44 Year Old, 3 Kids.

Good bye saggy/ deflated bobs!!! I'm 5'3 and 52 kg...

Good bye saggy/ deflated bobs!!!
I'm 5'3 and 52 kg.
I'm going tear drop, dual plane, moderate profile 350-390cc ( depending on the surgeons opinion at the time of the procedure)
I used to be a D cup prior to having children, with each child I went down a size.
I'm hoping for a full natural looking C cup.
My biggest fear is that they will be too big or look "porno fake"

Before photos

Can't wait to get new boobs for Christmas

Only 3 more sleeps... Getting very excited. Any last minute tips or suggestions ladies?

The day finally arrived

The day had finally arrived. I arrived at clinic calm and relaxed, which was very surprisingly.
The procedure went well. So happy my new boobs already. PS opted to put in 395cc implants.
Pain level is sitting about 4/10 with meds and 7/10 when meds wear off, but in all honesty not as bad as I had expected. Ice packs have been very soothing as breasts feel very very hot. I dont like the dizzy spells and nausea side effects of the meds.
Just about to head to bed, so hopefully will sleep well ( sleeping elevated doesn't sound appealing )

Loving my new boobs

Slept well and feeling ok today. Reduced the pain meds and keeping up the ice packs

Getting there

Feeling much better today, off pain meds and had a shower.

Ouch... The bruising is spreading

Before and after

Slow and steady

One dropping faster than the other, but went for my follow up visit yesterday and nurse said that's normal. I feel like I've turned a corner pain wise ( not as tight across chest)

Just over 2 weeks

Been over doing it the past few days and am now paying for it, fee like I've taken 2 steps back. Had to change dressing and saw scar for first time( pretty happy)
Still feeling bloated in tummy


Coming along nicely, they are very soft and am I'm happy with the size and shape.
I even got the "puppies" out at the beach this week. I must admit I was very self conscious to start with, as I'm still getting used to my new curves.

•still experiencing "morning boob" ( but each day getting slightly better)
• still have to sleep on my back ( which I'm struggling with as I'm a tummy sleeper)
• still wearing sports bras , will go get fitted for a bra next week
•If I do anything like cleaning bathroom, cutting hard vegetables, or lifting in a strange direction then I'm pretty achey afterwards.
• still got patches of numbness over the breast tissue and experience the occasional nervy stabbing pain

I've been a bit fed up this week.After 4 weeks I wasn't expecting to still have any pain or restrictions. It's just seems to be taking so long. But in saying that I'm happy with the results and would definitely say it's worth it.

I'm not back to work for another 2 weeks ( so glad I took 6 weeks off as I don't feel I could preform my physical job without hurting myself at the moment)

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