Surgery!! All done!!- OMG I LOVE IT!!!!

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I have just discovered this site and it has been...

I have just discovered this site and it has been incredibly helpful! I have always disliked my nose. I have taken 5+ years to take the plunge. It was always a fantasy for me until I decided I'm never going to stop worrying about it about a year ago.

I had a couple of consultations and researched like crazy. My close family know and my partner will be looking after me, bless him.

I am booked in for surgery 5 weeks away. This is the most nervewrecking thing I have ever done. I can't even imagine what I will feel like on the day.
I feel fairly confident with my surgeon. I like all his work, his opinion on my nose, the computerized images looked good and he has a HUGE amount of experience in Rhinoplasty 25 years +
Will keep you posted!

I have sent away all my forms to the hospital and...

I have sent away all my forms to the hospital and have started gathering supplies
Arnica, q tips, Vaseline, zinc for healing, vitamin c
I will make lots of green smoothies, protein shakes, soups. Also I want to freeze watermelon and pineapple and there pieces of fruit to soothe my throat and as added vitamins. I have those plastic iceblock molds and I am going to pour some pineapple chunks and juice from a can to make iceblocks for a sore throat after surgery ( from the tube, I heard it hurts afterwards)
I will pre freeze vege soups that my bf can pull out of the freezer and heat up for me :)
So excited!!
I haven't heard anything about prescriptions to get before the surgery so I have emailed to check if there is anything like that I need to do.
Does anyone know if taking arnica before surgery is ok? Will it affect bleeding/ clotting?

So..I had the most craziest dream ever. I dreamt...

So..I had the most craziest dream ever.
I dreamt I went in for my surgery all was fine but when I got home I noticed my nostrils split open on the top then all these other incisions I found all around my face as if it was for a face lift. Then I realized there were no stitches made anywhere and my skin was stretching pulling the wounds open and I was running around trying to find duct tape to tape up my face to stop it from falling off.
Gosh it was bad haha but a little bit funny now I think of it
I have the biggest imagination. At school I fainted when the woodworking teacher gave a safety lecture and described all these terrible accidents and I kept visualizing them

despite this crazy dream I am actually getting really excited about the date

So the secretary said I am absolutely not allowed...

So the secretary said I am absolutely not allowed to take arnica before surgery only afterwards. She also said any prescriptions will be given to me on the day by my surgeon
Gosh my dad is soooo against it, my mum has accepted it but doesn't want the rest of the family to know. Ha she is way to concerned about what everyone thinks. I was like that but now I am so over caring. I can't go through life making sure I don't do anything that people disagree with. Live life to the fullest! Everyone has their two cents but at the end of the day it's your life and I want that weight lifted off my shoulders!

Surgery Is in a week! What I really don't need now...

Surgery Is in a week! What I really don't need now is people saying there is wrong with your nose when I tell them! It makes me feel unsure andi want to go in 100%
Basically my fears are: about me chickening out last minute, the swelling it is so different for everyone and the fact it can take such a long time to go down, also depression - obviously I am self conscious about my nose already I am scared I will over analyze everything and I am quite an emotional person the kind of person that will cry i wish. I am also scared I feeling sick I had issues being nauseous when I was younger and when ever I am sick it brings me back to that horrible time
I am expecting to be panicked on the day, possibly cry, ask everyone if it's the right thing to do a million times even though I know it is, prob not sleep a wink the night before
Gosh I'm a worry wart this is why me and partner are so well suited I'm so glad he I'll be there telling me bluntly to harden up and just do it haha it sounds bad but he knows me so well and knows when to take control and give a little push.

As it is getting so close I think it's normal to experience the doubts and fear and il have another look at my computer simulated photos and confirm yes it looks better and I'm doing the right thing, phew

I'm a little anxious about coming home where my parents are and them being there as they are completely against it but whatever, no situation is perfect and il just roll with it

I got one of those medical donut cushions for ppl confined to a bed ( for back pain sleeping upright) they are great! Took me awhile to find one

Il update again the night before and possibly add some photos

I just came back from being overseas and had some...

