One More Month Until my Nose Job! - Sydney, AU

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So my operation is booked on the 10th of December...

So my operation is booked on the 10th of December.

Any advice on what to buy or what i need in general would be gladly appreciated... or what to expect.

I've never been operated on before... i feel cool and fine about it now, but something tells me when the day comes i'll be freaking out inside but faking the calmness outside... lol

Also what to expect after my nose job.. tips etc... I so want to take down all the mirrors in my house so i don't catch a glimpse of my after surgery self.. but considering all my mirrors are built in the wall i'm practically doomed.

My doc has told me about the ugly 1st month so i'm not going to be too picky on what my nose looks like then as i know swelling is going to play a major ugly part in it.

The wait..

Makes me eat ice cream on the daily and look at noses... sometimes i feel like i would suit a ski slope nose other times a straight nose with a slight slope...

I wish i was able to detach my current nose and plug in different ones to see which i prefer more so..


First chunk transferred today.. the rest tomorrow, since St George's max on transfers is 5 grand.. however, you are able to up it to 10 grand (2day wait period).

Not long to go

Two more weeks to go, feeling excited!

One week left to go!

Arhhhhsss.. Still haven't bought nothing from the store. Feeling impatient excited & anxious.

One more day to go!

Well here i am with just a single day to go now. I'm just figuring out the little final task and purchases i have to do today. I also read up on general anesthesia in depth not happy i did lol... Looking forward until tomorrow is over, and i'm just back in the comfort in my own home pain or no pain.

Six hours left to go..

its my one am should be up at four but woke up thinking it was late and that i forgot to set my alarm.. late no alarm set yes.

Feeling reflective and little down.. happy feelings at this moment are none. I'm hoping i can just fall back to sleep and wakeup with a different mindset instead of just sitting here thinking & feeling like crap. ok back to sleeping i go.
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