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Hello everyone!... I am new to this site and would...

Hello everyone!... I am new to this site and would appreciate any advice anyone may have.... I just got my quote from Yily and I am waiting for her to tell me how I can deposit my down payment to schedule my appointment.... I am getting a TT, Lipo, and BBL... Her quote is $4500... I am soo excited and petrified at the same time.... Does she really make you stay in the DR for 14 days?... That's just too darn long for me!.... My friend is a nurse and he will be coming with me so hopefully she will let me leave earlier!... I see the girls on here have all types of things they take with them... I'm definitely going to need some help with preparing for this!...

Okay okay... Looks like I'm changing doctors!!!

I am speechless right now... I need a doctor who can give me the results I'm looking for... I want a small waist and a big bootay!!!... It just seems as though these doctors are feeling themselves now and they don't care about anything other than getting this American money!!!!.... I didn't mind Dra. Yily not doing the work herself, but I'll be damned if I get assaulted in the OR!!!.. I am not trying to go to jail and for sure not in a foreign country!!!... I am going to look into Dra. Duran now... I don't have a Facebook page... Too much bs for me and I don't have anyway to contact her... Does anyone have her info?... Thanks

Still waiting for Yilys bank account info

I have decided to seek the help of bella vita consultants... I have had the hardest time with getting her bank account information and I don't want the same thing to happen when I'm ready to schedule my appointment.... Some girls are in constant contact with her and others say its damn near impossible.... I'd just rather pay the $150 to bella vita and have them do everything... Lol... I pray all goes well and I will have this surgery in feb of 2014... Wish me luck!

Finally received Dr. Yily's bank info

HELP!!!... Finally got the bank account information!!... The problem is the bank is in the DR... Wth!!... I thought she had a Chase account...

February 13th 2014

My date has been confirmed and I am going to be a yily doll!!!... I am sooooo happy!!!... Jazmine is the truth!!!!.... So what's next??... I guess I better get my passport then figure out what I'm going to pack...

Getting ready for my YILY transformation!!!

Ok, I have started to get prepared for my YILY transformation!!... I'll be posting pics soon.. Not enough pics on this site at all or females r getting rid of them... I am sooo ready for this!!!... I have NEVER had a butt and I am ready for a donk!!... Lol.... I need this and Dra. Yily does her thing!!!... I already handle my business!!... I need the body with it now!!!.... February 13th can't come fast enough!!.... My baby is taking this journey with me and I LOVE him for it!!... I need to continue to shop ladies!!... EXCITED ABOUT BEING A YILY DOLL!!! Until next time ladies!!...


My Passport Arrived Today

I am so excited!!.. My passport finally came... So far, I have my wifebeaters and maxi dresses... Although, I haven't had a blood count yet I will be starting to take iron and vitamins this weekend.... I am ready for yily to work her magic on me...

37 days away

Its almost that time. I am so excited. I need to get on the ball because I have not shopped for supplies at all.

Tickets have been purchased

Well it's almost that time. My surgery is scheduled and plane tickets have been purchased. I am so nervous and so excited at the same time. I went to the doctor on Friday and have been cleared for surgery. I was so surprised when she gave me all of the meds she could figure out on Yilys email including the heparin shots. I was even more shocked when she prescribed me painkillers! Well I still preparing and trying to get all of the things I need for this surgery. Wish me luck


More pics

I ain't got time for that

I tried to be positive. I will not be updating this page anymore because I do not have time for childish females! Get a life and stop judging what I look like! Regardless of weather he is my boyfriend or my husband why the hell do you care?! Lol. I'm not into females but since you are I have a cousin who would love to check with you! Lmao. Get your life cause realself is not my life honey! Last post no more updates I'm done!

Starting round 2

I am 7 months post op and about to begin my journey for round 2... So exited! Yily did her thing the first time and I am considering her again. I'll keep everyone posted.
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