I just came back from being overseas and had some voice messages left by the nurse saying the date will have to be changed as the surgeon has a cancer patient he needs to attended to that day... It's the weekend so there's nothing I can do until Monday to find out when my surgery will be and find out what he deal is. I'm feeling anxious as its Wednesday I was booked in for and this seems kind of close. I hope it is pushed out only by a day or something I will be bummed if I have to wait for ages!! Not sure how I feel about the situation on one hand I don't like he uneasiness of my surgery date being changed esp after booking in advance so long ago and on the other hand I think of how the other surgery might be very important/ urgent that he needs to take care of right away
I got a little bit upset this morning and had the feeling of this is too good to be true something like this had to happen but I'm back to being positive and just hope it's pushed out by a day or two.

My surgery was booked to happen in two days. I...

My surgery was booked to happen in two days. I talked to the nurse and she explained there has been an urgent surgery come up that is full on and needs two surgeons etc so basically mine has been cancelled. She said I could go for a spot tomorrow afternoon if the hospital agrees to the late notice or else the next available date is the 28th! I have been driving myself crazy waiting so if it's the 28th I will go mad!! I'm waiting to hear back if tomorrow is all go * fingers crossed*

It's tomorrow!!!! Ahhh I'm so nervous but glad to...

It's tomorrow!!!! Ahhh I'm so nervous but glad to get this done!! I had a call from the nurse. No food or water after 7 am, check in 12, surgery likely to be 2.30
I have been trying to be very healthy. Will do a little run and walk tonight get the kast of my exercise in. spinach pie tonight and tomorrow morning a green smoothie
Have got all my healthy food supplies for a speedy healing and recovery!
Will keep you updated! Wish me luck!!

Day of surgery: Its it's 9am I'm due to check in...

Day of surgery:
Its it's 9am I'm due to check in at 12pm
I went to bed with a heache and had it all night I woke up to more pounding headache at 3am had a shower tried to sleep it off but more pain
No pain killers allowed before surgery! I tried to eat before 7am like the nurse said but could barely stomach half a protein shake and some fruit. I felt sick afterwards, really nauseous. I didn't think I was this nervous but I think my body was subconsciously freaking out cause I knew I was going in to surgery.
I thought well if the mind is that powerful to make me physically ill then the mind could make me better right, so I just kept telling myself 'I'm fine, in no pain and I'm not sick' and it went away!
I still feel a slight headache but nothing compared to what's had I really hope it doesn't come back and turn into a migraine or something
I also had crazy dreams again of my whole septum being taken out so it was just one hole and that my nose turned out like a witches and humped and crooked
Ahhh my mind!!!

Later on: Still had a mild headache from stress...

Later on:
Still had a mild headache from stress was very very nervous. When I arrived I was shown to my room and told how to work everything like the tv, where the buttons where etc. I had a nurse explain what will happen and she did a lots of tests and questions and she also said that the anesthetist will see me and then my surgeon to talk to me. The anesthetist was caring and explained I would have local and general anethestic and I explained how nervous I was and that I had a headache from stress so he got the nurse to give me a couple of pills for the headache and to make me a little drowsy. Then my surgeon came in we didn't talk for long but he made me feel really at ease and I was feeling a lot better about everything
I was told to use a nasal spray every 15mins before I went into theatre
I waited to go in and met a couple more nurses. They put oxygen on my face took my blood pressure again
They put a IV in my hand which hurt a little bit then the last thing I remember is someone saying "yeah she's very nervous"
I woke up groggy I felt I could talk and wake up but kinda kept my eyes closed. I had slight sting feeling from my nose but on pain scale maybe a 3
I felt fine no nauseous had a couple of sips of pea soup but really couldn't be bothered with the dribbles etc I had two iceblocks and was able to leave once I passed urine
I felt a little sick going up the stairs to my house
Through the night I would say pain scale was 1-3
I did however through up early hours it looked pak so prob frm blood. I through up agin in the morning and again today I haven't been able to keep any meds or food down. I don't really have any pain I have some swelling and some bruising slightly in inner corner
I had the shakes really badly so I have been trying to eat tiny pieces of cut up Vegemite toast * fingers crossed*
Tried calling my surgeon to see if there is anything to take but he is still in the urgent surgery that came up for 10.5 hrs!

Sorry for bad spelling! Still quite groggy and...

Sorry for bad spelling! Still quite groggy and feeling very weak

Been very sick all day I was vomiting pretty...

