41 Yrs Old 2 Kids, Gastric Bypass 2003 Loss of 115 Pounds Ready for my Tuck!

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I am so excited to finally get my tummy tuck! Ive...

I am so excited to finally get my tummy tuck! Ive waited 11 long years...I have lots of loose nasty abdominal skin and am tired of clothes fitting poorly,I've kept it off for 11 yrs so I feel I deserve this ;), after losing115 pounds my breasts could use some work too but my tummy is my top priority! When I was heavy I carried most of my weight in my stomach area so this is the obvious worst spot. I'm so curious to see how much skin and fat will be removed,a friend of mine had a tummy tuck a few years ago and the Dr took 7 pounds off of her and she didn't have the extent of weight loss I had...but she DID have 5 kids!

Less than a month away now..getting psyched! Goodbye saggy nasty skin!

I'm really getting excited now feel like I'm in the home. Stretch! I'm posting some before pics, as you can see in them my pannus hangs and is nasty...I have loads of stretch marks too. I realize I will still have lots when I'm done but getting rid of this skin after 11 years makes me sooooo excited!

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op yesterday 5/28. Dr. Armenta was great! They will rpovide me with a binder but showed me a cataloug with suggested stage 2 garments, im all paid up now and getting excited! Surgery is only 14 days away!! :)) He gave me prescriptions for antibiotics, anti-anxiety (in case i have trouble relaxing and sleeping after) and tylenol with codiene(lortab). Hopefully that'll be strong enough! I usually dont require too many pain meds after surgery..we shall see!

Showering post op

Hey all! I'm having my TT in 2 days! LOL Soooo excited! I have a question...when are we allowed to shower after the surgery? Do we have to wait until after the drains come out? Any tips?? thanks!

1 day post op!

Ok they removed a total 8 pounds! Can't wait till all the swelling subsides so I can see how flat I am! Before and after pic!

Ok sooooo I'm now 9 days PO...

I'm now 9 days PO, I had my follow up on the 19th...my right hip area ( actually both hips but right is way worse) looks really distorted, I asked my PS about it, he said it's normal and due to the fact I had ALOT more skin and fat lipid on the right side is why it's worse, he said I was lopsided and he had to do additional lipo and skin removal on that side to even me out...lol I realize I had a large amount of skin and fat removed but I was hoping to see a glimpse of my results and with this hip swelling thing I just look distorted ! I'm feeling frustrated, plus I've got my period this week and I HATE having to rest so much. I tried to go shopping today and tried on so e dresses so I'd actually have something yo wear but I looked horrible in everything d/t the hunching and the swollen bulging hips! I look exactly like the hunchback of notredame! Lol UGH!

11 days PO

I'm 11 days PO , I am starting to see a bit of a shape, which makes me happy...I was( and still am) VERY bruised and swollen, my rear of my Hips are distorted the worst but seem yo starting yo go down...I still have my steri strips those little buggers are taking forever falling off! My incision is long BUT seems yo be nice and thin and healing well :)

7 weeks PO....

This week I am seven weeks PO, I'm tired of the swelling already! Lol I have to get a hip revision on August 29th I'll attach a pic! My PS is not charging me of course ( thank goodness!) yesterday I wore a new panty girdle the kind with the clasps and high waisted, it felt sooooo comfy all morning but after sitting at my desk at work for several hours I had to go into the bathroom and rip it off! Lol got home and put my good old hospital binder on which I still adore..woke up the morning and the bottom of my belly is noticeably swollen on one side and bruised! Obviously from the panty girdle! Hope the swell hell ends soon! Lol

3.5 month PO

Well I'm 3.5 months PO, I had a hip revision at 8 weeks. Overall I'm happy with my results, I look so much better now than I did. I'm not perfect but perfection was not a realistic result!

14 months post op

Haven't checked in awhile!!! I am now 14 months post op, initially after surgery I was about 156 I was 164 prior...I am back to 164 which is frustrating as hell! I have been busting my rump at the gym 4-5 days per week with no weightloss!! Ugh! My tummy tuck still looks great though ????Anyways I will be seeing a weightloss specialist at the end of this month someone who specializes in bariatric patients...and we'll be checking my thyroid and hormone levels. my mom and twin sister have hypo thyroid is and I am in my 40,s now! We'll see if she can get me losing!
Syracuse Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Armenta was wonderful at my consultation, he explained everything and showed me several cases very similar to mine so I could get a realistic expectation of possible outcomes.

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