out so much but I will list out some of my side effects but please note that these side effects usually only pop up when I forget to take extra care of my body and I treat it like I would when I'm not taking accutane (example not drinking water, eating once or twice a day) other than tha when I stay hydrated and have something on my tummy I have no issues... NONE!!!!

Side effects:

Skin is peeling on my face! My T zone is jus peeling Peeling peeling peeling ... My skin peels normally but it's jus hard to keep up so my SOLUTION: use shea butter and curel on my face ... Peeling is good

Dry EYES: I think this is my least favorite symptom I legit can't open my eyes in the morning because it's so dry I try to conjure up some tears to get the moistened but even then once I open them it takes much longer than normal to adjust.. Doesn't help that I'm not a morning person so more reason to lay back n the bed !!! SOLUTION: going to
An eye doctor like yesterday maybe eye drops will help!

Achy heels : holy mother of pearl I feel line I weigh a ton and all the pressure is weighed down on my tiny size 6 feet ! Ehhhhh! Only SOLUTION: suck it up... Wear in soles ..

Lips: not a major issue I'm grateful for that tho

Breasts: my breasts feel like hell sometimes as tho my period is going to start they are massive and tender but I think it's from my birth control trisprintec we shall see gonna bring that up to doctor

Other than that I am pleased with my progress (I know my progress would be some of your worse nightmares lol but even tho my skin is bad I am happy it is getting better!


Anyone who has gone up in dose .. Do you take your pills together?

Anyone self pay have any alternative options (pharmacy only plan etc)

Has anyone tried yoga for stiffness? Does I work?

Anyone else taking "Myorisan?"

Hope this helps someone or encourages someone I really think this was a great decision!!!!

Last week of Month 1

So I'm in the last week of my first month starting today and I feel good. By no means am I free of acne active or scarring but I can see the healing taking place. There's been no major differences between week 2/3 but I really want to do a review a week.

Symptoms are all mild-low I am on 40mg Myorisan and as long as I double my water intake and eat normally I forget I'm on the medication

I still use the aquafor and Carmex for my lips but they are only dry as tho it is winter not dry or cracking and hurting me. Not sure how this dosage increase will go buttttt BRING IT ON!

Green stool was advised not to worry and note it before my blood sample.

All other symptoms have gone away just the dry lips and skin and green poop.... I use shea butter and curel and it's helped with my peeling nose and forehead thusfar !

Excited to fly through month 2 hoping for clear skin in month 2 because month 1 has been awesome

question: what have you den for eyebrows mine need one TLC

Don't judge my pix lol

Month 2 :)

So yesterday started month 2.... BUT I didn't update yesterday because "shame one me" I had a couple glasses of champagne and didn't want to stress my liver. So I commenced today with my normal 40mg at 8pm that won't happen often if at all again while in the course ... Might have to pretend I am pregnant and I wouldn't drink while pregnant so yea...

No symptoms aside from dry skin and lips. THATS IT. My skin has a COUNTABLE number of active acne bumps which is awesome ... I can actually count :)

Many compliments are streaming in and I'm even wearing my hair short for some time emphasizing my face.... Lol I'm super elated with my progress and praying that month 3 will be possible because I am moving and have to pay rent and deposit and can't afford the accutane but I know God will make a way!

Month 2 photos

My photos won't attach

Month 2 40mg a day week6

Well my body has pretty much leveled itself when it comes to the symptoms they're pretty non existent! Thank The Lord...I barely even have dry lips.... When I wake up my eyes still burn a but but other than that I haven't been doing what I need as far as water intake and I think that's why my eyes have began to get dry again.. I don't wanna be that person that updates once the journey is over so if you wanna know what's going on please let me know because imma busy bee but I totally want this documented!

Oh wait one symptom is my freakin hip hurt so bad the other day not sure of it's related or not but yea..

I also get kinda scared that even tho I normally never take birth control and my "ex"and I pre-accutane don't use condoms I've never been pregnant or had a scare so I've been using the pill daily I jus haven't been at the Exact same hour so next month I will get back on it.... I actually skipped my period altogether this past month and my boobies got so big and sensitive it's crazy .... Won't be doing that again,...

I didn't get a call so she said no call was good in regards to my blood work....

Over my course which will last 6 months my doctor says we will use the last month to taper down the meds. For instance next month I will purchase 2 30count 40mg and will alternate 1 a day 2 a day ending the month with 15 that will be used in month 6. So she has a plan and most of her patients are in remission to date so I'm super ecstatic ...

She was surprised at how quick my skin is responding but satisfied with its progress. I have a ways to go but I already am happier.