Been very sick all day I was vomiting pretty heavily I hope I didn't disturb my nose at all. I have a really sensitive stomach and tend to through up easily
My bf has been so sweet and so caring I don't know if I could have done this with out him. He got some nauseous meds from my surgeon and have just taken some and feeling better, still trying to take it easy and eating very little

Thank goodness for those pills!! Seriously so glad...

Thank goodness for those pills!! Seriously so glad I took them I feel much better and was actually able to sleep last night! Feel more normal
Have a lot more swelling and bruising than previously and I can feel lots of pressure but it also comes and goes. On pain scale it would range 1-3 very mild occasionally il feel a tiiiiiiinnny sting but barely sore. I'm just so glad I don't feel sick anymore it's the worst feeling in the world
Will try get sme photos up. My bf said it looked so much shorter and smaller already when I came out after surgery

Day 3: they say everything gets better by day...

Day 3: they say everything gets better by day three so looking forward to that. I felt myself getting better about a day and a half afterwards and the worst of my bruising and swelling was the day after my surgery. Since then I have been improving, sleeping better and less swelling
Even though it looks swollen I like how it is looking. The only thing that looks a but weird is my nostrils he brought them in from the side and think they need to settle. I will ask him about it in my one week check up anyway
I still have my moutache gauze. It drips very rarely now but still sometimes and I like it as a security thing and I think if I took it off my mum would be too squirmish
I have some cream I have been putting over the stitches as instructed and I haven't been cleaning the stitches or anything. He didn't say anything about cleaning so I think I will leave it so I don't damage something

A couple of things I thought of.. I never had a...

A couple of things I thought of.. I never had a sore throat after surgery occasionally I will wake up with a dry mouth it it's not actually that bad
I also lost 3-4 kgs but that is probably from being so sick and not being able to eat. I have been really really hungry yesterday and today and started to have cravings for pizza cookies and cake and beef burger patties
I might get my bf to get some cookies yum!
Also everyone said to get a a fibre supplement as your bowels can get sluggish. I have had no issues there maybe because I have been eating quite a bit of fruit
I never got to ice much as I was sick and was way to groggy I just didn't care I think I iced once for 15 mins on the first day and on the 2nd maybe twice
Right now I have no pain at all sometimes i feel a little something in one part of the nose. On no pain killers just antibiotics and an anti inflammatory the doctor perscriibed.
Been watching friends episodes it's the best show ever for comfort

Day 4: I am pretty sure i slept breathing out my...

day 4: I am pretty sure i slept breathing out my nose the whole night. I always wake up 1am, 3am and then morning when i wake up i find myself breathing from my nose. I could breathe through my nose if i wanted to it just feels like i need to blow it a bit but I am still trying to breathe through mouth
pain is still a 0 my bruising is now yellow and feel less swollen. Im looking at the before and after pics (I just put some up) and I am really happy about how the profile looks already in the cast. Its hard to know exactly what it will look like without the cast but it already looks better than the old nose yay!
Still really really hungry. I wake up sooo hungry
feel really normal right now (not looks haha) and feeing like my old bubbly self. My bf said he was worried I was so quiet for the first couple of days
I can chew food a lot better and can pretty much eat anything without too much hassle

I can't stop looking at my profile, I love it! I'm...

I can't stop looking at my profile, I love it! I'm trying not to get to excited as the cast isn't even off! There may be huge swelling or anything under there but so far the difference I can see I love! Hurry up time!!

Day 5 yay! Sleep really well last night and was...

Day 5 yay! Sleep really well last night and was breathing out of my nose I woke up and my nostrils and stitches felt a little tender and my mouth wasn't dry like usual I try to breathe from my mouth but as soon as I'm asleep i naturally breathe through nose
Feel like more swelling has gone although I still have chipmunk cheeks. Bruising is diminishing
The nostrils that I mentioned earlier ( I was worried they looked a bit weird) have started to settle nicely which I am really happy about. This morning I noticed one part of the cast has a small rise/hump so I'm worried there is something underneath the cast. It is very slight and my bf said I am over analyzing everything as per usual haha I hope it's nothing. I really want to see without the cast off!! At the beginning of the week I thought I wouldn't want my cast to be take off as I was scared I wouldn't like it but now I really really want to see. I love the profile I hope it doesn't look bumpy or anything underneath not that I really had bumps to begin with. And eagar to see how it refines.
The good thig is in my initial consult I asked about if anything turned out wrong what would he do. He explained that yes there are risks with rhinoplasty and that scar tissue can cause bumps and maybe something didn't heal right whatever it may be but he offers to fix revisions with no charge.

