37, 2 Kids, 60lb Weight Loss....tummy Tuck Time??

I'm 37 and I have two boys, 14 and 9. They were...

I'm 37 and I have two boys, 14 and 9. They were both big babies, 9lb 14oz and 8lb 11oz. Before getting pregnant with my youngest I weighed in at 210 at 5'5". When he was a little over a year old I decided I needed to get healthy and in Jan 2009 I started my weight loss journey. I got down to about 145lb. After a year or so of keeping the weight off I had a breast lift and augmentation. One of the best things I've ever done for myself. Dr. Ben Kirbo did that surgery. So here we are several years later and I'm contemplating a tummy tuck. I've done the research, I think I know what to expect; however, I'm scared of the recovery, and the anesthesia (it makes me very ill). I will post some before pics as soon as I can & what my ultimate decision is!

Surgery date is set!

So I went for another consult this week, this time to see what my surgeon thought about a breast augmentation revision. Now I a addition to my extended tummy tuck, I will be going up a cup size! I currently have 325cc and 350cc mentor silicone and I will most likely be going to 425 and 450 mentor high profile! Both surgeries will be done on 12/13! Super excited and nervous!
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