No negativity zone

It really gets under my skin when ppl go onto someone else's journey and are profoundly negative. But have the goal of promoting another product... This community of reviews are for accutane journeys if accutane didn't work for you I am so sorry but a lot of us are starting our journey and took years to decide on this drug ... I understand it didn't work for some but it's really condescending to be negative towards someone else choice. There's nothing that anyone can offer me anything .. There are plenty drugs I could go bash but it's so much easier to promote positivity !!!

I'm documenting live! So who knows the end result but I'm being vulnerable and positive .. Though you may feel like you're helping you really aren't ... Respect my journey it was my choice and so far I'm thoroughly confident in my choice!

Week 8 (Day 44) update

So I got off track but I don't want to stay off track so I'm going to go ahead and update before work with some photos. Right now my only symptoms are dry eyes in the morning, and dry lips through the day ( I honestly think my lips are only dry because I'm a hypochondriac and I over moisturize then thinking they're dry so that in turn makes them lack moisture not really dry) the early morning dry eyes is the killer...

I had a rough spot with the guy I love and I'm trying to stay happy so I'm making sacrifices besides I don't wanna be depressed and on this drug.. No ma'am Pam!

I think this week I'm noticing color changes in my skin it's hyper pigmented but I rather that than acne... I'm dark skinned with red tints lol

I can count how many pimples I have and I can tell the few active ones I have are drying out and should be gone by this weekend..

Got two connected cysts on my neck I'm going to attribute to more toxins coming out ....

So far so good I can not and will not complain can only be gracious for all the prayers and support

Day 50 I think week 9

Going to be more of a photo update. No changes still 40mg/1x a day. Getting progressively better.

Dry eyes in the morning and dry lips. No other parts of my body are drying really.

It's pretty cool I pinch my nose and nothing comes out... That has NEVER happened my nose pores are typically plugged! Exciting!

I think even after accutane I will get a mini breakout for my period it went away soon as the withdraw bleeding stopped (I could cry at the fact I'm having NORMAL people break outs) .. I say this because i kept taking my birth control to skip my period last month and I had no break out so when I got my period this month I had a mini pimple same as month one so I associate it with my cycle!

Let's see what else slight joint issues but nothing too bad I switched my time of meds to 5:30 because I work ALOT and taking meds at 10 was not good for my weight...

Don't wanna fix one problem and have to focus on the other (obesity) I'm small now just need to tone so I wanna keep it like that 2015 shall be a wonderful year ...

Any questions please ask I'm so excited reading everyone's journey and for everyone that has followed mine thank you ... My only regret is having not done this in my teens man my life may have played out differently!!! But everything happens for a reason!

Video for an IPhone 6

I want to upload a video to see how it works I talk more than I write so let's see :)

Day 57 only 125 more to go!

Progress has been awesome.... I think I'm getting my winter cold and I really don't wanna keep putting more chemicals in my body!! All my active acne bumps have flattened and dried now I can see my pigment filling in some of the scarred areas !!! Excited for month three I've called it my magic month since the beginning so let's hope this is the case...


Joint pain!!! Hurts so flippin bad my hips joints all of that !!!

I think my tummy is raw I need to take my acidophilus probiotic to build it back up!!! Plus I'm getting sickly...

No appetite which is a major problem because I need to eat a fatty meal with the darn pill and I can't eat ... Never been this sad to not eat!

Had a single flare up on my chest...

Other than that the course is doing it's job miraculously and I am happy ...

Week 10 day 64

Keeping up with time is hard I just know I started on August 3 was my first pill....

This will be brief I have no current symptoms my progress has slowed not reversed but just slowed down just started 60mg so hoping progress will pick up and I will see results . This is getting harder and I realize I may be in over my head but I'm refusing to quit.. This month my meds were $267 and will probably be that amount until the end ... So that's
Why this is short I'm waiting to
Really believe it's worth it! My skin is better but it's not clear I really jus want this acne gone!

I feel like my acne has progressed but it's still really bad. Some people start from here and it's taken me 64 days to get to someone else's "worse"

Rant over I'm going to remain optimistic

Day 73 !

I have been extremely busy this week!! So I kind of slacked but since I am alternating 40 one day 80 the next I will replace my missed pills on days I just take 40... I traveled out of town for a funeral and got a lot of compliments from my family and friends in Iowa who haven't seen me in years. It really felt GREAT!!! No new symptoms with the dosage increase it all feels the same.....

My overall happiness has increased I understand depression is a real symptom so I won't poke fun but I truly don't understand how anyone can feel sad about looking better...