Today my bf took me on a scenic car ride because I...

Today my bf took me on a scenic car ride because I was so bored in the house. We drove through the countryside and went to a beach I sat down in the sun- didn't care about my cast cause I didn't know anyone. It was nice to get some fresh air. Then he helped me wash my hair which was nice
For fun/out of boredom I spent the afternoon doing all the different hairstyles I never did because I thought they made my nose look big, that was actually quite exciting! I can't wait to go out.
I'm so excited to get my cast off and of course a bit anxious to see if it's all ok
The week has flown by but at the same time I have been quite bored. I really can't wait to get my nose cleaned out.i have never wanted to pick my nose soooo badly!!!

Day 6:yay nearly a week! Slept well last night....

Day 6:yay nearly a week! Slept well last night. Feel like I have quite a bit of energy so I might bake something. Slept last night through my nose.
Have full chewing ability and can brush my teeth well now
I can smell things too. No pain at all
The middle part or my nose (is it the septum) is numb which is a bit weird but I can feel the tip
I hate my huge cheeks I hope they don't take ages to go down!
I'm really worried showing my mum and dad my nose after cast removal as they were against it( although accepted I would do it) and would always go on about how they like my nose an how it has such strength etc i might just not bring it up and when they comment on it just change the subject and not go into it ( my mum has known to be brutally honest about what she thinks)

Cast off on Thursday! Wish it were sooner! 3days...

Cast off on Thursday! Wish it were sooner! 3days away! I am not a patien person haha. Been cleaning up the place an doing washing and things like that. I have lots of energy and after a little while my nose will feel a little more hot or swollen- not much very subtle and il stop and rest to make sure I don't over do it.
The nurse said I could spray some saline spray to loosen things u there so will give that a go today
I'm not as hungry as I was before now thnk goodness I had hunger pains non stop and just ate ate ate!

I sprayed some saline spray and couldn't help but...

I sprayed some saline spray and couldn't help but prod a little. I was very very careful and noticed something blue up there! Its a splint! I had no clue. It looks like it will be very painful to remove. Not looking forward to that
I took a really nice bath (not too hot to cause swelling) and gave myself a real pampering session with body scrubs and a painted on a face mask as I can feel my face getting neglected and oily from the surgery. It felt really really good to give myself some TLC after feeling a bit crappy. I was really careful of course not to get the mask anywhere near the cast and used moistened cotton pads to wipe off.
I really recommend getting some pampering products for your recovery because it feels good to give yourself a little attention and you get so bored watching tv and movies nonstop it is really nice to do something physical but at the same time its not too tiring.
I fell like my cast is morphed a bit more which kind of worries me a bit. has anyone else experienced this? my swelling has gone done a lot around my eyes and around the cast so could this be why??
I can't stop looking at my profile i love it so much! And looking at where my old 'badside' was! Its replaced with a cute nose. happy happy!
cant wait to take this cast off and make sure everything is ok!!

I have posted more photos

I have posted more photos

Day 7: I would say all my bruising has gone today...

Day 7: I would say all my bruising has gone today or at least 99% during my healing I took a supplement called Arnica/Symphaytum which has arnica but also Allium cepa, Ruta graveolens, Symphytum, decot - a combination of homeopathic remedies specifically for swelling and bruising for surgery and injuries as deep as the bone and cartilage.
I also took arnica pills and a herbal supplement called Quercetin complex-this is specifically for swelling and is a combo if Quercetin, Bromelain, rose hips flower,Acerola extract and rutin.
I also had a syrup which I love called Floratavix it's basically all the goodness or fruit and veges and is great if you are lacking in iron or your body is needing to heal. I like this because it is nice and natural I try to steer away from too many pills as I think it is very hard on your organs to process.
I still have fat cheeks but feel like they are going down a bit
Still absolutely not pain occasionally my stitches will feel itchy, it's hard to to scratch without thinking! I usually get a que tip and just touch the spot and it goes away
Another day of movie watching! Haha

Day 8: my u shaped pillow popped!! Nooo! I slept...

Day 8: my u shaped pillow popped!! Nooo! I slept the night without it. Wasn't too bad. Slept though the whole night
Cheeks are going down, yes!! Smile is slowly coming back, my top lip is still a little stiff.

