Excellent Juvederm Results for Eye Bags and Top Lip Line

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Hi there, I actually had Juvederm about 3 weeks...

Hi there, I actually had Juvederm about 3 weeks ago and am thrilled with the results. I had injections under my eyes where I had eye bags and now...... gone! I have smooth under eyes now and I also had some inejected into my top lips to redefine my lip line and my lips look amazing. No trout pout look just a beautifully defined lip line complete with cupids bow. I can't wait to have some more.

Which brings me to ask. does anyone know where I can go (reputable of course) in Bangkok to have some juvederm and botox. I am going over there on the 19th April and would love to have some more, as I am pretty sure it will be cheaper.

Bronnie at North Shore Skin Care Clinic

She is a qualified pracitioner in the cosmetic field and keeps up to date with all procedures. She is a walking advertisment herself.

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