My main hope is that this course works and I am acne free and not jus "clearer" but it's only been a short while next month I should peak! Because now my acne has flattened and dried out and my skin is very soft just has blemishes and scars ... And I wear no make up so I'm trying to do a better job at keeping these pores clear!

Day 79 alternating 40mg / 80mg

Joint pain... Joint pain .... Joint pain!!! I might have over exerted lifting etc but feels like over night arthritis which I rebuke!! But I'm moving and me and a girlfriend did it alone to save a ton of money... But the expense of my joints .. Carmex is no longer working it dries my lips even more!! Aquafor and Vaseline!!! No other symptoms so far and I'm almost halfway done .. I hope everyone is still aboard my journey as I eagerly wait for hogs results !!!

Day 85 40/80mg alternating

This is more of a photo update no real symptoms aside from "green poo" tmi... Oh and dry lips they feel so plastic like and Carmex is a no go it dries me out even more .... My joints are painful and I moved last week and I think my wrist is hurting much longer and far worse than it would if I weren't on accutane.... My results are quite alright if u ask me ... No real active acne pimples mostl scars as damaged skin from all these years of acne no idea if accutane will help but I sure hope so

Day 92 start of month 4

Alternating 40/80 for an avg dosage of 60mg. No symptoms no issues. Lots and lots of compliments and it feels really good to feel so beautiful not just as a person who had acne but as a person. There's a difference and accutane has done so well so far excited because the end is near which excites me.... I'm glad I do not have to live with acne any longer !!!

Day 92 Photos only

Posted a video with the last update but here Are my photos

I'm in the triple digits DAY 101

No new symptoms aside from a very weak bladder not sure if that's from accutane or what but now it's like I gotta go I gotta GO!!!! Period is coming so I broke out under my chin with about 5 huge cystic bumps and they HURT... My lips don't need constant attention but they do get dry however original chap stick and aquafor of Vaseline work for extended time frames. My lips are super pink but my friend says they just look rejuvenated. Joint pain is still a ...... But nothing I'm not willing to endure for my end goal. Dec 1 is my last time having to pay $267 bless the LORD!!!!!! Imma take better pics cause these are reflective but I feel like my skin is scarred like little Ice picks but the pic doesn't show so next week imma take more ... For those still on u journey please comment so I know it's at minimum helping someone ... And I also wanna update from all of you and if you haven't started a page you ought to! Uploading pics as weeks progressed has been my best decision yet I think everyone should do it it's so therapeutic to see yourself transform into the way you've always envisioned yourself or the way you look because you can see past the acne etc now you don't have to pretend! Anyway rant over Happy Veterans Day 2014!!!

Day 114 40/80mg alternating

Hi guys so I am officially almost to month 5 aside from scarring and a minimal amount of active acne I am honestly feeling like a woman without acne. Side effects are gone except I forgot to take my birth control and had to
Take two and it really upset my
Tummy ! Joint pain still there! Happy with results. Way more confident. Go to
The doctor tomorrow to get my last script! Yay for the end being near. I won't start thinking
About peels or microdermabrasion until I see my end results and how necessary I feel it to be. I skipped a week because it was nothing drastic I might skip next week but I will be on 80mg next month wootwoot lol I've been kinda doing 80 this mint bc I have been forgetting to take pills "slaps wrists" or I forget if I took 1 pill or 2 that day. Lordy my
Memory is awful. Anyway welcome to my journey and to all others thanks for keeping up (yea another hair style lol)

Day 128 80mg

So I took a week off but I'm still here gotta go to the finish line and beyond. No changes my doctors think my liver is the best out there ;) my blood work always is so exciting to them. Anywho... I'm edging the finish line next month is month 6 and my last month on the meds. I'm currently bumped up to 80 and no real changes however I had a minor hiccup in the road where my pharmacy sold my script on the last day for me to pick up making me have to wait to test again but it didn't make a huge difference because my doctor ya me alternating 40/80 for 2 months which left me with a full box of 40 which I will use for 15 days until I can get my preg test again as prescription thank goodness! Aside from that I think I only break out with small dry pimples is my period week which u will see 2-3 on my cheek and neck but im still happy with my results. No real symptoms... Not even joint pain I think my body is ok with the drug for now. I am excited to see the end results and figure what, if anything, I will need to do to have flawless skin maintained after accutane. Good luck and clear skin to you all. If you're looking at this you're probably wishing hoping an praying and truly accutane was a god send for me! Of course not for everyone but my skin was AWFUL!!!!! Now I don't feel like I would be described as the girl with acne now I'm just Keena :) and that is a happy thing!