Tomorrow I get my cast off! I am so excited to...

Tomorrow I get my cast off! I am so excited to see! And also anxious I'm scared about bumps due to the morphed cast. I do trust my surgeon though and I am so glad I chose him. I am really excited to wash my face! To try different make up and hair styles! To choose sunglasses and not worry about my nose! And to take photos on each side! Wish me luck everyone!!

My mum kept looking and me funny tonight, it was creeping me out I think she was just getting used to it. Today my nose has felt a bit more hot and occasionally I'll feel tingling. I've been having naps now. I think the swelling has moved to the bottom part and tip of the nose
I have a new u shaped cushion! yay

Day 9/cast removal: OMG i love it! I am over the...

Day 9/cast removal: OMG i love it! I am over the moon happy. I never knew my nose could look so good. The bumpy cast I was worried about was nothing it is smooth, so rhinoplasty people if your cast changes it doesn't mean anything!
He said it was still quite swollen and my skin was about 4 times thicker esp around the nostrils because he did a lot of work there. Even with the swelling I absolutely love it and it can only get better and more refined.
My nose is bright red because it reacted to the tape. plus there are a zillion pimples its so gross but whatever those go. He was going to tape me up for the next couple of days but decided not to as my skin really didnt like it. He mentioned taping at night before i took the cast off so i wonder if i still do that?? I forgot to ask. Maybe i will just incase as it prevents scar tissue forming and that is harder to get rid off than some redness
I am so happy i chose my surgeon and that i did my research, it is worth paying for the best because you get the best!
I know its early to vote on whether it was worth it as its still swollen but I love it so YES it was worth it :D

In terms of the cast removal it was painless. The stiches were fine, a couple of them made my eyes water but not because they were so painful mainly just because its that area-I water plucking my eyebrows as a reaction too
there were some huuuuuge splints up there but it wasn't painful coming out it was more like a discomfort like that shouldn't be happening feeling, it only lasted for a second though

Day 10: after the cast was taken off it became...

Day 10: after the cast was taken off it became more swollen. The nostrils felt swollen and so did the middle to the tip upper part. But that is to be expected. I hope it starts to decrease soon
My nose has different sensations during the day, I can definitely feel it a lt more its quite a weird feeling. There is no pain at all. It feels really hot and swollen and I freak out that its bright red and huge then I look in the mirror and it's not too bad so it's more just the feeling.
Important lesson: always carry a tissue with you!! I went to a store and my it started running so bad. I was at he counter and it just flowed.A lot. It was bad. Haha
My surgeon said to give my pores a rest from make up for a couple of days but I might do a little makeup to see what it looks like then take it off. Will be doing a lot of face masks
Its so nice just to be able to go out and do things like go to the supermarket and do everyday things
Some family are coming this weekend and I'm kind of anxious if they will notice or not :s everyone says they never notice but I feel like it is sooo different. I guess I will see
My mum and dad where really surprised at how little marks, bruising and scarring there was. My dad was mystified and how he changed it with no scars haha! You don't notice the scars at the nostrils unless you know they are there, I think he thought there would be scars on my nose under the cast haha. Parents. They have no clue, no wonder they were scared for me and didn't want me to do it. My mum thought I would have bruising all over my face and bandages all around my head. I think it's from the media, especially when all the stories first started coming out when plastic surgery was relatively new

The other things have to add is it is soooooo...

The other things have to add is it is soooooo weird touching your nose I'm used to feeling something completely different!

I have noticed discolored teeth which was really...

I have noticed discolored teeth which was really strange to me, I always take good care of them. After some googling I found a lot of people have that reaction with antibiotics. My mum also said when I was a kid and sick I had to go on antibiotics and they ruined my teeth. Grrrr hopefully it resolves itself. Taking vitamin d and calcium now and using tooth moose
So glad to have finished all the meds and antibiotics. I hate taking medicine I always get a zillion side effects

Day 11: swelling is still much this same. I felt...

Day 11: swelling is still much this same. I felt like it went down a bit this morning and then up again tonight. I am completely breathing through my nose at night like I used to.
I double checked about taping at night and I am taping. Which I am glad because anything to help the risk of scarring and to prevent swelling. I can feel a tiny bump on my bridge which worries me. I'm pretty sure I felt the same bump pre surgery and it was a bump under the surface which never showed just if you felt it so i am hoping that won't change. I really hope once the swelling goes down it shows or something. But yes I worry about everything. It's so hard not to fuss over everything. I Put on some make up and went out today i liked it a lot!
I had a family member come and stay this weekend so it was a test to see if they noticed!! And no comment. I think my cousin who is about my age kind of looked at me a bit she was probably thinking something was different but couldn't figure out what. The older family didn't notice which I kind of expected from older folk. But not need to explain so I am happy! I'm still really nervous talking to them and them seeing my profile. I'm trying not to be too close Incase they see my scars or something-it's still very early as and I am still healing!
No pain still, occasionally hot feeling from swelling. Nearly got my whole smile back. Sometimes I get a dry feeling in my nostrils- sometimes after sleeping or being in air conditioning. A Spritzof saline spray seems to do the trick
Feeling my nose seems more normal now, still sensitive of course

Day 11: almost two weeks! It has gone by really...

Day 11: almost two weeks! It has gone by really fast. I will be going in for my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow
I have compared the days from cast removal and have noticed the swelling increased after the cast was take off ( to be expected) the nostrils where very swollen and looked a little apish. The swelling now has decreased a little in that area which is nice and is now very much in the tip. It even makes the nose look a little longer than it was originally after cast removal. Also to add one nostril side looks a bit bigger than the other but I a pretty sure this is swelling :) for me swelling seems minimal in the morning and more so at night. I took a small walk yesterday and I think this helped my cheeks go down a bit
Will have some two week mark photos tomorrow

Day 12/ 2 weeks post op check up day: I went to my...

Day 12/ 2 weeks post op check up day: I went to my two week check up post op. he said it was still a bit swollen in the lower part of my nose which I have noticed and he said the swelling will continue to change and that mostof the swelling resolves in the first few weeks. I asked about the slight bump I could feel on my bridge. I can see it if I really study closely but it's so slight it's hard to see in photos so if it stays the same I am happy I was concerned if swelling went down in that area it could be pronounced. He said it was an irregularity of the bone and we will have to see how it resolves and how the nose settles and it could be a touch up needed at the end of the year. I really hope he was meaning in the office type thing as I don't know if I could stomach anesthesia again! Maybe it will be a filler or something. Most of the swelling there seems to be extremely minimal anyway its more the bottom part of my nose. Anyway! I shouldn't worry about what Might happen and just enjoy my nose!
I am still extremely happy. Yesterday I kept catching my reflection in shop windows and thinking Daaaaaaam what a cute nose hehehe
I will post some two week photos today

Photos are up! its funny how depending on each...

Photos are up! its funny how depending on each photo i take it looks different. I think videoing yourself is a great way to see changes and recommend! I just saw a video of my nose i did before the surgery and WOW it looks worse looking back at it than when i had it! Really confirmed how glad i am that i did this!! I think back to everyone who was too polite to say yeah you would benefit from rhinoplasty and how everyone said i don't need it i don't know what you are talking about. I guess they cared about my feelings which i understand and perhaps they couldn't imagine how it would look smaller.
In the before video I also noticed the bump that I could feel now so its not anything new and not that i REALLY need it but i think I will get it touched up with filler one day..maybe...
I'm so happy I think I will send a nice card or something to the surgeon. Its weird how he acts like it's no big deal and I guess it is an everyday thing for him its so weird he has no clue how much he has changed a huge part of my life.
It also feels like the surgery and the first week of recovery is a dream to me. It is really surreal and I can't believe I actually went through with it! I feel like my mind blocked a lot of it out and it feels like it was a long time ago. Perhaps because it was a scary thing my mind made me forget??

Another thing I forgot to add was when I saw my...

another thing I forgot to add was when I saw my surgeon today I told him how I had been taping the tip with a piece of tape across the tip and upwards as I saw it on a youtube clip. He said not to do this and if they were showing that on youtube they should be shot as he has seen people ruin their skin doing just a lesson to make sure you run everything past your surgeon just incase :)

3 weeks: Its been a little over three weeks. I...