Day 135 photo update 80mg

No real update just took some photos at work and at an outing and decided to post

Day 143 80mg UPSET

Ok so in November my pharmacy sold my prescription and I had to wait to get another preg test which I did on 12/22 ok long story short I am self pay so I go in and get the test pay $100 for this visit which really was a make up because I didn't get my script at the end of November (I never ran out bc my doc had me harboring pills to ween off at the end) so I had a box of 30 that was suppose to last me Til the end of my course but I had to use it for my 15 day wait at 80mg a day... Ok so I go
In get the pregnancy test leave to go fill the script and the doctor calls me and states they cancelled the script because it's my last one and they want to be sure that I "pay" so I can't go to my usual SAMs and get the script but fortunately I am goin out of town and i can get it from Orlando but NOBODY has 2 boxes for me to get it! I am jus so pissed! I considers forgoing the end of treatment but I've come so far I jus would hate to have it disrupted now. So I will go down to Orlando and try my hardest to get the script ordered but Yal jus pray I get it otherwise my journey has come to an end... And even moreso it upsets me because blocking my prescription and having me come in for an unnecessary paid visit was totally sucky on their end around the Christmas time. I don't understand how they thought that would get them paid but whatever ....: I called the ipledge system and they confirmed me in the stream and since I have the physical script copy all I need to do is find a SAMs club pharmacy with the item in stock: because anywhere else itll be $500+ but my pharmacy is $265 discounted:

No changes no side effects besides (dry vagina and painful sex) guess I'm glad it came during the 80mg not any sooner lol

Day 152 80mg

I got my meds on 12/26 woohoo I had to go out of town using my script and pick it up at a Sams in Orlando I felt like such a crook but I got my accutane so yay!

Nothing has changed aside from I had to take a couple days off since my doc office tried me. I also was going to drink so I didn't want to put strain on my liver so I didn't take the pills yesterday I took only one and I might be drinking tonight and after that I won't be drinking until I'm done with the course.

Clear skin to all and may 2015 be the year for us I'm excited and anticipating!

Day 163 80mg

Day 163 comment

Well I wrote a monologue and it didn't post but pretty much I said this journey is culminating Feb 5th is the last day woohoo... Still on 80mg next week I am down to 60mg and will finish off with 40mg. My side effects are minimal however on the 80mg I've noticed a slight change in mood tho but soon and very soon I will be back to 60. No real side effects I just hate the scars and unleveled skin but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. I was suggested Ambi and I'm open to any suggestions really.. Overall I'm very excited with my results!

Day 180 (80mg->60mg->40mg)

So today should technically be the last day I presume but there was a few days during my course where I wanted to drink so I didn't take my med. Any who ... I took 80 at the stArt of the month... 60 in the middle... Now I have 7 days of 40mg to go. Of course there are no symptoms aside from my lips being extremely pale pink and dry I am anticipating the end because it is nearing that time. I am slightly nervous not staying in remission but I won't think negatively. I will still be updating after treatment so everyone can see what takes place once you're done actively taking pills. Evie gave me great advice on laser resurfacing options post treatment if anyone knows of anything i can do prior to the 6 month wait please share ... Or if you have daily regimens

Day 180 photos

My pictures won't load :(

Now time for the REAL RESULTS

I took my last pill and I will not lie I am nervous. Thoughts range from Hmm will my acne reappear without my script ... I am so scared but I'm optimistic that I will be perfectly fine. If anyone has any good regimens please do share! Xoxo


I know not many people update they just want to enjoy their new skin but has anyone who has just finished has issues with bowel movements. I've been gassy and my bowel movements have been mucousy I know wayyy too much information i looked it up and it matched Ulcerative colitis and irritable bowl syndrome Im hoping it's my hypochondria otherwise pray for my bf in not a gassy person by nature so Idk what's going on Im going my tummy just needs to rebuild i may try some probiotics

26 days Post last pill

No active acne and Im on my monthly ... Been slacking on a good routine but I'm working on it ... Can't wait until August to work on scarring but Im overall satisfied.

35 days post meds

Photo only ...

Quitting bc soon Im not a believer in it and i want to be sure my acne remission isn't dependent on anything

54 days post accutane

Well no accutane just counting down until I can rid myself if these scars ... Took my last bc pill last week and I will definitely update to let Yal know if it had a bearing on my skin staying clear if so back to the derm i go I really want my skin to be self sufficient. I still barely wear make up but I never did in the first place but guess it's time i doll this face up :) my first interview is next week without acne Im super excited to see the difference!