3 weeks: Its been a little over three weeks. I feel like the swelling has moved down and the tip and the columella is swollen, the top of the nose has gone down. It has changed the shape of the nose slightly by looking longer from the top when you compare it to post op 1 and 2 weeks. Nothing that I am worried about of course as it will go down.
There have been one or two days when I have been down and this was due mainly to swelling even though I was quite blessed with little swelling. Also the bump which I have decided is really actually minor made me worry. When your nose has been your biggest insecurity your whole life its so easy to obsess over every tiny thing and worry.
I have also had some really excited and happy days. Mainly when I dressed up to meet friends, going out to dinner that kind of thing. There was one night my bf kept looking at me and saying how good it looked and how amazingly beautiful I looked and that I looked so different with the new nose..complements galore, I was all smiles!
I don't fee like its changed who I am or anything sometimes i forget and it feels strange touching my nose with my hand but everyone else has pretty much forgotten what my old nose looked like. I feel almost more mature in a way, as if I can leave all the childhood worries I had behind me.
I don't think about my nose all the time now. Every now and then il take a bunch of photos or look in the mirror lots and feel a huge weight lift and feel happy. I am so glad I did it and I still can't believe I did it, I am such a chicken!
I have been getting lots of snot! I tried running a couple of times but I think its still too early. I felt a pressure as if it was swelling in my nose and didn't want to push it. I am still sleeping upright and taping at night
Oh! And my teeth that were stained from antibiotics have come right which is good. It was quite bizare- like a brown horizon line through all my bottom teeth and now it has gone
My nostrils were quite asymmetrical from swelling. one was higher, one was bigger and all sorts of differences and now they are almost identical and completely in proportion so thats great.
Does anyone know how long stitches take to dissolve? I think I can still see one but shouldn't it be dissolved by now??

1 month + 1 week post op: It feels like my...

1 month + 1 week post op: It feels like my rhinoplasty was ages ago, its hard to believe its only been over a month. I have been able to exercise and pretty much do everything normally. It feels like a normal nose now and can't imagine it any different
I have been very nervous catching up with people wondering if they would know and no one has noticed anything!
I am still sleeping upright and taping which I don't think I need to do but have been still doing as I have noticed reduced bags and wrinkles around the eyes! Its quite amazing sleeping upright without my face screwed into a pillow has made a huge difference!
Occasionally while outside or in airconditioning my nose will feel dry inside and I will get a runny nose
I have had a lot of snot! every nose its like I have to clear it out. I have always been like that with colds though
from 3 weeks till now I feel like it hasn't changed much or not that i noticed anyway
my skin is only just coming right, it produced so much oil after the surgery and had lots of acne
I have started wearing sunglasses but only minimally
Still glad I did it :)

I don't think about my nose as much these days. I...

I don't think about my nose as much these days. I have been shy meeting ppl I know scared they will notice but amazingly no one has figured it out, I dyed my hair abd everyone goes on about how different I look and how much I suit it and it makes me look younger!
The biggest thing ppl have noted after getting this done is the comments that I look so much younger. This is from ppl who know I have had it done and ppl who think I have just changed my hair.
My nose goes down little by little, I never had too much swelling on the first place so it is hard to see how it changes. It's been about 2 months. I'm pretty sure I still have swelling on the tip area.
My nose tip area has been quite tender recently. If I knock it while easing my face and things like that. It must be to do with the nerves reconnecting. The middle part of my nose (corumbella?) is still numb
Each day I feel like my nose is more me and I can't even imagine having my old nose or any other nose. I'm glad I took the plunge and at times I still can't believe I did it considering what a chicken I was. It still feels like a long distance dream, the whole surgery.
Peace, love and happiness!

Added some photos-before, cast removal day and...

added some photos-before, cast removal day and present (2 months)

9 months post op!

I'm really happy with the way it is. It looks a little more refined at the tip which very slowly changed. there has been one or two days it is a little swollen, like when I get upset but goes down quickly. More and more as time goes by I am glad I did it. When I look back at how it used to be I think thank goodness I did it. My bf says I am much more confident with ppl but I hadn't noticed/or realized that. I feel a lot of the confidence wasn't because I changed the way I looked it was the fact I decided I deserved better and had the confidence to do something about it if that makes sense. Often when I come across obstacles I find myself remembering my surgery and thinking how strong and determined I was. Even when its unrelated it just pops into my head. It helped me with things like losing weight, I guess its related to confidence and self worth. added a photo anyway :) the thing that still mystifies me is friends and family not noticing I had it done. ( I did tell some friends and family and have had no issues and wasn't as a big deal as I had it made out to be)
Nick NcIvor

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