71 days post last Pill NO BC

Skin still clear minus the scars but I'm off birth control and no new bumps! It feels weird not taking a pill religiously but hey I'm excited... For some weird reason real self never allows me to upload more than 1 photo but I will try .. Clear skin to u all and I pray my journey inspires you to give accutane a try it was the only thing that rid me of acne !

96 days post last pill

Mostly just photos! No true up day I feel perfectly normal! I get lots of compliments and lots of male attention that I'm not so apprehensive about anymore. I look ppl in the eyes much more now and I don't have to worry about acne so far I am loving this journey and remission ... Clear skin to all and I definitely recommend accutane it's not as bad well wasn't as bad as I thought it's nothing close to. I have worse symptoms taking Benadryl than accutane ... Hopefully my pix posts this time Bc I did an update a few days ago and it never loaded :(

Lost files

Posting post accutane photos that didn't make real self...

Four months past accutane 130 days

No symptoms just trying to find time to do this chemical peel
As I have no acne just unleveled skin and "craters" that I want to target... Has anyone used raw lemon and honey/ sugar for an at home chemical peel ?? Anyone know how insurance works with chemical peels ??? I

I have no lasting effects of accutane besides no acne

I got a cyst on my neck which Hurts but nothing major I can feel with it bc it's normal as opposed to living with acne

Once again if you're hair any I say give accutane a try!!!! Best decision I ever made just wish I made the decision years ago !!! A few months of dry skin and lips are worth the results of course if you exhibit signs of depression or mental health conditions it can likely worsen but honestly I think those stats are low...

152 days post accutane

My only change is oily skin I am praying doesn't cause acne but on my year-aversary I will get the chemical treatment

Here are a couple pictures

203 days post last pill !

I passed the anniversary date to the start of accutane ... No symptoms ... Skin is still decent I just would like some scar therapy now is all. But doesn't show in pictures and its not horrible it's just not that silky skin I hoped for post accutane after seeing results but I'm 1000% better than I was ... Here are some photos I will post some others soon focusing on scars but I think I'm going to join a thread for chemical peels soon

Post Accutane Update

My skin is still relatively clear BUT I definitely need some after Accutane treatment options which i plan to partake in December.

275 days post Accutane

Just photo update I haven't gone through any peels or dermabrasian yet but still is on my list. I get normal breakouts around my period and when I don't wash my face well but nothing like it was

314 days post Last Pill

I'm updating to ask what do you all like best for face care? What do you do for daily regimen ? Any line of products you recommend ?? And surgeries you've done that help with scarring ? I'm happiest I have ever been but 2016 no more acne scar and no more gap but I will be fixin that in 2016 :) to everyone following my journey and updates... This is still by far the best thing I have ever done for myself EVER! Accutane saved my life by introducing me to the me I've always wanted to be!

Over a Year past my last pill

My Accuversary came 2/5 which was the last day last pill I took last year ... There has been no lingering side effects ... If there was an Accutane fix for scarring I would totally jump on that band wagon !!! I've been looking up the dermaroller and chemical pills as well. Just want to resurface the good skin. I showed a good friend of mine... My journey and she was majorly shocked by the before and after which sometimes still shocks me I jus don't know how I went so long being so uncomfortable but content with having acne and there was Accutane all along ... But I'm appreciative because of my journey to be honest .... I get a period pimple here n there but they dry up and resolve on their own mostly .... Posting some photo updates :)

1 year 2 months Post

So I'm updating because I'm still happy with my results but I'm considering what my next step should be. My skin isn't bad enough for Accutane again but maybe a low dose wouldn't hurt. I went to the doctor (a new one for a school physical) and she made me feel how I felt before Accutane: I've come a long way and yes my skin may not be flawless it's not even close to being horrid. As clinicians we have to be careful with how we speak to our patients because if I were easily broken that could have triggered some unwarranted trauma. I've come a long way happily ... I just want perfect skin and I deserve it

Year and a half post Accutane

No symptoms... Still in remission... Posting because my skin is actually glowing as of late. Definitely recommend this treatment but would love to find some scar treatments as well for some long term damage that has taken place. I only get minor "period" break outs but the drug didn't say you'd be super human never to get a pimple ever lol

2 years :)

I have scarring still but I haven't underwent any treatment. I break out for my cycle allllll the time ! Lol but here you go.
Dr. Denise Redd

She is so awesome! I went I to the clinic so broken inside but appearing put together outwardly. I told her I wanted no other treatment option only accutane and she counseled me and was right away the best thing that happened to me!

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